The '90s 'Rachel' Haircut Is Back and People Are Going Crazy Over These Steps To Recreate It

This year, there's a new haircut that people are going crazy for and it's one we all know very well... The 90's "Rachel" haircut.

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It's safe to say, the "Rachel Green" haircut was one of the most popular cuts of the 90s', and it seems it's making the rounds once again.

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Since Friends: The Reunion took place earlier this year, searches for "the Rachel haircut" have increased by a staggering 174 percent, beauty retailer Justmylook reports as per Yahoo.

And, we've even seen some celebrities such as Bella Hadid support the do.

So with the recent resurgence, beauty experts at Justmylook have shared a simple 3 steps guide on how you can create the "Rachel" at home.

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Here's how you do it...

Step 1 is to wash your hair using a volumizing shampoo like the SexyHair Big Volumizing Shampoo.


"It's key to make sure your hair is light and fluffy - oil can weigh your hair down so avoid leaving your hair too long between washes. Using a volumizing shampoo in the shower will be your best bet."

Step 2 involves using a serum to help smooth your hair.


"After washing and while your hair is still damp, apply a couple of drops of oil or serum to give your hair a smooth texture for styling."

And finally, step 3 requires blowdrying your hair with a rounded brush like the Drybar Double Shot Oval Blow-Dryer Brush.


"To finish the look, blow-dry your hair over a rounded brush or with a blow-drying hairbrush." Start with a bouffant style at the roots, drying hair upward and away from your face and creating volume as it dries. As you go down, curl your hair inwards at the ends to frame the face. Avoid straightening it as this will take away from the volume you have created!"

You're welcome.