37 White Elephant Gifts For Your Zoom Holiday Party

Your holiday parties are going to look a lot different this year, but that doesn't mean we have to throw out all the traditions! The White Elephant gift exchange might require more logistics, but it can still be done if you're willing to get a little creative. We've got some great gifts to help you find something that everyone will want to steal.

Typically these types of gifts are supposed to be awful ones that no one wants to get stuck with, but honestly, 2020 has sucked enough without giving crappy presents on top of everything else, right? We've only got the good stuff on this list, so if you want to be the most popular present gifter at the party then read on!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

From karaoke microphones to wine condoms, we've got the gifts they're gonna want at this year's parties, whether you're Zooming, Skyping, or FaceTiming the fun.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Animal Socks Are Wild

Bring out their wild side with these fun animal socks that turn their feet into paws, hooves, and more. Do they love dogs? More of a cat person? How 'bout a tiger or deer? They're sure to love whichever one you pick from the vast assortment.

This Pizza Blanket Is So Cozy

Who wouldn't want to be wrapped up in a pepperoni pizza? Deliciously cozy and big enough to share, this pizza blanket is just the thing to curl up with for the next Netflix binge. Not into pizza? No problem - it also comes in tortilla, pie, and waffle prints!

This Seal Pillow Is So Squishable

This adorable seal pillow is super soft, super squishy, and oh-so-soothing to hug after a bad day (or anytime, really). My daughter has a similar one and someone in the family is always stealing it to snuggle with! He comes in small, medium, or large so you can choose how big you want your present to be.

This Cheese Board Is Ruggedly Handsome

For the outdoor enthusiast, how about this handsome cheese board that's shaped like a wood slice and comes with an "axe" knife? It's perfect for showing off their more domestic side when they display it during a party, and it's cute enough to leave on the counter when it's not in use.

This Tweexy Nail Polish Holder Is So Handy

DIY manicures are the only kind most of us are getting these days, so make it easier for them with this Tweexy nail polish holder that slips on like a ring. It acts as a third hand, holding the polish bottle at the ready during painstakingly perfect painting. It also comes in a bunch of colors, from glittery aqua to star print, so it's easy to pick their fave.

This Pirate Corkscrew Is Arr-some

If they know their way around a home bar, they're going to love this pirate corkscrew to add some salty fun to their setup. He combines a bottle opener, corkscrew, and a serrated foil cutter in one awesome package that's sure to get a smile. He's also got over 1,200 rave reviews on Amazon, so you know it's a good gift!

This Karaoke Microphone Starts The Party

My neighbor has this karaoke microphone that's technically supposed to be just for the kids but adults love it, too! It's Bluetooth-enabled, so it'll work with their phones and tablets to stream their favorite music app or playlist. Everyone loves this thing at a party, especially after a few rounds of adult beverages!

This Bob Ross Mug Is So Happy

This Bob Ross color changing mug is the coolest thing - when it's cold, the background behind Bob is black, but when you add a hot beverage it turns into a beautiful painting full of happy little trees! Your coworker's going to love this cheerful cuppa every day to brighten their desk.

This Unicorn Finger Puppet Is Just Plain Fun

This is the perfect white elephant gift for your goofiest friend. They can make a unicorn puppet using just their fingers that'll provide entertainment for hours. It's the perfect thing for when those Zoom meetings go way too long since they can play offscreen and no one's the wiser!

These Taco Socks Get To The Point

Who among us wouldn't like to be served tacos the minute we put our feet up? These taco socks are the perfect way to get what they want the minute they put their feet up to relax! Also available in 16 other styles, from bacon to sushi if for some strange reason they're not into tacos.

This Beer Holster Keeps A Cold One On Hand

If they want to be able to socialize, eat, and drink all while having an extra hand free, this leather beer holster is the gift they want. It attaches right onto a belt loop and keeps your beer (or cider for those of us who prefer a sweeter alternative!) close at hand. And it's got nearly 1,000 glowing reviews on Amazon, so you know it's a quality gift!

This Beer Mitt Keeps Hands From Freezing Off

Nobody likes icy cold hands, but they do like cold beer! Let them keep their hands toasty while enjoying a frosty brew with this beer mitt. The bottle of their choice fits right in the center pocket and their fingers stay enclosed in a cozy knitted mitten. Genius!

These Wine Bottle Stoppers Are Beyond Cute

The perfect gift for the wine snob in your book club, these knitted beanie-shaped wine bottle stoppers are just plain cute. They'll get a set of two so there will always be one on hand for those occasional unfinished bottles! The hats create an airtight seal that keeps out oxygen so your vino stays super fresh while looking adorable.

This Mermaid Blanket Is So Stylish

Mermaids definitely have more fun! What could be cozier than curling up with a good book while wearing this mermaid blanket that won't get in the way of turning those pages? There's a slit in the back so they can easily slip in and out of the blanket, and the knitted material is super soft.

These Wine Condoms Seal In Freshness

While more than a little risqué, these wine condoms actually do work and will be a total conversation starter at the next get-together (whenever that might be)! Just roll 'em on over the top of the wine bottle and your beverage is protected from spoilage until you're ready to finish the bottle. They've got over 2,400 rave reviews right now because they actually work!

This Bread Pillow Is Delectably Soft

Carb lovers rejoice! Here's a piece of home decor they're going to want to sink their teeth into - this bread pillow is an amazing way to show how much they love all things carby. They happen to be my favorite food group and I'm really tempted to buy this for myself!

This Fanny Pack Is Hilarious

Whether you tease them about having a "dad bod" or not, this hairy tummy fanny pack is a hilarious nod to beer bellies everywhere. I'd give this to someone who would actually wear it as a public service to make people smile! Customer reviewers report it's very roomy and able to hold tons of stuff.

This Sponge Bed Is Handy (And Darling)

I didn't like sponges since they get stinky after a while, but that's because I wasn't draining them right! This sponge holder helps keep them out of pools of water and lets the water drain freely so bacteria won't multiply. Plus, it's so darn cute anyone would love this sink-side in their kitchen.

This Lip Balm That Smells Amazing

If they think they're too manly to wear lip balm, think again. This bourbon flavored lip balm has a rich, smooth flavor that glides on and soothes chapped lips without extra shine or gloss. Give it with a bottle of the real thing for a booze-themed gift they'll love.

This Mug Is Probably Full Of Wine

This is an excellent present for your colleague who shares your sense of humor. They'll enjoy keeping coworkers guessing on what's actually in the mug! Pair this with some wine condoms and you've got a stellar gift for wine aficionados.

These Lobster Claw Oven Mitts Are Surprisingly Effective

Your favorite hostess or home cook is going to love these lobster pincher oven mitts for taking hot things out of the oven or draining a steaming pot of pasta. They're made from heat-resistant silicone, so their hands will never get burned no matter what they've got cookin'! Reviewers love how well these protect hands and the quirky cute design, too.

These Golden Girls Socks Are Perfection

Everyone knows that Sophia is the best Golden Girl, so help your friend show off her love of great 80s TV with these stylish socks. They also come in Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy so the whole crew can get in on the action! Accessorize your next TV night with these amazing ladies on your toes.

This Paper Voodoo Doll Is Twisted Fun

If your giftee shares your sick sense of humor, they're going to love these paper voodoo dolls. You can list the person the doll represents, the desired change you want from them, and the reason for this change. Then there's something called a "consecrating action" which sounds super witchy. If only we had a voodoo doll of the year 2020...

These Buddha Ice Cubes Are So Zen

If they find their daily moment of zen in a nice glass of Scotch, these buddha ice molds are going to be their new favorite bar accessory. They create perfect budda-shaped cubes that keep your drink cold without watering it down - thanks to the larger cube size, they melt more slowly. These would be a thoughtful gift for your favorite yoga teacher or life coach!

This Candle Smells Like Bacon and Bourbon

Good news - the bacon trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Sweet and smoky maple bacon combined with the creamy vanilla scent of bourbon creates the most delicious-smelling candle possibly ever made. Pair it with the bourbon lip balm and you have a stellar gift for your favorite bourbon drinker. The candle's also made of soy wax, so it burns cleaner without creating soot or smoke.

This Poop Cotton Candy Is The New Coal

If they're on the naughty list, they deserve nothing but the best poop this year. Poop cotton candy that is! The brown confection comes in an emojified bag labeled "The Original Bag of Poo" so they'll know exactly what's inside. This stuff is much more entertaining than coal in their stocking.

This Cereal Bowl Eliminates Sogginess

I love cereal, but I hate when it sits too long in milk and gets all soggy before I can eat it all. Problem solved with this cereal bowl that keeps the crunchy stuff separate from the milk! Your giftee can either add a little cereal at a time to the milk or get fancy and try to get a scoop of milk and cereal on the spoon at the same time. Either way, it's going to taste delicious!

This Santa Flask Is On The Nice List

Who knew Santa likes to tie one on? Let your giftee party with the best of them with this stocking-shaped flask that holds two liters of their poison of choice. The lightweight, BPA-free plastic is easy to carry around and the pour spout makes it easy to share with others should they be in the giving spirit!

This Desktop Vacuum Cleans Up Small Messes

Somehow the top of my desk collects so many crumbs and so much dust. If you know a messy (or very Type A) person, they're going to love this tiny desktop vacuum to get every last speck of dirt off their desk, car dashboard, cup holders, and more. Plus it's small enough to store anywhere, from desk drawers to a glove box.

This Sock Monkey Wine Holder Is So Cheeky

A bottle of wine is an excellent gift, but it looks pretty lame in one of those wine gift bags. Upgrade your present with this sock monkey wine bottle bag that'll bring a smile to your lucky recipient! The soft wool sock slips easily over any bottle of wine, champagne, or sparkling juice. It's a great gift for anyone that's hard to buy for, too!

This Sloth Tea Infuser Brews A Perfect Cuppa

Remind them to slow way down and enjoy life's little pleasures with this sloth tea infuser that hangs onto the side of the mug and brews the perfect cup of tea. It's made of food-safe silicone, so it's heat-resistant and won't leach chemicals into any beverage. Pair it with their favorite loose leaf tea for a caffeine-friendly gift they'll love using daily.

These Animal Butt Magnets Are Usefully Tacky

For the person who's really hard to buy for, you can't go wrong with these animal butt magnets. They'll get a variety of farm animal behinds to hold important notes and pictures at work or home and display a bit of their wicked sense of humor at the same time. Reviewers report the magnets are super strong, too!

This Cake Saw Livens Up Office Birthdays

Office birthdays are never going to be the same again once this cake saw is unleashed. It's so much more fun than a regular old knife and acts like a cake server once it's cut. It's also perfect for your favorite handy person since they'll get a kick out of sawing through their next cake.

This Carlton Christmas Sweater Is '90s Perfection

Where my '90s TV fans at? For those of us lucky enough to have experienced The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in real-time, this retro 90s ugly Christmas sweater is the ultimate party outfit. From the neon squiggles to the lime green color, this one's a beaut. Bonus points if they can do the Carlton dance while wearing it.

This Pot Lid Lifter Lets Off Some Steam

Help them let off steam with this cute pot lid lifter! It lets steam escape while propping the lid open so they can boil without a spillover. Your favorite home chef is going to love this handy little kitchen helper almost as much as you like eating the food they prepare.

This Herb Infuser Makes Soups Extra Delicious

I love adding herbs to soup, but I don't like having to fish out bay leaves and sticks of thyme when it's done cooking. This chicken herb infuser is an amazing gadget that lets you easily get the complex herb flavors in whatever soup or sauce you're cooking up without having to spend a bunch of time picking little herb scraps out of a finished dish. And the fact that it's shaped like a rubber chicken is just the icing on the cake!

These Llama Wine Markers Are Handy For Parties

When we can finally have IRL get-togethers again, we're probably going to throw a party for every celebration we can think of - surviving Mondays, book club Tuesdays, random Thursdays, etc. Guests are going to need a way to tell their drinks apart since sharing glasses = germs, and these cute llama wine charms are an excellent solution. They just clip right onto the lip of the wineglass so they're highly visible - you'll never grab the wrong glass again!