37 Ways To Hide The Less-Pretty Parts of Your Home

I've always had a love for interior design. I wanted to go to school for it, yet here I am as a writer. But that doesn't mean that I don't spend all of my time and money decorating my house now! I always said that my house would look like it belongs in a magazine if I had the money. I also happen to be renting right now, which really limits what I can and can't do with the home.

Luckily for me and all other renters out there, Amazon has a ton of items that help you hide the less than pretty parts of your home. From removable wallpaper to light fixtures to area rugs to faux plants, there's something for every room and problem. Whether you want to upgrade your outdated kitchen or you just need to cover bare walls, Amazon has it all to make your house look like a million bucks (without actually spending a million bucks).

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Frames Allow You To Display Personal Photos And Make Your Wall Look Pretty


Trying to come up with the perfect gallery layout can be tricky. Trust me; I've tried (and failed) one too many times. This 7-pack of frames comes with a variety of different sized frames, so all you have to do is put in the artwork or photos and hang them up. It requires very little planning or thought process on your end, which is the best way to do things in life, in my opinion.

Hide Ugly (And Potentially Dangerous) Cords With This Cord Cover Kit


With all of the devices on the market these days, it's no wonder that our cord situations are getting out of hand. Cover and organize any unsightly cords with this cord cover kit. Whether it be office cords to your computer or printer or your TV power cords after hanging it on the wall, this kit can cover it all.

Get Rid Of That Outdated Faucet And Get This One Instead


You don't have to be a professional plumber to make small changes like switching out your faucet. This faucet may not seem like much, but it's such an easy way to make your bathroom feel more like a spa–especially if the hardware that you have now is outdated.

Make Your Ceiling Fans And Lights Look More Expensive With This Ceiling Medallion


Why spend hundreds on fans and ceiling lights when you can get a more affordable option and dress it up with this ceiling medallion? With a simple glue and stick install, it's an easy way to add a unique element to what would be a rather boring household appliance.

These Fake Books Hide Cable Boxes and Routers


File this one under "why didn't I think of that?!" While it may look like a collection of hardcover books, it's actually just a hollow front that can be used to cover cable boxes, routers, wires, or any other less-than-attractive parts of your home. Plus, you can customize it based on your preferred colors and book genres. Brilliant!

This Peel And Stick Backsplash Will Transform Your Kitchen


A backsplash is by far the easiest way to make your kitchen look modern and updated. But it can also be an expensive project. If you're trying to save money, you're renting, or you're just too indecisive to pull the trigger on a real backsplash, this peel and stick backsplash is a great option for you. They can be added over existing panels or smooth surfaces and installed in a matter of minutes!

Make Your Staircase A Little More Trendy With These Stair Treads


Preserve your floor from scratches, dirt, and overall wear and tear with these stair treads. They're not only good at protecting your flooring, but they also make the stairs easier to walk on, and they're trendy as heck. Watch how many compliments you get from house guests right after setting them up.

This Area Rug Is So Stinking Cute


I'm a firm believer that every room needs a good area rug to zhoosh it up. This area rug is such a good way to add a pop of color to your space and give it a mid-century look when paired with the right furniture. Plus, it's a great way to cover floors that you're not loving–i.e., tile or carpet.

Give Your Walls A Face Lift With This Beadboard Wallpaper

Amazon / Drizzle315

This pre-pasted bead-board wallpaper gives you the stunning appearance of wainscoting with very little effort. Use it for your bedrooms, bathrooms, cabinets; you name it. It's such an easy and non-permanent (I'm looking at you renters) way to spruce up space in a pinch.

These LED Photo String Lights Are Such A Fun Way to Show Off Your Photos


Can we talk about how cute these LED photo string lights are? They are such a unique way to show off some of your favorite photos and add a little extra decor to a bare wall. They also make for great cozy lighting when you just want to cuddle up in bed with a good book.

Running Low On Storage? You Need This Storage Cart


​I am a big fan of older, historic homes. Unfortunately for me, they don't have a ton of storage space because of their small size. I'm constantly running out of cabinet room in the kitchen and storage in the bathroom. That's why this storage cart is a must-have for me. It's great for extra toilet paper, towels, soap, shampoo, or kitchen items like spices and other ingredients.

This Contact Paper Looks Super Luxurious


Because I am renting, I can't do anything too crazy to my house. So I'm always looking for crafty ways to upgrade small areas of the place. This contact paper has been a total game-changer for our kitchen and bathroom. It looks like real marble countertops, yet it comes up easily when you're ready to get rid of it. You'll be amazed at how expensive your house will look with it.

These Curtains Will Block Out Every Ray Of Sun


​Every bedroom on Earth needs blackout curtains. It's not my opinion; it's just a fact. And these curtains do such a good job of blocking out every single ray of sunshine, even on the brightest of days. As someone who lives in one of the sunniest places in the world, these are a lifesaver. It helps that they're cute too.

Give Your Cabinets A Make Over With this Cabinet Makeover Kit


Dark wood and tan cabinets are officially outdated. If you're reading this and glancing at your cabinets and realizing that this is your kitchen, don't stress too much. There's a solution! This cabinet makeover kit includes two cans of paint, a roller arm and covers, a brush, a stir stick, and step-by-step instructions. So what makes it different than just a can of paint? It can be used on wood, laminate, primed, and painted metal!

Who Says Shower Curtains Have To Be Boring?


​I am the queen of constantly changing my home decor. I get bored after a few months. It's probably one of my biggest flaws. That's why I love stumbling across things like this shower curtain. It's not only a great way to make your bathroom hella cute, but it's also crazy affordable, so you can afford to switch it out every few months.

Having An Ugly Corner? Hide It With This Room Divider


While most people don't think to add them to their home decor list, room dividers are such a simple yet aesthetically pleasing way to decorate a room and hide unwanted corners. This bamboo divider can be used as a privacy screen for offices, outdoor decor for a garden, or just a way to add a little extra pizazz to a living room.

Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side With This Tapestry


You used to only be able to get a tapestry at big retail stores that charged you an arm and a leg. Amazon has stepped in and made it possible to get adorable tapestries like this one for a reasonable price without having to skimp on the quality.

These Furniture Makers Will Keep Your Furniture Looking Brand New

Amazon / Alissa W

​As much as I love wood furniture and home decor, it tends to get beat up pretty quickly, especially with animals and kids. Luckily, it's an easy fix with these furniture markers. Just retouch small nicks and scratches by drawing over them and watch them disappear immediately.

This Behind The Door Storage Cabinet Is Another Great Option When You Need Extra Room


Remember how I mentioned having little storage earlier? Well, you can bet I have my eye on this behind-the-door storage cabinet now. It fits in small, underutilized spaces, giving you access to tons more storage (all without being an eyesore). It can hold the equivalent of five standard medicine cabinets, making it ideal for holding small items that you don't want cluttering up your countertops and under-the-sink cabinets.

Not Buying Shoes Because You Don't Know Where To Put Them All? Now You Can With This Portable Shoe Rack


​I love love ​love ​shoes. They're such an easy way to dress up an outfit. What I don't love is trying to store them all. I have a pretty small closet, and while I do have a shoe rack, half of my shoes live under a bench in the doorway. To say that it's less than ideal is an understatement. This portable shoe rack not only houses up to 48 shoes but also has small doors that cover them up, so they're not a constant reminder of your addiction.

Get The Tiles You Want With This Tile Stencil

Amazon / Karrie

What would this list be without a tile stencil? I know what you're probably thinking. Why should you care about a tile stencil? Why is it that big of a deal? Well, if you're looking to renovate your home and you've gone tile shopping, then you know it can add up quickly. This stencil allows you to get the tile of your dream for a quarter of the price. Use it for your floors, your fireplace, your concrete, your furniture, you name it.

Keep Your Balcony Private With This Artificial Hedge


Landscaping can be expensive and confusing. It's also not always the most practical option for your home. If you have a gate, fence, or balcony that you want to cover–whether it be for privacy or just for looks–consider using this artificial hedge. It can be cut down to any size and attaches to gates extremely easily, plus it makes your outdoor space that much homier.

Turn Your Boring Backyard Into The Life Of The Party With This Multifunctional Fire Pit


​One of the best purchases I made during quarantine was a fire pit. There's nothing better than sitting around a fire on a chilly fall or winter evening. But this multifunctional fire pit is so much more than just a plain ol' fire pit. It can also be used as a grill and as a cold beverage cooler. All of your neighbors and friends will be wanting to come over all day, every day, to use it.

Turn Your Home Into A 5-Star Hotel With This Removable Wallpaper


​If you have ever been to the Beverly Hills Hotel, or have at least seen pictures of it, then this removable wallpaper may look familiar. While it's not the exact same as their famous tropical wallpaper, it's pretty dang close. Once up, your house will feel like a 5-star hotel. Now all you need is a pina colada or strawberry daiquiri.

Put All Of Your Houseplants In This Woven Basket


Baskets are one of the best items to have in a house to use as storage because they're versatile and look great. I have so many baskets all over my house, holding various things–dog toys, leashes, blankets, plants, and more. This woven basket is perfect for holding all of the above, which in turn makes you look like you actually have your life together.

Never Worry About Killing A Plant Again With This Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig


Speaking of plants, they really can make or break a space. They make even the dingiest room look lively and refreshed. Sadly, they're also pretty easy to kill–especially fiddle leaf figs. Rather than put yourself through that stress, opt for this faux fiddle leaf fig instead. It still brings greenery to your space without the temperament of a real plant.

These Velvet Pillows Can Dress Up Any Chair, Bed, Or Couch


While this may seem like a very unimportant detail, pillows bring a new life to a bed, couch, or bed. These velvet pillows, in particular, look way more expensive than they are and are incredibly soft to the touch.

These Floating Shelves Are Super Versatile


​Floating shelves are all the rage in the home decor world right now, and there are a ton on the market. I went through a phase of trying to find some that looked high-quality without breaking the bank until I found these. They're currently in my kitchen displaying my mugs and cookbooks, but they're also great for the living room, bathroom, office, and bedroom–aka anywhere where you want to dress up a bare wall, but you're not sure how.

This Portable Cube Storage Looks So Sleek


​Because I love that shoe storage I mentioned earlier so much, including this portable cube storage was a no-brainer. It gives off the appearance of a shelving unit but has the ability to hold a whole lot more. Because of its basic yet modern design, it truly can be used to hold anything you want it to.

This Coffee Table Can Hold Your Goodies And Act As A Desk


​As long as I am buying furniture, I will always try to find pieces with multiple uses. Why not get the most bang for your buck? This coffee table is one of the coolest pieces that I have seen in a while (thanks, TikTok). Once opened, it can be used as storage space, but the top can also come forward and be used as a desk. As someone who works from the couch about 8 hours a day, this is my dream come true.

Every Nice Faucet Needs A Matching Sink


Since I convinced you to get that faucet I mentioned earlier, now it's time to convince you to get a sink to go along with it. This sink reminds me of the ones that nice spas and restaurants have, and all I want is to have it in my house. Pair this with your faucet and tropical wallpaper, and you can start charging your friends and family to stay in your house–it'll be that nice.

Upgrade Your Furniture With These Gold Pulls


There's something so beautiful about furniture with gold pulls. Maybe it's my mid-century loving heart, but I can't get enough of it. And it's such an easy temporary swap to make. These gold pulls come in a pack of 26 for less than $35. That's one of the cheapest DIY projects you may ever find.

Your Modern Home Needs This Industrial Ceiling Light


Why am I such a sucker for good lighting fixtures? I think it's the home interior snob in me. These industrial ceiling lights are perfect for a modern house and would look killer in a bathroom, hallway, or dining room. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get a house like the one in this photo...

Stay Organized With This Peg Board Organizer


​Often we find areas of our homes ugly because they are cluttered. This is a straightforward problem to fix, yet we don't do it a lot of the time. Don't fall into that trap and get this pegboard organizer instead. It can be used for your office, your craft room, your playroom, and more. You'll feel like a brand new person once it's organized, I promise.

These File Boxes Hide Piles of Paperwork


If you have stacks of important papers taking up space in your office, these file boxes are here to save the day. They're collapsable for easy storage when not in use and even have built-in cards so you can label what's inside. Bonus: they look sleek and attractive! Buh-bye, bulky file cabinets!

This Coat Rack Is Great For Small Spaces


Linen closets, if a home even has one, are typically tiny and pretty much useless. They can hold a whopping three jackets before overfilling. If you find your closet overflowing, get this coat rack. It has 10 durable hooks for clothing items and features a shoe rack too. Keeping it by your door also gives you quick, easy access to the items you need the most.​

These Baskets Are Great For Nurseries Or Playrooms


​Of course, last but not least, more baskets. When I say that your life will be so much easier and organized when you take advantage of baskets, I'm not lying. I know I sound OCD, but these baskets are roomy, hold almost anything, and still look nice. They'd be perfect for a nursery or playroom!