37 Valentine's Gifts That Have No Right Being So Adorable

Let's get one thing out of the way upfront: Whether or not you believe Valentine's Day is a "Hallmark holiday" doesn't matter. Your significant other is still going to expect something wrapped in red and pink ... with hearts ... and all that romantic-ish stuff. The sooner you come to grips with it, the better. And lucky for you, I'm here to help (not to change your viewpoint, but to help you find the most adorable gift out there).

I've curated a list of some of the most seriously adorable gifts out there ... and I don't use the phrase "seriously adorable" lightly. Actually, I've never used it ... until now. So, you know what's to follow is going to be good. From the daintiest chains to adorn your love's neck to a monthly subscription that lets them know "life would 'succ' without you," we've got your Valentine's gift-giving wrapped ... with a bow!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Wear Your Heart On Your Neck


Is this not the daintiest, most delicate thing you've ever seen? This mini-heart charm comes on a minimalist 18-inch chain in either gold, rose gold or silver, and comes in at less than $25. Reviewers call it "charming" and add that the small size is both eye-catching and elegant. When she wears this, she'll keep you close to her heart.

Tell Them Life Would "Succ" Without Them


One of the most beloved gifts I gave this past Christmas was a succulents box subscription that's delivered to my recipient each month. If your significant other has a green thumb (or even if they don't), this is a gift that keeps on giving. Get started for $8.50 the first month, with a renewal of just $10 each subsequent month. You can do up to four succulents and either clay pots or no clay pots as part of the package.

Put Some Direction In Their Makeup Routine


No woman can go very long without checking in with a mirror, but no judgment here! We've got lashes to worry about and makeup to freshen. Give her a reminder of your feelings every time she opens this stainless steel mirror compact. It's perfect for sitting on a vanity at home or stored in a purse on the go. Designed to be reminiscent of a compass, it's a constant reminder that she's your North Star.

Share The Scent of Love


Ahh, the scent of love. I'd describe it as floral with notes of honey and an occasional whiff of rotten eggs. Hey, it's not all sunshine and roses, am I right? This candle will remind her of the good stuff — notes of sandalwood and red plum perfectly paired with a floral bouquet. With 60 to 80 hours of burn time and "LOVE" right on the label, it'll keep the fires of your relationship burning.

Put Your Mugs Together


You might think a coffee mug doesn't make for a great gift, but hold up. Have you seen these coffee mugs? They come in a pair (obviously) and "kiss" when placed together face to face. These kissing mugs also come with coordinating spoons that fit in the mugs' slotted handles. Your morning coffee together has never been so adorable.

Pass Them A Love Note (Or 12)


Did you ever get in trouble for passing notes in school? This memory jar might be right up your alley. Write up to 180 love notes, top memories, favorite quotes, and more all at once and gift to your recipient, or add a few upfront and put additional love notes in daily or weekly. It's a great way to tell them exactly how you feel.

Warm Their Hearts With This Valentine's Blanket


The way to my heart is always through something warm and snuggly, and this micro mink sherpa blanket with rainbow hearts is a winner. The listing may call this a blanket for kids, but why limit an ultra-soft blanket to the under-18 crowd? Reviewers describe the blanket as "very warm and soft" with "no shedding or fuzz." If hearts aren't your honey's thing, there''s also a cute Aztec print, unicorns, and solids.

Remind Them To Drive Safely


No matter how many times you say, "Be careful!" as they head out the door, they're likely to forget as soon as they get behind the wheel of the car. This keychain, which proclaims, "Drive safe. I need you here with me," is a cute reminder for when you're out of sight. The design is stainless steel so it won't tarnish, and the matte black look is both chic and discreet, so the boys won't give him too hard of a time.

Tell Them "Yoda" One For Me

Amazon | Stacey C. Pastorek

When Disney+ debuted "The Mandalorian" in November 2019, I doubt anyone could have predicted the mass hysteria that would engulf the character Baby Yoda. Now you can memorialize "The Mandalorian's" most beloved character with these "Yoda one for me" T-shirts from Amazon. They're available in men's, women's, and even children's sizes and several colors. Love Baby Yoda, you must!

It's Love Beyond Measure


I'll let you in on a little secret: Most of us over the age of 30 are fine with household-based gifts like these heart-shaped measuring spoons, cute dish towels and even vacuum cleaners. (You should see how excited I was by my last vacuum cleaner purchase!) These spoons from Kate Aspen are especially lovely because each shares a message about creating a blissful marriage, such as "a piece of patience" and "a heap of love."

Book It Through Valentine's Day

Amazon / Nicole

This fill-in-the-blanks journal is one of my all-time favorite Amazon finds. Maybe it's because it's just $10, or maybe it's because that $10 purchase can be turned into a heartfelt keepsake, but I absolutely love it. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, these journals deliver prompts that you can personalize to your recipient. While you're there, grab one for a child's teacher, your dad, or a bestie.

Charm Them With This Bracelet Addition


Surely you've seen someone throw their hands up to make the "heart" sign. In jewelry form, it's an interesting departure from your typical heart-themed jewelry. This sterling silver charm will fit on existing charm bracelets from companies like Troll, Chamilia, Kay, Carlo Biagi, and Zable or use this as an opportunity to start a new collection. She'll be, let's say, charmed.

Don't Waffle On Your Feelings


What's better than waffles? If you answered "heart-shaped waffles," you win. This Dash mini-waffle maker was already cute, but now they've added a heart motif and even a heart shape for just $18. Your gift recipient isn't limited to waffles, though. He or she can use this little gem for paninis, hashbrowns, and even the keto-friendly "chaffle."

Give The Gift of Quality Alone Time With This Bath Caddy


I'm a bath person. Some people are shower people, but not me. Give me a book and a beverage, and let me soak until my skin is as wrinkled as a prune. I would love a bamboo bathtub tray like this one. It has dedicated space for a wine glass, book or tablet, and even soap. She'll love it so much she may never come out of the bathroom. I'd call that a win-win.

Lay Your Head On These Love Pillows


It was an old country tune that proclaimed, "Lay your head upon my pillow," but I doubt these were the pillows the singer had in mind. Nevertheless, you can (and should) lay your head upon these pillows, which work well as a set or singles if you're in a long-distance relationship. These pillowcases arrive as a pair but could easily be separated: One for you, one for them.

Give The Gift of Music


Maybe you don't play an instrument. You might not even be able to carry a tune in a bucket. But, you can still give the gift of music with this wooden engraved music box that plays, among other tunes, "Can't Help Falling In Love." For less than $15, this hand-cranked music box will fit in the palm of his or her hand and deliver notes of romance to your beloved.

Put Your Thoughts Down On These Paper Notes


You've probably seen these notepads in other forms, like check-off packing lists for a trip or a "Don't kill the kids" note for the babysitter. This one is all about love, where you can tell your partner what you love about them and why. Each pad comes with 60 sheets, perfect to hide away and break out 60 different times. I recommend sticking one on the bathroom mirror before he or she is out of bed.

See The World Through Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Amazon | Tracy

These mod heart-shaped sunglasses are classic in red but available in numerous other colors, including tortoise, black, and pink. More than 2,500 reviewers have raved about their purchase, saying things like "amazing quality" and a good way to "make a statement." Even better, the anti-glare lenses can block 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation making them perfectly functional and perfectly cute.

Gift Hugs On-Demand With This Pocket Token


Is that a token in your pocket, or are you happy to see me? I know, I know, high school humor, so bear with me. This token is actually a "pocket hug," a reminder that you're with your loved one no matter how far apart you may be. It is made of stainless steel and promises not to rust, change color or tarnish. Kind of like your love for each other. (You can totally steal that line, by the way.)

It's Beer For Your Dear

Amazon / Christina

I'm not a beer drinker, but if I were, you could totally make my Valentine's Day with this cute idea. No, the beer itself is not included, but this six-pack of greeting card boxes is a darling way to gift their favorite brews for the holiday. Take a look at the options for other events while you're there, including Christmas, weddings, and a "You've been boozed" Halloween option.

Frame A Romantic Photo Gift


You can never have too many photo frames, especially when they're as cute as this one featuring handmade string art and the saying, "Love you most. The end. I win." This rustic sign has an easel back so it can be situated on a table, or purchase a bit of rope to hang it in a prominent location. The photo size is 3x3, so go through your albums and find your favorite shot of the two of you to add.

Gift A Spa Basket Perfect For At-Home Relaxation


If anyone deserves a spa day, it's the woman in your life who keeps the house together, shuttles the kids around, and picks up your dirty socks. (Yeah, I saw them under the couch.) Give her the gift that lets her treat herself to a spa day whenever she likes, right from the comfort of your own home. It includes shower gel, bubble bath, diffuser oil, bath bombs, bath salt, a puff, and a reusable basket.

Spread Love Daily With This Calendar


I know what you're thinking: By the time Valentine's Day rolls around, you've already missed six weeks of calendar entries. But! Have you considered there are 46 more weeks left until it's obsolete? This desk calendar savors the simple joys of coupledom while simultaneously poking fun at silly relationship quirks. Your significant other will think of you with every flip of a page.

Say "I Love You" In 100 Languages


This heart necklace is holding a secret: Inside the pendant are the words "I love you" written in 100 different languages. I know! I was shocked, too. Available in rose gold or silver, the necklace itself features an 18-inch chain (with a two-inch extender) and is sterling silver with no lead or nickel — common sources of skin irritation.

Sock-et To His Heart With This Toolbox Addition


Am I the only one who thinks engraved tools for men are a genius gift idea? I hope not. This universal, self-adjusting socket tool is the ideal tool bag addition that unscrews most bolts, nuts, hooks, and other odd shape fasteners that you don't have the right tool for. The added engraving is a sweet touch that he'll see every time he breaks out your "Honey-Do" list.

What's Better Than Roses? Chocolate Roses


Roses are classic, and so are chocolates, but what if you combined the two into one unique Valentine's Day gift? This 12-pack bouquet of pink-wrapped chocolate roses comes from The Madelaine Chocolate Company, which has been in existence since 1949. Each solid milk chocolate rose is wrapped in Italian foil, which shows off a rose's typical ornate shape. Add a card, and bam! Shopping's done.

Soothe The Day Away With Bath Melts


We've already discussed how bath time is one of my favorite moments, so it should come as no surprise that I found these bath melt truffles as yet another divine-smelling, relaxation-inducing Valentine's Day gift idea. Packaged in a box of six to look like real truffles, these bath melts feature organic shea butter, cocoa butter, and olive oil to leave your recipient's skin baby soft.

Spell Your Love Out On Customized Coasters


Boardgame fanatic? I know lots of people who are. This customizable coaster set is an homage to the classic word game Scrabble. Each square coaster is 1/2-inch thick, made of natural bamboo, and designed to protect your furniture from sweaty glasses and cups. You can order from a set of two up to 16 and customize with letters, a last name, a date, or even a favorite saying.

This Heart Jewelry Has A Nice Ring To It


To paraphrase Beyoncé, "If you love her, then you need to put a ring on it." This dainty offering comes in at $24 and features platinum-plated sterling silver and Swarovski zirconia. I particularly love the open design with two hearts — one for you and one for her. Package it in a cute little gift box, and she'll wear it with pride for years to come ... or until you pop the question, whichever comes first.

Give Your Lover A Hand (Or Two)


Are you soulmates? Tell them with this bronze sculpture dubbed "The Soulmates Statue." This life-sized sculpture from Merhoff & Larkin is lauded by Amazon reviewers for being "detailed," "high-quality," and a nice addition to a shelf in a home. Crafted of cold cast resin with a bronze powder finish, it is both a durable and affordable Valentine's Day option.

Start A Couple's Adventure Fund With This Bank


COVID has rained on all of our parades over the past year, but that doesn't mean your adventures as a couple has to come to an end. Explore a town within driving distance or plan a trip with lots of outdoor activities. The possibilities are endless. This wooden bank says, "I'm ready to plan our next adventure," and the clear front lets you see just how much money you've saved — together.

These Soaps Are The Sweet Spot


Macarons are quintessentially French, a delectable sandwich cookie that is both crispy and chewy. But, wait! Don't eat these! These macarons are aromatherapy soaps in full macaron disguise. This adorable gift set comes with five scents: Cappuccino, citrus, lavender, rose, and Santorini ocean. Reviewers called them the "perfect gift" with adorable soaps and elegant packaging. What more could you want?

Dish Up A Cute Trinket Dish


Women love baubles — rings and necklaces and shiny things that glimmer against our wrists. This ceramic trinket dish is the perfect place for her to stash those when she's in the kitchen, bath, or bedroom. Measuring roughly 4 inches by 4 inches, it's small enough to stash anywhere and just big enough to protect her most beloved pieces. This one is emblazoned with the word "love."

Donut Pass Up These Adorable Socks

Amazon | Amazon Customer

I wouldn't normally recommend gifting socks, but oh my gosh, do you see how adorable these particular socks are? Squeeeeee. Available in a three-pack or half-dozen, the socks are wrapped and packaged to look like the real thing, and they're made with Turkish cotton to feel smooth and comfortable all day. Pro tip: Buy her some real doughnuts and bundle it all up together!

Butter Her Up With These Fly Earrings

Amazon / Monkeyshines

Amazon has really upped its game in recent years, and that includes the addition of numerous brand names that used to only be available at high-end department stores. These pave butterfly earrings are by designer Betsey Johnson and have all the sparkle. A butterfly wing silhouette adorned with faceted crystals and a gold-tone finish, this is one gift she'll think you spent a lot more on than you actually did.

Keep Her Smelling Like A Rose


TONYMOLY is all the rage. Don't believe me? Just go into any Ulta and look around for the shelving that's been wiped clean of this Korean beauty brand's products. This rose- and peach-themed gift set includes two sheet masks, hand cream, foam cleanser, hyaluronic face cream, and a rose oil moisture stick. The pretty pink and red packaging is definitely a nod to the most romantic holiday of the year.

This Pop-Up Is The Best Way To Get Carded


Most of you will buy a card this Valentine's Day, and most of you will probably struggle to find just the right one that conveys the best sentiment. While you're ordering your Valentine's gift from Amazon, you might as well go ahead and throw in a card. This Hallmark option is not your typical card, though. Its 3D pop-up design is suitable for display any time of the year and is so unique that she'll be touched by your thoughtfulness.