37 Useful Inventions That Take Care of Life's Annoying Problems

Life is full of minor problems, headaches, and annoyances. A virtual shopping trip to Amazon can't solve all of them, but it might just solve some of them! If you can easily rid yourself of some of your daily annoyances, your life would be less annoying. That sounds like a win in my book.

Can you buy a cheap gadget that makes your boss less demanding or your commute less crowded? Probably not. But you can make your shoes more comfortable and your boobs bounce less, and those things are super annoying. Maybe if you aren't annoyed at all the little things, your boss and your commute won't seem so bad?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

At the very least, shopping is a fun distraction from your other problems. To that end, here are 37 handy problem solvers to help take care of some of life's annoying problems.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Universal Knife Block Makes Storing Any and All of Your Knives Simple

Sometimes it's the little things. Knife blocks never come with the exact configuration you need. Instead of carefully placing each knife into its own designated slot, wouldn't it be easier and more convenient if any knife could go in anywhere? This Universal Knife Block does just that. The wooden block is filled with removable, dishwasher safe flexible rods that simply shift to accommodate all of your knives. Genius!

Plug Everything in No Matter Where You Are With This Portable Charging Station

Do you find yourself in arguments with loved ones about who is more deserving of the one outlet or charging cord? Of course you do. It's a sign of the times, and the person with the lowest battery and the most pressing need wins. Instead, wouldn't it be better to live peacefully with your friends and family, even when on the go? This handy Portable Charging Station restores harmony by providing plenty of outlets and USB slots for everyone.

GoGoHeel STOPPERS Make it Easy to Walk in Heels on Grass

These things are a game changer! I will never forget the time I was a bridesmaid and my calves fatigued from standing up on my tip toes on the grass. Out of other options, I decided to jam my heels all the way down into the ground and be done with it; so, in front of a crowd, I suddenly shrunk 2.5 inches. I got some strange looks from the bridesmaid next to me. Then I had to unplant myself when it was time to head back down the aisle. Had I been wearing a set of GoGoHeel STOPPERS I could have saved my dignity and my shoes. These clear stoppers slip over your shoe's heel and provide a wide, stable standing surface, making grass, gravel, and cobblestones high heel friendly.

This Magnetic Paper Towel Holder is So Handy You'll Wonder Why No One Thought of It Before

This Magnetic Paper Towel Holder solves another small kitchen storage problem. Selected Review:
With a very small kitchen, I don't have anywhere to install a paper towel holder where it wouldn't be in the way of something else. This, however, works great stuck to the side of my refrigerator...Even with as vigorously as I yank paper towels off the roll, it hasn't shifted position at all, thanks to the strong magnet. And the storage bin above is perfect for holding my dog's medications and treats. - Kaye

Your Phone Can Do Double Duty as Your Wallet With This Cell Phone Wallet Pocket

Often we just need our phone, a bit of cash, and one other small item like headphones, a credit card, or a key. Taking along your whole set of keys and your wallet and your headphones and your phone is sometimes super inconvenient. How many pockets do your leggings have after all, amiright? This handy Cell Phone Wallet Pocket sticks securely onto the back of your phone or phone case and provides a secure, tight, stretchy pocket for your one or two little things.

You'll Wonder How You Lived So Long Without This Collapsible Wall Mount Drying Rack

Every laundry room should come with a Collapsible Wall Mount Drying Rack. This thing is genius! It folds up and practically disappears when not in use.

This Double Ended Extension Cord Makes All Your Current Extension Cords Look Stupid

A double headed serpent, which this Double Ended Extension Cord reminds me of, would be bad, something from a nightmare. But a double headed extension cord? Brilliant! How is it possible that this is the first time I'm seeing this ingenious gadget! I've lived in many apartments, dorm rooms, and houses and I've never encountered one that has just the right number of outlets in just the right places. With this smart extension cord, you get twice the distance and flexibility out of your one inconveniently placed outlet.

These High Elastic Cotton Hair Ties Are Ideal for Thick, Fine, Smooth, Curly, ANY Hair

These High Elastic Cotton Hair Ties are unlike your average hair ties. Selected Review:
These things are the greatest invention since sliced bread! I have somewhat thick hair and no other hair band has ever lived up to these! They DON'T BREAK, they only stretch out and when they do, just let them sit for a few days or wash them...They have a firm hold without pulling your hair, and don't stretch out easily. They are made from the same material as hosiery/tights, but thicker, so they are breathable...LOVE THESE! - Rachel H

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm Will Completely Eliminate Your Chafing Woes

No matter why, how, or where you chafe, Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm will take care of it. Selected Review:
I'm fat, I chafe, it's gross and hurts like hell. This product solves that problem. I started walking 10 miles a day, normally by the 5th mile I'm ready to call someone to pick me up. Not because i'm exhausted, tired, muscles hurt. Because my fat thighs are rubbing together trying to make fire like I'm trying out for Survivorman. As long as I remember to put this on before my walk (applied like deodorant) I am completely chafe free. This product is a lifesaver. - Kevin C. Hayes

These Telescoping Roasting Forks Let You Keep Your Distance From the Fire While You Roast Up Some Tasty Treats

Sit back and relax while you roast your marshmallows with these Telescoping Roasting Forks. Selected Review:
Bought these after purchasing a fire pit for the backyard. So far we have only used them for roasting marshmallows, as we have a grill a few feet away for everything else. They work great. I love how they telescope far enough that I can sit all the way back in my adirondack chair and comfortably roast the marshmallows. Also, the fact that you can spin the marshmallows without rotating the whole skewer is pretty convenient too. They are also easy to clean and it's nice that they came with a storage bag. Very happy with this purchase. - KGK84

The Clean Screen Wizard Knows That Smudgy Screens Are The Worst

I don't know about you, but between my phone, my reading glasses, my laptop screen, and my sunglasses, I feel like I'm always battling smudges, fingerprints, and dirt. I've used the hem of my t-shirt, the hem of my husband's t-shirt, and the hems of my kids' t-shirts to deal with my smudgy glass problems but there is a better way. The Clean Screen Wizard not only brilliantly cleans your screans and lenses without scratching, but this set comes with 7 microfiber cloths, so you're covered in your car, at your desk, in the living room...

Give Yourself a Ton of Storage AND Some Extra Outlets With These Bed Risers with USB Ports and Outlets

A high bed feels luxurious for some reason. It's also a terrific way to gain some extra storage space! These Bed Risers with USB Ports and Outlets are in a league of their own because one of them has actual USB ports and electrical outlets! This is so brilliant and convenient! Who ever thought of this is a genius who makes the most out of every last inch of their living space. Not only will you gain a full bed size x 7.5 inches of usable storage space, but you also will gain outlets where you need them.

Eliminate the Gap With a Silicone Stove Counter Gap Cover

Some things are designed in such a way that makes no sense and is universally annoying. Just like hot dogs and hot dog buns ought to be sold in equal number, but aren't, stoves ought to fit flush against counters, but they don't. The small gap between your counter top and your stove top is a food trap, and is impossible to clean. A set of these Silicone Gap Covers completely solves this problem.

Keep Your Brown Sugar Soft and Fresh With a Brown Sugar Bear

On the spectrum of life's potential headaches, hardened brown sugar isn't a major one. But it is inconvenient and frustrating, so why not make it go away? This ridiculously adorable Brown Sugar Bear lives right in the sugar, keeping it soft, fresh, and usable. The way I see it, eradicate all the small annoyances and you'll always be less annoyed. This little bear is a win.

These Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Offer Quality Sound at an Unbeatable Price

No need to spend a fortune for quality headphones with these affordable Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. Selected Review:
Excellent sound and noise cancelling at great price. Returned my Bose Soundlink II headphones in favor of these. Really great full range, connected right away and noise cancelling is great (loud roomba right next me and can’t hear it at all!) Very happy with these and good price. ONLY caveat is that they seem to run a little small and fit me (female) and my teen daughter well but my husband says they’re too tight. - P

Create Usable Storage Space Out of Thin Air With This Slim Rolling Organizer

Has anyone ever had enough storage space? Nope. Whether your kitchen is tiny or abundant, we all can use a teeny bit more space to put our stuff. Ditto laundry room. This handy Slim Rolling Organizer gives you that space without taking up any space. It is narrow enough to slide into the gaps, the wasted space you already have - between your fridge and the wall, between your washer and dryer. Brilliant!

Problem: You Think of the Best Ideas in the Shower, and Then Immediately Forget Them. Solution: Write Those Gems Down on Waterproof Aqua Notes

Showers are great for more than just winning imaginary arguments or thinking of a hilarious or biting comeback to something that happened seven weeks ago. It's also where you have great ideas or remember something that you've been meaning to do. There's actually a scientific reason for your shower brilliance. When your brain is relaxed and occupied with a simple task that doesn't take concentration, like washing your hair, the rest of your brain is free to work on your pressing problems. Keep an Aqua Notes pad in the shower and your great ideas won't wash down the drain.

Stop Losing Stuff Behind Your Washer With The Original Laundry Guard

The Original Laundry Guard is all about saving your socks. Selected Review:
We just got a new washer/dryer combo and had the unfortunate task of cleaning around the old unit once removed. Lordy, the treasures we found. Earrings, lost socks, belts, etc.. That's when I started to search on Amazon for a solution. These came and were very easy to install. The magnets along the bottom are very strong and I am confident they will hold up to a mound of dirty stand-by laundry. - A Prince

Problem: Your Kitchen Counter Space is Limited. Solution: Create New Counter Space Like Magic With a Sink Shelf

Clever kitchen storage solutions are always welcome, especially when it comes to increasing valuable counter real estate. Is there anyone who feels like they have too much kitchen counter space? No. My kitchen counters are full of the things I use daily leaving little room for actual food prep, for useful but not necessary items, and certainly not for decorative items. This handy Sink Shelf takes dead space and turns it into useful space.

Extend the Life of Your Produce With These Fruit & Veggie Life Extender Liners

Nothing is worse than throwing out unused produce. Fruits and vegetables are expensive, and we buy them with the best of intentions, but, for one reason or another, we all end up tossing soft, slimy, brown, and mushy produce because we didn't use it in time. (Just me?) It's a waste of food AND money. These Fruit and Veggie Extender Liners allow air to circulate in your fridge drawers, helping keep your produce fresh and buying you more time to get around to eating the fruits and veggies you buy.

If You Want a No-Bounce Sports Bra Experience, Look No Further Than This No-Bounce Bra Support Band

Worn over your regular sports bra, the PinkClover Support Band seriously locks the girls down for a true no bounce experience no matter your size or how high impact your sport is. Selected Review:
Oh. My. God. This thing is a game changer...It wasn’t until one day when I forgot to put it on that I realized how much of a difference it was making. Few seconds into running without it on and I felt like I wasn’t even wearing a bra, the girls were flying all over the place (funny to think I had been running in that same style bra for years before buying the Pinkclover) now I never workout without it...Seriously give this strange strap a try, you won’t regret it! - Bernice Walenty

Problem: Your House Looks Like a Bomb Went Off in a Stuffed Animal Factory. Solution: This Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

It's a storage container! It's a comfy chair! This Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair is a problem solver. Your kids won't even balk at having to pick up their toys if you make it a race to see who fills their bean bag first. Anytime you can clean up by chucking a bunch of things in a bag that then magically looks like furniture, it's a win!

Keep Your Headphones Tangle Free With the Cableyoyo

A set of earbuds is incredibly handy to have with you at all times, but not when they are always a tangled mess. The Cableyoyo ensures that your headphones are always tangle free and ready to use. You can even keep the slack wound up while listening to your music. But the Cableyoyo does more than save you all that time untangling your earbuds. It also keeps your charging cables neat and organized and makes you look like the kind of person who generally has it all together.

Make That Unsightly Toilet Ring Disappear With the Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover

This thing is no joke amazing. If you have one of those rings in your toilet, then you know how impossible it is to get rid of it. Nothing does the trick. Turns out, that's not entirely true. The Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover won't scratch your toilet, but it will completely scrub away that annoying ring. Prepare to be amazed. This will make any bowl sparkle!

These Silicone Anti-Slip Holders for Glasses are a Simple Fix For a Common Problem

If you wear glasses then you know the annoying slip that happens constantly. You can tighten the arms so they squeeze uncomfortably, or you can adjust your glasses ten thousand times per day. It's a small annoyance which calls for a small solution. These Silicone Grips are stretchy little hook things that slide onto your frames and keep them right where you want them. They come in both clear and black, and virtually disappear once you have your glasses on.

Because Your Dog Isn't Going to Tell You That Someone Else Already Fed Him, You Need This Did You Feed the Dog Gadget

Your dog is unreliable at best when it comes to letting you know whether he's had his supper yet. And he's not complaining on those lucky nights he gets fed twice! This clever Did You Feed the Dog? gadget eliminates the mystery. Mount it with the included adhesives or magnets, and simply slide the switches over. Because you can't rely on your dog to tell you the truth.

Fix Any Polish Imperfections Easily With This Nail Lacquer Remover Pen

My left hand is useless when it comes to any task that requires a bit of dexterity. Basically, it is there for symmetry purposes only. This means that my at-home nail polish applications look less than perfect. Significantly less. Please never look at my right hand. This Nail Lacquer Remover Pen is like an eraser. The fine tip makes cleaning up any out of line polish a cinch!

Clean Up Your Desk With This Mini Desktop Vacuum

This thing is as adorable as it is handy. I know I should eat my food at the table, but, let's be honest, that rarely happens during the day. I work from home so my meals and snacks are often had at my desk. This makes things a little messy sometimes. The Mini Desktop Vacuum is a battery operated little powerhouse. Not only will it clear your desk of any crumbs, but it can vacuum out your keyboard!

Your Bike Should Have a Rearview Mirror Because It's Hard to See Behind You On a Bike

This is one of those things that you see and realize that it's crazy that it's not a standard part of every bike. I've been riding bikes for mumblemumble years now, and I still can't look over my shoulder without steering my bike that way just a little. Is it coordination or neck flexibility that I'm lacking? It doesn't really matter, because one should not turn into traffic just to check if there's traffic. So, everyone should have a Bike Rearview Mirror instead.

Safely Put Your Drink Down Anywhere With a CouchCoaster

Sure, you can set your drink down on the coffee table and then get yourself all comfortable on your sofa or chair, but then your drink isn't right next to you anymore. So, you either have to undo all that settling in to have a sip of your beverage, or you are forced to hold it in your hand at all times. WHAT? The makers of CouchCoaster agree that's crazy. This handy coaster can secure your drink over the back or arm of any chair or sofa, so you can stay all settled in and still take periodic sips of your beverage of choice.

This Rechargeable Bookmark Book Light is Going to Be Your Favorite Reading Light Ever

Need a gift for a bookworm in your life? Look no further than this Bookmark Book Light. Selected Review:
I LOVE this light/bookmark!!! The yellow light is so easy on the eyes, the 4 brightness levels are convenient, and my booklight stays in my book at all times...I even use this (on setting 3) to add extra light to my pages while reading during the day...the warm light adds the perfect amount of extra light to the page and provides extra relief to my eyes. Highly recommend! - Crystal McGough

These Bird Repellant Discs Keep Unwanted Birds Off Your Deck, Porch, and Garden.

I know that some people love birds. They love them so much that they put out feeders to attract birds to their property. The rest of us are fine with a bit of lovely morning birdsong, but could do without bird droppings all over our deck chairs. Let the bird lovers have them. To help your bird loving neighbor have even more birds to love, and to keep your deck poop-free, check out these clever Bird Repellant Discs. No birds will be harmed and everyone will live happily ever after in their preferred level of birds.

This Mesh Shower Caddy is a College Student Staple

Even if you're not a student, a handy Mesh Shower Caddy is great to have. Take it camping, to hotels, or just back and forth to the bathroom to keep your roommates from using your stuff. Selected Review:
This shower caddy is awesome for a college kid in the dorms (like I was) or anyone who needs to tote a bunch of stuff to and from the shower. It stays clean for a super long time, dries quickly, has a bunch of pockets of varying sizes (perfect for creams, razors, toothbrushes or washcloths, and a perfect-sized handle. Really convenient, simple and sturdy. - amy.weso

These Blister Prevention Patches Are a Fan Favorite For Good Reason - They Work

Adhere one of these Blister Prevention Patches into the offending shoe, and forget all about any friction or blisters. Selected Review:
I followed the instructions on the package, adhering one large oval patch over the offending area...That was 240 miles ago, and just today I finally had to replace that original patch...I can't say enough good things about these patches. The slick surface allows your foot to glide right down where it's supposed to go, instead of getting hung up on edges. - Jethro

This Citrus Sprayer Turns Your Fruit Into Their Own Sprayers

How clever is this thing? Simply cut off the top of your lemon, lime, or orange, and screw in the Citrus Sprayer. Voila! You now have a handy citrus spray. Selected Review:
My 11-year old ordered these and I was skeptical. He screwed it into a lemon and, to my surprise, he was able to easily squirt the juice out. - JSH

This Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Allows You to Live Pest Free Without Having to Kill a Bunch of Bugs and Mice

Just because I don't want mosquitoes, roaches, mice, and other pests in my house doesn't mean that I want to murder a bunch of them. I'm actually as uninterested in a house full of dead mice as I am in a house full of living mice! This Ultrasonic Pest Repellent allows you to live pest free without having to commit mass pest murder. Repelling instead of killing. How nice!

Use This Stainless Steel Disher For Ice Cream, Batter, Meatballs, and Basically Anything Else You Need to Scoop or Portion.

Sure, this Stainless Steel Disher is perfect for scooping ice cream, but its uses go far beyond that! Selected Review:
I purchased this scoop for portion control. It scoops 1/3 cup and is the perfect size for many of the carbs I have to control: rice, potatoes, corn, peas, etc. I also use it for baking because it scoops out the exact amount of batter needed for muffins. I have several different scoops (different brands), but, none of them was the right size for muffins! This scoop takes the guesswork out of so many kitchen tasks. - Mugwumper