37 Unexpected Things in Amazon's Secret Bargain Section

You know the feeling: You find a to-die-for purchase at the store. You practically float to the cash register. The price is no obstacle; it is a must-have. The cashier scans your purchase and — what's this? — it's on sale! The skies open. Angel choirs sing. Day = Made. Melodramatic? Maybe. But, finding a great bargain is one of life's little pleasures — for me, anyway. I love nothing more than stumbling upon a great deal ... except for, perhaps, sharing it with those I think will enjoy it.

So, hi! You're that person. I'm sure you've probably shopped on Amazon a time or day so nothing new there, but did you know Amazon has a secret bargain section filled with great deals for men, women, babies (don't give them your credit card — they'll just chew on it) and your home as well as categories like "best sellers," "electronics," "gifts" and "home décor?" Great finds like Kate Spade-esque earrings for less than $10, a tiny beach "getaway" for $13 and a surprise-stuffed bath bomb for $7.99 — for boys and girls, super collectible, totally fun. So, set your drink down on the mini-record coasters and tie your hair up a 60-pc. set of scrunchies, you've got some shopping to do!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page."

Head-Turning Sparklers On The Cheap

via: Amazon / Jai D.

A few years ago, I bought my Mom a pair of Kate Spade confetti earrings. (Go ahead and look it up, I'll wait.) They were not $7.99, but these BaubleStar druzy stud earrings are and they pack a similar glittery punch for a quarter of the price. They come in hot pink, purple or silver, or a set of six for not much more. At this price, buy one as a gift and another to treat yoself.

Growing Like A Weed

via: Amazon

It seems like marking baby's milestones, whether height, weight or number of months they've been around, will never go out of style. My parents used to measure us against a doorframe and add notches with the date and how much we'd grown. Parents of the 21st century, you have it so much simpler! This baby growth chart ruler can be laid back (or hung, once little Johnny gets older) to document important heights throughout childhood. There are eight different patterns, from jungle animals to outer space, so you're sure to find one you love.

A Plant Holder — Green Thumb Optional

via: Amazon

I'm the worst at caring for plants. It's like they look at me in the store and beg me not to take them home. I even had to replace my real succulents with fake ones because I enjoy the aesthetic, but growing things just isn't my schtick. Enter the air plant. Air plants don't grow in soil (score!) and require very little watering (double score!) All you need is this geometric plant holder, perfectly positioned in your home, to fool everyone into thinking you have two green thumbs.

Tame The Cord Monster With This Carrying Case

via: Amazon

When did we all acquire so many cords everywhere? Our phones and earbuds — and chargers for our phones and earbuds — immediately come to mind. You can easily let the cord monster take over your desk drawers, handbag and even car. Grab a five-pack of these square carrying cases and clean up the clutter. Varying colors help you assign each case to its own purpose and there's even room to stash your earbuds, earphones or a small mp3 player inside.

Cool Off Right Meow

via: Amazon

Let's be clear: Ladies do not sweat, they glisten. But, there are times you're glistening too darn much and need some relief. Instead of freezing everyone else out, try this folding silk fan. Its slim design when folded makes it a cinch to toss in a gym bag or purse. And, when unfolded, will make you the coolest cat in the room.

Personalized Necklaces That Speak For Themselves

via: Amazon

Calling all Lydias, Adriennes and Nicoles with two Cs! I know you can never find your name on those gas station keychains and necklaces. I'm technically a Bethany; trust me, I get it. Seldom can you find personalized options that don't cost an arm and a leg — until now. A personalized necklace on Amazon solves all of that. Choose from gold, rose gold and silver and then customize to your heart's content. You can even specify chain length.

Lip Service With Edge

via: Amazon

I won't lie, what first drew me to this product was its availability in black. Black lipstick? Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. One of 21 highly-pigmented shades from Nicka K, you can get full-coverage color for a Halloween costume, a goth get-together or an ordinary Friday. If you're not feeling confident about the black, maybe you'll be better suited for shades like sea green, violet or slate blue.

Mer-Made Your Face Up

via: Amazon

Can you ever have too many makeup brushes? The answer to that is a resounding "no," especially when they're as cute as these mermaid-themed ones. For less than $8 ($8!), you can snag this 11-piece set that covers the application of blush, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, highlighter and much more. More than 700 buyers have given it 4.5 out of 5 stars so there's nothing fishy about this purchase.

Fall For These Cozy Scarves

via: Amazon

In my former life (before I moved to Florida), I was quite a collector of scarves. A scarf connoisseur, if you will. Now, I have very little use for them, but I do still enjoy the look they offer. These plaid tartan scarves have a boutique look without the boutique price tag. From dark gray to beige-pink to a Christmas-y wine red, grab a couple to wear as a shawl or scarf and a few more to give as thoughtful gifts.

You'll Be Fishing For Compliments With These Earrings

via: Amazon

Add this to the "Don't Take Life So Seriously" category. Now you can wear one of the world's most popular aquarium fish right on your ears and if that's not magic, I don't know what is. These goldfish-in-baggie earrings are a guaranteed conversation starter and, according to legend, may bring you good luck. In the 1600s, men used to give their wives a goldfish on their one-year wedding anniversary, as a symbol of luck and fortune. Maybe now they can give goldfish jewelry instead.

Take Your Utensils To Go

via: Amazon

Thanks to COVID-19, we've all seen changes in how our favorite eateries conduct business. Some are still primarily operating as to-go facilities while others allow dining in but expect you to eat with disposable utensils. Have you ever tried to cut a steak with a plastic knife? Impossible. Cart your own folding utensil set with you! You'll get a fork, spoon and knife that nest together in one compact package, plus peace of mind knowing you're not taking a bite of someone else's germs.

Zoom Through Your Workdays With This Car Mouse

via: Amazon / Twin-wreck-mom

Computers come and go, but a computer mouse is forever. That's the saying, right? Eh, maybe not, but this car mouse for less than $12 will have you zigging and zagging through the workday with ease. It comes in six fun colors — black, red, blue, pink, yellow and silver — and works with both Macs and PCs. Just don't go taking any corners on three wheels.

Protect Your Pencil With This Fintie Bundle

via: Amazon

If you've ever damaged or — worse — lost an Apple Pencil thanks to its sleek, roll-off-the-edge, ergonomic design, this inexpensive solution needs added to your shopping cart ASAP. The three-piece bundle includes a nib cover to protect the pencil's delicate writing end; a charging tether to safeguard against loss; and, a cover that keeps the pencil from rolling off any surface. It's only suitable for the 1st gen pencil, but there are still plenty of those in circulation. For $6, protect that investment.

This Cat Has a Nice Ring To It

via: Amazon

Name her (or him) if you want, but this cat ring holder will give you all the love without any of the, ahem cattitude. Equipped with an extra-long tail, this playful take on a jewelry organizer will help keep all your baubles in one place. It's also available as man's best friend, one we all know will be actually happy to see you when you get home. Sorry, cat lovers.

Be A Real Artist With This Makeup Palette

via: Amazon / Dahlia Lechon

Some of us are "five-minute face" types of people and some of us are "what-would-it-look-like-if-I-did-this?" types of people. I'm in the camp of the former, but I have mad respect, even envy, for those of you who are truly artistic with your makeup looks. This professional makeup palette and brush will elevate your artistry to the next level. Mix and blend to make unlimited colors; use the spatula brush to remove the dregs from jars and bottles.

Go Bowling On Your Lunch Break

via: Amazon

I'm a big fan of desk toys, probably because I'm more of a "creative" and they sometimes help me clear my head. Don't believe me? I have a whole passel of Minions and a fidget cube in front of me right now. Anyway, this desktop bowling game takes tabletop gaming to a new high. Set up the pins and then knock them down by sending the "bowling ball" rolling down the lane. No hideous bowling shoes required.

Bag Up The Basics With This Crossbody

via: Amazon

Sometimes it's nice to just slip my phone, money, ID and lip gloss into a small bag when I'm on the go. A nice-sized crossbody like this one is just what the doctor ordered. It's roomy enough to stash all the essentials and stylish enough to match whatever I'm wearing. A detachable shoulder strap means I can throw the whole thing in my oversized tote when I need more room for all the things.

Rock 'N' Roller With Your Essential Oils

via: Amazon / Marie Luciano

Are you into essential oils? I am. It's a bit like being a part of a really delicious-smelling aromatherapy gang. In particular, I find that peppermint oil helps me with multiple things including headaches and motion sickness so I tend to carry it with me wherever I go. Transferring the oil, along with a small amount of carrier oil, to a small roller bottle like this one means I can get all the benefits of essential oils wherever I am.

Tuxedo Cat Has All The Chill

via: Amazon

Not one, but five adorable cat designs are available in this feline koozie that accommodates most 12 to 16 oz. cans. Keep tab-bys on how cool your beverage is and eliminate wet hands with the purr-fect drink solution. Your soda or beer is guaranteed to have nine lives encompassed in durable vegan leather that folds flat when not in use. You've got to be kitten me with this deal! OK, that's pawsitively enough cat puns.

Snap A Nap With This Camera Pillow

via: Amazon

The perfect gift for photographers and selfie queens alike, this camera-shaped pillow cover is a snap to add to home décor. Styled to look like a Leica M9, you'll be camera-ready (or at least nap-ready) at a moment's notice. It's available in two shades; add an inexpensive pillow form insert to your cart and you'll have everything you need for the perfect photo sesh.

Eliminate Any Record Of Water Rings With These Coasters

via: Amazon

Truth be told, I love vinyl. I prefer it for listening to music over just about any other method and do so frequently with my own retro record player. These record-shaped coasters add a vintage vibe to any living space. Grab at least four when you purchase since this listing is only for one. Your friends, family and furniture will thank you!

Buy Your Own (Dried) Flowers

via: Amazon

I've been doing at-home manis since, oh, about 2016, and I'm happy to report I don't miss the nail salon one little bit. My arsenal of tools has gotten quite large, from a hoard of dip powders to decorative nail striping tape to these dried flower accents. I recommend cutting these up before soaking in water and applying to nails with polish or glue. Perfect for the hot trend of milk bath nails currently taking over IG.

Take a Beach Break

via: Amazon

Cue the jealousy: I live about a half-mile from the Gulf of Mexico so when I say "beach break," I usually mean it literally. In this instance, I mean a mental beach break with this mini sandbox. This portable beach experience features a plastic tray you can fill with the included sand, tools, seashells, and umbrella and beach chair. Throw on a pair of shades and it's (almost) as good as being there.

A Shaving Set That's Saving You Time

via: Amazon

All-in-one gadgets are my jam and if you're a fan of space-saving simplicity, they're probably yours, too. This shaving set features a soap bowl and brush with additional space for your razor in a compact design. I particularly like the retro feel of this set, which is sure to add a bit of personality to your bathroom vanity.

Shave Yourself Some Clean-Up Time

via: Amazon

Speaking of shaving, have you ever noticed what a mess it makes? It's like glitter; hours or days afterward, you're still finding hair here, there and everywhere. Eliminate the mess with this beard apron. OK, it might look a little silly at first glance, but its functionality is unquestionable. Simply attach at the neck and apply suction cups to your bathroom mirror. Once finished, remove carefully and discard clippings in the trash. No mess, no stress, just a beard to impress.

Join The Lightbox Trend For Next To Nothing

via: Amazon / Brian Gadus

I don't know who to blame the lightbox/letterboard trend on so I'm going with Joanna Gaines. This lightbox with 109 letters, numbers and symbols is the universal gadget you didn't know you needed — until now. Fully customizable, it's a fun update to your kitchen, bath, office or child's bedroom that will light up your abode with personality. First thing to spell on it? G-R-E-A-T D-E-A-L, at less than $16 shipped.

Home Décor That Takes Flight Like These Butterflies

via: Amazon

If you didn't squeal just a little at these gorgeous butterfly wall decals, you might be dead inside. These 3D matte stick-ons have the capability of transforming any space with understated elegance. They stick to any smooth surface: Walls, doors, windows, mirrors, tiles, even gift wrap. Create a whimsical butterfly garden wherever you want with 100 of these beauties included for just $7 and some change.  

Nail Your Polish Removal Method

via: Amazon

Almost 4,000 reviewers can't be wrong: These soak-off clips for polish, nail art, acrylics and much more speed up the process of getting on to your next great nail project. Just apply polish remover to a small cottonball or pad, place it over your nail and attach the spring-hinged clips. This makes it simple to remove polish from all 10 nails (or even toenails), all at once.

Get Your Brushes Clean With This Mini Washing Machine

via: Amazon

I honestly want this little cutie in every color. If only I used a makeup sponge. But, hey, maybe you do! Buy this in my honor? This mini washing machine will clean and sanitize your makeup sponges and look great doing it. Pour water into the unit, add your sponge and watch the bucket rotate accordingly. One reviewer said, "Can’t believe this actually works! I bought this for my beauty blenders and it worked so fast." I'm sold.

Stylish Storage For Swabs And Sticks

via: Amazon

I was first drawn to this because the lotus is my favorite flower. I love the symbolism of the lotus, its roots in mud, submerging itself each night to bloom again the next day sparkling clean. This particular lotus storage container won't bloom, but it will add a touch of beauty to your bathroom counter. Use it to hold your cotton swabs, toothpicks or bobby pins.

Yo, Tame Your Cables With This CableYoyo

via: Amazon

Cleanliness is next to godliness, or so they say. I ascribe to that theory for my workspace for sure. This cableYoyo has a built-in cord spool designed to keep your cables and cords tidy and tangle-free. The slim design, in gray or green, means you can easily pop it in a purse, laptop bag or even a pocket. Just think of the time you'll save at the gym not having to unfurl and unwind your earbuds. You can add 10 additional minutes of cardio ... or not.

It Smells Like Holiday Spirit

via: Amazon

You can smell it, can't you? That undeniable blend of orange peel, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg that wafts through your holiday gatherings. With this Holiday Season Synergy Blend, you can be ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas or keep the scent of the season going all year long. Essential oils are usually kind of pricy; this one is not and comes with a GC/MS testing report from third-party experts.

Holy Holo Nails, Batman

via: Amazon

You can shine like an iridescent unicorn with this holo nail powder and if that isn't an exhilarating thought, I don't know what is. This powder can be applied over any colorful base applied to your nails. For best results, apply a gel topcoat once finished and then cure with a UV/LED lamp. You'll only need a smidge to create a holographic look so this seemingly tiny jar is likely to last you a long, long time.

A Bunch Of Scrunchies

via: Amazon

My inner '80s child just took a little trip down memory lane with this one. How rad is this 60-piece assortment of scrunchies? And, yes, in case you've been living under a rock, scrunchies are once again all the rage. Nearly 2,300 reviewers have rated this set 4.7 of 5 possible stars on Amazon and I can see why. With every possible color included, all of your outfits will be covered — even the non-tie-dye ones.

Organize Your Hair Essentials Unicorn-Style

via: Amazon

Maybe you've got your eye on that scrunchie set or you already have a house full of hair clips and bows. This unicorn organizer has endless possibilities for taming the mess or just adding a bit of magic to a sweet little girl's room. It comes in five colorful shades. I'm partial to the "light rainbow" or "colorful purple," personally, but I outgrew unicorn décor a few (cough) years back. I could live vicariously through your purchase, though.

Fishing For A Portable Telescopic Rod

via: Amazon

It's only too bad that both Father's Day and my Dad's birthday have come and gone this year or this would be on the gift list for sure. This portable telescopic fishing rod is a perfect addition to just about any fishing trip. Reviewers describe it as lightweight, compact and a space-saver with good performance that's also easy to carry. What more do you need? Bait my hook; I'm ready to go!

Add A Surprise To Your Tub

via: Amazon

You're probably acquainted with bath bombs, but these are tennis ball-sized bath bombs to the nth power. Not only are they fizzy, colorful, bubble creators, but they hide a hidden treat inside. The one pictured above includes mini-superheroes; other versions have dinosaurs, ninjas, sea creatures and even nail polish or lip gloss. Grab the Christmas version for a stocking stuffer they'll look forward to using.