37 Unexpected Things in Amazon's Secret Bargain Section

Did you guys know that Amazon has a secret bargain section where you can find amazing deals on cool stuff? Well, they do and I did. You can find a heck of a deal on stuff you'll actually use, but you have to sort through some pretty weird stuff to find it. Good thing it's my job so you don't have to! Reap the benefits of the bargains without wasting a lot of time searching for what you want since I compiled this list of 37 unexpected things in Amazon's secret bargain section.

From the comfiest lounge pants to my favorite keyboard protector to a tool that'll change the way you chop forever, it's all here!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Comfy Pants Are A Stellar Buy

Who among us couldn't use a pair of comfy pants to lounge around in? (And for those of us doing remote schooling, this could basically be a daily uniform). These cuties come in a ton of patterns from florals to stripes and have over 2,000 glowing reviews for super comfy, lightweight softness and a good length even for tall people.

This Pineapple Bank May Encourage Saving

It seems as soon as my girls get so much as a dollar in their hot little hands they're scheming ways to spend it as soon as possible. Maybe if they had this cute pineapple bank with golden leaves they'd consider saving some of it? This is the perfect little addition to a nursery or kids' room since it doubles as a decoration.

This AirPod Case Is Moo-tiful

If I had a pair of AirPods, I'd for sure want a case as cute as this one to store them in. This cow AirPod case is shockproof and fits generation 1 and 2 designs adorably. It even comes with a little carabiner clip to attach to your belt loops or bag so you never misplace the case!

This Coin Purse Is Indispensable

I can't even keep track of how much loose change I have swimming at the bottom of all my purses. I'm always looking for quarters for parking meters or merry-go-round rides outside the local grocery store but I can never find any because there's so much stuff in my bag! This small coin purse is the stylish solution and the hedgehogs couldn't be more adorbs.

This Lunch Bag Is So Stylish

Everyone needs a good lunch bag (heck, even I want this one and I work from home!), and this is one of the coolest ones I've seen. The insulated design is lightweight and spacious enough to hold lunch even for hearty appetites. And the cool geometric patterns set it apart from others so you'll always know which one is yours in the community fridge.

This Pill Case Is So Useful

I have and use this pill case on the daily to organize meds and all the vitamins I take. I love that the individual days are separated into day and night compartments so I can put everything in at once. It's also great for travel since you can pre-fill it then pop out whichever days you'll need for your trip!

These Pineapple Sunglasses Are So Fun

Sometimes, you just gotta have a little fun with your look and these pineapple sunglasses are just the thing. The oversized design protects your eyes and the pineapples are just too cute. A great alternative to the overdone heart-shaped glasses when you want something a little different!

This Silicone Keyboard Protector Really Works

At first I was skeptical of this silicone keyboard cover because I thought it'd get in the way and bunch up when I was typing, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I use this daily to protect my precious Macbook keyboard and it works like a charm. The best part is it keeps the keyboard so clean, and whenever the cover needs freshening up, I can just run it under the faucet, et voila!

This Onion Slicer Takes The Hard Work Out Of Chopping

Let's just say my knife skills leave something to be desired. I've even taken classes to teach me the proper technique, and my veggies still look like a 5 year old chopped them. Good thing I found this onion slicer that not only holds the veggies in place while you chop, the tines let you make perfectly uniform cuts so your meal looks and tastes better since everything cooks evenly! You could also use it for tomatoes or mushrooms and it'll take up virtually no storage space which earns major points in my book.

This Handbag Doubles As A Fanny Pack

Did you know fanny packs are back in style? Or maybe they never went out of fashion, who's to say! Either way, this 90s cool holographic purse lets you go hands-free whether you're at a cocktail party or just for every day use. It's small enough to fit inside a larger bag, too - just throw your essentials inside and you'll always be able to find them.

This Odor Removing Bar Works Like A Charm

My husband likes to cook fish for dinner, but after preparing it his hands stiiiiiink and there's no soap that'll help. I got him this fish-shaped odor removing bar and it actually works super well! Somehow the stainless steel design absorbs fishy or garlic odors so you don't have to walk around smelling like dinner for the rest of the day.

These Fingerless Gloves Keep Me Toasty

It seems no matter what time of year it is, my hands get freezing while I'm typing away. I love these fingerless gloves for keeping warm without getting in the way of the keyboard. These ones are soft, not itchy, and come in a bunch of pretty neutrals and fall tones that look great on everyone, even in the middle of summer!

These Scratch-Off Notes Are A Hit Gift

These scratch-off note cards are the perfect gift for the 5 and up crowd - little ones can practice their letters and numbers while older kids will have fun drawing or writing notes to their friends. They're also super cute for lunch box notes! I first saw these at a birthday party and have been picking them up in bulk to include in presents - kids just love 'em (P.S. they're fun for adults, too!)

These Leaf Earrings Are Gorgeous

I love statement earrings, but often they're too heavy and pull on my earlobes too much. I don't want to stretch out my ear piercing so usually I'll just go with studs or something little, but with these lightweight earrings I can do dangly ones again! They come in silver or gold and are the most delicate leaf pattern that goes with everything from fancy to casual. Did I mention they're under $3.00? Sold and sold.

This Kimono Is An Outfit Maker

I'm a jeans and tee kind of girl, so when I see something easy I can throw on and look like I made an actual effort I'm all for it. This lightweight kimono is a total outfit maker, as you can see on the model - she's just wearing a tank and jeans and somehow it looks amazing with this thrown over the top! It comes in a bunch of patterns and colors and you can wear it year round over anything from camisoles to turtlenecks.

This Flamingo Light Brings A Tropical Touch

My kids still use nightlights, and this flamingo light would be the cutest addition to their rooms. It adds a fun tropical touch to wherever you put it, from kids' spaces to grown-ups'. I love the unexpected marquee-type bulbs and fantastic coral color for bringing a pop of brightness to a room! This would also look great displayed with the pineapple lamp I found above.

This Table Runner Makes Every Day Fancy

One of the easiest ways I've found to dress up a table and make it look complete is a table runner. It's simpler and less old-fashioned than a full tablecloth (plus food's less likely to get on it while people are eating). This Moroccan crochet one's gorgeous and adds the perfect boho touch to any table. This screams casual glamour and I couldn't love it more for everyday use or special occasions.

These LED Gloves Are Super Fun

These LED light-up gloves are the perfect thing for nighttime games like tag or hide and go seek. They're also great as a Halloween costume addition to keep kids safe as they roam the neighborhood in the dark! They come in multicolored, white or red for different looks and come in two sizes for 3-12 year olds. They'd also make some pretty cool pictures if you used some fancy photo skills to capture slow motion light trails!

This Camera-Shaped USB Is A Great Gift

Know someone's who's obsessed with cameras or a great shot? This camera-shaped USB thumb drive is the perfect gift for them (or maybe yourself?)! It comes in three storage sizes and the "lens" inserts into your computer's USB drive when you want to transfer files. Super cute and useful!

These Succulent Pots Are So Pretty

I have an air plant that I've managed to keep alive for a few years, which is a big accomplishment for me. Since low-maintenance plants are all I can handle, I'm snagging this trio of succulent planter pots to pretty up my windowsill and desk. The collection of ceramic pots comes with a drainage hole for healthier plants and a wooden base to keep any mess contained. These couldn't be cuter and I'll love the way they brighten up my space!

This Mini Thermos Is Great For Kids

This mini thermos is just about the coolest thing I've seen for kids. It comes in a few shimmery pastel colors or this neutral colorblock and holds a full 8 oz, so just the right amount of water for younger kids who never finish what you send them to school with. Some adult fans also use it to tote that one perfect cup of tea or coffee on the go, which is ideal if you're trying to limit caffeine intake.

This Storage Jar Is Genius

I'm always looking for a place to set my jewelry or watch that I take off to shower or wash my face, and no place on the bathroom counter feels safe. I love this elevated storage jar option to protect my stuff from water, stray toothpaste or whatever else is on the bathroom vanity top. I also love to store everyday items like cotton face pads and Q-tips in plain sight so I can see at a glance when we need a refill.

This Shark Koozie Is Frighteningly Awesome

If you're as obsessed with sharks as I am, you're gonna want this shark can koozie stat. I live for Shark Week, and what better way to keep my beverage cold and sweat-free than this scary-awesome can holder? This little guy has over 500 glowing reviews for its ability to keep drinks icy and the detailed, quality design and durability. The reviews are also hilarious; I highly recommend reading them if you're looking for something to do!

This Sleek Wooden Alarm Clock Is So Modern

If you want an alarm clock that looks miles better than the clunky plastic version you're probably using currently, I've found it for you! This wooden alarm clock sleekly displays the time and nothing else to clutter up the modern, minimalist design. It comes in brown, black or white and the coolest feature is you just clap your hands if you want to see the time! There are also three brightness levels so it doesn't disturb your cozy, pitch-black sleep cave.

This Mirror Sticker Is So Sweet

Sometimes you just need a little encouragement throughout the day to put your best self forward and keep going, and this sweet mirror decal is a great way to do just that. It tells you "You Look Amazing" just in case you weren't aware because, dahling, you do! It easily attaches to any flat surface and peels off with no damage, so you could really put it anywhere!

This Photo Display Is Insta Decor

If you need to fill some wall space with cool art-installation type decor, have I found the thing for you. This hanging photo display lets you show off your favorite Instagram snaps, postcards or holiday cards and takes up a good amount of room, making it a decorating focal point. And it's quality construction - the stars are made of wood, not plastic. It comes in silver or gold and both are gorgeous.

This Ear Picking Kit Is A Gross Necessity

Maybe I've been visiting the popping subreddit too much, but I can't get enough of those gross videos! The especially awesome ones are ear cleaning, where they scoop endless amounts of wax out of the poor person's ear canal. That got me thinking - what if Q-tips are just pushing the gunk farther down and creating big wax blockages in my own family's ears? The horror. So I kinda low-key love this ear cleaning kit that comes with six tools and it's own light so you can really see what's going on in there. DIY has never been more disgusting!

This Growth Chart Is A Must-Have

Growth charts are more than just kid's room decoration - they're a cute reminder of how small your wee ones used to be (and how they've grown so fast, wahhh!). These flexible ones can easily roll up when your kid's grown too cool for getting measured anymore, but in the meantime they're really nice decor. They come in everything from tropical to space themes and have over 1,000 absolutely glowing reviews.

This Stingray Drain Cover Is A True Kitchen Helper

The worst part about doing the dishes is picking out all the soggy pieces of food that washed off and is too big to go down the drain. Just thinking about it gives me the shivers, blech! This stingray drain cover works swimmingly to catch all those stray bits. It suctions to the bottom of your sink so it'll stay in place while you're washing up then easily lifts off so you can toss the food without having to come into close contact.

These Water Shoes Provide Good Grip

This summer I cut up my feet pretty badly while walking on the rocky coastline near where we live in New England. (I also slipped on the rocks and bruised more than my ego, but that's a story that doesn't need a retelling.) In preparation for next summer, I got these water shoes that not only prevent slipping, but also protect my feet from the rocky sand on our favorite beach. I love that I can wear them into the ocean too because you never know what you're gonna step on!

This Striped Tee Is So Wearable

I'm the queen of casual wear, so I find this striped long sleeve tee infinitely wearable. I've been pairing it with jeans or leggings since it's long enough to CYA. The material is so soft and cozy but not heavy, so it's wearable year round, at least here in the Northeast. It comes in 19 colors with different sleeve patterns to choose from so you could conceivably wear one every day of the week!

These Yoga Socks Are Beyond Grippy

Whenever I attempt to do yoga, my feet slide all over the place while I'm trying to get into or hold a pose. These grippy yoga socks help me stay in place, even on slippery hardwood floors, plus the toes are separated so you can get extra traction. It doesn't hurt that they're also incredibly cute! They come in a bunch of colors, all with multicolor toes.

This Wooden Camera Should Cost A Lot More

This wooden toy camera reminds me of ones you can get from Montessori toy stores that cost infinitely more money than this little cutie does. It's tastefully done in white and natural light wood tones, and the details like the lens and camera push button are so adorable. It even comes with a little camera strap so the little photog doesn't lose it!

These Neck Gaiters Are Multipurpose

Some people just can't wear masks for whatever reason, so these neck gaiters are an awesome alternative that won't pull on your ears or stick to your face. They come in a bajillion patterns and colors, and can also be used as hair wraps, headbands, neck warmers and more. Since the lightweight fabric won't suffocate you, these are so easy to wear you won't mind it - you might even forget you have it on!

This Shaving Soap Is So Soothing

If regular shaving cream and razors aren't working for you try this soothing, incredible-smelling shaving soap to lather up. It's made with olive oil, so it'll moisturize while you're using it, plus it smells like bourbon cedar. I'd even use this to shave my legs - so easy and less waste than the traditional metal cans of shaving cream!

This Water Bottle Holder Is Great For Walks or Runs

I was looking for a way to hold my water bottle while I walk so my hand doesn't get all sweaty and I couldn't find a good solution until this water bottle holder popped onto my radar. It's versatile in that it can be used around your waist or crossbody, and is just the right size to hold a bottle of water. It's great for exercise but it'd also be useful for festivals, amusement parks, concerts or sporting events - whenever we can go to those again...

This Paper Holder Tidied Up My Desk

My desk was an unholy mess of papers and other junk, so I needed something to help me get organized fast. This cute little hedgehog paper holder has made a world of difference - no more loose papers cluttering up my workspace! It also comes in turtle or armadillo shapes if for some reason you don't like hedgehogs (can't think of one) and it'll free up so much space on your desk you won't believe it. For such a small thing, it's made a huge impact!