37 Unexpected Products From Amazon's Secret Bargain Section

If the last year has taught us anything at all, it's to expect the unexpected. Oftentimes, the unexpected is...another package from Amazon showing up on our front door. Perhaps you forgot you even ordered it (blame the booze), but when you finally rip open the cardboard and feast your eyes on your new item, you're thrilled you followed through with the purchase.

We've sifted through the top-selling and best-reviewed products from Amazon's secret bargain section and assembled a definitive list of the unexpected surprises that are sure to end up in your shopping cart. From tactical rechargeable flashlights to washable dog beds, this list has something for everybody! Step on up to the plate and start swinging at these amazing bargain deals from Amazon's secret bargain section. Expect the unexpected. Have fun!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Turn Your Bedroom Into Outer Space with this Star Projector

Night light star projector


Feast your eyes upon the night sky in your very own bedroom with this incredibly vibrant star projector night light!

Bring the beauty of outer space to the comfort of your own bed. You'll never get more restful sleep than with this sweet nightlight!

Glow In The Dark with these LED Tactical Flashlights

LED tactical flashlights


Worried about a future power outage? Well, you can keep your candles in the cupboard with this long-lasting rechargeable LED flashlight! Ghost stories in the dark never felt more fun than with this reliable, sturdy, and trustworthy flashlight. Use for emergencies or for daily lighting.

Keep The Sand Where it Belongs with this Sand Proof Beach Blanket

Sand proof beach blanket


This sand-proof beach blanket provides wind-resistant protection from the elements. Features four-corners of easy-stakes that stick directly in the sand and can be easily moved if someone blocks your view of the water!

Keep dry, sand-free, and beach-ready with this comfy and sleek sand-proof beach blanket. Truly an unexpected find on the bargain section!

Upgrade Your Spice Rack with this Lazy Susan


This two-story clear lazy Susan rack makes the most of the limited space in your kitchen cabinets, leaving you more room for the snacks you really love.

Stack and swirl all your seasonings in one lazy Susan. And if you know your way around the kitchen, she won't be lazy for long!

Neatly organize all your favorite spices and seasonings at a terrific bargain.

Stand Up and Applaud for this Laptop Stand and Riser

Laptop Stand


Working from home can be brutal, especially when you have to sit all day. Well, now you can enter the standing-desk world with this versatile laptop riser that extends up to 17 inches.

Pairs perfectly with MacBooks and Microsoft Surface Pros. Give your back and neck a break and stand while your work. Easy to carry around and travel with too. Make this laptop accessory your new office buddy.

Keep Your Phone Securely Locked with this Bike Phone Mount

Nulaxy Bike Phone Mount


Stable, safe, and secure – even when you're speeding down the bike lane like you're racing the Tour de France. Two silica pads keep your cell phone firmly fastened to your bike. Follow GPS or check your phone without fishing in your pocket. A safer way to travel if cycling is your chosen mode of transportation!

Light Up Your Profile Pics with this Selfie Ring Light

Selfie Ring Light


This dynamite selfie ring light extends from 13" to 47.5" and can be used either on your table or floor. The perfect ring light for Tiktok, Facetiming, Youtube tutorials, or just to snap a few selfies with studio-quality lighting.

More bang for your buck and star-power for your shots! Ideal for online classes and zoom-from-home too. Includes attachments for up to two phones!

Make An Appointment with the Knot Dr.'s All-in-One Dryer Brush


Ideal for all hair types! Detangle, dry, style, and volumize your hair with one styling tool. The Knot Dr is an All In One Dryer Brush and creates salon-caliber hair with just a few tugs.

Keep your hair in voluptuous shape with this bargain-worthy hairbrush that will save you money and time getting ready!

Relax and Rejuvenate with this Super-Comfy Bathtub Pillow

Bathtub Pillow


SAWAKE'S bath pillow is made of unique 3D mesh and seamlessly contours to your head and neck while soaking in the tub. Sit back, relax, and rejuvenate your aches and sore muscles with this one-of-a-kind bath pillow that is a steal for the price!

Say Goodbye To The Gas Station with this At-Home Air Compressor Tire Inflator

Rydonair Tire Inflator


Fast, easy, and reliable. This tire inflator inflates a midsize car tire in 3-5 minutes. Be happy you can stop going to the gas station air pumps (which never work) and can instead plug in your very own tire inflator and pump up your tires from the comfort of your own garage.

Use the LED screen to set a PSI and let her rip. If this isn't a bargain find, we don't know what is.

Get Accurate Readings Every Time with this Forehead Thermometer

Forehead thermometer


If you've left the house in the past year and a half, chances are you've encountered one of these devices pointed directly at your forehead. Well, now you can take your futuristic temperature readings at home with this affordable forehead thermometer.

A great bargain for accurate readings using the latest infrared technology. Gauge your temperature in one second with the click of a button.

Let the Soft Glow of this Bedside Table Lamp Light Up Your Bedroom

Bedside table lamp


This sleek, minimalist-designed lamp is the perfect addition to your bedroom. Wind down and get cozy in the peaceful glow of this affordable bedside lamp. It even includes a digital alarm clock!

Relieve Tension with this Neck Massager for Pain Relief

Neck massager


The deep tissue neck massager can not only relieve neck pain but also promote blood circulation. Features 4 professional-grade massage modes for deep tissue and shiatsu action. Remedy your aches and pains with this affordable and effective self-massager!

Keep Your Food Fresh and Organized with this Food Storage Container Set

Airtight Food Container Set


Imagine opening your pantry and finding all of your favorite food staples neatly organized. This cereal container bundle comes with four airtight boxes, so you can lock in the freshness and the flavor.

Stop throwing away stale pasta and grains from leaky open boxes and bags. Upgrade your pantry with this container set from Amazon's secret bargain section.

Firm Up your Tofu with this At-Home Tofu Press


Simple, three-piece designed tofu press allows you to make and press tofu in the comfort of your own kitchen! Feeling vegetarian or vegan-curious? Add this no-fuss press to your shopping cart and make the most of Amazon's secret bargain section.

If you like your tofu firm — or even extra firm — then this stylish tofu press belongs in your kitchen yesterday.

This Waterproof Patio Chair Cover Will Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Dry


The ideal patio chair cover for high-moisture climates. Protect the integrity of your patio furniture with this UV-stable and waterproof fabric!

Fits chairs up to 24 inches tall.

Customers Love How this Writing Desk Improved Their WFH Life

Writing desk


When have you ever seen such a sleek and modern writing desk available for under $30? This affordably priced writing desk is ideal for small spaces, tight corners, or any other at-home space you need to transform into a home office.

Easy to set up and available in three sizes. Now you can really get some work done!

Treat Yourself To A Life of Luxury with this Bamboo Bed and Breakfast Tray

Bed breakfast tray


Made from 100% organic bamboo, this bed and breakfast tray is a bargain for under $20. Why rush to the kitchen table every morning for breakfast when you can eat in your bed like a royal? Upgrade your morning with this easy-to-clean and assemble bamboo bed tray – only available on Amazon's secret bargain basement.

Return To Your Elementary School Roots with this Electric Pencil Sharpener

electric pencil sharpener


This classroom-style electric pencil sharpener is equipped with a heavy-duty blade for extra-precise sharp pencils. There's arguably nothing more satisfying than sharpening a pencil and shaving down the point just right. Relax and repeat. Every home office should have one of these sitting on the desk!

Step Into The Future with this Plasma Arc Lighter

electric plasma lighter


This flame-free plasma lighter is a wonderful upgrade from the traditional Bic or barbecue lighter. Simply charge the battery and get 600-800 lights on a single charge. Fun to use and futuristic — this electric plasma lighter on Amazon's secret bargain section is a great deal for under $10.

For Perfect Pedicures At Home, Get this Electric Foot Scrubber

electric foot scrubber


Safely remove dead skin from your feet with the push of a button! The perfect home pedicure device that will have you feeling confident about your feet in no time. Features three speeds and multiple functions to detail hard, cracked, and dry skin.

This Ezy Dose Pill Cutter Makes Breaking Pills a Breeze


Stop breaking apart pills with your fingers and use a tailor-made device designed to make accurate incisions in your medication. You can accurately divide and titrate your meds with this simple and easy-to-use pill cutter. Buy one for each bathroom!

Keep Your Valuables Dry with this See-Through Waterproof Bag

waterproof bag


Did you pass up the kayaking trip because you were worried about getting your phone wet? Say goodbye to wet worries and invest in a waterproof bag that will keep your phone, wallet, keys, or any belongings safe from water damage while you splash in the cool H20.

Features a see-through clear lining and zipper pocket, so you can keep an eye on your phone at all times!

This Long-Handled Solid Wood Sisal Bath Brush Will Scratch Where You Can't Reach


The high-quality sisal bath brush is made of solid wood and natural sisal and is an effective bath scrubber or shower buddy.

Massage your skin and improve blood circulation with this hard-to-pass-up solid wood brush that you'll find yourself using every time you hop in the shower!

Bring The Salon to Your House with this Hair Cutting Cape

Hair cutting cape


This soft, lightweight, and waterproof hair cutting cape is the perfect solution to at-home haircutting. Constructed of non-stick material, this cape collects hair so it doesn't go all over the floor, your clothes, or anywhere else you find errant stray hairs after a barber session.

Folds up for easy storage! A great addition to the home and priced at a bargain on Amazon's secret bargain section.

Dry Your Nails At Home with this LED Nail Dryer


This LED nail dryer is compatible with all nail polish, gels, shellac, or any other nail accessory that requires drying. Skip the trip to the salon and style and dry your nails in the comfort of your own home.

This Multi Plug Outlet Extender Even Has A Shelf Included


Professional surge protection at an affordable price. Make short-circuiting wires and plugs a thing of the past with this six-channel plus USB outlet charger with a shelf.

These Noise-Canceling Sleeping Headphones Will Change Your Quality of Sleep

sleep headphones


Sleep in sweet silence and serenity with these noise-canceling sleep headphones. This device also doubles as a pair of Bluetooth headphones, sleep mask, and headband. Listen to your favorite calming music as you relax into bed without the need for additional headphones.

A great bedroom addition and priced at a bargain on Amazon's secret clearance section.

This Fun FIJI Water Bottle Airpod Case is the Perfect Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

fiji water bottle airpod case


Looking for a fun Airpod case? Look no further than this awesome Fiji water bottle Airpod case.

Charge your Airpods and have fun doing it! Features a carabiner clip for easy carrying.

This 12" Phone Screen Magnifier Turns Your Phone Into a Tablet

phone magnifier


Give your eyes a break from staring at your phone screen and buy this awesome phone screen magnifier. Simply place your phone behind the screen and transform your phone screen into a mini-TV.

Perfect for those who watch a lot of content on their phones and are tired of straining eyes.

The Value of this Nine West Women's Flower Dial Strap Watch Cannot Be Beat

Nine West watch


A mineral crystal lens, floral pink strap – and priced at under $30! What are you waiting for? This watch is a bargain and belongs in your shopping cart now.

You Won't Trip Over Wires with this Portable Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Cordless handheld vacuum


Tidy up tight spaces and dusty corners with this cordless handheld vacuum. The perfect accessory to help you keep your domicile clean, spotless, and ready for company.

Don't bring out the broom and dustpan for a simple job you can accomplish with a cordless vacuum. And at this price, you simply can't turn it down. Available now on Amazon's secret bargain clearance section.

Relax In Style with this Oversized Hoodie Blanket

hoodie blanket


This extra-large blanket sweatshirt is roomy enough to cover up the full body and fits most people.

Made from velvety fleece and fluffy Sherpa, this oversized hoodie blanket keeps you warm and cozy throughout the day in and out of the house, with everything you need in its super-size kangaroo pocket.

Spruce Up Your Succulent Garden with this Cactus Face Planter


This succulent planter looks both retro and modern. Style up your living space with this awesome face planter. Ideal for succulents, plants, or whatever you decide to fill inside of it!

Give Your Walls an Elegant, Stylish Boho Wall Decor Makeover

Wall decor


This macrame tapestry makes a great addition to your living space and adds an artsy feel to your wall hanging decor. This woven wall hanging has a vintage feel but with a tribal twist.

This macrame wall art will look great in a wall grouping or on its own.

This Scalp Head Massager with 20 Fingers Will Relieve Tension, Pain, and More

scalp massager


Massage your scalp with 20 fingers! Relax, unwind, and let the power of head-scratching transport you to another dimension. Priced at 2 for $7.99, you really can't pass up this amazing deal on Amazon's secret bargain section.

Moving Boxes is Easy with this Standard Grip Transfer Tape

grip transfer tape


Transfer, move, and relocate your heavy items without the heavy lifting! RIZEE standard vinyl transfer tape is designed to work with Indoor/Outdoor Adhesive Vinyl including Cameo, Silhouette, Provo Craft, Cricut Vinyl, Pazzles, Oracal vinyl, and much more