37 Unexpected Buys On Amazon That Reviewers Say Changed Their Lives

A product has to be pretty special to be called "life changing." Whether they add convenience or comfort to your life, make an unpleasant task less arduous, or have completely unexpected and delightful effects, the objects we use every day have a very real impact on our lives.

Certainly not every product you come across will achieve "life changing" status. A few well conceived, clever gadgets can make all the little every day things you do a bit more convenient. From beauty products to wellness gadgets to kitchen solutions, a little innovation can go a long way towards making your life easier. We've scoured Amazon for highly rated products that unexpectedly reach the level of "life changing."

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

One Can't Talk About Life Changing Products Without Including The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

By now you surely know someone who has discovered- and is now a devout disciple of- the KonMari Method. Selected Review:
I always thought I was a very organized person (because everything I owned had a designated, labelled place and my house was always super clean), but after reading this book I realized I was nothing more than a skilled hoarder. I locked myself in my house for 6 straight weeks... and decluttered the ever-living hell out of my house. - Laura I.

Washable Hair Color Combs are Perfect for Kids, or Anyone Who Isn't Afraid of a Little Color, But Isn't Up for a Permanent Change

What's not to love about super bright temporary hair color that's easy to apply? Nothing. There's nothing not to love. These Hair Chalk Combs create vibrant color that lasts until you wash it out. Selected Review:
Work really well on my daughter's hair. One is blonde and the other has light brown hair. They show up, easy to apply. They color stays all day at school and washes out w shampoo. - Magdalena Bonilla

One Scoop of This Amazing Grass Green Superfood is Equal to 1-2 Full Servings of Fruits and Vegetables

Add this plant based, organic, no sugar added, Green Superfood to your day and you might just feel like a superhero. Selected Review:
I drink this everyday and I feel like it makes a huge difference in my overall wellness... and it is a delicious way to start the morning with an infusion of vitamins and minerals. The powder will dissolve with a lot of stirring but save yourself some hassle and use a blender bottle or even an electric blender. - Samantha

If Underarm Sweat is an Issue For You, You're Going to Want to Check Out These Life Changing Underarm Sweat Pads

Sweat happens. But with these Underarm Sweat Pads, no one has to know about it. Selected Review:
Greatest thing since sliced bread if you are like me and sweat a lot (underarms)! My sister got me these years ago as a joke and I told her it was the greatest gift ever. They really keep you dry and stay on... Works great for long sleeve blouses or button downs - Heather Nelson

Take the Elbow Grease Out of Scrubbing With the Drill Brush

This brush set attaches to your power drill so you can harness all that power to clean without breaking a sweat. Brilliant! Selected Review:
I have NO idea why this product would ever have less than a 5 star review. It is a great brush set... WOW! Where has this been all my life?! Excellent product, works like it should in conjunction with your power drill. - SomeGirl

Affresh Washer Machine Cleaner Takes the Funk Out of Your Washer

Yes, your washing machine needs to be cleaned sometimes. But it's super easy to do with Affresh Washer Machine Cleaner. Selected Review:
Affresh has literally changed my life! It worked perfectly! I followed the directions on the package (my stink was so bad that I had to use 3 doses to get rid of it) and the odor was gone--COMPLETELY! - Megan Boucher

Keep Your Hips, Knees, and Back Aligned and Comfortable With This Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers

The reviews are full of people saying that this Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers changed their life! Selected Review:
I had to write a review for this product because I've been a sciatic pain sufferer for over 20 years ever since I injured my lower back in my early twenties. ... I bought this pillow just to see if I could get some relief. I am ecstatic with the results!! Ever since the very first night I used this pillow, I have not woken up to any pain or stiffness at all. - Emma I.

If Any Book Can Change Your Perspective and Your Life, It's The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World

Few things on Amazon have reviews and ratings as glowing as The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World. Selected Review:
The Book of Joy lives up to its title and goes much further. ... An unexpected delight of this book is the frequency and ease with which these two men bring forth their playfulness, wit, wisdom, and laugh-out-loud humor... I give this book five stars only because I can’t give it six! - Charles Bloom

If You Easily Understand How a Great Shower Head Could Change Your Life, Then You are Just the Kind of Person Who Needs This High Pressure Shower Head

The reviews for this High Pressure Shower Head speak for themselves. More than one is titled, "Best Shower Head I've Ever Owned." Selected Review:
The power of this head is absolutely amazing. I love a hot, steaming shower when I wake up or when my dirty carcass needs a good cleansing. Dirt and soap seem to instantly power wash away when rinsing. The head power is like a mini-massage across my back. It makes my toes curl. WooHoo! - Jeff ? & Jeff's Wife ?

As the Name Implies, Liquid Ass is a Terrible Smelling Prank Product and is Not to be Trifled With

But can Liquid Ass really change your life? Selected Review:
I bought this just to trick my 17 year old into cleaning his room... I never thought it would make him clean the ENTIRE HOUSE!! I secretly sprayed ONE pump of this in his room while he was sleeping... He immediately started furiously cleaning... mopped the floor and wiped down the walls...this little bottle got my teen son to clean our entire house top to bottom looking for the culprit! Whenever his room gets out of hand I just spray once in his room and the cleaning supplies come out!! Best money I’ve spent on amazon! This product is AWESOME! - Amazon Customer

These Cut Resistant Gloves Will Keep Your Hands and Fingers Safe from Sharp Blades, Graters, and Fish Scales

You don't have to be clumsy or accident prone to fall for these Cut Resistant Gloves. Selected Review:
Ordered these after losing a battle with my mandolin slicer and partially cutting off the end of my ring finger. I won't use the mandolin again without these gloves...I experimented to see if I could cut the glove first before actually using the mandolin again. And, I couldn't cut it!! Yeah! - Wilhelmina

If You Like LLR Leggings, You'll Love Leggings Depot Leggings

Selected Review:
These leggings from Leggings Depot are amazing!! I purchased some Agnes & Dora and LulaRoe leggings and these are even better and much cheaper!! They're made the same and are a super soft matte finish, almost feel like a microfiber. They're 8% Spandex, just like A&D and LR... Seriously, you will be totally happy with these leggings. - Dawn Matney

Relieve Knee Pain and Enjoy Joint Stability and Support With These Compression Knee Sleeves

If you have knee pain, you might just need a little stability and joint support. Selected Review:
This knee brace has really helped my post surgery pain. It adds stability as well as compression to keep my knee in line. The fit is perfect. Stays in place. My knee is not soaked after wearing this product for over 8 hours. It comfortable. Well made.. I am more then pleased with my purchase. This product has helped get me out of the house. - stephen robinson

The Extremely Affordable Single-Serve Blender is All You Need For Great Smoothies

Sure, you can spend $$$ on a full sized blender with a ton of bells and whistles, but do you need to? Do you want to fill your cupboards with it? If smoothies is what you want, check out this Single-Serve Blender. Selected Review:
if you’re having doubts about this blender DONT! It’s small & compact, the cord wraps around the bottom, which is nice! & most of all it blends amazingly! Just press the button & it starts, it’s not loud at all either a lot quieter then the bigger ones. Easy to clean as well. Blends frozen food great! ... Very happy overall. - Jenay

With a Ton of Pocket Space and a Sleek, Flat Profile, This Running Belt is Awesome

Wear it for travel, hiking, running, or even carrying medical devices! Stashbandz is the most comfortable and versatile running belt ever. Selected Review:
Great for my portable CHEMO pump. This is the best thing ever made. My chemo pump came with a fanny pack type of bag that I could were over my shoulder or along my waist which was a pain. This could not have been more perfect. I called the company to see if I could bring this to my chemo center and share and they then sent me 20 samples to give to them for patients!! Best company ever.- Sheila W

If Any Lamp Could Change Your Life, It's This Himalayan Salt Lamp

The warm amber glow from this Himalayan Salt Lamp is relaxing and might help you sleep better. And, you might see some other life changing benefits! Selected Review:
I love this lamp! It is really big and beautiful... I have horrible allergies and I was hoping this would help reduce my sneezing in my bedroom. I live in Hawaii and the pollen here is high all year round. I've used all sorts of allergy medicines and nothing helps completely but since Ive had this in my bedroom my suffering has ended. For the first week I kept thinking "why did I take so long getting this"?! ...Don't hesitate getting this lamp, it works and its worth it. - L.R.

Keep All Your Passwords Straight With This Internet Address & Password Log Book

Why get the Internet Address & Password Log Book? Selected Review:
The thing I like about this is that it looks like a basic address book from the outside. If you keep it in a junk drawer somewhere, thieves would never think to take it if your house ever gets broken into (which was my other worry about keeping a random list of passwords taped under a desk or something). In the image shown of the product, the label is actually a piece of paper folded around the front cover of the book for easy removal and security. - Sallygirl

Bottle Bright is One of Those Products You Have to See to Believe

A product that actually does exactly what it promises? Amazing! If you regularly use a water bottle or thermos, you should clean it with Bottle Bright. Selected Review:
Finished using it 5 minutes ago and it’s the best... Initially I was disappointed when I dumped the water, as it was barely tinged brown. Then I put fresh water in, covered the top, shook it, and OMG. The crap that came out was disgusting, yet fascinating. I looked in the thermos and saw almost nothing but sparkly silver... All clean! No fumes, no smell, no nothin, just clean. - BranchingOut

If You Like Icy Cold Water in Your Water Bottle, These Bottle Ice Stick Trays Will Make You Very Happy

Sick of trying to jam ice into the narrow neck of your favorite water bottle? Get Bottle Ice Stick Trays instead. Selected Review:
I absolutely LOVE these! I ordered them so that I could make ice cubes to put in my water bottle, which has a narrow neck and I love having ice in my water. They fit perfectly! They are very lightweight and easy to carry all the way across the room without spilling them...I am very happy with my purchase. - Psych 611

The Original Butter Bell is the Best Thing to go With Sliced Bread

Selected Review:
Love my Original Butter Bell Crock. Only asking myself why I hadn't heard of these before. There's nothing worse than trying to spread cold, hard butter. Buy an Original Butter Bell Crock and that problem is solved...I was afraid the butter might get rancid, but not at all. Butter stays very fresh and delicious in this Butter Bell Crock. - amm18

Yes, This Splatter Guard Looks Goofy, But it is AWESOME

Selected Review:
Where has this been all my life??? Yes it works exactly as advertised. I love mine and enjoy it the most right after the cleaning person comes. I used to order out for a few days but now I can reduce a sauce without turning my stovetop into a Jackson Pollock Painting... It's all good so give it a try. You really could buy a dozen for Christmas gifts and make everyone happy. - Minerva Mars

Eyelash Growth Enhancer & Brow Serum is Touted as a Miracle Product by its Many Fans

The proof is in the pudding. Selected Review:
Before trying Lavish Lash, I had tried another (much more expensive) product with "meh" results. I hadn't used a lash serum before so I kind of just figured that's how they were but still wanted to give one more a try. I researched some options on Amazon and settled on this one...I've been using it for 2 months now and OMG...its legit. I look like I wear fake eyelashes and I LOVE it! - Amazon Customer

This Anti-Theft Backpack Purse is the Perfect Day Bag

Your search for the perfect bag ends here with the Anti-Theft Backpack Purse. Selected Review:
I wanted something small, lightweight, water resistant, multipurpose, and theft resistant. This fit the bill perfectly. ...But the real beauty of this thing is the functionality. The inside compartment is deceptively large. I could fit everything I needed for hikes, shopping, and travel in a cold climate...It held up extremely well and didn't hurt my shoulders at all after long days of walking. And it was also perfect for the plane! Highly recommend. - GottaLoveBooks

Toss and Chop Salad Tongs Make Short Work of Chopping Just About Anything

Toss and Chop Salad Tongs might just extend your very life. Selected Review:
One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. It'll chop your salad to the perfect size. And side benefit: you'll live longer since you can use less dressing (this does a great job mixing the dressing as you chop) and with smaller bites your chances of choking go down if you like to inhale and not chew things. Plus you can use it to cut chicken or anything else. Trust me. It's great. - barg

Tying Your Shoes is SO Old Fashioned. Instead, Use Lock Laces

Lock Laces are for more than just your sneakers. Selected Review:
These are unexpectedly and profoundly perfect for my work boots...The only drawback with boots is they will forever be either too tight, cutting on the foot in some most inhospitable fashion, or coming untied at an utterly inconvenient moment. With these stringy elastic snappers I have suddenly come to know utter bliss. Who would have thought life's problems would have so easily shed away with the mere lacing of my leathers. - Clark

Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover Can Make ANY Bowl Sparkle

Selected Review:
Amazing!! We just bought a house and all three toilets had a ring around the water line that i could not scrub off. I even left bleach in the bowl and it would not get rid of the ugly ring. Here's is a before/after of the worst one of the three. With this, it only took a couple minutes to completely remove all the stains! - JayKay

Drop Stop Will Save Your Fries, Your Change, and Maybe Your Sanity

In case you're wondering, yes, Drop Stop will fit your car. Selected Review:
These work GREAT. Has a hole that lines up perfectly with the seat belt buckle which has the advantage of causing the Drop Stop to stay aligned with the seat when adjusting it forward and back. Does exactly as it says. - Jason M

No Jet Lag Can Take the Jet Lag Out of International Travel

I don't know howNo Jet Lag works, only that it does work. Selected Review:
This stuff is a game changer for travelers. I am a person who gets extremely lethargic after traveling (especially on flights to/from Europe). This changed my life... I can now take these and on landing be prepared for a full day of activities. When I took a group of 40 students to Europe this summer, I had them order this product also and all of them felt great. No problems with it at all. HIGHLY recommended for anyone traveling on long-haul flights. - Allyson

This Hand-Powered Food Chopper Might End Up Being Your Favorite Kitchen Tool

Selected Review:
I cannot say say enough about this wonderful little chopper. It is perfect for chopping onions, peppers, cauliflower for my salads and almost anything else you can think of chopping. It's lightweight but sturdy and very easy to clean. Large enough but not so large that it takes up a lot of room to store... This little gadget is cute and I swear you will actually enjoy using it! Great product!!!!! - Samiam

The Reviews For This Microwave Pasta Cooker Really Speak For Themselves

Selected Review:
I don't want to get all gushy over a pasta maker, but man...I really love this gizmo! ... I'm lazy and impatient and don't like things that take a long time to make... The Fasta Pasta is perfect for me...it's faster than boiling water in a big pot then having to watch and stir the pasta; the pasta comes out perfectly cooked every time; and the cleanup is a snap... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - Smilin Sam

If the Dogs Could Write Reviews, They'd Rave Over Pill Pocket Soft Dog Treats

If you have to give your pooch meds, you can do it without the struggle or mess with Pill Pocket Soft Dog Treats. Selected Review:
I have to give my dog about a dozen pills a day for the rest of his life due to his liver problems... I finally tried these and I will never look back. It has made it so easy and quick to give him his meds. He loves them and taking his pills is probably the highlight of his day now! - kimm99

Even the Worst Back Pain, Leg Pain, and Butt Pain are No Match For This Orthopedic Coccyx Cushion

This user wants to give this Orthopedic Coccyx Cushion 500 stars! Selected Review:
I have suffered from sciatica for several years... I've probably spent $2k in the past three years on physical therapy, trigger point massage and yoga classes all of which offered only a temporary lessening of symptoms. Lo & behold, a nerdy $30 seat cushion (with convenient carry handle) was hiding on Amazon all this time, waiting to change my life forever! One week into using this cushion on my office desk chair and I am 100% PAIN FREE...500 stars! - VM

Rid Yourself of Those Winter Blues With a Light Therapy Lamp

This affordable Light Therapy Lamp stands up to much more expensive models. Selected Review:
The product looks and feels to be of good quality, and I really have felt a difference. I recently moved to New England from the South/Midwest, and am prone to depression anyway. When the days got shorter, I definitely felt my mood crash. After two days of light therapy with this box, I felt happier, less irritable, and more energetic. - A. Kennedy

Poo Pourri is Credited With Saving More Than a Few Relationships

Poo-Pourri is doing its part to help families live together peacefully. Selected Review:
We are a family of six in a small one-bathroom house. This is, to put it lightly, a horrific nightmare - particularly after my teenage son spends some time in the bathroom. After a couple of weeks of gentle encouragement ("YOU ARE KILLING EVERYONE. SPRAY THAT STUFF ON THE WATER BEFORE YOU POOP OR I'M TAKING AWAY YOUR PHONE...") he started using it regularly. The bathroom is much less disgusting now after he leaves. - Supa D

Never Struggle With a Jar Lid Again With the EZ Off Jar Opener

Selected Review:
I have tried a million different tools and gadgets for help in opening jars of all sizes, and each one had its own issues! Finally, someone has invented the perfect jar opener that is simple and requires no space in your kitchen drawers or counters...and it works perfectly and easily. I have already placed an order for another one for a gift or my sister. - moorecats

People Who Love Avocados Love This Avocado Slicer

Is an Avocado Slicer a kitchen necessity? No. But if you're an avocado junkie, you're going to love it. Selected Review:
Avocado? Yes, Please! This tool is awesome. Easy to cut open the fruit. Pit remover works well, just push onto the pit and give it a twist, and the pit pops right out. The best part is the slicer. Makes beautiful slices for a great presentation... Really happy I bought this tool! - NPR MAN