Prime Day 2020: 37 Unexpected Amazon Fashion Steals on Incredible Brands

Some people wait all year long for this one special day. That's right, it's Prime Day.

Amazon's annual deal event, Prime Day, is happened on October 13 and 14, which means there are two days full of amazing, once-a-year deals that every Prime member should jump on. If you've been toying with the idea of getting that new piece of tech, kitchen gadget, or ensemble-making fashion piece –– now is your big chance.

And one of the best parts of Amazon Prime Day is the number of incredible fashion steals from major brands out there. This Prime Day, you can discover some unexpected things from Levi's, Sketchers, Fossil, Ray-Bans, New Balance, Lucky Brand Jeans, and way more.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

If you're dying for a new wardrobe for fall, Amazon is a one-stop-shop for all your favorite trends and designs.

We hope you find these Prime Day deals as awesome as we do. Deals go quick and prices will change as they do. All prices below are as of time of writing. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These New Balance Sneakers That Will Be Your New Go-To Pair

via: Amazon

Power walking? Trips to the grocery store? Hanging out in the park? These sneakers are literally the only ones you'll need. While they're not exactly made for hard-core runners, this pair from New Balance is just right for casual workouts or just days when you'll need a little extra support. They're also a comfy, slip-on design that doesn't look like a slip-on. “View

This Fossil Smart Watch That Actually Looks Good On Your Wrist

36% off, just $189

via: Amazon

Fossil watches were all the rage when I was younger, so I was pleased to see that this brand has continued to stay on-trend by releasing smartwatches that have the beautiful looks and finishes of traditional timepieces. And they can do way more than tell time. This watch can be your step-tracker, GPS, contactless-pay method, or even help you take calls and respond to messages. “View

This Levi's Denim Jacket That's Perfect For Chilly Afternoons

via: Amazon

I love my denim jacket. It's my go-to jacket for fall, but I have to admit, it's not the best option for days when the temperature dips fairly low. This jacket, however, is sherpa-lined, so it's warm and cozy even on the chilliest of days. Can't you just see yourself going apple or pumpkin picking in this? I definitely can. “View

These Distressed Levi's Jeans That Are Described As 'Edgy Mom Jeans'

via: Amazon

Mom jeans are having a moment, but don't think for a second that these Levi's are anything like your mom's pair from the '90s. Not only do they fit and hug your curves beautifully, they also have some distressing in the knees to give them a more lived-in feel. These casual jeans are described by one happy customer as "edgy mom jeans," for good reason too. “View

These Core 10 Brand Leggings That Are Perfectly Flattering For All

via: Amazon

Let's celebrate, everyone! It's finally leggings weather. Whether you're working out, stretching, doing yoga, doing chores, or just lazing around the house, a good pair of leggings is essential. This pair from Amazon brand Core 10 has a high-rise cut, so it's super flattering for all people, no matter their shape or size. Even though they're comfortable as ever, they're also a good work-from-home pair, too. “View

This 4SI3NNA Slip Dress That's Made For Your Next Cocktail Party

via: Amazon

It never hurts to have a simple, beautiful, and not-too-fussy cocktail dress ready to go. Don't feel like you need to have a formal occasion to get your hands on this slinky beauty, because this article is all the reason you need to get this baby in your closet. And fast! You never know when an upscale party might arise in your future. “View

This Alo Yoga Sherpa-Lined Jacket That Will Keep You Warm On Cold, Morning Runs

via: Amazon

As much as I love my jackets, they're not all workout appropriate. That's why this sherpa-lined jacket is a must-have for anyone who wants to work out outside this season. It's made from a durable material and cozy lining to keep the harsh, cold winds out. It's perfect for hikers, walkers, runners, or just any trip that doesn't call for an extra fancy outfit. “View

This Graham & Spencer Sherpa Coat That Will Be Your Go-To Casual Coat

via: Amazon

Sherpa and teddy-coats are having a moment, and I couldn't be happier about it. This soft and warm material isn't just reserved for lining, it also adds a bit of softness and texture to your ensemble. This sherpa coat may feel as comfortable as your sweatshirt, but it's also cut like a trenchcoat to give it a slightly elevated look.   “View

This Graham & Spencer Sweater That Will Make Any Outfit

via: Amazon

It's sweater weather, so you can bet that your closet is in dire need of some new knits. This open cardigan from Graham & Spencer isn't just a cozy addition to your wardrobe. It also comes in a vintage-inspired red and orange color combination that will make you feel like a fall babe from the '70s. Vintage is always a classic look for the season. “View

This Timberland Wallet That Comes In Lots Of Colors

30% off, just $16.09

via: Amazon

Is your wallet worn out? Hey, even if it's not, there's no harm in updating it once in a while. Or, get a backup wallet in a funky color to add a pop to an outfit. This wallet from Timberland is made with quality leather and is liked with RFID blocking material that keeps your cards and private information safe. Plus, it comes in a bunch of fun colors. “View

This ASTR Pointelle Sweater That's Cute And Comfy Too

via: Amazon

Meet your new go-to sweater. This pointelle knit number is adorable and warm, but also lightweight and perfect for layering. Translation: It's the ultimate fall piece for your everyday wardrobe. The intricate knit makes it very breathable for over-heated offices while also being cozy enough to curl up by the fireplace. It also comes in two very pretty colors: a pale pink or a baby blue. “View

These Levi's Jeans With A Sky-High Waist

via: Amazon

I love a good pair of high-rise jeans, and if I'm ever in the market for a quality pair of denim, Levi's has dozens of styles for me. These jeans sit at your natural waist, so there's no chance of a muffin top here. They also hug every curve to give you a flattering hourglass shape and come in a variety of colors to suit any style or outfit. “View

This Dress The Population Sequin Dress That Makes A Big Statement

via: Amazon

This little dress can make a big statement any time you walk into a fancy party. Frankly, everyone should have a super special dress ready for whenever the occasion strikes. It sure beats having to find a last-minute formal dress when you can pick one out of your closet. Your next cocktail party, wedding reception, or holiday get-together is the perfect excuse to put this adorable mini in your cart. “View

These Sketchers Flats That Come In An Edgy Leopard Print

via: Amazon

I love the look of flats but I definitely do not like how they make my feet feel at the end of the day. I guess I have to admit, I'm not a teenager anymore –– and that goes especially for my feet. Luckily, Sketchers makes a lot of ballerina flat styles like this pair. It also comes in a very cool leopard print (and many colors), so they're an excellent pop of print to jazz up a casual outfit. “View

These Sketchers Sandal Slides That Are Also Waterproof

via: Amazon

Summer may be over, but it's the perfect time to get deals on sandals. Because it's the off-season, sandals are a particularly good buy for fall and winter. These Sketchers slides have that casual Birkenstock look without the Birkenstock price –– and that is doubly true during the deals season. They're also waterproof, so you can wear them during warm summer rains. “View

This Nautica Sweater That You'll Want To Wear Every Day

via: Amazon

A light sweater is my go-to top for fall and winter, so you might say I'm always on the lookout for a good one that won't shrink, stretch, or lose its shape. Since this striped sweater is made my Nautica, I can be rest assured that none of those things will happen. It comes in a handful of flattering colors and is accented with thin stripes –– my favorite pattern. “View

This ZETIY Bandana Face Mask That's Cute And Functional

45% off, just $5!

via: Amazon

Masks aren't just an essential accessory in 2020, they are weirdly coming fashion pieces too. And since the weather is turning a little cooler, our options are getting greater when it comes to the style of mask we want to wear. This bandana-style mask is great for covering your nose and mouth while you're out but also comes in a fun leopard print, so it also goes well with any outfit. “View

This Amazon Essentials Sweater That's So Soft And Comfortable

via: Amazon

I truly believe that a comfy sweater is something everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to have in several colors. This plus-size sweater is butter-soft and so flattering on everybody, so it's a no brainer that it belongs in your cart. Plus, it comes from Amazon's own in-house brand, which makes it a high-quality, affordable piece that you can get in several color schemes. “View

These Under Armour Sneakers That Are Great For Cross Training

via: Amazon

Under Armour is a go-to for workout clothes, so why not workout shoes too? If you're running, walking, or cross-training, a good pair of footwear is essential so your feet stay comfortable and healthy. After all, tired feet can be dangerous and mean you'll have to take days off to break more often, which can really derail your fitness goals. “View

These Splendid Brand Joggers That Are Amazing For Lazy Days

via: Amazon

Leggings are one of my favorite lounging-around pants, but I'm getting more into joggers as the seasons change. Maybe because longer pants are a necessity or because I crave a different look –– but jogger pants are becoming my new WFH staple. These soft joggers come in two different styles and a handful of different colors and patterns to suit whatever you have planned for the day. Even if it's nothing. “View

This Dress The Population Sequin Jumpsuit That Is Perfect For New Year's Eve And Beyond

via: Amazon

This sequin jumpsuit is one of those pieces that everyone finds and immediately falls in love with –– but that doesn't always mean it will directly go into our carts. This jumpsuit is perfect for a special occasion, especially since New Year's Eve is right around the corner. “View

This Timberland Phone Bag That Holds All Your Essentials

36% off, just $31.49

via: Amazon

I'm a bit of a bag lady, meaning that I keep absolutely everything in a gigantic tote that weighs me down. But lately, I've been trying to downsize. And one of my key tips for ditching that super heavy "holds in my entire life" bag is by not even giving yourself the room to put absolutely everything in it. The best way? A little phone bag like this one, since it doubles as a wallet by holding everything you need. “View

These Ray-Bans Aviators That Will Make You Look Great On Sunny, Fall Afternoons

via: Amazon

Sunny, fall afternoons are the best time to whip out a new pair of shades. This unisex pair of aviators from Ray-Bans are the exact thing your accessory drawer needs. They're classic and cool while also being high quality to shut out those harmful UV rays. Plus, the aviator shape looks good on practically everyone. Hey, it's the giving season, a new pair of sunglasses is the perfect way to give to ~yourself.~ “View

This Lucky Brand Raglan Top That's A Little Better Than Your Basic Tee

via: Amazon

I've got lots of basic t-shirts to the point that I'm actually getting sick of wearing them. It's totally cool to wear a simple tee on a normal day, but sometimes you want to wear something that has a little more interest. This patterned raglan top is just what I need. It is comfortable like your cotton t-shirt but has an interesting pattern that elevates it to a new level. “View

This Calvin Klein Bralette For Days When You Just Want To Be Comfortable

via: Amazon

Bless the person who thought of bralettes for all sizes, because my work from home life would not be the same without them. Who needs underwire to poke them all day when they're working from the couch? Answer: Absolutely no one. This bralette from Calvin Klein is just perfect. Sure, it's not cute and lacy, but it's functional, supportive, and most of all, comfortable for everyday wear (inside and out). “View

These Ray-Bans Wayfarer Sunglasses That Have A Cute, Vintage Feel

via: Amazon

This semi-square frame is all the rage these days. The "wayfarer" can be basically described as that cool, vintage-inspired frame style that you see at Warby Parker, but plenty of other glasses brands have gotten in on the trend. This pair from Ray-Bans is gender-neutral, so it looks good on everybody who has a flair for vintage-inspired looks. You'll honestly never need another pair of glasses again. “View

These Lucky Brand Earrings That Go With Everything

10% off, just $15

via: Amazon

Hoops are back, though I would say that they never left. These silver hoop earrings from Lucky are made out of a hammered material that makes them a little more casual and updated, but they are also understated enough to work on all kinds of outfits. Little black dress? Check. Casual jeans? Check. Formal cocktail attire? Check, check. Hey, you could even wear them with sweatpants on a trip to the grocery store. They're that versatile. “View

This Dress The Population Slit Dress That's Good For Any Formal Occasion

via: Amazon

Lately it feels like all my friends are getting engaged or married, so instead of buying different dresses or renting an ensemble, I bought a dress that works for practically any season. This is such a dress. The style is simple, classic, and has a slit up one side so it doesn't feel too matronly as some long-length dresses do. It also comes in a ton of amazing colors, so you can pick your fave. “View

This Lucky Brand Lariat Necklace That Adds A Simple Touch To Your Outfit

40% off, just $23.40

via: Amazon

What's a lariat necklace, you say? Well, it's a style of necklace that is kind of shaped like a rope or lasso, that has a pullable adjustment instead of a clasp at the back. And they're becoming more and more popular. This necklace from Lucky can be worn the traditional way, with the charms facing front, or worn backwards to accent a low-back top or dress. You decide. “View

These Karen Neuburger Pajamas That Are Good For Cool Nights

via: Amazon

Goodbye unflattering t-shirts and worn-out pajama bottoms. I've been looking for the perfect pair of pajamas and these are it. They're basically cut like men's classic pajamas, but with shorter sleeves and a capri-length bottom so they're breezy and feminine. They're the ultimate pair for cooler nights, lazy mornings, and sick days. Honestly, I'd even wear them while working. “View

This ASTR Faux Fur Coat That's A Vegan-Friendly Way To Do The Leopard-Print Trend

via: Amazon

You can still love the look of plushy, fur coats while also disliking the fact that they're made of animal fur. But this coat is a great, vegan-friendly way of getting the look with none of the animal cruelty. This sumptuous-looking coat is made of polyester and acrylic, but it comes in a leopard print pattern that is totally on-trend. And since leopard print is having a moment right now, you can wear it with both casual and dressed-up styles. “View

This Black Hole Sheath Dress That Can Be Dressed Up Or Down

via: Amazon

A sheath dress like this one is so useful as well as fashionable. Got a big job interview? Reach for this number and a blazer. Cocktail party? Pair it with some cute heels. Wedding reception? Dress it up with some sparkly jewelry. Honestly, the sky is the limit here. I love styles that can work in all kinds of situations, so this dress deserves a place of honor in any closet. “View

These Levi's 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans That Will Be Your New Favorite Pair

via: Amazon

A good pair or dark skinny jeans are a must-have for all seasons, and Levi's definitely has the perfect pair for you. Their much-loved 311 style is durable and flattering, made of a material that sculpts you and accentuates all the right places. Plus, it's an on-trend skinny silhouette that is timeless and stylish at the same time. While they come in all kinds of washes, I particularly love this style in a dark indigo that can be dressed up if needed. “View

These Sketchers Plimsol Sneakers That Are Comfortable Like Running Shoes

via: Amazon

These classic plimsol sneakers are literally everywhere these days. I personally hopped on this trend a couple years ago, and these have been my daily shoe most of the time. If you don't have these in your shoe closet, this season is the perfect time to give them a try. And if you already have a pair, why not update your style by getting them in one of the many colors Sketchers has them in? “View

This Splendid Pullover Sweater That Is Perfect For When The Weather Gets Frightful

via: Amazon

This sweater is so cozy looking, I'm wondering if it comes in other colors than the two available. Frankly, it's a go-to sweater for those days when its a little too warm for a full coat but just cool enough to want to bundle up a little. Otherwise known as my favorite type of weather. I can see myself wearing this on cold days inside or while running around my city on errands. You have to love a sweater that can do it all. “View

These Jag Straight-Cut Jeans That Look Good On Literally Everyone

via: Amazon

Not a fan of skinny jeans but not sure about returning to the bootcut days of your youth? You're not alone. I would suggest getting yourself a pair of straight-cut jeans like these. They're slim enough that they don't feel like they're sending you into a time warp and they're also a lot more forgiving than a pair of ultra-skinny jeans. Basically, they're the perfect, flattering middle ground for people who are looking for something new. “View

This Lucky Brand Denim Jacket That Should Be In Everyone's Closet

via: Amazon

Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple, but that doesn't mean you have to get one in an ordinary, blue jean wash. While this jacket from Lucky certainly comes in a classic blue, you can also go for an unexpected look with this pink color that features a trendy, raw edge. Or, go for a vintage feel with a whitewash that will trigger any onlooker's nostalgia. Honestly, you can't go wrong when it comes to a denim jacket. You just can't. Love these picks? Keep reading to see more of what we love!“View