37 Top Rated Products People Are Buying on Amazon Right Now

The convenience and variety of products available on Amazon.com are what make the platform so compelling for consumers. However, that volume of products does make it really difficult to narrow down exactly what is good and what works well. There are so many products available that sometimes I think you can get Amazon browsing fatigue. So how do you filter out the products that are junk to get to the good stuff? Luckily for you, we've got you covered.

We've written about hundred (and hundreds...) of products over the years, and because of this we most certainly know what items people are putting in their carts and hitting purchase on. This list contains the 37 products we've featured that our readers' have bought, and trust me on this, they do not disappoint. We have also focused on the variety of products so there is something of interest in here for everyone from nifty gadgets that make your life easier to clothing items that you simply need to have in your wardrobe right now. Basically, we have saved you hours of browsing time and whittled this list down into the holy grail products that you need to know about right now because they are selling like hot cakes. Enjoy reading!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Versatile Crossbody Bag Comes in a Variety of Chic Colors


There's a reason why this crossbody bag has a rabid fan base on Amazon. It comes in a ton of colors to go with any outfit, is affordable and is lightweight enough to carry all day without pain. Over 11,000 rave reviews can't be wrong!

This Good Vibes Sweatshirt Has Over 28,000 Positive Reviewers

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This top is so cute. It made of the softest material and has a really flattering cut. The batwing arms are super flattering and it also has two pockets. I love throwing it over my razorback t's when I go for a walk in the morning and it's still a little cool. It's the perfect sweatshirt and I can wear it all year round.

Reach Your Cardio Goals with this Exercise Bike


If you jump on the stationary bike the minute you walk into your local gym, you need this Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse in your home. It's easily adjustable, has a comfortable, cushioned seat, and has an LCD display that shows you your distance traveled, calories burned, time, speed, and pulse.

These Throw Pillow Inserts to Upgrade Your Comfort Level

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Sometime soon I'll be upgrading my throw pillows. The ones I've used have hit the end of their life and are starting to fall apart. When I started to search out a reliable set of affordable pillows, my parents pointed me in the direction of this lovely set. They told me that this was an excellent option for the frugal shopper that I tend to be.

This Dragon Wing Fidget Toy is Fun for all the Family

via AmazonThere's a reason fidget spinners are so popular with students who have ADHD. They help reduce anxiety and increase focus -- two benefits that make them great for Zoom calls, too. This one has a stainless steel center bearing with three rainbow-colored dragon wings attached. It spins silently, creating a colorful swirl.

This Magic Board Creates Wonderful Art Using Just Water

via AmazonAdd a touch of flair to your meeting-time doodling with the amazing Buddha Board. Just flip it open and the cover becomes a base for your easel. Fill the special brush with water and use it to "paint" images on the board. It's great for soft, fluid strokes that create the look of Japanese art. Have fun filling the board with artwork, and then watch as it slowly fades away over time, leaving a blank slate so you can start all over again. (Just be careful not to use it to take meeting notes or you'll be in trouble when it comes time to read them back.)

Mold these Magnetic Balls Into All Kinds of Shapes and Structures

via AmazonTalk about tactile fun! This set of tiny magnetic balls is the perfect thing to fidget with while on a Zoom call. You can form them into shapes and mold them into sculptures. Then just smoosh them together and store them in their cute carrying case. They come in a bunch of different colors. (The purple set is my fave.)

This optical illusion spinner looks beautiful on your desktop

via AmazonUnlike some spinners, this metal ball has a flat base and is designed to sit on your desktop rather than rotate in your hand. As it twirls, the etched swirls on the ball create an optical illusion, making it a mesmerizing focal point. Having something like this to look at occasionally during a Zoom call can help cleanse your visual palate after endlessly staring into the faces on your monitor.

These Reusable Storage Bags Are Eco-Friendly And Cute

via AmazonI got my husband this set of reusable storage bags for his daily PB&J sammy at work, but they also come with smaller snack-sized bags for the kids' lunches and gallon-sized bags for big-batch cooking and freezer meals. It's easy to be eco-friendly and organized with this set that generates so much less plastic waste.

Build a Fun Desktop Tower with these Balancing Stones

via AmazonInstead of spending your Zoom meeting stacking together office supplies to create Fort Stapler, why not get yourself a set of these colorful wooden stones that are actually meant for stacking. See how high you can build your own desktop Stonehenge. It's a soothing activity that'll free your mind to focus on the content of the call.

Charm Them With This Bracelet Addition

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Surely you've seen someone throw their hands up to make the "heart" sign. In jewelry form, it's an interesting departure from your typical heart-themed jewelry. This sterling silver charm will fit on existing charm bracelets from companies like Troll, Chamilia, Kay, Carlo Biagi, and Zable or use this as an opportunity to start a new collection. She'll be, let's say, charmed.

Put Your Thoughts Down on These Paper Notes

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You've probably seen these notepads in other forms, like check-off packing lists for a trip or a "Don't kill the kids" note for the babysitter. This one is all about love, where you can tell your partner what you love about them and why. Each pad comes with 60 sheets, perfect to hide away and break out 60 different times. I recommend sticking one on the bathroom mirror before he or she is out of bed.

Get Organized with these Cascading Wall Files with Six Pockets

via AmazonThis six-pocket wall organizer is great for sorting office files or students' schoolwork. Each of the six pockets holds up to 50 sheets of paper and is brightly colored so you can identify contents easily at-a-glance. Each pocket is individually removable, and the entire hanging organizer can be collapsed and sealed with an elastic cord for easy transport.

These Walkie Talkies are So Much Fun for All the Family

via AmazonMy kids love using walkie talkies to play "secret missions" outside, and these ones are perfect for outdoor or indoor play. These boast an impressive 3+-mile range and 22 channels, plus there's a one-button push-to-talk feature that makes it easy for even younger kids to use. The clear-voice technology means no more mumbo-jumbo, kids will be able to hear each other the first time!

These Oversized Glasses are Chic and Affordable


These oversized sunglasses definitely lend a glam vibe to whatever you're wearing. The square design is so different from the expected round shape and looks great on many faces. I'd love to receive these in my stocking to stay stylish on sunny days!

A Massage Gun to Loosen Tight and Sore Muscles


What makes this massage gun so awesome is the fact that it can reach a muscle depth of 10mm. This reach results in you getting a deep tissue massage without having to pay a premium for it. This unit comes with six separate heads and can operate at 20 different speeds so you're guaranteed to find a setting that's perfect for you and those aching muscles.

These Foldable Noise Cancelling Headphones are Economical


These noise-canceling headphones are perfect for when you want to shut out the world and enjoy your favorite tunes. They come equipped with a hassle-free Calling and Function Button, along with a built-in mic that allows you to make quick and convenient calls. The thick, yet comfortable earpads allow you to wear them for hours without pain or discomfort.

This Durable Anti-Theft Backpack will Keep Your Valuables Safe


This backpack is a great gift for college students or travel enthusiasts. It comes equipped with a USB charging port so you can charge your phone on the go. It also features a ton of different compartments that can be used for all your school supplies and travel accessories. There's also a built-in lock to help keep all your belongings safe from bad guys. You know, like ninjas, pirates, trolls, or whoever else would wanna steal your stuff.

A Bladeless Table Fan to Help You Keep Your Cool

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This touch-controlled, bladeless fan is a welcome addition to any tabletop thanks to its gorgeous LED lighting and nearly-silent operation. This unit is USB powered and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last between 3-6 hours depending on your desired fan speed.

An Adroable Glass Planter That's Perfect for Your Office

via AmazonAdd a little green to your desk or coffee table with this awesome little glass planter. The kit includes a sturdy wooden stand and a vase made of high borosilicate glass.

This Owlclonic Kids Time-Teaching Clock is a Brilliant Learning Tool


A big analog clock is an essential fixture in any classroom, and this Telling Time Teaching Clock is the perfect finishing touch for your virtual learning space. It's specially designed to help kids learn to tell time, and the large 10-inch size makes it easy to see from all angles.

This Multi-Purpose Tool Goes Together Like Beer and Lime

via AmazonThe Citrus Saw Bottle Opener takes care of two issues in one - opening your drink and adding that fresh-squeezed lime! The Citrus Saw is a must-have at any summer party. You can even put it in the dishwasher to clean off the sticky lime juice.

This Laptop Sleeve that's Surprisingly Stylish

via AmazonThis AmazonBasics 11 Inch Felt Macbook Laptop Sleeve Case is the perfect example of a product that seems like it would be much more expensive than it is. It not only snugly fits my laptop, but it also has pockets for my writing utensils, notepad, and any other accessories I need while working. Plus, it just looks really nice, doesn't it?

Keep Your Hands Busy and Build Strength with This Workout Kit

via AmazonIf you're looking for a fidget toy to use during Zoom calls, why not go for one that improves your strength and agility? These aren't exactly toys, but they're pretty fun to use, and will serve the same purpose as fidget spinners, but with added benefits. This set comes with a grip strengthener, a finger exerciser, a finger stretcher resistance band, a hand strengthener grip ring and a stress relief grip ball.

Fight Cold Hands with this Zippo Hand Warmer


I suffer with cold hands and feet all year round. This zippo hand warmer became my companion when I was looking for a way to combat numb fingers. I don't like disposable hand warmers that only lasted a few hours. This great little device keeps my hands toasty for an entire day. With a 12-hour battery life, you'll be able to handle whatever the seasons can toss your way. Simply add lighter fluid to the tank and you're set for hours of heat expulsions

Keep Your Favorite Jewelry on Display With This Cactus Ring Holder

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My mother has a cornucopia of jewelry at her disposal, yet several pieces of her collection are used more than others. When I saw her fishing in her jewelry box for the same rings several times, I thought this purchase would prove useful. The cactus ring holder provides a convenient place for her favorite pieces and ensures she can access them quickly, and it's something sure to impress you for such a low price.

Be Always Prepared to Repair with This 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver


Have you ever needed a screwdriver but just didn't have one with you? I added this pocket screwdriver to my personal fix-it foray once I had to call my dad and borrow his one too many times. With this handy tool, you'll have a cheap but versatile option that comes with two double-ended bits that are also magnetic, making holding and maneuvering screws much easier. They even have a non-slip texture to maintain a grip when working. For the price, you'll have a tough time finding a tool as reliable as this multifaceted mini-screwdriver.

This Keyboard Brush that Whisks Away Crumbs and Dust Stuck in Your Keys


Making sure your technology is in pristine condition can make or break how long your gear can last. Dust and dirt can be brutal on keyboards, computers, and mice. Knowing this, I often dreaded cleaning the keyboard, which is my least favorite part of tech maintenance for my office. Recently I stumbled upon a brush designed specifically to aid in the task that makes me procrastinate my desk spruce up sessions. With such an affordable cleaning option, it's no surprise that this brush has stellar reviews.

This 10-Foot Power Strip Expand Ports and Protect Electronics


My computer room, like many others out there, has a lot of devices that need to be plugged in. Most areas of my room have a traditional dual outlet, which has far fewer ports than I need to keep my office running. The alternative solution I opted for was to grab a power strip that can keep all my devices powered at once. Not only does my power strip power all my devices, but it also is surge protected, meaning it will keep your devices from being fried should there be a power outage or a storm surge. It's an excellent way to safeguard your electronics and is worth the understandable price point.

This Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver with 36 Pieces Accessory Kit

via AmazonWe're trying to become more handy at DIYs around the house, so we can definitely use this cordless screwdriver. It comes with a ton of attachments (36 to be exact) including a ratchet wrench, and it has an LED light to illuminate your work space. Whether you're hanging pictures or cabinets, this is a useful tool to have in your kit.

This Two-Tiered Dish Rack is Ideal for Compact Kitchens

via AmazonOur dishrack can always use an update, especially when it gets all grody from food residue and other grime. This one's a tiered design, so it takes up much less room on your countertop, so it's great for small kitchens.

This Air Purifier Works Over-Time So You Can Breathe Easy

via AmazonThese days we're all thinking about air quality and cleanliness, so for peace of mind I'm picking up this air purifier. The compact design fits anywhere, and it's whisper-quiet so you won't even notice it's on. Great for bedrooms or wherever you spend a lot of time - the pure HEPA filter removes particles as small as .3 microns, or 500 times smaller than a human hair!

This Blanket Keeps the Cool on those Hot and Muggy Nights


Just this morning, I woke up in a puddle of sweat, which, let me tell you, is not fun. That's why I literally added this cooling blanket to my cart a few seconds ago (I've been eyeing it for months at this point.) It's made from a blend of natural cotton and special Japanese cooling fibers that help pull heat away from your body. Choose from five colors, including blue, green, pink, grey, and more.

These Soft Fabric Storage Bins are Practical and Come in a Variety of Colors


I love the stylish, upscale look of these Fabric Storage Bins. Measuring 10.5 by 10.5 by 11 inches, it's a tidy little size to tuck on a shelf or counter to provide a good-looking spot to stow small items. Works great for throw blankets, bathroom accessories, remote controls, or anything else you can't figure out how to corral! It's made from thick cotton accented by seams and snaps, and the interior is coated so it repels stains and can be wiped clean.

Stack Safely and Efficiently with These Stackable Mug Organizers


Are your cabinets full of mugs? I'm talking mugs with funny sayings or photos, mugs that represent your travels, even mugs you've picked up along the way and don't know where or why. You need a storage solution like this stackable mug organizer. It comes in a six-pack to help tame your cupboards in a safe (and stackable) way.

Make Your Pearly Whites Whiter with This Toothpaste


How many times have you tried whitening strips or a whitening gimmick that you found on the internet in hopes for a brighter smile? I know I have. This toothpaste safely removes stains, and the customers can't get enough. "I'm SO glad I decided to try this toothpaste! Not only does it work, but it's so incredibly gentle!" -TikTokAlice

This Coat Rack and Shoe Bench is Both Gorgeous and Functional

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This coat rack and shoe bench would look amazing in any entryway. The wood and metal on it are so beautiful you'd almost hate to cover it up with actual coats! You could also use this rack in other rooms, for all sorts of purposes. I could see it in the bedroom, where the hooks could be used for purses and hats, and the shelves for shoes and slippers.