37 Things with 1000+ Reviews on Amazon

I love scrolling through Amazon endlessly to find the best products in whatever category I'm shopping for, but that might not sound like that much fun to you. No matter, I'm happy to share what I've found on my journeys through the vast, vast marketplace to bring you highly recommended products from real people! For this round, I tracked down 37 things with over 1,000 reviews on Amazon that you're sure to love.

From the best kids' headphones to K-beauty to coffee accessories, we've got 37 wildly popular things that got over 1,000 glowing reviews from real people so you don't just have to take our word for it!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Foot Cream Promises Intensive Repair

If your feet are as beat up and cracked from months of flip-flop wearing as mine are, we should both be slathering on this Ancient Greek Remedy Foot Cream. The bottle comes with a pumice stone, and the instructions are to use that then apply the cream every night before bed, and in 14 days you have baby soft feet. Over 2,000 happy reviewers are singing the praises of the dramatic results they're getting with this stuff, which says it delivers on those promises!

This Electric Can Opener Is So Easy To Use

My mom has carpal tunnel syndrome, and even though she's had the surgery, sometimes her hands are still a little numb or week. I'm getting her this electric can opener that almost 4,000 people rave about for ease of use. Just put it on the lip of the can, press the button to start and then press it again when it's done opening the can - couldn't be easier!

This Personal Coffee Maker

My husband is the only one who drinks coffee in the house, so it's silly to make a whole pot if he's only going to have one or two cups. This single serve coffee maker is a much smarter option, since he can brew just what he needs at the push of a button. The 15oz travel mug is also included which makes it super convenient so you don't have to track down a mug that fits the machine! With almost 6,000 glowing reviews, this little coffee maker's a sure bet.

This LED Dog Collar Makes Nighttime Walks Safe

Sure, you have light up reflectors on your shoes and jacket probably, but what about your best buddy? You can protect him too with an LED dog collar so drivers can see both of you at night and you can have more peace of mind. You won't have to worry that a driver will pull out without seeing your pup on a dark night since this thing is BRIGHT. Our neighbors have this one for their black lab, and you can definitely see her bounding around the backyard after dark!

This Rotating Power Strip Lets You Plug All The Things In

You know how some plugs are huge and bulky (lookin' at you, Macbook), they take up more than their fair share of space on a power strip. Not to worry, this power strip has rotating outlets so you can plug even chunky stuff in without losing use of any of the outlets! It has eight outlets with heavy duty surge suppression and built-in cord management so even though it's bigger than your normal powerstrip it won't be a huge mess of cables and cords. It has a perfect 5 star rating from over 2,000 reviewers, so I'd say it more than does the job.

This Chef's Knife Works So Well

What if I told you it was possible to find an affordable chef's knife that cuts just as well as the expensive brands? Well today's your lucky day, because here it is! This bad boy has five stars across the board from over 18,000 happy customers who love its razor sharpness (some have even posted pics of their bandaged fingers) and value. For under $20, you can't go wrong.

This Pet Grooming Brush Is Self-Cleaning

Anything that cleans itself is a winner in my book, but this pet grooming brush gets major points for how well it works to gently remove the loose undercoat and eliminate tangles and mats on your pet's chest and belly. It's got over 26,000 stellar reviews for ease of use and ease of cleaning - you just press a button and the bristles retract, leaving a mass of hair you can just peel off. Gross but effective!

This Laptop Desk Is Perfect For Work or Netflix

My husband and I love watching movies on the laptop since we don't have a TV in our room, but after a while the bottom of the computer overheats and starts to burn my husband's legs! We need this laptop desk that has a cushion underneath to make it more comfortable to hold on your lap, plus it has a built-in lip to stop the laptop from slipping off. Putting it on his holiday gift list...

This Wet Brush Works Amazingly

My girls both have long, thin, curly hair and this Wet Brush is the only thing that works to take out the tangles without major meltdowns on their part (and mine)! You can't brush curly hair when it's dry or else it turns into a major frizzball, so we only comb their hair straight out of the shower and this is the one brush that's consistently worked without pulling or tearing hair. Highly, highly recommend. No wonder why it has a perfect five star rating!

This Work Light Clips Onto Your Pocket

My dad's always fixing stuff around my house, and his birthday's coming up so I plan to get him this work light that clips onto your pocket so you can direct the light exactly where you need it. The super bright light is lightweight enough that it won't put a strain on your pocket but substantial enough work as hard as you do on home or auto repairs. Over 2,000 handy people left rave reviews to sing its praises, too.

This Cooling Towel Is Heaven For Sweaty Workouts

I hop on my spin bike a few times a week for an hour or so, and by the time I'm done I'm basically a puddle. It takes forever to cool down, and I don't like sitting around in my own sweat, so I use this Chill Pal cooling towel to get back to a normal temp quickly. All you do is soak it in cold water, wring it out then throw it around your neck to cool down. It's also great for summer hikes, festivals and other sweaty situations.

This Multitool Is An Outdoorsy Must-Have

We just took a camping trip to the mountains this summer, and it would've gone much more smoothly had we packed this multitool! It packs 14 tools into one such as a hammer, mini axe, pliers, knife blade, saw, hex wrenches, Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, fish descaler and more into one compact package. People love gifting this to outdoorsy types since it's so versatile when it comes to uses and sturdily well made.

This Webcam Cover Is A Really Good Idea

My husband is in intelligence services, and all his cybersecurity coworkers use webcam covers and highly recommend you do, too. You never know who's peeking in on ya, and it's much better to be safe than sorry. This cover adheres to your laptop, phone or tablet screen and slides open and closed depending on whether you want to be seen. We've had ours for a long time and it still works perfectly.

This Lotion Applicator Has Got Your Back

I'm a very pale person, and as such often use self-tanner to liven up my pastier qualities. Trouble is, I can't reach the middle of my back to get an even coating without help. I like to be independent, so I use this lotion applicator to reach areas I can't without being a contortionist. It's also great for applying sunscreen so you don't accidentally miss a spot then get a terrible burn right in the middle of your back.

This Glass Carafe Is Generously-Sized

We have a cold-brew pitcher for making iced tea but it can only hold like five cups which I can drink in a morning, tbh. I'm eyeing this glass carafe which comes in sizes up to 64 oz, which is enough to keep me caffeinated for a couple days. It's drip-proof, which my current one certainly is not, and backed up by over 6,000 rave reviews for ease of cleaning and the fact that you can use it for cold or hot drinks. One reviewer pours boiling hot water right into it without fear of leaching chemicals since it's made of glass.

This Coffee Scoop Measures The Perfect Amount

At work, my husband uses a coffee machine that creates a large amount of waste in the form of used pods. He was feeling guilty about that non-eco-friendliness, so he got some refillable pods but it's incredibly hard to transfer just the right amount of coffee without spilling. Enter this coffee scoop - it grabs just what you need and has a built-in funnel to easily pour the coffee into the tiny reusable pods, ensuring you get the perfect cup every time.

This Modern Clock Doubles As Art

How sleek is this modern clock that actually tells you the time in words, not just numbers? I feel like it belongs in a modern art museum's gift catalog! It comes in sleek black or shiny copper and the words are lit by LED lights so you can read it even in the dark. It comes with a USB power cable and adapter so you can plug it in anywhere for convenience.

This Instant Pot Cheat Sheet Is A Lifesaver

Whenever I'm cooking something besides hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot, you can bet I'm frantically Googling how much liquid to use and how long to cook various meals but this Instant Pot Cheat Sheet makes it a lot easier. It's a magnet that sticks to the side of your Pot and tells you how to cook a whole bunch of different things, so you're not wasting precious dinner prep times reading through someone's whole life story when really you just want the recipe.

This Laundry Bag Comes Highly Recommended

I love these oversized laundry hampers for the kids' rooms since they can hold over two loads of dirty clothes, I don't have to empty it for a while! They're also great for college kids who have to schlep laundry to a laundromat or the laundry room at school - they're lightweight so easy to tote and they collapse down to basically nothing when they're empty, so easy to store, too. I also use them as an easy way to  corral all the toys or sports equipment in one place.

This Dog Mug Keeps Pup Hydrated

Sure, you could let your dog drink from your water bottle, but do you really want to be sipping on his slobbery backwash after? Ew, David. This dog mug lets pup have his own water source and is lightweight for carrying on hikes or long walks. Just squeeze the sides of the bottle and the bowl reservoir fills up so pup can drink easily. Almost 4,000 reviewers give this a near-perfect thumbs up.

This Ice Cube Maker Creates Fancy Cocktails At Home

Since bars are pretty much closed people are flexing their at-home bartender skills, and what better to complete a custom cocktail than  perfectly round balls of ice that won't water down your creation? This silicone ice cube mold makes neat spheres that look really cool in the glass, too. Over 6,000 reviewers love this gadget for its ease of use and fanciness it adds to homemade drinks.

This Popsicle Maker Is Boo-tiful

Who doesn't love zombies? Even better when they're zombie popsicles! This ice pop mold makes four creepy-cool pops at a time, and is incredibly detailed. (Check out the pic of the kiwi pop zombie, it's so satisfying) I like that I can use fresh ingredients without food coloring or god knows what else is in store-bought pops, and my kids like the crazy shapes. Not into (un)dead people pops? They also come in cute monsters, swords, penguins and tiki heads.

This Ball of Foot Cushion Relieves Pain Fast

If you have any sort of foot pain, you're gonna want to check out these ball of foot pads that promise to zap pain fast. The self-stick pads can be washed and reused hundreds of times and fit easily into shoes so you can wear them throughout the day to reduce pain from bunions, calluses and more. Even people that have had surgery to fix foot pain say these work much better so they can walk easily again!

These Corn Holders Are Adorable

These pig corn holders are the most adorable things for summer BBQs. People love these things for the quality construction and overall cuteness. If you're not a fan of pigs, they also come in cool sharks, weiner dogs, beer cans, cows or popcorn! They'd make a great gift for your favorite hostess or pretty much anyone who likes corn.

This Condiment Fork Keeps Germs Out

I love eating pickles straight from the jar, but I hate using my hands to fish them out. Just think of all the germs you're transferring into the pickle juice, blergh! This condiment fork is a much better idea. It simply slips over the mouth of the jar then holds the fork for you so you always have one on hand when you want a snack. Easy to use and easy to clean make this one a winner in over 1,000 happy reviewers' books!

This Aloe Vera Gel Soothes And Protects

Over 1,000 reviews, you say? How about over 24,000? This aloe vera gel comes incredibly highly recommended from users who apply it to everything from sunburns to hair to healing eczema and skin rashes. It's 100% pure aloe from plants with no fillers or chemicals so it absorbs super quickly and doesn't leave a sticky residue like some others can. The aloe is even grown here in the USA for optimal freshness, no preservatives needed.

This Rice Water Face Cleanser Is A K-Beauty Staple

I'm a big fan of K-beauty, their products just seem to work so much better than any others I've tried, plus they tend to be pretty inexpensive so you can stock up! This rice water face cleansing set is no exception, I love how clean it makes my dry, sensitive skin feel after a hard workout. My husband loves it too and he's got a more oil-prone complexion, but it works great for both of us so I'd recommend it for all skin types.

This Peeling Gel Reveals Bright, Healthy Skin

Since I'm getting a bit older, aging skin is definitely a concern. I want to look young and dewy like I woke up like this, dammit! Well, I found something that helps my skin look amazing no matter the sun damage I did to it as a teen and young adult. This Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel takes off the layer of dry, dull skin covering up your beautiful glow, leaving a smooth, clearer complexion in its wake. Don't just take it from me, though - ask the over 2,000 satisfied reviewers about their newly glowy skin, too!

This Foot File Makes Your Heels Presentable

My heels seem to be in a perpetual state of dryness and cracking, no matter how much lotion I slather on there. This foot file is the only thing I've found to gently clean up my heels and make them presentable. It's not harsh at all, so won't leave your heels bleeding, but does an excellent job of removing dead, dry skin. And it's so easy to clean because all the "filings" are collected in the attached container. Gross but super effective!

This Vitamin C Serum Clears Skin Fast

Have you ever used Vitamin C Serum? If not, get on that fast! It works so well to clear up skin quickly since it's constantly renewing the outer layers of skin, and it also helps with older acne scars. Whenever I feel a pimple coming on, I'll drown it with this stuff instead of zit cream and it works like a charm. Check out the tons of astonishing before and after user pics to see what kind of magic this serum can do! K-beauty for the win again.

This Exfoliating Brush Removes Dry Skin

I run my showers way too hot and often end up with dry, flaky skin as a result. Instead of lowering the water temp, I use this exfoliating brush in the shower with a little body wash to get rid of dry skin and reveal the fresh, healthy skin underneath. It feels great like a massage too, so it's definitely a pleasure to use and not one more thing I have to do in the shower after shampooing, washing, shaving, etc.

This Himalayan Scrub Has Over 11k Fans

When I saw how many glowing reviews this Himalayan Salt Scrub had, I had to double-check I was seeing correctly. But it's true, it has over 11,000 reviews averaging a perfect five stars! People love this collagen and stem-cell infused scrub to soften, remove dry skin and prevent ingrown hairs from developing. It's said to draw out toxins, dirt, pollution and bacteria from your skin while balancing your pH. Worth a try if that many people recommend it!

This Self-Tanner Works Miracles

This Fake Bake self-tanner is one of the staples in my beauty arsenal since as I mentioned before I am of the very pale, freckled variety. It produces believable results on even really light skin and never looks orange. It doesn't streak either, so it doesn't immediately give away the fact that you used self-tanner. I love scrolling through at all the before and after pics to see how amazing everyone looks!

This Beauty Fridge Is All The Rage

Beauty fridges are the new trend - people are buying these miniature refrigerators then keeping them in their bathroom to keep their face and eye cream, toners, serums and jade rollers nice and frosty. This one's cute as can be and comes in a bunch of colors (and even cow pattern)! It's also racked up almost 9,500 glowing reviews since it became wildly popular.

This Tote Bag Set Is Minimalist Perfection

I needed a new tote bag and wallet that I could use for carrying my laptop around or just for everyday use - I stumbled across this modern, minimalist version and immediately fell in love. So did over 1,200 other people! It comes in a ton of colors (18 to be exact) and some are even embossed to look like a cool crocodile pattern. The faux leather is super durable, easy to clean so it always looks new, and well made so no worries about it falling apart.

These Kids Headphones Are Top Rated

Since our district is doing remote schooling for the foreseeable future, both kids needed a new pair of headphones for all their Zooming. I found these kids' headphones after doing extensive researching on tech review sites, but I should've just come to Amazon first and read the some of the 10,000+ stellar user reviews! I love that they're high-quality but affordable and they've held up great so far.

This Apple Watch Strap Classes Things Up

I wear my Apple watch whenever I'm working out, so the strap it came with is a sweaty mess. I wash it each time, but it still screams "sporty" when sometimes I want something a little classier. I landed on this leather Apple watch strap that looks a lot more professional. It looks delicate but is actually really durable, and I love that I could get real leather for this price. It comes in 40(!) colors and patterns so you're sure to find one that suits you!