37 Things Way Too Cool To Be Under $10 on Amazon

It's not always easy to have self-control when you're shopping on Amazon. When pretty much every item is available with free two-day Prime shipping, it's almost impossible to keep yourself from sending your bank account into the negative — trust me, I've been there. So instead of unleashing yourself and your credit card willy-nilly, try to stick to all the cool things you can find for under $10.

It might seem difficult at first, but you can still get a ton of quality items without breaking your bank. Case in point? I've made sure to include a travel-size variety pack of Burt's Bees hydrating lotions, as well as a pair of waterproof pouches that keep your phone safe at the beach.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

You don't have to choose between your purchases being affordable, high-quality, or useful — when you're shopping on Amazon, you get to have all three.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Garlic Peeler That Keeps Your Hands Clean And Stink-Free

Tired of getting that pungent, sticky garlic scent on your hands? Then use these garlic peelers to keep your hands clean and stink-free. They're great for anyone who has limited mobility in their hands, and they're incredibly simple to use — just pop a clove inside, roll it around, and the shell will easily fall away. The best part? Each one is made from food-grade silicone that's mold- and mildew-resistant.

An Infinity Scarf With A Convenient, Hidden Pocket

What's better than a cozy infinity scarf? Answer: an infinity scarfwith a hidden pocket on the inside — super similar, yet still completely different. The pocket is large enough that you can easily stash your phone, wallet, keys, or even your passport, and it's great for keeping your items safe from pickpockets while traveling. It's available in two colors: red or navy.

A Scraper Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

If you're looking to dramatically change your life, this scraper won't do it — but it will make slicing up dough and scraping away food easier. Baby steps. It's made from rust-resistant stainless steel that won't warp under heavy pressure, and there are also measurement markings along the blade that make it great for baking pastries. The handle is coated in non-slip to help you keep a firm grip, plus it's contoured to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

These Phone Pouches That Are Totally Waterproof

The next time you go to the beach or the pool, make sure you keep your phone safely inside one of these waterproof phone pouches. Granted, they won't protect your phone against shark attacks, but they will keep it high and dry so that you can even bring it into the water without having to worry about it breaking. They're large enough that you can easily fit your phone, keys, cash, and credit cards, plus the transparent material won't block the camera lens.

A Glass Terrarium That Looks Cute In Any Home

You can fill it with small succulents and air plants, or you can put a small candle in this glass terrarium to add a romantic touch to any room. It's made from high-quality borosilicate glass that's heat-resistant, and it's the perfect size to add to any nightstand, dresser, or even on your mantle. One enthusiastic Amazon reviewer put it best: "The glass orbs are slightly bigger than a baseball, and the stand is very sturdy. It looks beautiful, even with my attempts at being creative."

A Handy Tool That Helps You Evenly Slice Vegetables

When it comes to impulsive kitchen purchases, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll actually get some use out of this handy tool. Use it for fruits, vegetables, or even use even use it to cut meat into thin slices. The prongs are made from rust-resistant stainless steel that's super-durable, and it's an easy way to keep your hands stink-free when chopping up onions. Besides — it's less than $3.

A Utensil Set That Comes With A Pair of Chopsticks

If you skipped buying that morning cup of coffee for one day, you could easily afford this wooden utensil set — it's only $4. Each set comes with a fork and spoon, as well as a pair of chopsticks. They're made from high-quality wood, plus you also get an adorable cloth travel case so that you can easily keep them clean in your bag.

This Contact Paper That Gives Your Home An Inexpensive Makeover

Let me introduce you to your newest obsession: contact paper. It's made from waterproof PVC with an adhesive backing so that you can use it to give old, outdated counters an update, or even add a chic exterior to crummy furniture. I've used it to update the kitchen in the previous two rental apartments I lived in, and it easily peels off once it's time to move out.

A Pillowcase Covered In Two-Tone Glitter

If you've ever seen one of those glitter pillows that changes color when you rub it, now's the time to get one for yourself. The zipper on the side prevents the interior filling from falling out, plus it's hidden so that it won't snag on your clothes while you're napping. This pillow is a perfect gift for kids, teens, as well as adults, plus it's available in over 10 different fun colors.

These Headbands With A Cute Twist In The Middle

Not only do you get four different fun prints with each order, but these headbands are great for cute days at the office, lounging around the house, or even sweating at the gym. The crossover, twisted design in the front gives them an adorable flair that most headbands are lacking, and you're not limited to these four patterns — there are eight fun variations to choose from depending on your tastes.

These Tongs Made With Durable Silicone Grips

It can be difficult to maintain a firm grip when you're using tongs, which is why these ones are made with non-slip silicone grips. They're great for grilling, sautéing, sous vide, and more. Plus, the silicone is even heat-resistant all the way up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Each order comes with three different sizes: one small, one medium, and one large.

These String Lights That Spruce Up Any Room

These string lights won't clean your messy room, but they will add some romantic illumination so that you can continue to step around all the clothes on the floor — we all do it, don't worry. There's no outlet required since they're powered using just three AA batteries, and they're made with energy-efficient LED bulbs that have a lifetime of over 50,000 hours. Each order comes with two, plus they work great as decorations at baby showers, weddings, and more.

This Beard Kit That Makes Your Facial Hair Soft And Shiny

Granted, if there's no hair on your face it won't do much — but if you do have a beard, this kit is pretty much a must-have. All the tools are pocket-sized so that you can easily take them with you while traveling, and the handle on the boar bristle brush is made from eco-friendly bamboo. The best part? One Amazon reviewer wrote that "Every man with a beard needs this set. Make a 'fro, brush it down, style it left, slick it in, you name it — this set keeps the facial hair looking fantastic."

A Soap Dish That Helps Extend The Life Of Your Bar

Letting your bar of soap sit in its own puddle of water makes it wear down faster, so keep it high and dry with this soap dish. The slatted design allows for air to circulate underneath your soap so that it dries quickly, and the dark wood design gives it an elegant look that looks great on any sink. Besides, it's less than $3 — what's there to possibly dislike?

An Essential Oil Set That Comes With Your Favorite Dessert-Themed Aromas

Tired of the usual essential oil sets that come with boring floral aromas? Then it's time to try out this set, as every oil that comes with it has a different dessert-oriented scent. Not only does it come with apple and chocolate, but you also get cupcake, french vanilla, coconut, and peach. Just add a few drops to your diffuser to distribute the scents around your home, or even rub a little on your wrists for a midday pick-me-up.

A Professional Makeup Palette That Comes With A Spatula Tool

Apply your makeup like a professional with this makeup palette. It won't make you any better at makeup, mind you, but it allows you to mix your foundation colors so that your face always matches your neck. The big round thumbhole gives you a firm grip whenever you hold it up to do a color comparison, plus each order also comes with a stainless steel mixing spatula.

A Pop-Up Grip That Lets You Use Your Phone With Just One Hand

Most smartphones are too large for you to easily use them with just one hand — unless you have this pop-up grip attached to the back. It easily sticks onto any smooth or hard plastic case, plus it's a great way to help you get the perfect selfie angle without accidentally dropping your phone. And if you don't like the design, don't worry — it's also available in six other fun prints.

A Salt Box Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

What's a salt box, you ask? Why, it's a box that holds salt — duh. But you can also use this salt box to store sugar packets, fresh herbs, or practically any other spice, and it's made from sustainable bamboo that's eco-friendly. There are magnets on the base and lid that create a snug seal to help whatever you put inside stay fresh, plus it easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.

This Mounted Planter That Brings Life To Any Room

For just $9, you can easily add gorgeous living plants to your plain walls with this mounted planter. It's primarily intended for low-maintenance air plants that require hardly any water or dirt, and it easily hangs on practically any wall, branch, or even from the ceiling. It's made from super-durable iron with a beautiful gold-plated finish, plus you can even hang it outside on porches or patios.

A Bar of "Soap" That Easily Washes Away Funky Odors

It doesn't matter whether your hands reek from fish, garlic, chicken, or any other smelly object — this bar of "soap" can easily get rid of the odor. It's made from super-durable stainless steel that's resistant to rust, and it works almost like any normal bar of soap. Just rub it between your hands with or without water, and the metal will absorb the odors from your skin so that you're left stink-free.

A Pair of Gloves That Keep You Safe From Nicks And Cuts

Do you frequently cut yourself when preparing food in the kitchen, or even during DIY projects? Then grab yourself a pair of these cut-resistant gloves. They're made from super-strong fabric that's four times stronger than leather, and they're flexible so that you don't lose much, if any dexterity while wearing them. Unlike other heavy-duty gloves, these ones are also breathable so that your hands don't grow hot and sweaty.

These Touchscreen Gloves That You Don't Have To Take Off To Use Your Phone

Few things are as annoying as having to remove your gloves in order to use your phone, so keep yourself warm with these touchscreen gloves. The index, middle finger, and thumb are made with conductive threads that let you navigate through any touchscreen, and the elastic cuffs help prevent snow and rain from leaking inside. They're available in seven colors, as well as three sizes: medium, large, and x-large.

A Clip-On Light That Brightens Up Your Selfies

Just clip it onto your tablet, laptop, smartphone, or even webcam, and this convenient light will brighten up your photos so that you look as good as possible. Keep in mind that it doesn't work magic — if you haven't brushed your teeth, washed your hair, or flossed in three decades, it's not going to fix any of that. But there are three brightness settings that you can choose from that help conceal any less-than-flattering blemishes you'd like to hide.

These iPhone Charging Cables That Are Extra-Long

I like to use these extra-long iPhone charging cables whenever I'm being lazy on the couch, yet the only available outlet to charge my phone is oh-so far away. Each order comes with three: one is 3 feet long, another is 6 feet long, and the last is a super-extended length of 10 feet. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "I purchased this because I needed additional cords at different lengths so that I wouldn't have to sit in one place. Now I have one for the car, kitchen and my home office!"

A Ring Stand That Lets You Easily Prop Your Phone Up

If you're looking for a subtle, understated smartphone grip, make sure to take a look at this one. It's made from a combination of high-quality zinc alloy as well as rust-resistant stainless steel, and the magnetic backing allows it to easily attach to magnetic smartphone car mounts. The rose gold plating gives it a chic appearance that looks great with any case, plus it rotates a full 360 degrees so that it's easy to adjust the viewing angle.

A Cute Container That's Perfect For Q-Tips

You're looking to scratch that impulse shopper itch, but you don't want to break the bank while you do it — so just grab this Q-tip dispenser for less than $2. It's made from transparent acrylic that makes it easy to see how many Q-tips are left inside, plus you can also use it to hold cotton swabs, toothpicks, or even bobby pins.

This Burt's Bees Travel Set That Comes With 6 Nourishing Creams

Burt's Bees products can set you back a pretty penny, but for just $10 you can get this variety pack of their most popular nourishing creams. They're packaged in small, travel-friendly tubes that takes up hardly any space in your suitcase, and they leave your skin feeling incredibly soft. Each order comes with six: intensive hydration day lotion, soap bark and chamomile cleansing cream, milk and honey body lotion, coconut foot cream, and more.

These Scalp Massagers That Can Help Stimulate Blood Flow

Don't waste your money at the spa — for just $2, you can get these scalp massagers that help you relax in the comfort of your own home. You get two with each order for added value, and they can help stimulate blood flow in your scalp. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that his dog enjoys using them: "My dog and I share these. We both love 'em. When I ask, "Do you want a head massage?" he sits down, inclines his head towards me, and waits. They feel great!"

A Handheld Scale That Makes It Easy To Weigh Your Luggage

Do you enjoy paying overweight luggage fees? No — no one does. So the next time you're not sure if your suitcase comes in underneath the weight limit, use this luggage scale to double-check. Simply hook the loop into any handle on your suitcase, then hold it up so that your bag is suspended in the air. The large, easy-to-read LCD screen will let you know how much it weighs in either pounds or kilos, plus one battery comes included with each order.

These Conversation Starters That Help Get Words Flowing

Awkward silences are the bane of anyone's existence, so stop them from ever happening with this pack of conversation starters. They're great for parties as well as family reunions where that one weird uncle won't leave you alone, and there's a variety of topics suitable for people of all ages. You can also whip them out on couple's nights to help you get to know each other better, plus they're especially great as a wedding gift.

This Deck of Cards Made From Waterproof Plastic

It's only $4, so you might as well grab this deck of cards for the next rainy day you're stuck inside. They're made from waterproof plastic so that you don't have to worry about them getting wet, plus the shaded design is a fun twist on regular playing cards. And if you truly have no need for a waterproof deck of cards, you can still stuff them into goody bags for your kid's next birthday party.

A Protective Case For Your AirPods

Breaking your AirPods is not a cheap mistake, so keep them safe and secure when you store them inside of this protective case. It's made from super-durable silicone that's shockproof, plus the non-slip exterior helps prevent you from dropping it. The included carabiner clip makes it easy to attach it to your purse or backpack, and there's even a port where you can thread a charging cable through.

A USB Splitter That Lets You Plug In Multiple Devices With Just One Port

Most laptops and computers only have one or two USB ports, so give yourself an addition four with this USB splitter. Simply plug it into any USB port, and you'll automatically have extra ports where you can plug in your phone, tablet, mouse, or practically any other device. The switches let you disconnect your electronics without having to unplug them, and the LED indicator lights let you know when your devices are connected.

These Over-The-Door Hooks Made From Stainless Steel

Simply hang them over the top of any door or cabinet, and these hooks make a great place to hang towels, loofahs, utensils, keychains, or practically anything else. The human design adds a fun touch to any room, and they're made from rust-resistant stainless steel. Unlike other inexpensive hooks, these ones have polished, smooth edges that won't accidentally cut you.

This Relaxing Fragrance That Lasts For Up To A Full Month

Simply loosen the lid, and this Yankee Candle fragrance will slowly be released throughout your room over the course of 30 days. It's available in multiple refreshing scents, including clean cotton, Bahama breeze, lemon lavender, and more, plus many Amazon reviewers raved about how long it lasts — "I opened them two weeks ago and put one in the kitchen and one in the living room. We just returned from a weekend trip, and the house smelled wonderful when we came home. I add water every week or so, and it lasted several weeks."

A Cord Wrap That Helps You Keep Your Cables Organized

It may be a total first world problem, but having to undo knots in your charging and headphone cables is seriously annoying — so keep them tidy with this cord wrap. The carabiner clip lets you attach it to your backpack, purse, or even your belt loop so that you always know where your earbuds are, plus it's made from lightweight plastic that won't weigh you down.

A Shoe Organizer That Helps Save You Storage Space

Use it to store shoes, art supplies, toys, or even use this over-the-door organizer to hold scarves or beauty accessories. The transparent pockets make it easy to see what's inside without having to unpack each one, and there's zero hardware required for installation — just use the included hooks to hang it on your door, and you're ready to go. Will it make your closet larger? No — but it does eliminate the need for bulky shoe racks that take up a ton of floor space.