37 Things Way Too Cool To Be Under $10 on Amazon

Take it from someone who's been tricked into more than a few online scams — there's nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on what amounts to nothing more than worthless junk. That's why I always shop on Amazon. Not only does Amazon have a ton of cheap stuff that won't make your wallet sad, but they also have tons of customer reviews so that you know you're getting quality, not crap.

And if you aren't sure about spending your money on all the cheap stuff you can find on Amazon, there's no need to worry. Amazon makes it easy to return unwanted items at any UPS store. So what are you waiting for? First aid kits, grill scrapers, luggage scales — you really can't go wrong with any of these cheap Amazon products.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Makeup Bag That's Incredibly Cute

Look. I know this bag is advertised as a lunch tote, but I use it for makeup since it's a little too small for lunches. The inside is coated with foil to help prevent stains in case of spills, and the canvas fabric is pretty durable. Besides, it's only $3 — what's not to like?

These Joystick Grips For Damaged Controllers

No matter whether you have a PS4, Xbox One, or even a Wii U, these joystick thumb grips will still fit on your controllers. I ordered a pack because my puppy got ahold of one of my PS4 controllers the other day, so I can personally confirm that they're easy to install — just pop them over your current joystick grips, and you're ready to go.

A Luggage Scale To Avoid Overweight Baggage Fees

Few things are as embarrassing as having to cram a ton of stuff from your overweight suitcase into your carry on bag — trust me, I've been there. That's why I grabbed this luggage scale. The LCD screen is large and easy to read, plus each order also comes with one lithium battery included. And at less than 1 pound, it won't weigh you down if you bring it with you while traveling.

A Protective Case For Your AirPods

Available in more than 10 vibrant colors, this case is a must-have for anyone who is tired of damaging or losing their AirPods (me me me!) There's a port on the bottom where you can easily thread a charging cable, and the silicone exterior is extra-thick so that your AirPods are protected from accidental drops. Just clip the carabiner to your bag, and you'll never lose them again.

This First Aid Kit That's Less Than $10

Would you rather need this emergency kit and not have it, or have it and not need it? I grabbed one for the back of my car since it's less than $10, plus it all comes packaged in a water-resistant pouch to help keep everything pristine for when (and if) you ever need it. And with more than 87 pieces, feel free to chop your arm off — you're totally covered (disclaimer: you are not covered whatsoever.)

This Tool That Scrapes Your Grill Extra-Clean

Scraper brushes rely on wire bristles to get rid of the gunk from your grill, but over time they become frayed and useless — that's why I grabbed this grill scraper. The four notches are all different sizes so that you're able to clean a variety of grates, plus there's a hanging loop at the top for easy storage. Personally, I just threw a quick nail in the wall next to my grill so that I'll always know where it is.

A Lightning Cable That Won't Fray To Bare Wires

If you have an iPhone, you know that the lighting cable that comes in the box will eventually fray where the port meets the cable. This replacement cable, on the other hand, has been bent more than 4,000 times to make sure it won't wear out anywhere near as quickly. It's also 3 feet long, which is great for charging your phone at a distant outlet while you're laying around on the couch.

This Stainless Steel Fish That Absorbs Weird Smells

Sometimes the hand soap I have doesn't do a good enough job of getting rid of funky smells from onions, garlic, etc. off my hands, which is why I ordered this stainless steel fish. It won't get rid of bacteria, but it'll absorb any unwanted odors so that your skin is left smelling like...well, skin. All you have to do is rub it between your hands — no water necessary.

A Towel Rack That Hangs Over Your Cabinet Doors

I'm honestly obsessed with this over-the-cabinet towel rod, and not just because the copper finish is seriously cute. I always hung my towels on my cabinet knobs before I had this, and while that's all fine and dandy, this just looks so much better. Also, it's only $9 — going out to lunch costs more, so you really don't have any excuses. Choose from four finishes: copper, polished, brushed, or bronze.

These Bandages That Look Like Bacon Strips

They're bandages that look like strips of bacon — what more is there to say? They look absolutely delicious on my finger whenever I cut myself, and they make great additions to any goody bag, stocking, or even just a random surprise to confuse a loved one. Each order comes with 25 bandages.

These Sunglasses That Add A Pop Of Color To Any Outfit

My closet is pretty monochromatic, and these sunglasses add a fun pop of color to any outfit. Choose from vibrant colors like rose red, coral, lake blue, and more, plus the lenses are shatterproof so you don't have to worry about dropping them. "I’m actually so happy with these," one reviewer wrote. "They come in this really cute little matte pouch and the frames have clear protective anti-scratch stickers over them which you can dispose of once you’re ready to wear them. "

A 50-Pack Of Disposable Face Masks

I bought this pack of face masks for the days where my reusable cloth ones are in the wash. While my cloth masks kind of smother me while I'm outside running, I can loop these ones around my headphones too. It takes the pressure off my ears, and gives me a little extra breathing room without sacrificing on protection.

A Cute Little Jar For Cotton Swabs, Q-Tips, And Whatever Else

Sometimes you just need a cute lil' jar to hold your swabs and stuff, which is why I grabbed this farmhouse-style one. The lid is rustproof so you don't have to worry about it corroding over time, plus it also looks great if you just use it as decor — fill it with bath salts, seashells, beads, or whatever else you can think of.

This Hanes Sweatshirt Is Less Than $10

That's right — a high-quality Hanes sweatshirt for less than $10. If that's not a steal, I don't know what is. Even though it's sized for men, I bought a small just to wear around the house when I'm feeling lazy, plus the low-pill fabric keeps it looking great no matter how many times you wash it. Grab it in more than 20 colors, including deep royal, cardinal, Kelly green, and more.

A Tea Infuser Shaped Like An Adorable Sloth

Don't like sloths? Not a problem, as this reusable tea infuser is also available as an elephant, hedgehog, rabbit, dog, beetle, and seal. I like using it because it lets me brew my own custom blend of loose leaves, plus it's made from BPA-free, food-safe silicone that won't affect the flavor of your tea.

This Smartphone Holder That Clips Into Your Car's Air Vents

I get ticked off having to finagle with complicated smartphone holders while I'm driving, which is why I "downgraded" myself to this ultra-simple version. You can also use it as a kickstand while watching videos, and the ring doubles as a thumb grip. Choose from five colors: black, blue, red, white, or yellow.

An Earbud Wrap That Keeps Your Wires From Getting Knotted

Made from top-quality leather, this earbud wrap makes it easy to keep any knots out of your wires. It's small enough that it fits in my pocket without leaving a massive bulge, and the clasp releases my earbuds with a simple pull — no tedious unwinding required. Besides, at only $6, you really can't go wrong.

These Earbuds That Are Only $3

When was the last time you saw a pair of headphones for just $3? Not only are they incredibly cheap, but they're also available in 10 fun colors, including purple, blue, green, and more. One reviewer explained perfectly why they're a great buy — "These last the same amount of time as the cheap ones ($10) you get at Target or Walmart, however, my husband and I both think the sound quality is much better. We buy several at a time, so that when they die we always have a backup waiting. "

A Soap Dish That Helps Extend The Life Of Your Soap

I got tired of my countertop becoming a sudsy, soapy mess whenever I put a wet bar down, which is why I bought this soap dish. The veins in the leaf hold your bar up so that there's room to let air flow underneath it, which in turn helps extend the life of your soap. And not only is it just $4, but it also comes with free shipping.

This Tissue Cover Made From Eco-Friendly Linen

For just $2, I gave the tissues in my purse a makeover with this cute cover. It's made from soft linen that keeps your tissues protected, and the eye-catching pattern is easy to locate in bags or backpacks. One reviewer mentioned that shipping was "way faster than expected," and that it works great on their flushable wipes packages.

A Set Of Tools That Get Your Ears Squeaky-Clean

Made from 100% stainless steel, this earwax toolkit is a must-have for anyone who lays on their side and can hear crud working its way out — TMI? Ok, in that case let's just say anyone with dirty ears can really benefit from it. The scoops make it easy to reach every angle inside your ear, and they all come neatly packaged in a metal travel case.

These Tealight Candles That Are Scented With Essential Oils

Adding a few tealights around your house is an easy way to set a warm, relaxing mood, which is why I grabbed this pack of six. Each one is hand-poured with a paraffin wax blend, and the lead-free wick burns cleanly with minimal soot. The best part? They're made with essential oils so to give their scent an added punch.

These Pots That Are Perfect For Succulents

I had the hardest time finding pots that are the perfect size for my succulents, but luckily I discovered this one — and it's only $6! There's a drainage hole in the bottom of the pot so that excess water can escape, and it's made from classy ceramic, not plastic. Choose from three colors: pink, purple, or blue.

A Makeup Palette That Comes With A Spatula

Not only is this makeup palette made from durable acrylic, but each order also comes with a stainless steel spatula you can use to mix colors. It also works great for mixing small amounts of paint in a pinch, and one reviewer even raved that "Love this. I used to pump makeup on my hand, but that got old quickly. This helps me distribute makeup in a mess-free way"

A Waterproof Cover That Fits Over Your Backpack

Tired of having your backpack get trashed in the rain? Just cover it up with this waterproof wrap. The elastic sides make it easy to fit overtop of most backpacks, and it's made from tear-resistant nylon that's also UV-resistant. I like to use mine while camping, just in case of random downpours.

A Body Brush That Exfoliates Away Dead Skin

Dry brushes are great for exfoliating away dead skin from all over your body, and this one is available for just $4. I've found that the bristles are stiff enough to be effective, yet soft enough that it doesn't feel like I'm scratching myself. The hand strap on the back makes it easy to handle if you use it in the shower, plus it can even help stimulate blood circulation.

This Jar Filled With Nail Art Diamonds

Ever wonder how your friends get their homemade manicures looking so good? Here's a secret: they're adding flair by using diamond nail decals like these. They come in a variety of sizes so you can layer them on top of each other, and besides — it's just $3, what do you have to lose (besides $3)?

These Hair Ties That Won't Crimp Your Hair

Hair ties can leave you with a headache after a few hours if they're pulling too hard on your scalp — that's why I switched to using these invisible ones. They're available in multiple colors so that they blend into your hair, plus they won't leave crimps, nor will they yank at your roots. And because they're made without any fabric, they won't turn into a soggy mess on your wrist if you get wet.

A Back Scratcher Made From Stainless Steel

With more than 4,000 positive reviews, it's clear that Amazon shoppers love this backscratcher. The handle extends out so that you can reach any spot on your body without having to twist into awkward positions, plus it's made from 100% stainless steel. "This bear claw is a lifesaver!!" one reviewer raved. "It not only reaches every area that I can’t reach by myself, but the “claws" provide the perfect scratch without being too sharp or too dull. If Goldilocks had tried to find a backscratcher at the bears’ cabin in the woods, this would have been the one that was 'just right.'"

These Patches That Help Heal Blemishes

Real talk: I ate Burger King twice this week, and now my skin is breaking out. Whenever that happens, I just slap one of these acne patches on top of any stray blemishes that pop up, and overnight they'll help absorb pus so that they flatten out. They're waterproof so that you can wear them in the shower, plus they even help keep you from picking at your skin and making it worse.

A Pair Of Compression Socks That Help Prevent You From Growing Sore

It doesn't matter whether I'm out jogging or boarding a plane for a long flight — I'm still gonna wear these compression socks. Why? The added compression not only helps keep your muscles from growing sore, but they can also help prevent swelling if you've been sitting for several hours straight. Grab them in fun colors like blue, purple, green, and more.

A Scalp Massager That's Only $5

I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that this scalp massager feels like a $200 massage, but does it feel nice? Totally. Is it worth the $5? Definitely. The tips are covered in soft rubber so that your head doesn't feel like it's being clawed, plus it's great for braids and weaves since it scratches your scalp without ruining your hairstyle.

This Headband For Practicing Yoga And Doing Makeup

Most of the headbands you find at the store are thin, whereas this one is thick, fluffy, and (so far) hasn't left me with a headache. The thick fabric is great for absorbing sweat during light exercise like yoga, or you can even wear it while doing makeup to keep your hair out of your face. Choose from dozens of colors, including leopard, watermelon red, and more.

This Anti-Chafing Balm That's Completely Vegan

Made with plant-based, vegan ingredients, this balm is great for that uncomfortable chafing that comes with the hot summertime weather. Before I go running in the afternoon I'll give my ribcage a few swipes so that my sports bra doesn't chafe, and it absorbs quickly into your skin — not a single bit of greasy residue in sight here.

This LED Lamp You Can Attach To MetL Surfaces

Workbenches, washing machines, refrigerators — you name it, this LED lamp can stick to it. The base features a strong magnet that won't shake loose, and the neck is flexible so that you can easily angle it wherever you need it. One reviewer even wrote that "The magnet is plenty strong but the base doesn't scratch the machine when I move it. The gooseneck is flexible but it stays where I put it—it doesn't sag. All 'round, this is great value for money."

These Sponges That Power Through Dirt And Grime

Not only are these Scrub Daddy sponges one of the biggest sellers featured on Shark Tank, but this pack of three is also available for just $10. They won't scratch your surfaces, nor will they absorb any funky odors so that they stay fresher for longer than regular sponges. I like to use mine for stubborn burnt-on crud on my pots and pans, or even for when the leather in my car gets a little dirty.

This Peel-Off Mask That Detoxifies Your Pores

Whenever I feel like my complexion is looking a little dull, I wear this peel-off mask on my face for a few minutes. It's formulated with cucumber that can help reduce swelling and puffiness, plus it's safe for normal as well as oily skin. Unlike other peeling masks, in my opinion this one doesn't hurt!