37 Things Way Too Cool To Be Under $10 on Amazon

Look, we're in the dead of winter and the gray days aren't doing anyone's mental health a favor. Why not brighten up your week with one of these lil' pick-me-ups? Amazon is like one giant Target Dollar Spot if you know where to look, and boy do we.

From hand cream that makes your nails as strong as diamonds to perhaps the most positively reviewed travel mug in existence, we've got 37 little treats that cost less than a fast food meal and will put a smile on your face when they get delivered to your doorstop or desk.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these popular products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Cable Covers Are Fiercely Protective

Say goodbye to annoying frayed charging cords when you get these adorable cable covers that come in a ton of tiny animal shapes. They unobtrusively protect your cable from damage - they slide right onto the cord and don't get in the way of regular phone use. Great for earphones if you still have the "old-fashioned" kind, too!

This Slicing Tool Makes Quick Work Of Frustrating Packaging

You don't always have a pair of scissors or Swiss army knife available when your armload of Amazon packages get delivered at once. That's where this slicer comes in - its extra-sharp ceramic blade is quick, easy and safe to use for opening boxes, cutting impenetrable plastic blister packaging and works great on paper. It's got nearly 800 rave reviews from happy customers, too!

This Fun Spoon Brightens Up Coffee Breaks

Make tea time even more delightful with this Nessie-shaped spoon - the sinuous design is pleasing to use and the "monster" peeking her head out of your cup is so cute. It'll bring a smile to your face every time you have a cuppa!

These Syringe Highlighters Are Perfect For Healthcare Offices

These syringe highlighters add a shot of fun to boring old office supplies. They're perfect for healthcare offices or anyone with a twisted sense of humor! Get this gift for your favorite nurse or doctor's office receptionist and get you a gold star for thoughtfulness.

This Mac & Cheese Cooker Is Perfect For The Office

Desk lunch is about to get an exciting makeover - no more soggy sandwiches when you can whip up creamy mac & cheese lickety split. Just pop it into this silicone rapid mac cooker that delivers a perfect lunch in just 5 minutes! Your coworkers gonna be so jelly.

These Deodorant Removers Keep Your Outfit On Point

There's nothing worse than throwing on a dark top as you're rushing out the door already late, then noticing an embarrassing white deodorant mark as you're strolling into your morning meeting. Keep these deodorant-removing sponges for quick fixes on the go and at the office - you get two in a package, so keep one in your bag and the other in your desk!

These Avocado Pit Straws Are An Eco-Friendly Revelation

So many restaurants and coffee shops are going straw-free or using those terrible paper straws that dissolve upon contact with liquid. While it's great for the environment, it's annoying if you like using straws. Find the best compromise with these eco-friendly straws made from avocado pits. They hold up well in liquid and they're reusable, so extra eco points for you!

This Flavored Syrup Is Delish

If you love fancy coffee (or tea!), this sugar-free Torani syrup is a must-have for dressing up your hot or iced brew. It comes in delicious flavors like chocolate, hazelnut, salted caramel (!) and my fave, s'mores. And you don't have to worry about empty calories since it's sweetened with Splenda! If you're not counting calories, it's also excellent mixed into milkshakes.

These Bando Pencils Give The Nicest Compliments

If you're a fan of inspirational office supplies, look no further than these pretty pencils that are full of the sweetest pats-on-the-back. From "You are Gold, Baby, Solid Gold" to "Yes, You Totally Can", these little pick-me-ups will get your through your work day with confidence and a smile on your face.

This Banana Hook Keeps Your Fruit Fresh, Longer

Bananas are America's favorite fruit, so chances are they're currently hanging out in your kitchen or cubicle. Problem is, they take up all the room in the fruit bowl (#firstworldprobs) then the ones on the bottom get mushy and brown since they're sitting on a flat surface. Keep them so fresh and so yellow when you hang them from this handy banana hook that easily attaches with a self-adhesive patch under your counter or overhead cabinet at work. Almost 600 people love this thing on Amazon!

These Cat Paper Clips Are Purrfect For The Office

Your TPS report's about to get all jazzed up with these animal-shaped paper clips. Spread a little office cheer with these adorable supplies. You get a set of 18 paper clips made out of, well, paper - how cool is that? Recyclable and adorable - win/win.

This Memo Board Keeps You On Point

Sure, you can stick Post-It notes all over your computer, but then you won't be able to see the screen! Try this monitor memo board instead - it sticks right onto the side of your screen and holds important reminders right where you're sure to see them. The cute peeking panda bear doesn't hurt, either.

This Pen Holder Keeps Your Desk Tidy

This design-y pen holder is great for keeping your space clean and doubles as a cool decoration for your desk. It sticks onto the bottom of your monitor and holds all your writing tools and small office supplies.

This Coffee Pod Refiller Is Genius

Need a no-mess solution to refilling reusable coffee pods? I gotchu, fam. This coffee scoop with funnel easily grabs just the right amount of grounds to fill up your K-cup and transfers to your pod without spilling everywhere. It's got over 2,000 fans on Amazon - this thing is life-changing.

This Cubicle Mirror Lets You See Who's Sneaking Up On Ya

Anyone who sits in the cubicle opposite the boss's office or with your back to the room needs this monitor mirror that gives you a rearview to who's coming up behind you. Don't get caught browsing Reddit when you're on deadline, use this clever trick instead!

This Donut Tape Dispenser Makes Me Hungry

Maybe this donut tape dispenser will help you avoid the constant barrage of unhealthy office goodies left in the breakroom, or maybe it'll just make you more hungry like it does for me. Either way, this sweet upgrade to a boring desk accessory hits the spot.

This AirPods Case Is Avocadorable

If you need a safe space for your airpods that's pretty impossible to misplace, try this silicone air pod case that's shaped like a yummy avocado! It also comes in pretty much every fruit & veg shape imaginable, from carrot to durian. It's got almost 500 five-star reviews, which means you should totally get it.

These Mini Post-Its Are Next-Level Office Supplies

Up your work or study game with these mini Post-it notes that you can stick over and over again before they're done. Use them to mark pages or important information in a report so you can find your place with ease. It comes with a pen that also has even tinier Post-its built right in. The future is now, friends.

This Phone Stand Is So Fetch

This balloon dog phone stand and holder is so purty. And functional, too, since it'll hold your phone in place while you watch cat videos online or FaceTime with your bestie. Plus it provides a great grip so you don't smash your screen when it slips out of your butterfingers!

These Silicone Straws Are Great For On-The-Go

This set of silicone straws come in their own pods, so they're super easy to throw in your bag or pocket without worrying about germs or dirt. You get four collapsible 10-inch straws that'll fit even your venti-sized iced coffee.

This Left-Handed Pen Was Made For Southpaws

Left-handed peeps get left out of a lot of things and have to make do in a right-handed world. Until now - this special pen for lefties was invented especially for you! The ergonomic curved barrel design gives you much more visibility so no more smeared, uncomfortably angled writing. It's got almost 700 happy customers on Amazon that love it's smooth writing ways!

This Bunny Duster Makes Cleaning Fun

Have you ever noticed how incredibly dusty and gross computer screens get? From greasy fingerprints to god knows what, your desktop and monitor could use a good scrub behind the ears. To make cleaning an actually enjoyable process, keep things fun with this bunny dusting glove. Bonus - when you're done, impress your coworkers with an impromptu puppet show they're sure to love.

These Sandwich Bags Will Bug You Out

No one will steal your lunch with these creepy but effective bug print sandwich bags! A nice, juicy cockroach or fly is pictured crawling right across your bag which will signal a huge "hands off!" to coworkers. You'll get 24 of these baggies in a pack, so you can scare off would-be lunch thieves for a long time to come!

These Push Pins Pretty Up Your Workspace

If your workspace is drowning in corporate grays, inject a little jewel-toned goodness with these pomegranate push pins. The clever design looks great on your desk, and the ruby red pins do a great job of tacking up important info, pics or all those certificates of achievement you've got piling up!

These Funny Lunch Bags Will Keep The Office Entertained

Keep your coworkers laughing with these hilarious paper lunch bags advertising faux restaurants that you'd never actually eat at. From "Budget Sushi" to "Big Aggie's (Better than nature intended)", these take-out fake-outs make desk lunch so much more exciting and are also great doggy bags for dinner parties or potlucks.

This Plant Funnel Is Unbe-leaf-able

How cute is this plant funnel that looks just like a leaf and blends in seamlessly with the actual greenery? It's an easy way to water plants without spilling water everywhere and ruining the wooden windowsills (oh hi, it me). You get a set of 3 funnels in varying verdant shades to ensure no plants go thirsty.

This Polaroid Frame Keeps It Fresh

Change up your decor in a snap with this polaroid photo frame. Simply slip a new print into the frame whenever you need a refresh and you're good to go. This would look fabulous displaying your fave shots on your desk or bedside table.

This Cooling Towel Keeps You From Being A Hot Mess

You don't want to get so swampy when you're exercising over your lunch break, so grab this cooling towel that evaporates sweat super-fast. It's really long, so you can even use it as a bandana or neck wrap to keep drips to a minimum. It comes in a bunch of colors and has hundreds of rave reviews on Amazon, too.

This Webcam Cover Respects Your Privacy

You never know when Big Brother's watching, so you definitely want to get a webcam cover to keep your private life private. This one sticks right on to your phone or laptop and easily slides open when you want to FaceTime or Skype. It won't damage your device in any way and doesn't interfere with internet usage so it's basically a foolproof way to protect yourself.

These Silicone Tea Bags Are Economical And Cheerful

Loose tea can be much more economical than pre-bagged, and it's most definitely a lot fresher than whatever's been sitting on your grocery store shelf since the last decade. These reusable, colorful silicone tea bags let you dunk to your heart's content and release fresh-tasting, full-bodied tea, no dregs or tea debris.

This Teabag Squeezer Gets Every Last Drop

If, like me, you like fancy tea and hate missing even a drop of that caffeinated (or not) goodness, try this tea bag squeezer to strengthen your brew and get every last bit. It doubles as a lid to keep your tea warm in case you don't get to drink it right away.

This Nail Strengthening Cream Has A Cult Following

Constant tippy-tapping on your keyboard and phone stresses your nails to the breaking point. Beef them up a bit with this strengthening nail cream that's a quick fix with a cult following. This stuff stops cracks, chips and peeling fast and has over TWO THOUSAND rabid fans on Amazon. At under $8, it's muuuuuch cheaper than a weekly mani.

These Listerine Tabs Keep Your Mouth Feeling Clean

It's not always convenient to bust out a toothbrush whenever your mouth needs refreshing, but these Listerine tabs are the next best thing. They fit in your pocket, melt on your tongue and freshen your breath for four hours at a time!

This Travel Makeup Bag Fits Easily In Your Bag Or Desk

You don't want to lug your whole makeup collection with you on a trip or when you need a quick fix at the office. This compact travel makeup bag is a much better option. It fits easily in your bag or desk drawer and fits everything you need - even brushes - to do touchups or a full face.

This Rolling Massager Gets The Knots Out

Got muscle or joint pain and don't have time (or funds) to get a massage? Try this rolling massager you can use anywhere! This tiny package packs pain-relieving power - use it on tight shoulders, aching feet, or even for a full back massage. It's got almost two thousand rave reviews on Amazon from now very relaxed people.

These Blotting Papers Stop An Oil Spill On Your Face

If your face looks like a shiny oil slick by mid-day, these charcoal blotting papers will keep your skin in check and your face clear. The easy-to-use dispenser pops out sheets of magical oil-absorbing paper to sop up any unsightly sheen and they have nearly three thousand rabid fans on Amazon. A must have if you have a face.

This Travel Mug Is Amazing For The Price

You don't need to spend upwards of $40 on a fancy travel mug, this one is amazing in its own right! It comes in three sizes, from 16 to 24 ounces, a bunch of gorgeous colors, and has over TWENTY TWO THOUSAND positive reviews on Amazon. I mean, if ever there was a no-brainer for your morning joe...