37 Things Under $25 That Have 5,000+ Glowing Reviews

I know a winner when I see one, and I love to spread the word. Today's article contains dozens of winners, all of which have at least 5,000 positive reviews on Amazon (spoiler alert: one of them has over 23,000 reviews...wow). The best part about these products is that they're all great values, saving you a lot of money.

Start with this caffeine-bomb to fire up your day, then get to work with colorful tools and the best way to charge your phone. I'm also a huge fan of this adorable accessory that's universally flattering--take a look at the user reviews to see what I mean. Enough with the teases. Read on for all of my recommendations, and order yourself something that will make you feel like a winner!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Smart Plug Helps You Live Your Best, Hands-Free Life

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Why get up when you can tell Alexa to do something? Take your digital assistant to the next level with smart plugs, which are easy to install and fun to operate. Plug just about anything (lamps, air conditioners, and coffee makers are popular choices) into a smart plug, then use your voice commands to turn it off and on. Here's one 5-star review:
"I have owned several different brands of smart plugs, and this one was BY FAR the easiest to to set up. I plugged it into an outlet and within a few seconds the Alexa app on my phone recognized it as a new device, prompted me to give it a name, and I was all set! Awesomeness all around." -- Frederick, an Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

This Bath Mat Can Be Machine-Washed and Dried Over and Over--And Stays Fluffy

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Finally, an affordable bath mat that's soft, fluffy, and won't disintegrate in the dryer! This chenille bath mat is specially designed to be repeatedly machine-washed and dried without losing its fluff or ruining its rubber backing. It comes in 8 sizes and 34 colors, so it's easy to find just the right mat for your space. Here's one 5-star review:
"You can’t go wrong with this grippy rug. I ordered two. One for our bathroom and one for my boys bathroom. The mat is soft, soaks up a lot of water, and really stays put. We kept the last one longer than we should have and the edges frayed and it moved around a bunch. This one is great quality for the price. I have washed it a bunch and it comes out like new. I did a lot of research before I purchased and I am happy with this choice." --Allison Rausch

These Battery-Operated Tea Lights for Instant, Flame-Free Mood Lighting

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Ask me how much I love battery-operated candles? Answer: SO MUCH. They're fabulous around the bathtub, as part of a tablescape, or inside your favorite candle holders. Each tea light comes with a battery that provides 100 hours of use (you can also order replacement batteries on Amazon if you need them). Here's one 5-star review:
"They actually look like the real thing if you put them in a frosted glass tea holder. They flicker like real candles and stay cool all night long. I turn them on at night so they can 'burn' when the house is asleep. They've been going for eight to ten hour cycles for the past week and seem to be going strong. I bought a box of 12 along with a pack of replacement batteries. So far I've not needed to replace anything. They certainly are a great deal. And by the way, they were shipped perfectly with no defects, breaks or issues whatsoever." --Amazon Customer

This Chef's Knife Is the Bestselling Knife Under $20 on Amazon

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A good quality chef's knife makes food prep so much easier. This one is versatile and can be used to chop vegetables, trim meat, slice cheese, and handle any other cutting job you have in the kitchen. This knife is not only highly rated and a bestseller on Amazon, but it's also well-priced for the quality. Here's one 5-star review:
"Was going to buy an expensive Santoku when I just stumbled across this knife. I thought, what the heck, so many people loved this knife I am going to give it a shot. The old saw of 'you get what you pay for' doesn't apply in this case. Sharp from the get go and with an occaisional touch up on a very fine whetstone it maintains a shaving edge. If this is the bottom of the Mercer line I can't imagine what the other knives are like. I know the handles get fancier but not sure about the actual blades. I love what I have and join the hundreds of reviewers who liked this knife." --Pat Caro

This Bra Bag Protects Bras in the Washing Machine

via: Amazon

No, you don't have to hand-wash your bras! Not if you invest in these bra laundry bags, one of the most practical inventions I've come across lately. The rigid plastic frame forms a protective case, preventing any damage to the underwire, lace, and hardware on bras. Here's one 5-star review:
"I bought these to replace some previous bags that had not held up. These bags are great quality and have held up extremely well. They have room enough for 2 bras. The zipper is sturdy. The seams are well constructed on these, so they will not be splitting anytime soon." --Jean Ann Lopez

This Beloved Multi-Use Concealer Has 17,000+ Reviews

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I love trying new make-up, but when it comes to concealer, I stick with my tried-and-true Instant Age Rewind Concealer. This Maybelline classic is a bestseller for a reason: It works! The sponge applicator makes it easy to apply and blend without needing other tools (so it's perfect for taking on the go). It comes in 18 shades and is so well-priced, it's worth buying a few at once. Here's one 5-star review:
"Best under eye concealer ever. I am 67 years old, have tried them all and I wouldn't go out without applying this concealer. It blends nicely with my foundation and has never caked. The sponge applicator is soft and makes application quick and easy." -- Morty

This Crayola Art Case Encourages Creativity

via: Amazon / Kateryna

Treat your favorite budding artist to the Crayola Art Case, a wonderland of color and possibility that will inspire hours of creative fun! The hinged case opens to reveal 64 crayons, 20 colored pencils, 40 washable markers, and 15 large sheets of paper. When done, the case latches shut for easy storage or travel. Here's one 5-star review:
"I buy these art sets as gifts all the time. They are reasonably priced, and are great! No more big containers of broken crayons! No more markers without caps! These sets have little spots for each and every crayon and marker, so my kids actually PUT THEM AWAY. Everything stays organized, and nothing gets lost. We've had one of these cases for over a year, and my kids play with it regularly. I'm a big fan." --Gwaliagirl

This Death Wish Coffee for Those Who Love a Strong Brew

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Death wish? More like wake-up-and-get-my-work-done wish! If you like your coffee delicious and intense with a serious caffeine kick, then Death Wish Coffee needs to go right in your cart. It's organic, fair-trade, and offer a money-back guarantee, no questions asked, if you don't love their coffee! Here's one 5-star review:
"I'm sold. I bought this to keep me alert and focused at work. By my second cup I no longer needed a keyboard or mouse, as I was able to control my computer directly by thought. By the third cup I could hear colors and smell sounds. After my fourth cup, I decided to burn off some of the excess energy with a quick jog, and ended up finishing the Kessel Run in 11 parsecs flat! Seriously... Buy this stuff!" --Erick W.

These Nightlights Turn on Automatically in Dark Rooms

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Light up the dark corners of your home with this 6-pack of nightlights. Each plugs into an outlet and is light-sensitive, which means it turns on automatically in a dark room. They're perfect for hallways, bathrooms, and kids' bedrooms. Here's one 5-star review:
"I'm THRILLED with these. One on each end of our ranch layout home gives us plenty of light at night to be able to navigate without turning lights on. I feel like these look like expensive night lights, starting off dim and getting brighter as it gets darker out." --S. Barry

This Duvet Set Gives Your Bed a Fresh, New Look

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Update your bedroom in five minutes flat with a new duvet cover and matching shams. The microfiber fabric is smooth, wrinkle-resistant, and machine washable. It comes in 19 colors and prints to choose from, and is an extremely good price! Here's one 5-star review:
"I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it is for the price. The fabric is very soft, almost has a silky feel to it. It has snaps to open and close the cover, which is nice because I've had one with buttons that was always falling open on its own. The snaps keep this shut." --Steph

This Egg Cooker for the Easiest, Perfectly Cooked Eggs

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This handy little egg cooker makes it so much easier to cook eggs perfectly every time. It holds up to 7 eggs at a time and can be set to soft boil or hard boil. You can also make poached eggs or a steamed omelette! Here's one 5-star review:
"I bought this little genius of an egg cooker because I love hard boiled eggs and was tired of having to watch the water boil out on my forgotten eggs on the stove. I did not know whether this little egg cooker would work or not but I figured why not try it? Well, was I surprised at how great it works? If I could I would give it a ten." --John123

These Affresh Foaming Tablets Clean and Freshen the Washing Machine

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If your washer smells dank or your laundry isn't fresh, it's time to clean the washing machine! These Affresh foaming tablets make it super-easy. Just toss one into the machine--they work on both top-loading and front-loading machines--and run a regular wash cycle. The tablet dissolves slowly while producing foam that leaves the machine sparkling clean. Here's one 5-star review:
"My very first clean with Affresh left me surprised and delighted for not only did it clean my machine, it eliminated the nasty smell that always transferred to my clothes thanks to a build up of mold I didn't even know about. Every month now, I toss a tablet into the drum and let it work its magic. Now, my machine is cleaner than ever, and my clothes always smell wonderfully fresh. I highly recommend this to everyone." --Kelli Crawford

These Rainbow Gel Pens for Smear-Free Writing

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Don't let dark times, heavy work assignments, or boring school projects get you down. Brighten up your paperwork with a brand new set of 10 gel pens! Users rave about the quality, color, and smear-free effect of these pens. Here's one 5-star review:
"I am a pen snob. Left handed. Teacher. These pens have me finding excuses to write! I generally hate gel pens because I smear them so quickly when I write, but these are amazing. Also, unlike other color-ink pens, the yellow and lime green are easily legible! I highly recommend these pens! Well worth the cost." --Alli

This Electric Kettle Boils Water in Under One Minute

via: Amazon

Speed up your morning tea, coffee, or oatmeal with this stainless steel electric kettle by Amazon Basics. It holds one liter of water at a time and heats to boiling in under one minute. Once the water boils, the kettle turns off automatically. Here's one 5-star review:
"Pleasantly surprised with how well this works! I was nervous about buying an electric kettle for such a low price when other products seemed to be in a higher price range. I tried this just because it was Amazons choice and it didn’t dissapoint. It’s quick & quiet although pretty basic with only one button. Once it’s done, it auto shuts off so that the water stops boiling. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for an electric kettle!" -- Amazon Customer

These Headphones Are Lightweight and Sized for Kids

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My kids are on their computers more than ever, doing schoolwork, playing games, and video-chatting with friends. All of that is great...as long as it's quiet. Which is why I've invested in a few more pairs of these kid-sized headphones! They're comfortable, adjustable, and best of all--really affordable. Here's one 5-star review:
"Seriously, the best headphones made for kids. We've gone through a bunch and are so happy to have found these. Best points: 1. They FIT. My 3 yr old has a pair and my 8 year old daughter has a pair. No more back seat complaining that ear buds are falling out or headbands are slipping. 2. The sound is great! One of my biggest complaints about kid headphones is that they are so quiet that my kids can't hear their movies over the road noise. No problem with these. And yes, a 3 year old and 8 year old should be able to manage their own volume. 3. They are sturdy. They are holding up to yanking. Van floor rolling. Shoving into back packs. These headphones are tough! I would reccomend them 1000 times. So glad to have finally found the perfect kid headphone." --Sharra M. Luke

This Microwave Popcorn Popper Makes Delicious, Fresh Popcorn in Under 3 Minutes

via: Amazon

It's time to ditch the pre-packaged microwave popcorn (it's expensive, full of additives, and doesn't even taste very good!). Treat yourself to this microwave popcorn popper! Just pour up to 1/4 cup kernels into the silicone bowl, microwave for 2-3 minutes, then enjoy fluffy, healthy popcorn. For extra flavor, add oil, butter, and/or salt with the kernels. Here's one 5-star review:
"This is a fast, effective and low cost means to prepare popcorn. I got tired of paying a premium for microwave popcorn packets at the grocery. I didn’t want another appliance on my counter to air pop either. This was the perfect solution." --RobG

This Soup Mug Is the Best Way to Heat and Serve

via: Amazon

Perfect for quick meals, this microwave soup mug is the easiest way to heat and serve soup, noodles, or hot drinks. The mug is made from thick, BPA-free plastic and is safe in the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave. The vented lid means no splatters in the microwave. Here's one 5-star review:
"I absolutely LOVE these mugs. Bought a blue one first to take soup to work for lunch. However, found myself using it at home too - for soup, chili, and to store leftovers in the fridge. I have reheated mac and cheese and casseroles as well. Works also for hot or cold beverages. Lots of room for a big beverage AND ice cubes. I have made milkshakes it them. Uses are endless." --Fran

This Wireless Mini Fan Can Be Used Anywhere

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Cool down and create white noise anywhere you need it with this wireless mini fan. Measuring about 6 by 8 inches, it's the perfect size to prop on a desk or clip to a stroller. There are no cords to get in the way--the fan has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be recharged with any USB power source. Here's one 5-star review:
"I love this little fan. It runs for a long time on its battery, so I can easily carry it around where I need it. It is small and light, so very easy to carry around, but amazingly powerful. It swivels easily in all directions, so it is easy to aim it in just the right direction." --Amazon Customer

This Mini Multi-Tool Packs 10 Essential Tools in 4 Inches

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Tiny, yet mighty! This mini multi-tool is small enough to wear on a keychain or slip in a pocket, yet bristles with 10 essential tools: Needle nose spring-loaded pliers, Wire cutter, Fine edge blade, Retail package opener, Scissors, Medium flat driver, Crosshead driver, Bottle opener, Tweezers, and File. Here's one 5-star review:
"Affordable, rugged, and looks great. I bought this mini multi-tool to have an affordable everyday carry (EDC) tool to always have in my pocket in case I needed it. The 10 'tools' this Gerber comes with are great, but my favorite is the box cutter blade which I use almost daily now." --Gear Know-How

This No-Frills Alarm Clock Is Reliable and Easy to Operate

via: Amazon

When you need a basic, dependable alarm clock to get the job done, this is the one you want! It works on electricity but has a battery back up just in case. Setting the alarm is as easy as pushing a couple of buttons, and it has a built-in nightlight you can activate by pressing the top. Here's one 5-star review:
"This clock is wonderful. The numbers are VERY easy to see in the dark without glasses. The illumination is soft (on the low setting) and the alarm is effective yet not jarring. The best part is the little built-in light. I expected this clock to be okay, based on the reviews, but it is so MUCH better. I LOVE IT." --Grace Silver

This Ozeri Nonstick Pan Is Free From Teflon and Other Harmful Chemicals

via: Amazon

If you want a new nonstick frying pan but are worried about the toxic effect of chemical coatings, this Ozeri nonstick pan is a great alternative. Made in Germany, the Ozeri pan is coated with a stone-derived, anti-scratch coating that gives a superior nonstick cooking surface. Here's one 5-star review:
"5 months after purchase. Do you want a non-stick pan that you will enjoy using and easy to clean? I have tried several other so called non-stick pans - all failed! The search is over. This pan performs, great size, and works! Follow the directions before using and prep by wiping the surface with a little oil oil. No experience of peeling, flaking, or food sticking. Hardy well-built pan." --Just Honest Reviews

This Pet Food Container Includes Two Compartments and a Scoop

via: Amazon

I used to store dog food in the original bag, until I realized my dog Rosie prefers her kibble crunchy. It stays fresher longer when properly stored in an airtight container like this one, which holds 25 pounds in the main compartment and 10 pounds in the upper container. The container is on wheels, comes in 9 colors, and includes a matching scoop. Here's one 5-star review:
"Very small footprint! Strong, airtight, and mobile! 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 guinea pig make for too many bags of food! This has been a perfect solution." --Jodie Hatcher

These Pyrex Measuring Cups Are a Classic for Good Reason

via: Amazon

I already own several Pyrex measuring cups, and they're so handy I'm thinking about ordering more. This set includes a 1-cup, 2-cup, and 4-cup glass measuring pitchers. They're dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven-safe, and they pretty much last forever. Here's one 5-star review:
"I’m so glad I bought these. I’ve been a homemaker for 35 years, and I’m always needing measuring cups and varied sized containers for mixing small batches of food. These serve both purposes. The price for this set is excellent. Print is easy to read, and pouring is smooth." --Red Teapot

These Rustic Wood Floating Shelves Are Stylish and Functional

via: Amazon

Increase storage space and add a dose of rustic style to any room with this set of three floating shelves. The largest measures 17" by 4.7", with the other two slightly smaller. All mounting hardware and instructions are included. There are lots of photos in the user reviews showing how other customers are using them in every room of the house! Here's one 5-star review:
"Nice simple shelves for the modern farmhouse look. Easy to install. Would buy again." --Jason

This Pet Grooming Brush Reduces Shedding By Up to 95%

via: Amazon / Jessie

I love my dog Rosie, but I don't love the fur she leaves all over my house. Regular brushing is an absolute necessity, which is why I'm ordering this pet grooming brush. It's designed to remove a lot of loose fur, which means a cuter pet and less shedding! Here's one 5-star review:
"Finally an affordable brush that works. I received this product today and it works like a charm." --Alexandria Smith

These Dri-Tech Socks Prevent Sweaty, Stinky Feet

via: Amazon

This might be the most practical product on this list! Invest in a 6-pack of these Dri-Tech Socks to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and odor-free. They're woven of soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fibers and constructed with reinforced heels and toes. Plenty of colors to choose from, and with over 23,000 reviews so far, you can rest assured these socks are worth it! Here's one 5-star review:
"Buy these socks. They do not pill. They do not fade. They don't get holes. They don't lose their elasticity. They are warm in winter and cool in summer. I bought a pack of these a year ago for everyday use, and having worn them, well, every day, I can assure you they are still in top shape." --Daniel T.

These Sphere Ice Molds for Whiskey and Cocktails

via: Amazon

Elevate your drinks with ice spheres! This set of two ice molds makes 2.5" spheres that fit beautifully in highball glasses. Pour on whiskey or your favorite drink, and the ice sphere's large surface area chills the liquid but melts slowly, so you get a colder, less diluted drink. Here's one 5-star review:
"If you like whiskey on the rocks then you should get it. You would be surprised how many guests comment on the spheres when I bust them out. These spherical ice cube makers overall are a lot of fun. They’re pretty cheap and I really wish I purchased them a few years ago. Tip: You can get significantly clearer spheres of ice when You use boiled tap water before freezing." --Chris M

This Silicone Sport Band Fits Your Apple Watch

via: Amazon

Save a lot of money on your next Apple watch band with this affordable silicone band. It comes in four sizes and 32 colors, and at this price, you can order a few! It's earned over 11,000 customer reviews so far. Here's one 5-star review:
"Good alternative to the genuine Apple band. Love the purple color. Secures on your wrist like the genuine Apple band (other bands closures are slightly different-- which makes a huge difference, in my opinion). This band is noticeably thinner than the genuine Apple band but serves the same purpose. I'll probably buy more colors from this seller!" --Scheeters

This Sun Hat Is Universally Flattering

via: Amazon / The Morans / Amazon Customer / TiffanyAnneBolton / Jovie

Get ready for sunshine with this stylish sun hat that's foldable, packable, and provides 50+ UPF protection. It comes in 27 different color combinations, and is designed to fit most women's head sizes. Best of all, if the user reviews are any indication, it seems to look fantastic on everyone! Here's one 5-star review:
"Y’all! This hat is everything. Such good quality for the price. I got the white one; it’s super cute and flattering, and the brim is the perfect size to not be uncomfortable if you’re laying out on a beach chair. I want to get one in every color now! The best part is the tie inside the hat to make it fit to your head so that no wind will blow it off. Love!" --Jovie

This Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Is Unbelievably Tiny

via: Amazon

Take your tunes on the go with this wireless Bluetooth speaker that measures just 1.89 by 1.54 inches. It's adorably small, yet produces rich sound! Includes a carrying case with a metal clip so you can attach it to a bag. Here's one 5-star review:
"Everything is great. Sound A+, Design A+, Price A++++++. I haven't tested the battery life, but it says it can last 4 hours. However, you CAN charge and play, making this even better. Durability wise, it feels solid and heavier than it looks, giving it a premium feel." --Melinda A

This Touch-Activated Lamp With Adjustable Color and Brightness

via: Amazon

Perfect for bedside, desk, or other small spots where you need a little light, this touch-activated lamp is an excellent value at this price. Control the functions by simply touching the base. It has three light modes--soft glow, ambient warmth, and bright light--as well as a spectrum of colors. Here's one 5-star review:
"The silver band along the bottom is very sensitive to touch (as described in the product packaging) so it doesn't take much touch to turn it on or adjust to the various levels on the white light. A longer, lingering touch will activate the colors. I wanted to give just one a try before I purchased a second for my husband's side of the bed, but after the first night, he was already jealous and we were ordering a second lamp! Now both are set up and they have a nice minimalist design while providing ample light, and we especially appreciate being able to control the intensity." --Amanda

This Tactical Flashlight Is 10 Times Brighter Than Incandescent Flashlights

via: Amazon

A great flashlight at a great price! After realizing during a power outage that I didn't have any working flashlights, I went on Amazon and was happy to find this two-pack of tactical flashlights. They're compact, lightweight, but bright enough to light up an entire room. Here's one 5-star review:
"I first ordered these lights a while ago and was immediately very impressed by their rugged design and EXTREME brightness unlike any other I had seen in their size. I was a firefighter/EMT for over 19 years and have used many lights, but these are far and away the best I’ve ever used!" --Bob R

This Ultra-Slim Portable Charger Is the Thinnest Model With This Much Charging Power

via: Amazon

A portable charger is a necessity these days, but I prefer not to weigh myself down with a brick. That's why this ultra-slim portable charger is one of my go-to devices! It weighs just 7 ounces and is thin enough to slide into a pocket or nestle against a phone inside a bag. It also features a cute paw print light on top that glows when charging. Here's one 5-star review:
"Great product! Bought for a trip coming up, and since my phone dies quickly I figured I would give this a try. When it arrived, it was nicely boxed with clear instructions, as well as allows you to charge 2 electronics at a time. Came exactly as described and allows for multiple charges before needed to recharge the box itself. I would highly recommend!" --Lauren T

This Universal Remote Works With AppleTV, Roku, & Other Streaming Devices

via: Amazon / Laura Smith

Trim your pile of remotes down to one! This universal remote is the highest rated remote at this price point, with thousands of satisfied customers! Made by GE, it controls up to six devices, including Smart TVs, DVD players, audio, and streaming services like AppleTV and Roku. Here's one 5-star review:
"Holy Mother of Pearl this remote is all that my husband and I can talk about since opening it. It made our cumbersome Apple TV into an everyday use item. Plus, this turns the soundbar into our default audio, no more having to play with it everytime we turn on the TV." --RandomBvR

This Wide-Mouth Water Bottle Is Easy to Drink From & Easy to Clean

via: Amazon

My family owns at least a dozen of these wide-mouth water bottles. They're the best choice if you prefer to glug your water (or if you don't like drinking from straws or spouts). I also appreciate how easy they are to wash! They come in 35 colors, and the price is excellent. Here's one 5-star review:
"I've tried a bunch of different water bottles and this is my favorite by far. It's simple, easy to clean, lightweight, and inexpensive. I like to keep at least 3-4 around. I wash them in the top rack of my dishwasher and they hold up very well. Good, all-purpose bottles that come in a bunch of different colors. I also like the fact that I can't taste the bottle in my water. I've had water bottles where the material appears to leech into the water. Not an issue with this bottle. Highly recommend!" --RGoody

This Wireless Charging Stand Is a Sleek and Convenient Way to Charge Your Phone

via: Amazon

The ultimate in charging convenience, this wireless charging stand looks sleek on your bedside or desk and is the easiest way to charge your phone. Works with both Samsung and iPhone, and most cases too. Here's one 5-star review:
"I have purchased two of these Anker Fast Wireless chargers. I have one next to my desk and home and one in my office at work. They are perfect. They make a slight sound to let you know the phone has made contact, I can use it with my wallet case still on the phone, the phone charges fast and I can still look at it and check my next meeting or email while it's charging." --DeniseDC

This Yoga Mat Has Over 23,000 Reviews

via: Amazon

To counteract the effects of typing on a laptop all day long, I've been doing daily yoga stretches at home. The thing I love about yoga is all you need is some space and a good yoga mat! This one is a great value, comes in a bunch of bright colors, and includes a free carrying strap. Here's one 5-star review:
"This exercise mat is actually pretty fantastic given its inexpensive price. I purchased this mat to use at an outdoor "boot camp" exercise group I just joined. The padding is cushy and thick enough to protect your back, knees, and other weight bearing body parts utilized when exercising." --Valerie