37 Things Under $20 on Amazon That Are SO Worth It

One of my favorite things is finding products that offer so much value for the money - I'm talking great buys here, things that are totally useful, life-changing or just a fun treat that I can't believe cost as little as they do.

Whether you're looking for the best way to boil eggs or the easiest way to fix washing machine odor, we've got 37 ideas for fun, innovative and useful products you'll use every day - you'll definitely be getting your money's worth!

We hope you find these popular products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Penguin Egg Cooker Makes The Best Hardboiled Eggs

Hardboiled eggs are arguably the best snack - they're portable, tasty and full of satiating protein. But cooking them can kind of be a pain, especially if they bump into each other and crack in the rapidly boiling water. Solution: this penguin egg cooker that holds six eggs in soft silicone to protect them while they're cooking, and stores them neatly in the fridge when they're done! Simply load the penguin "bellies" with eggs and the work's basically done for you. Genius and adorable!

These Fancy Rubber Gloves Are Fabulous, Dahling

No sane person loves doing dishes or deep cleaning the house, but these pretty rubber gloves will help make the task a little bit more fun. The Tiffany blue color and huge sparkly "ring" make even cleaning toilets more glamorous. Now you don't have to sacrifice style when you're elbow deep in household chores!

This Tire Swing Bird Feeder Is So Fun

Add some fun to feeding time with this tire swing bird feeder! The ceramic feeder is easy to hang and fill, and harder for squirrels to infiltrate since there's not a lot they can securely hold onto. So much more attractive than those unsightly plastic ones that get all gross over time, this one stays clean and gives you a great view of your avian pals snacking away!

This Desktop Humidifier Doubles As A Night Light

This cute desktop humidifier has an illuminating secret - it doubles as a night light for bedside use! It prevents parched skin and chapped lips in arctic winters or dry summers so you'll look and feel better, too. You can choose to cycle through seven night light colors or keep the light off, and the machine is noiseless so it won't interfere with work or sleep.

This Instant Pot Accessory Saves Your Cabinets

What appears to be just a cute Minion is actually an incredibly useful Instant Pot steam diverter. It'll save your cabinets from hot jets of steam hitting them when you do a quick release of pressure and it helps keep you from burning yourself, too! (Ask me how I know.)

This Rolling Bag Gives You Perfect Dough, Every Time

It's nearly impossible to roll pie crust or pizza dough to the exact measurements and thickness you want - if you don't have this rolling bag that makes the process so much simpler. Simply place your dough in the flexible silicone bag and roll until it reaches the diameter you need. Plus your counters won't get all floury and sticky since the mess is contained in the bag!

This Mini USB Power Strip Is The Perfect Solution For Travel

Need a better way to charge electronics, whether you're traveling or at home? Try this mini USB power strip that lets you charge four devices at a time plus has an outlet for international travel. The five foot cord ensures it'll always reach the outlet, whether you're in a hotel room or trying to find an empty space at the airport charging station.

This Backseat Organizer Is A Parenting Must-Have

Do you know how. much. stuff. kids accumulate (and need to have with them at all times to prevent hangriness/boredom/tantrums/bodily messes? If you're a parent you're well aware, which is why you need this backseat organizer to hold all the things necessary for any car ride. I'd pay a LOT more than $15 to have a clean(er) backseat, but with this, I don't have to. Total steal.

This Ring Holder Is Classy And Cute

Add a little greenery to your space even if you're a black thumb! If you've just got a few pieces of jewelry to hold bedside or sink-side, this succulent-shaped ring holder is the perfect solution for you. No need to shell out big bucks for a fancypants one, this baby does it all in a compact package, for less than $20! And it has over 100 stellar reviews on Amazon.

This Foot Scrubber Will Save You $$ On Pedicures

If you want baby soft feet without an expensive weekly trip to the nail spa, this under $10foot scrubber has your name all over it! Over 1,000 bristles will scrub your toesies from top to bottom, and the pumice stone on the heel will get rid of dry, scaly skin fast.  Simply attach it to your shower floor with the included suction cups and get pretty feet for a fraction of the cost of a pedi!

This Magnetic Wristband Has So Many Uses

I'm kinda mad I didn't invent this magnetic wristband - it's so simple yet so effective for holding anything from bobby pins to sewing pins to hardware parts for DIYing home or auto fixes. It'll save you so much time you would have otherwise spent hunting for (or dropping) exactly what you need, when it could be right at your fingertips. If time is money, this genius accessory is well worth the under $15 price tag.

This Travel Mug Is Gorgeous

This vacuum- insulated travel mug's sherbert-hued ombre design is reminiscent of a wildly popular drinking vessel that's a VSCO girl necessity, but at a fraction of the price. You get the gorgeous look and leakproof, high-quality design without the insane price tag. And it has over FIVE THOUSAND crazy-good reviews on Amazon, so this is no throwaway cheapie.

This Laundry Bag Is So Handy

Forget buying two different laundry hampers for lights and darks, this compact one holds them all with a convenient separator! It's perfect for dorms or apartment buildings with far-away laundry rooms since it has sturdy handles and a built-in pocket to hold detergent, fabric softener or stain removers. You're really getting two hampers for the price of one with this innovative design!

This Front Load Washer Door Holder Prevents Moldy Smells

If you have a front load washer, you know the woes of mildewy stank if you leave the door shut between washes. I'm currently using a box of dryer sheets to hold the door open, but this washer door holder is a much better solution. It attaches simply to your washer and keeps it ventilated and mold-free when it's not in use. Your clothes are about to smell so much cleaner.

This Mug Holder Frees Up So Much Cabinet Space

Mugs, man. They take up so much room in the cabinets since they're so bulky to store. Here's an inexpensive, quick fix - try this undermount mug holder that easily slips on to kitchen cabinets or shelves and has room for eight coffee cups! Save precious cabinet space and keep your counters clear, all for the cost of a fast food meal!

These Moisturizing Socks And Gloves Are A Real Treat

It doesn't cost big bucks to pamper yourself at home with these moisturizing socks and gloves that'll take your skin from scaly to soft super fast. Simply apply your favorite foot and hand creams then slip these silky soft covers on while it absorbs - leave on for 20 minutes or overnight for maximum moisturizing. You can even use your touchscreen on a phone or tablet while you're wearing the gloves, so they're super convenient!

This Car Seat Travel Accessory Is A Life-Saver

If you've ever flown with kids still in car seats, you know what a hot mess it can be trying to get through the airport. Make it a little (ok a LOT) easier with this car seat travel accessory that lets you strap the seat onto your rolling luggage to make an instant travel stroller! Who knew you could get years of your life back and have much more pleasant airport experience for just $12.99.

This 3-in-1 Makeup Works For Everyone

When you don't want to pack your whole makeup bag for a quick fix or touchup, use this 3-in-1 makeup compact instead. You get three versions of a shade - sheer, medium and opaque - to customize your cheek and lip look. It comes in three colors, berry, sunny coral and rose that look great on lots of skin tones. You're getting a lot of bang for your buck with this beauty multitasker!

These Headphones Are Compact And Portable

Over-the-ear headphones are great for blocking outside noises when you're trying to listen to your favorite podcast or playlist, but they can often be bulky and hard to take along on your commute. Not these gorgeous pink ones with a unique foldable design for easy travel! Check out the nearly 1,000 rave reviews that tout the great sound quality rivalling those much more expensive ones.

This Tote Bag And Clutch Set Is So Stylish

Want the look for less? You got it with this sleek, clean lined tote bag and clutch set in faux pebbled leather that brings the class without the cash. It comes in a ton of colors and has nearly 600 stellar reviews. People love it as a work tote since it has an interior pocket and can easily hold a laptop, tablet, folders and whatever else you need.

These Modern Shelves Are Minimalist Perfection

These gorgeous minimalist shelves might actually be cheaper than DIY - the blond wood and faux leather straps scream utilitarian charm and go with all kinds of decor. They're perfect for any nook in your house, from bedside to bathroom, to hold acessories and necessities alike.

This Watermelon Face Mask Is Cheaper Than A Facial

Think you have to shell out big bucks for gorgeous skin? No way, Jose - this hydrating watermelon face mask brightens, tightens and plumps your skin just like the expensive versions thanks to the same key ingredients like deeply moisturizing hyaluronic acid, antioxidant Vitamin C and regenerating Vitamin A.

This Live Monstera Plant Is Instant Decor

Need a quick way to add some life to your space? Try this live monstera plant that'll grow from a small baby sized to a leafy, gorgeous specimen in just a few months. For the price, it's an easy (and large) piece of decor that'll transform your room from blah to yeah!

This Dog Toy Is Sure To Entertain

Keep Fido from tearing up your house when he gets bored - give him this entertaining dog toy instead! It's food dispensing, so you know it'll keep him interested and is purported to raise his IQ so now you can finally have those deep political conversations you've been craving.

This Faucet Adaptor Makes Hydrating Fun

Despite our army of colorful, character-festooned water bottles, my kids do not drink enough water. Not even close. But you know what would make them actually prefer it to juice? This faucet attachment that makes an instant drinking fountain out of your bathroom sink. It makes teeth brushing more fun, too (and possibly less messy)? It's simple to attach and use so both parents and kids will love it.

This Recycled Coffee Mug Is Oprah's Favorite

Normally the products on the list of Oprah's favorite things are a little bit too rich (read: outrageously expensive) for my bank account, but not this cool coffee mug made from recycled bamboo fiber and cornstarch! It comes in a ton of bright, cheerful colors and is truly eco-friendly since it's made from renewable materials and keeps you from using a disposable cup.

This Fancy Necklace Only Looks Expensive

Need an outfit-making statement necklace on the cheap? Here ya go! This multi-tiered gold or silver rhinestone stunner livens up even the most tired little black dress in your closet, or fancies up a t-shirt and jeans for a casual night out. Just the bit of sparkle everyone's closet (and life) needs.

This Succulent Tray Gives Me Life

I like having living things as decor, but with two little kids, I don't have the bandwidth to keep anything else alive. That's why I love this sleek, modern succulent tray that basically looks after itself while adding some gorgeous greenery to your space. Simply pop some cute succulents in the self-draining tray, water whenever you remember, and enjoy the fruits of your not-very-difficult labor.

This Planter Basket Is The Perfect Finishing Touch

Whether you use it to store errant toys or to hold a potted floor plant, this boho woven basket adds a touch of handmade soul to your room. Each basket is handwoven by artisans from 100% seagrass, making it an eco-friendly and unique piece of decor. It's also collapsible, so it's easy to store in the unlikely event it's not in use around your home!

This Laptop Bag Is Fiercely Protective

Not only is this laptop bag fully padded with "rebound bubble protection" to guard your precious technology, it also comes in a bunch of fierce designs that add style to your outfit. From florals to geometrics, this bag's on trend and priced right.

This Tea Infuser Sparks So Much Joy

What could be better on a bitterly cold winter day than a warm cup of tea that reminds you of lazy summer days floating in the pool? That's exactly what this cute unicorn float tea infuser does! Simply fill it with loose tea, screw on the stainless steel bottom and enjoy a debris-free cuppa in no time. A small price to pay for a cozier winter!

This Cheeky Coffee Mug Keeps Coworkers On Their Toes

Keep them guessing whether it's actually the blood of your enemies or indeed just coffee with this cheeky coffee mug. The oversized 15-oz design will keep you caffeinated enough to offer sinister smiles over the rim of the mug whenever a colleague displeases you.

These Memory Foam Slippers Are A Gift From Heaven

Want to feel like you're walking on soft baby angel wings as you stroll into your day? Get these cushy memory foam slippers with over three. thousand. happy customers on Amazon. The ultra-plush lining keeps your tootsies warm while the memory-foam sole conforms exactly to fit your foot. They're the closest you'll get to custom footwear - at a cost of two Starbucks visits.

These Double-Walled Glasses Are Pure Class

These 9 oz double-walled whiskey glasses are perfect for an Old Fashioned cocktail or your favorite booze, straight up or on the rocks. They look like they cost a whole lot more than they actually do, and would make the classiest addition to your home bar. Not a tippler? These work great for iced tea or juice, too, since they're insulated to keep your bevvie at just the right temp.

These Salad Containers Elevate Your Desk Lunch

We have a slew of food containers my husband uses to take his daily work salad but they're all too small and everything gets jammed in there and soggy by actual lunch time. These takeout-sized salad bowls fit a proper lunch or dinner salad whether you're dining at your desk or at a picnic, and there's room for all your ingredients to breathe. You'll get a pack of 18 with airtight lids so your food stays fresh longer.

This Bonsai Tree Is An Excellent Hobby

Want a relaxing hobby that yields gorgeous home decor? Try this bonsai tree, which lets you practice the age-old art in the comfort of your home. At under $16 bucks, it's a great way to dip your toe in without breaking the bank, and gives you something to focus on when anxiety and stress are off the charts. It also has over 1,000 great reviews on Amazon, so it's the real deal!

This Beanbag Chair Is A Secret Organizer

Besides LEGO and Barbies, the things I'm most likely to find all over the floor are the plethora of stuffed animals that seems to grow each year. Here's an easy and fun way for kids to clean up after themselves - just stuff all the stuffies into this cheerful beanbag to make a soft landing spot that's perfect for taming messes in playrooms and bedrooms alike! It fits up to 60 toys, so y'know, maybe get a few if your house is anything like mine.