37 Things Under $10 That'll Make You Say, "Yep. I Need That."

Sometimes, you know exactly what you want. But as anyone who has ever ventured inside a Target will tell you, life has a way of letting you know what you need. There are so many little parts of your day that could be a bit better and we found just the products to help you improve your life -- and the best part is, they're ALL under $10. So let your "Add to Cart" button get a workout, even though your wallet won't. 

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Non-Stick Toaster Bages

If you don’t have the kitchen space for a toaster oven, you can still yield many of its benefits with these little bags for your pop-up toaster. You’ll get four bags that can be washed and reused up to 100 times! Each bag can help you heat up messier items like paninis, slices of pizza, and pastries without destroying the inside of the toaster (or starting a fire!). Grilled cheeses with minimal cleanup? Leftovers with their original crispiness? Sign us up!

These Cult-Favorite Blotting Papers

Beauty gurus and makeup artists alike love these natural bamboo charcoal tissues. The compact packaging is easy to throw in your bag and makes taking out a single, oil-absorbing sheet easy. Combat the early afternoon oil spots with these gentle tissues; one is good for the entire face!

This Essential Co-Dog-Parenting Sign

If you share dogcare responsibilities with a spouse, roommates, or a regular dogsitter/walker, this simple sign will change your life. You can put on the fridge or magnetic dishwashers or use the adhesive option for the wall near Fido’s bowls. The sliders move across easily to display when your furry friend has been fed. Everyone just has to, well, remember to use it.

This Compact First Aid Kit

Even if you already have a first aid kit somewhere in your home, have you forgotten to stow one in your car? Or maybe a dedicated travel kit? This high-quality kit includes 27 essentials like latex-free bandages, sting-relief wipes, antiseptic wipes, and antibiotic ointment. The reusable metal tin is crush-proof, making it perfect for travel and surviving falls in the great outdoors. Be prepared for little accidents with this small but mighty kit.

This Itty Bitty Cast Iron Skillet

How. Cute. Is. This. Pan?! This 3.5-inch pan from cast iron masters Lodge is perfect for frying photo-worthy eggs. You can also use it to melt butter or to bake individual desserts. When you’re not baking or making Instagram-able shakshouka, you can even use the pan as a little spoon rest. The pan comes pre-seasoned, but many users did an additional oil seasoning for optimal results.

This Amazing Accordion Folder Has Expandable Pockets

We’ve come a long way from those bland accordion organizers of yore. These colorful organizers are acid-free and moisture-proof to keep your important documents safe from the ravages of time and climate. The PVC material provides durability while the eight different color options add a bit of pizazz to your filing. The five expandable pockets can fit a total of 200 documents that won’t crinkle even with constant opening, closing, and paper shuffling.

These Brilliant Shower Curtain Hooks

Even some of the most stylish shower curtain hooks require your liner and actual curtain to share the same loop or hook. These simple, elegant hooks have two arms that allow you to keep the two curtains separate. In addition to increased airflow, changing out liners or shower curtains doesn’t upset the other curtain. The top of the hooks feature little roller balls that glide effortlessly across shower rods. With dark, oil-rubbed bronze, sleek chrome, and warmer brushed nickel finishes, there’s a 12-pack that will match your bathroom fixtures.

This Little Spatula Gets Your Money’s Worth for Beauty Products

Stop leaving valuable product at the bottom of your cosmetic bottles. This little spatula fits into everything from foundation bottles to little nail polish bottles. The tip is a flexible rubber material that can also be used as an applicator. Users have loved getting every last drop of their expensive eye creams and even using it as a blender if they’re between foundation shades. Just wash with soap and water or wipe thoroughly with a makeup wipe, and you’re good to go!

These Sturdy Bobby Pins Hold Any Up-Do

This 3-pack of spiral bobby pins defeat resilient, thick hair in the battle for chic chignons and beautiful buns. Though colors may vary, they all disappear easily into the hair. The dual spirals on each pin hold hair in place with the strength of 20 normal bobby pins! The best part? You’re way less likely to forget one of these in your hair. Who hasn’t washed the hair to find an errant bobby pin … or three … from a few days ago … okay, just me then.

This Back-Scrubbing Loofah

If you’re not into back loofahs or brushes and want a little more flexibility out of your back cleaner, check out this scrubber! One side exfoliates while the other buffs and polishes for smooth skin. You can hold onto the rope handles to lather and scrub your back clean. You can throw it in the washing machine as often as you deem necessary (reviewers recommend a delicates bag) keeping it far more hygienic than the alternatives.

This Perfect Lip Balm

For even the driest lips out there, this lip balm is heaven-sent. This lip balm goes on smoothly without a sticky consistency. Formulated particularly for very dry lips, the balm uses a shea butter mixture to nourish and moisturize. The balm has a light raspberry scent which some people found to be overwhelming, but most reviews had no issues.

This Bar Soap Saver

Say goodbye to mushy soap bars with this brilliant gadget. The suction cup base secures the tray to your sink or shower while the soap dish, get this, tilts! Water drains away from the soap allowing you to get even more use out of each bar. Little prongs prevent the bar from tumbling out and you get your flawless bar of soap.

The Slotted Spoon Scoop of Your Dreams

This slotted spoon goes the extra mile by mostly being a colander scooper. The reinforced nylon is heat-safe up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit and hides tiny hooks that latch onto the side of a pot or pan. By latching it this way, you can let your pasta or vegetables drain while you attend to another dish. The heat resistance also makes scooping out fried goods a cinch.

You Need This Cleanser in Your Home. Period.

Look, this is a staple. It’s up there with bleach and the O.G. Tilex formula in terms of tackling whatever you throw at it. The cleanser works on tough steel and gentle ceramic with the same efficacy. Leave your kitchen and bathroom sparkling and get rust out of just about anything. This cleanser is also a boon for getting rid of tarnish, so basically, I don’t know why it isn’t in your shopping cart already.

This Cauliflower Tool

Are you obsessed with cauliflower? From ricing it to making healthier buffalo “wings" cauliflower has had a deserved resurgence in culinary conversations. If it’s an important part of your meal prep, you need to invest (pssh, it’s so affordable) in this tool. The dishwasher-friendly cutter removes florets without the danger of a knife and also works well on broccoli.

This Ring for Bookworms

Keep your books wide open with this awesome ring. Anchors on either side keep the book open wider than just a finger alone. The anchors are also slim enough to be used as a bookmark in a pinch. No more thumb strain; you just get to focus on a good book!

This Mesh Hair Diffuser for Travel

For the curly-haired among us, a diffuser attachment is essential for any blow dryer. Whether it’s for your travel blow dryer or whatever is available at the hotel or Airbnb, this mesh attachment will work. Since it’s fabric, it’s extremely portable and it attaches via drawstring, so it can fit virtually any dryer.

This Laundry Soap Bar

This is the holy grail product for collar stains. This soap bar gets rid of tough stains and leaves a unisex fragrance that’s both floral and musky. The non-toxic soap bar can also be used to hand wash delicates, at home or when you travel.

This Killer Plant Is Hard to Kill

Don’t let this adorable plant fool you; it’s deadly. Well, to flies. This Venus Fly Trap is just a wee babe and comes in a self-sustaining terrarium. For 60 days, just leave it alone and watch it grow! Low light will help it grow taller while bright light will yield bigger claws. After two months, open the lid, remove it with tweezers and transfer it to carnivorous soil. Yes, that’s a thing. Your gardening hobby just got metal.

This Paper Pad for Those Days

This funny pad is as excellent an addition to your desk as it is a gift for a coworker. The pad is a little more than 4 by 5 inches and features a photorealistic portrait of you working! There are 50 sheets for your doodles, memos, and passive-aggressive office kitchen notes.

This Angled Measuring Cup

This 2 cup measuring cup is about to make your life easier. An angled measurement surface helps you see how full the pitcher is from above. Traditional markings are also on the side of the cup in both standard and metric readouts. The handle is comfortable to hold without being slippery and the entire cup is dishwasher safe.

This Cheese Melting Pan

Cheese is my life force. It drives me forward and is my inspiration to earn money so that I can afford more ridiculously expensive varieties of it. Naturally, I’m obsessed with this pan. The nonstick pan is great for the stove or grill and the handle folds over for easy storage. It even comes with a little spatula to help you get every last bit of cheese off. They get me.

This Fun, Gigantic Safety Pin Keyring

This copper-plated safety pin definitely makes a statement. At nearly 4 inches long, it will be pretty hard to lose your keys with this pin. Keychains can be attached to either end so you can keep special keys separate, whether it’s your home keys and your car keys or your personal keys and your work keys. And no, the safety pin does not actually open, so you don’t have to worry about any surprise pricks!

This Wash Bag for Your Sneakers

Washing your sneakers can be a pain, but helps them look and smell great. Keep your sneakers fresh with this cool, little bag. It minimizes spin cycle damage in the washing machine and has special straps to attach to the dryer door. No catastrophic tumbling, just expressly dried shoes!

These Ring Adjusters

If you’ve just lost some weight or were gifted a ring that’s a bit too big, you can still rock your rock! These little PVC spirals can be cut to your preferred length and the wrap around the back of the ring. This set of four comes with spirals 2mm and 3mm in width to give you a more snug fit until you can get the ring resized. But they’re so comfortable, you might forget to do so!

This Steel Soap for Garlic Fingers

This stainless steel bar of soap doesn’t suds up, but it does do wonders for smelly fingers. Whether you’ve just cried your way through some onions, deboned a fish, or minced enough garlic to ward off every vampire in the country, this bar will remove the smell from your fingers. You can use it with or without water and it’s completely dishwasher safe!

This Brush Will Lay Your Edges

Are you baby hairs not only on a different page but in a completely separate book? Let this brush sing Sam Smith to them to lay them down. The double-sided brush has a comb on one end to smooth and style your edges. Did I mention it’s currently less than $2?

This Cleaning Brush for Your Electronics

Wherever there’s a nook or cranny, this handy brush can clean your electronics. The retractable, soft bristles get crumbs and dust out of keyboards as well as they clear up camera viewfinders. The other end of the brush features a silicone wiper for those really difficult crevices. Don’t worry, there’s a little pen cap to protect that side!

This Cute Ring Dish

Rings, keys, loose change — whatever you put in this little daschund will look great. The white ceramic dish is nearly 6 inches long, so it can hold an assortment of odds and ends. The dish is a bit shallow and narrow, so it won’t be able to hold much. It’s ideal for the bathroom or your desk when you just want to remove a ring briefly, but don’t want it tumbling away.

This Can Colander

From tuna to canned fruit, sometimes you need to strain out the liquid to get to your food. Whether you’re tossing the water or using the syrup or juice to flavor a stock or baked goods, you probably don’t want to use a whole colander for it. This flexible lid fits around most cans to strain out the good (or bad stuff).

These Luggage Tags Stand Out

If you want to be able to tell your black bag from a sea of black bags, get one of these bright tags. They come in mostly neon colors with a black option for the more demure traveler. The tags are made of flexible, durable silicone and are about the size of a credit card. A small cutout simply displays your name on the included information card. If your luggage is lost, someone can slide the info card out to find your contact info which is completely obscured when in the tag.

This Colorful Puzzle

If you or someone you care about loves a good brain teaser, check out this wood puzzle. The 15 blocks are an assortment of ombre blues. It’s easy to pull apart, but can you put it back together?

This Boiled Egg Timer

Get perfectly boiled eggs every time with this low-tech timer. Simply place it in the pot with your eggs and the opaque circle inside it will shrink as the water boils. The little circle will hit different markings to let you know when the eggs or soft-, medium-, or hard-boiled. No guessing, just eggs, exactly the way you like them.

A Drain Hair Catcher

Nope, it’s not the Tubshroom! If you love these lists, I’m sure you’re tired of seeing that product, no matter how effective it is. Luckily for you, they’re getting some competition with this cool drain stopper. In addition to catching hair before it clogs your drain, the silicone gadget can flex into a drain stopper for all your bathtime needs. It fits most standard tub drains and comes in three colors.

This Toothbrush Station

Toothbrush holders of the cup variety tend to get pretty gross. Help your toothbrushes drain properly and minimize your future bathroom cleaning with this little caddy. It holds four toothbrushes and any size toothpaste with an open-air design. There’s a bigger version with room for other items like a razor or floss, and both versions come in silver and black.

This Money Toilet Paper

Did you know that American money isn’t made of paper? It’s actually fabric, cotton mostly. I’m sure it would feel powerful to use freshly printed Benjamins as toilet paper, but that’s probably not something either of us will be doing any time soon. Get a similar thrill with this lifelike, novelty toilet paper roll that’s just a string of $100 bills.

This Silly Sponge

Okay, this one is definitely just for fun. This “scrubwich" mimics the look of a deli sandwich in an attempt to make cleaning more fun. Is it working? I think it’s working. Also, the sharp corners are actually super useful for trickier dishes!