37 Things to Make Summer at Home Perfect

As temperatures heat up, it's time to get ready for some outdoor living! Scrub the barbecue, hose-off the patio and dig out those dusty lawn games. While you're at it, why not pick up a few new things to give your outdoor space a fresh, inviting feel?

I combed Amazon for some of the best deals in outdoor living and came up with this list of 37 affordable products that can spruce up your space. You'll find everything from a stylish all-weather area rug to a set of glow-in-the-dark lights for your cornhole board. There's a zero-gravity lounge chair, a metal fire pit and a doggie pool for your furry friend. From decorative to functional (and, when possible, both!) these buys will put you on the path to an unforgettable summer at home.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This striped rug will pull together your outdoor living space

Nothing creates a cozy outdoor den like an area rug, and this one is stylish and functional. It's made of resilient polypropylene, which won't fade from the sun and won't scratch your deck. It's reversible and cleans easily with a broom or hose. This is a great foundation piece to get your backyard haven started!

Add dazzle to the patio with solar lamps that emit a peacock feather pattern

It's a warm summer evening. The sun has just set and the solar lanterns that line your patio have come on, projecting a beautiful peacock feather pattern on the ground beneath them. The worries of the day disappear as you lose yourself in the moment. Surrounded by warm light, you sip your wine and listen to the crickets chirp.

Add oversized glamour to your pool this giant inflatable diamond ring

Sick of waiting for him to propose? This engagement ring pool float could be the perfect not-so-subtle way to let him know what's on your mind. Or, for those of us not in the market for a new hubby, this enormous (five foot tall!) inflatable ring makes for a hilarious addition to the pool toys. And it's functional, too. Just lie back in the innertube and use the balloon diamond as a headrest. Talk about luxurious relaxation!

Fill this whiskey barrel planter with colorful flowers that make your outdoor space inviting

I love the rustic beauty of this medium-sized planter with a distressed oak finish and antique pewter colored bands. It's just calling-out to be filled with colorful flowers and displayed on the patio or in the garden. It's got drainage holes for outdoor use, is weather-resistant and durable -- and the price simply can't be beat!

Buyers LOVE this cordless hanging fan, and you will too!

This little wonder will keep you cool on the patio all summer long! It's small, lightweight and durable (which is why it's also a great job site fan), and you can use it with or without a cord. (Just buy the power cord or cordless battery pack separately.) It's got variable speed control and will run for up to seven hours at the highest speed on a single battery charge! You can set it on a surface, hang it by the included hooks or mount it on a tripod. There's a reason nearly 1,400 Amazon buyers give this fan an average rating of 4.8 stars -- this little baby kicks butt!

Soak up the sun on this luxurious 100% cotton Turkish beach towel

It's rare you find a beach towel so attractive you could drape it around your body and wear it as a sarong. This is that towel. It's soft and lightweight, but incredibly absorbent and quick-drying. Made of 100% cotton that's pre-shrunk, it comes in 30 gorgeous colors, each with a striped pattern and decorative fringe at the ends. The towels are all made with certified natural dyed yarn that's safe for the environment. And word has it the fun fringe and soft touch of the towels are inspired by the company's mascot, Lucy the Cat. Aww.

This galvanized steel tub is a stylish way to display drinks for the taking

Give your outdoor gathering an industrial-chic feel by filling this galvanized steel tub with ice and an array of wine, beer and soda. This is definitely a step up in style from a classic cooler, and it displays beverages in a way that makes it easy for guests to see all their choices. The tub is nice and deep, and almost two feet long, giving you lots of space to store any number of items besides beverages -- linens, toys, kitchenware and more.

Bottle Bash -- the addictive summer fun game!

Every summer, I like to get a few new games to play with family and friends in the yard. Bottle Bash is one of this year's treats. It comes with a frisbee-like flying disc, non-breakable bottles and aluminum poles to place the bottles atop. I won't get into the rules or scoring, but suffice it to say there's lots of disc-throwing, bottle dropping or catching, and all-around laughter.

This handsome woven side table doubles as a cooler!

Made of weather-resistant resin with an espresso brown rattan texture, this circular side table is the perfect accessory for your backyard party. You can elevate the lid 10 inches above the rim, giving you a raised cocktail table with a 7.5-gallon drink storage cooler underneath. It's an unbeatable combination of elegance and function!

This wind chime is a waterfall of rainbow-colored shells that sounds as beautiful as it looks

If you're gonna buy a wind chime, you might as well get the one created by a Grammy-winning musician and instrument designer! That's right, master musician Garry Kvistad created his first wind chime from an aluminum lawn chair, cutting and tuning the tubes to the exact frequency of a 7th-century pentatonic scale. From there sprang an entire line of wind chimes, including this delicate capiz shell waterfall chime, which you can get in white, blue, violet or (my favorite) a multicolored rainbow. This chime hangs a dramatic 40 inches long and is handmade by artisans in Bali!

Give your backyard cornhole game a glow-in-the-dark makeover with these LED lights

Finally, you can continue that not-so-friendly cornhole competition even after the sun sets! These LED color-changing lights are custom fit to cornhole boards of either 3x2-feet or 4x2-feet in size. Just press the remote control buttons to choose from 16 different colors and four different modes (fade, jump, asyn fade, asyn jump). The lights are waterproof and easy to install. In a matter of minutes, you'll be all set to play through the night!

Man's best friend will be cool and happy this summer in his very own doggie pool

A summer day outdoors wouldn't be the same without your furry pal, and there's no reason he shouldn't be able to get in on the water sports. This collapsible dog pool will give Patches his very own splashy paradise while his humans lounge in front of the fan or take turns running through the sprinkler. This pool comes in five sizes to accommodate the full range of canine needs, and it's easy to fill with the water hose.

This mason jar drink dispenser will be the hit of your summer cookout

On a hot summer day, nothing hits the spot like a cold glass of lemonade. This drink dispenser will display your sweet beverage, complete with fresh fruit slices, to temp those dry palates after a rousing game of cornhole. The mason jar design harkens back to simpler times and gives a homespun touch to your backyard barbecue. (You can even fill it with your favorite store-bought drink, making it look like it's homemade. I won't tell!)

Plop this quick-fold table wherever you're hanging out in the yard

This cute little outdoor table is durable and weather-resistant, and it comes in more than 10 colors, each coated with a uv-inhibitor so it doesn't fade in the sun. (The bright yellow is my favorite.) Just set it up next to your lawn chair and it'll hold all the essentials -- your cool glass of lemonade, your bottle of suntan lotion and your portable speaker streaming your favorite tunes.

This light-up bluetooth speaker is a portable party!

This is the perfect companion for your backyard barbecue! Just grab this little bluetooth speaker by the handle and set it up wherever you're hanging out. The six LED lights glow in your choice of five different patterns, so you can decide if it's a flashing-to-the-beat sort of party night or a calm ethereal glow kind of gathering. And the music and light will last all night: The built-in battery runs for up to 12 hours before needing recharging!

Get the marshmallows ready! It's time to do some roasting on the fire pit.

This summer, turn your backyard into S'mores Central with this 22-inch fire pit. It's super easy to assemble. Just attach the four legs to the outer rim and you're ready to start singing those songs around the campfire. The real question is: Who will you invite over to enjoy it first?

Stop swatting flies away from the picnic table. These mesh food covers keep everything protected.

I've been using these babies for years now. As you lay out the spread for your next barbecue, just pop these mesh tabletop tents over the burgers, potato salad, fruit plate and more, and all those tasty morsels will avoid becoming intimate with enthusiastic flies. These pop-up tents are surprisingly pretty, and the fine mesh makes it easy to see what's inside. When you're done with them, just pull the tab at the top and they collapse down for easy storage!

Tie this hammock up in the backyard and sway your worries away

Never fear you'll be at risk of falling when you climb into this cozy nylon hammock. Designed for a single person, it holds up to 500 pounds and has super strong straps with a breaking weight of 1,000 pounds! Just pull the hammock out of the compact stuff sack and use the included carabiners, straps and loops to secure it to the trees in mere minutes. The material is mildew resistant, and the hammock comes with a 15-year warranty!

Stay cool while kicking it in the sun with this personal neckband fan

Whether you're running around the yard playing frisbee or sitting by the barbecue awaiting the perfect burger, this neckband fan will keep you cool in the summer heat. With the lightweight little fan wrapped comfortably around your neck like a lanyard, your hands are free to do gardening, play games or stuff your face with snacks. (It's also a lifesaver in the office, where one building-wide temperature definitely does NOT suit all.) This small wonder can run for hours on a single USB charge.

This hummingbird feeder turns your yard into a live nature show

Even without the beautiful birds visiting it, this red handblown glass feeder makes a lovely addition to any yard. The shiny red orb dangles from a triple-chain hanger, luring in hummingbirds with the scent of nectar inside. Sit back, relax and enjoy watching the delicate little creatures perch on the feeder and sip the sugary treat you laid out for them. The feeder has a wide opening that makes it easy to fill, and when it comes time to clean it, simply pop it in the dishwasher and your work is done.

These macrame plant hangers add dimension and color to your outdoor space

These ivory macrame plant holders are made of cotton, giving your hanging garden an all-natural feel. They look especially great with bold-colored pots nestled inside because of the contrast between the light and dark. You get four 39-inch macrame hangers and four ceiling hooks for less than $20!

The brightly colored sea glass handles on this set of silverware will make any cookout more festive

You get a 16-piece set of decorative cutlery for an amazing price with this Gypsy Color collection. My favorite from this line is the Sea Blue Green set, but you can also get these in Sunshine Multicolor (red, orange, pink and yellow), or in Rainbow Multicolor, which has -- you guessed it -- all the colors of the rainbow. They're made of stainless steel with beautiful sea glass handles. Grab yourself a set that matches your outdoor decor, and your backyard cookout just got a stylish makeover.

This three-piece wicker patio set comes at a great price and has four-star reviews

Classic elegance abounds in this three-piece patio set, great for the porch, patio or yard. You get two sturdy brown woven chairs with seat pads in beige, blue, red or gray, and a brown woven side table with a glass top. Create an instant conversation area with a single affordable purchase. Toss some outdoor throw pills on the seats and spread a colorful rug beneath and you've got a picture-perfect summer setting!

Add humor to your garden with this statue of a cat eating gnomes

Be a neighborhood trailblazer by forgoing the traditional garden gnomes and getting instead this statue of a mischievous kitty eating a small family of said gnomes. At about 10 inches tall, this striped feline is an adorable scamp, and will add the perfect touch to your porch, patio or flowerbed. Buyers have rated it 4.8 stars on more than 2,000 ratings! They say it's of high quality, has bold colors and holds up well through all kinds of weather.

These tropical accent pillows will give your outdoor lounge a homey feel

Yes, I'm one of those people who goes a bit overboard with the throw pillows. (Sometimes it's hard to find the couch underneath them.) But I'm not steering you wrong on this one! This adorable pair of tropical pillow covers will turn your ordinary throw pillows into delightful bits of outdoor decor. Just slide your 18x18-inch inserts into these water-repellant polyester covers and those patio chairs will transform into a bright coral reef. It's an easy, affordable way to add a personal touch to your outdoor space.

These beautiful planters will spruce up your patio decor

These two small ceramic pots have a cool geometric print in dark green on a cream-colored background. The clay-colored base has a drainage hole and comes with a removable drainage plate so you can be sure water doesn't build up and cause plant rot. You can use these planters indoors or out, but I think they'd make the perfect addition to your patio for a laidback summer at home. Five inches in diameter, they're a great size for hanging in decorative macrame holders.

Decorate your patio with this color-changing solar-powered table lamp

The cracked glass pattern on this beautiful glowing orb will give your outdoor space an exotic flair. Simply turn it on and allow the sun to fuel the solar panels during the day. At dusk, the lamp will automatically light up and remain lit for 8-10 hours. Choose from the single color setting, which glows white, or the color-change mode, which alternates from blue to teal to green to purple to red to orange.

Fill the summer with splashy fun as the kids play on this large sprinkler mat

If you've ever walked past one of those in-ground fountains they sometimes have in popular areas of the city, then you know what a draw they are for kids. The little ones love running back and forth over the in-ground jets, just tempting fate as the clock ticks down to blast-off, when the water suddenly springs to life and showers them from head to toe. This round sprinkler mat is your chance to create that experience in your own yard. Just plug in the garden hose and the happy jets of water bubble forth.

Spread out a picnic on the lawn with this plaid blanket with waterproof backing

I hate that feeling of getting up from a picnic blanket and realizing my pant seat is all wet from the dew on the grass. This blue-and-white plaid blanket solves the problem by coming with a waterproof backing that keeps your rear safe from moisture and the excessive cold of the nighttime ground. (For those picnics that run into the breezy evening.) The blanket folds up neatly into a compact bundle that can be easily carried by the attached handle.

This triangle sun canopy creates a shady retreat from the summer heat

This 12x12x12-foot shade sail is great for creating a small conversation area that's shielded from the sun. It protects against 95% of harmful UV rays, and the breathable fabric allows cool breezes and light to pass through for an airier feel. These shade sails come in a variety of colors and sizes, and in both triangles and rectangles, so you can find the perfect fit for your space.

This tiny powerhouse of a fan is surprisingly attractive

This compact oscillating air-circulating fan packs a lot of power into a very small price. It's got three speeds and an adjustable tilt head and manual swivel base that allow you to direct the air where you need it. Just set it on a table, shelf or the surface of your choice (it only takes up a tiny amount of space) and it'll cool the area in no time. Choose from white or black -- both very sleek and modern looking.

Ring in the season with this "Hello Summer" table runner

This table runner is adorable simplicity at its finest. Made of 100% cotton, it features a simple white-and-blue motif with bright pops of color. The tasty slice of watermelon printed on the end is too cute for words. For $10 and change, this table runner will add style and personality to your cookout table, setting the scene for an afternoon of fun.

Set the picnic table with these lovely coastal blue tumblers

Adding splashes of color to the tabletop can really zest up your outdoor decor. An easy way to do that is with these pretty 20-ounce tumblers in shades of coastal blue. They have the appearance of glass with the functionality of plastic, and they're BPA-free and dishwasher safe!

This nine-foot patio umbrella adds style and shade to your yard

You can use this umbrella in the center of your patio table, or set it up freestanding next to your lounge chairs. Wherever you place it, it'll give you a nine-foot area of shade. At the push of a button, you can tilt the umbrella to move the shade as the sunlight changes. I love this striped pattern, but it comes in several solid colors as well, each made of waterproof, UV-resistant polyester that's air-vented to allow for airflow and prevent inversion. (Umbrella base sold separately.)

Lean back and relax in a zero gravity chair designed for comfort

This is not your old-fashioned lawn chair! Zero gravity chairs are designed to take the pressure off your joints and give you that weightless feeling experienced in space. This model has all the best features. The durable steel frame is covered in a strong fabric that's resistant to water and UV rays, and is held on by powerful elastic bands. The arm rests are ergonomically designed, and there's a height-adjustable head pillow for added comfort. Just turn the knob on the side of the chair and you can lean back to your desired position. When you've got the perfect angle, turn the knob back to lock it in place. Then, simply close your eyes and drift off to your happy place.

Gear up for an old-fashioned water fight with these super soaker guns

You're never too old for a summertime water gun fight! Gone are the days of dime store pistols that hold about two ounces of water. These super soaker water guns hold ten ounces of water and have a long-range power pump that shoots up to 27 feet! Gather up the kids and adults for a fun, safe activity that'll cool everyone down while keeping everyone laughing.

Set out the appetizers on this pink flower seagrass serving tray

Hand woven using organic seagrass, this 18-inch serving tray is tropical and festive, lending just the right touch to your summertime get-together. It's also made of sustainable material, as the sea grass is responsibly sourced and harvested from underwater meadows that naturally replenish. That means this lovely tray is good for you and good for the planet!