37 Things That'll Help You Stop Bad Habits

Bad habits, we've all got 'em. But just because we've been doing them for what feels like forever, they don't have to be permanent. In fact, I've got 37 tricks up my sleeve that'll help you stop bad habits in their tracks!

Whether you want to quit smoking or stop procrastinating, have a gander at this list of products that are sure to cure you of some bad habits you've been meaning to drop. When you get around to it. (See? Procrastination!) Here's some motivation to kick-start the new you!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Nail Polish Will Help You Stop Biting Your Nails

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If you've dreamed of having gorgeous, healthy nails, get this nail polish that'll help you stop biting them down to the quick. It tastes so incredibly terrible you won't even be tempted to nibble off a hangnail! According to almost 7,000 rave reviews, this stuff is the real deal. Also works for kids who need a little motivation to quit sucking their thumbs!

These Pimple Patches Will Help You Stop Popping

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"Once you pop, you can't stop" isn't a great philosophy to apply to your face, but it's oh so true. No worries - these pimple patches, basically powered by witchcraft, suck all the pus out of zits overnight so you don't have to get your dirty fingers involved. I've used them, they're seriously amazing - big, unsightly pimples have vanished by the morning.

This Foot Peel Will Help You Stop Picking Dead Skin

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I'm definitely guilty of picking at dead heel skin until I bleed - a much better alternative is this foot peel that sloughs off dramatic sheets of skin to gross out your friends and family! Simply apply the booties full of exfoliating mask, wear for an hour, then enjoy watching layers of dead skin fall off your feet. Deliciously satisfying with a disgusting undercurrent!

These Reusable Shopping Bags Will Help You Remember To Be Eco-Friendly

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My trunk's packed with big, sturdy totes for grocery shopping, but do you think I ever remember to take them into the store? This lightweight, packable reusable shopping bag is a much better option, since I can throw it into my purse so it's not outta sight, outta mind. Plus, the prints are so darn cute this might even become my everyday bag!

This Makeup Brush Cleaner Will Help You Stop Being Lazy

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Cleaning my makeup brushes always seems to end up at the bottom of my to-do list and never actually gets done. Stop procrastinating and start cleaning with this easy-to-use makeup brush cleaning sponge. Simply drag your brushes across the grippy surface a few times and it'll get all the powder out without using water or chemicals! You'll still want to deep-clean your brushes every so often, but this is a great maintenance cleaner to cut down on makeup build-up.

This Detangling Brush Will Help You Stop Abusing Your Hair

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With two little girls who have thin, curly hair that tangles like nobody's business, I'm beyond frustrated when it's time to comb it out after bathtime. Regular combs and brushes snag and rip, but this special detangling comb glides through hair, smooth as silk. We've even used it on matted strands when my stubborn girls have gone too long without doing their hair and it works with minimal tears!

This Freezer Tray Helps You Stop Wasting Food

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While my family's generally good at finishing all the leftovers, there's always the forgotten dinner that gets pushed to the back of the fridge until it's an unrecognizable puddle of goo. This genius extra-large freezer tray solves that food waste problem since it's individually portioned for easy defrosting whether you're cooking for one or the whole fam. It's brilliant for meal prep, too - just make ahead and freeze, then pop out one-cup servings.

This Self Tanner Will Stop Your Sunbathing Habit

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While laying out in the sun was something we enjoyed as teenagers, the ill effects have come back to haunt us in the form of wrinkles and even skin cancers. No bueno, friendos. This highly-rated self tanner is a much better alternative - it has over 2,000 reviews on Amazon that praise its ease-of-use, just-right shade and fast results!

This Dog Water Bottle Will Help You Stop Sharing Germs With Fido

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Yes, we've all heard the "science" about dogs' mouths being cleaner than humans', yadda yadda but would you eat other animal's poop (or worse)? Didn't think so. Your dog's mouth has seen things you don't want anywhere near your beverage, so get pup his own dog water bottle to keep things kosher. The wide bowl is easier for him to drink from and easy for you to fill with one squeeze of the bottle.

These Nail Polish Removing Caps Help You Stop Peeling Off Gel Polish

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It's so tempting (and satisfying) to peel off gel manicures but the damage it does to your fragile nails isn't worth the moment of zen. Use these gel nail polish removing caps instead - they take the work out of removing stubborn polish since they'll hold a polish remover saturated cotton ball against your nail to soak it off quickly and efficiently.

This Bottle Brush Set Helps You Stop Drinking From Gross Water Bottles

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Have you gotten up close and personal with your water bottle or travel mug lately? Chances are, it's filthy even though you just "washed" it (FYI, rinsing with hot water doesn't count). And don't even get me started on the kids' water bottles with all their million hard-to-clean parts that love to harbor mold. Fix all those problems with this ultra-handy bottle brush cleaning set - it comes with 13 brushes that tackle every nook and cranny, even straws!

This Lightweight Sunscreen Helps Stop Sun Damage

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Wearing sunscreen every day is a major nuisance, I know, but I do it even on cloudy days since you're still exposed to aging UV rays. This K-beauty sunscreen makes the process so much less painful since it goes on like water and has a soft, mattifying finish. It's seriously like wearing nothing and even doubles as a primer!

This Organizer Basket Will Help You Stop The Chaotic Mess

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This organizer basket is amazing for so many uses - you can pop it in the fridge to hold kids' snacks so they're not standing there with the door open wondering what to get into, in the bathroom closet to hold meds or other small items, on a bookshelf to corral all the art supplies.

These Makeup Removing Cloths Help You Stop Mistreating Your Skin

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Removing makeup at the end of a long night is so annoying when you just want to crawl into bed. But it's terrible for your skin and will cause more problems down the road, so use these makeup removing cloths to take it off with one step - you don't even need to use cleanser, just water and even stubborn eye makeup wipes off in a snap.

This Laundry Lasso Helps You Stop Having Stinky Laundry

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It's so much easier just to leave the front-loading washing machine door shut after a wash cycle, but slimy mold builds up in the door gasket and makes all your laundry smell manky. Use this laundry lasso to hold the door open easily without having to find something to prop it open with - simply stick it onto your machine and use the cord to keep things aired out.

This Self-Defense Tool Helps You Stop Being Vulnerable

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Your false sense of security might tell you there's no need to carry a self-defense tool in your bag, but if you've ever walked through a deserted parking garage late at night alone you'll be glad to have this little safeguard at hand. This tactical pen packs a super-strong tungsten carbide smashing end that'll break glass, ceramic, metal and a perp's face. Oh, and it includes an ink pen and screwdriver too. Just call you Wonder Woman with a side of MacGuyver.

This Sheet Holder Band Helps You Stop Being A Slob

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Waking up is hard to do, and making the bed is the last thing you want to do before coffee. But now it's easier than ever with these sheet holder bands. They keep sheets in place so all you have to do is pull them up and bang, you're done! Plus if you're a thrashy sleeper, they'll keep sheets on the bed no matter how much you kick.

This Desk Vacuum Helps You Stop Living In Filth

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Crumbs, crumbs, everywhere is the story of your desk's life. Clean up your act with this handheld desk vacuum. It's also great for craft areas since it'll suck up glitter and other plagues with ease, and it's small enough to store anywhere so there's no excuse for last week's toast crumbs still hanging out on your keyboard!

This Bug Bite Tool Will Help You Stop Scratching

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Nothing good comes from scratching bug bites - infections and lingering scars, namely - so get your hot little hands on this bug bite tool to neutralize bites on contact. The little suction tool removes the poison immediately so bites just fade away like magic. A summer must-have for kids and grown-ups!

These Body Wipes Will Help You Stop Going Back To Your Desk All Sweaty

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Lunchtime workouts are great - except when someone inconveniently schedules a meeting for 1PM so you don't have time to shower after your sweat sesh. Don't go back to work a damp mess, use these oversized body wipes that clean you up lightning fast so you don't drip on your TPS reports. They're made with natural tea tree oil, peppermint and ginseng so they'll kill bacteria that makes you stink while cooling you down so they're perfect for travel, camping, festivals or sweaty summer outings, too!

This Essential Oil Roll-On Helps Stop Unhealthy Cravings

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Whether you're trying to quit smoking or stop mindless snacking, this Quit Craving essential oil roll-on promises to nip unhealthy cravings in the bud. Simply apply to pulse points and the calming blend of pink grapefruit, black pepper, bitter orange, lime and clove bud refocuses your mind so you stop fixating on that slice of cheesecake or next cigarette.

This Water Reminder Bottle Helps Stop Dehydration

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Afternoon headaches, fatigue, lethargy - sound familiar? Stop the damages of dehydration with this water reminder bottle that flashes and buzzes when it's time to take a drink. This 20 oz leakproof bottle will keep beverages cold for 24 hours (or hot for 12) and has a built-in bluetooth speaker so you can listen to tunes while you workout or just work.

These Exercise Cards Will Help You Stop Putting Off Strength Training

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Any doctor will tell you strength training's important, especially as we age since it builds strong bones and good balance. But it's also so easy to put off because it's overwhelming to know where to start. These exercise cards make it easy - simply choose a few from the deck and do the simple body weight exercises illustrated for you. No more excuses!

This Planning Notepad Will Help You Stop Procrastinating

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Inveterate procrastinators: we know them, we love them, we are them. We all need a little help finding motivation sometimes, and this planning notepad is perfect for those of us who need some direction. There are sections for WTF Am I Doing - Today, Tomorrow, Next Week and With My Life - for people like me who need to clearly state to-dos and intentions if anything's gonna get done around here.

This Posture Corrector Will Help You Stop Slouching

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As the self-professed queen of slouching, I can tell you this posture corrector works annoyingly well. I wear it while I'm prepping dinner or just working at my desk, and it keeps my shoulders back in the correct position without having to think about it. Sure, it's easier and more comfortable now to sit sloppily, but I'm trying to head off back problems in the future. This helps.

This Easy Cookbook Will Help You Stop Ordering Take-Out

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Ah, meal planning: one of my least favorite adulting tasks, after toilet cleaning and budgeting (shudder). It's so tempting to just order a pizza when it's 5 PM and everyone's hangry, but this easy cookbook takes the pain out of dinner prep so you can get healthier food on the table, fast. Save time and money with 80 simple but tasty recipes like Fiesta Chicken Street Tacos, Meatball Parmesan Skillet, and Garlic-Parmesan Smashed Potatoes that come together in a snap with minimal ingredients and fuss.

These Nose Strips Help You Stop Snoring

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Use these lavender-scented Breathe Right nose strips to help you drift off to dreamland peacefully and snore-free. Your partner will thank you for bringing quiet back and everyone will sleep better without you sawing wood 'til the wee hours. The calming scent is so relaxing!

This Blackhead And Pimple Removing Kit Helps You Stop Picking

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Even though we're not supposed to, it's soo satisfying to clean out blackheads and zits. While we should really leave it to professionals, it's not realistic to run to your derm every time a pore gets clogged. Take the risk out of DIY skin clearing with this professional pimple popping kit - you get a bunch of specialized tools to extract all manner of blackheads and acne without risking infection from dirty fingers or improvised popping devices.

This Holographic Nail Polish Will Help You Stop Picking Your Nails

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It's so tempting to peel off a broken nail or pick cuticles until they bleed, but it makes an unholy mess of your nails. Using this pretty holographic nail polish lessens the temptation to mess up your gorgeous mani because looking at your nails will fill you with so much joy you won't wanna ruin it. The polish comes in 31 color-shifting iridescent shades in all the colors of the rainbow from subtle to punk to suit a huge range of personal tastes.

This Yoga Mat Refresher Helps You Stop Rolling In Your Own Filth

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Cleaning my yoga mat is right up there with washing makeup brushes - I know I should do it, I just "forget". Forever. But this yoga mat refresher smells so dang good I'll actually look forward to spritzing it on after yoga or barre class! Reviewers give this cleaning spray over 3,300 perfect five-star ratings and it comes in seven scents from Energizing Peppermint to Peaceful Lavendar that'll make your savasana smell a whole lot better.

This Kitchen Towel Will Help You Stop Counter Clutter

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Putting away dishes is a lot like folding laundry - I can wash 'em all quickly but they'll sit in a pile for 5-7 business days until I finally get around to finishing the job. My excuse is that they're drip drying so I can't possibly put them away yet, but that doesn't hold water (hah) after a day or so. This kitchen towel dries dishes in a flash with its super-thirsty recycled polyester fabric, and it won't leave streaks on glassware. Not to mention its Scandinavian good looks that'll add a pop of pattern to your white subway tiles.

These Reusable Straws Stop You From Polluting The Ocean

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While many restaurants have banned plastic straws or switched to dissolvable paper versions, not all of them have so you can be prepared with your own reusable straws. This fancypants kit includes four extra-long stainless steel straws and eight reusable silicone drinking straws plus two cleaning brushes so you'll always have one on hand. And they're tall enough to use with your oversized YETI travel mugs, yes!

These Dusting Gloves Help You Stop Indoor Allergies

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Can't figure out why you're always stuffy and sneezy at home? Could it be because you haven't dusted since 2017? I, too, hate dusting, but these dusting gloves take the pain out of this dumb but necessary chore since you can just swipe your hand across any surface and magically have sparkling clean surfaces. Brilliant for air vents and hard-to-reach areas, too!

This Reef-Safe Sunscreen Helps You Stop Killing The Ocean

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Wearing sunscreen at the beach is a must, but not at the expense of the environment. This reef-safe sunscreen keeps humans and the ocean happy and it's safe to use on kids as well as grown-ups. The SPF 30 formula's water resistant up to 80 minutes, free of oxybenzone, octinoxate and other nasty chemicals that hurt marine life and corals, so apply liberally and soak up the sun!

This Hydro Flask Coffee Flask Will Help You Stop You From Being Wasteful

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Save money and the environment when you use this Hydro Flask coffee flask for your morning joe. Take your own homemade cold brew or request that your fave coffee shop use this travel mug for your daily cup of caffeine so you don't contribute to landfills with wasteful single-use coffee cups. Comes in a ton of colors and a bunch of sizes to customize your perfect cuppa.

This Stick Vacuum Will Help You Stop Stepping On Crumbs

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It's amazing how fast crumbs and dirt builds up on the floor whether or not you have small people or pets running around. It's easy to keep putting off lugging out the heavy vacuum since it's such a chore, but this lightweight 3-in-1 stick vacuum makes clean up jobs super-fast and painless. At only four pounds, you can carry it up and down the stairs with ease, and the top detaches to become a handheld vacuum for smaller jobs. Portable and powerful!

These Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Bags Help You Stop Leaving Messes

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Picking up your dog's poop shouldn't be negotiable, but using a regular disposable bag is. These eco-friendly dog poop bags are easy to carry and use, and they biodegrade so you're not contributing to an already overflowing landfill. It's one way to make a dirty job a little cleaner for the environment!