37 Things That'll Help You Get. Stuff. Done. In 2020

I've got some good news for you: 2020 is going to be your year. You'll nab your dream job, pay off all your debts, find your soulmate, win the lottery, and finally feel like you've got your life together.

...okay, so maybe all of that stuff might not happen. But you can make it your best year yet with the following 37 products. They're proven to help you get organized, be more productive, stop wasting money, and become the best "you" that you can be. There's even one that'll make going to the bathroom easier!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Get ready to take 2020 by the horns and show it who is boss.

This Little Yellow Book That Helps You Stick To Your Journaling Resolution

Finding the time to write a page or two in your journal every single day can be hard. And what if you can't think of a single thing to write about? This little book has your back. Not only are there only a couple of lines that you have to fill per day, but it offers thought-provoking prompts so you're not forced to list what you ate for lunch every day.

These Reusable Grocery Bags That Will Save The Planet And Your Budget

This might sound weird, but these reusable grocery bags actually make me want to go to the grocery store. Now hear me out. I usually hate the grocery store more than pretty much anywhere else on the planet. But these bags are super cheap, come in a million different patterns (all adorable), and make me feel better about not creating more waste with plastic bags. I want one in every color!

This Lightweight Vacuum That Makes Vacuuming Fun! (Kind of)

Okay, so vacuuming is never actually fun. But it's as close to fun as it'll ever get with this Bissell Featherweight vacuum. The lightweight design means you won't throw your back out trying to get rid of all the dog hair on your rug, and the powerful performance will shock you considering its dainty size. Plus, it comes in a variety of pretty colors!

This To Do Pad That Keeps You On Task

If you struggle with procrastination (like I do), it's helpful to get organized. I find that making a to-do list always motivates me, mostly because of how satisfying it is to cross things off of a to-do list. This pad is a must-have for anyone who wants to take their 2020 by the horns and get stuff DONE. It has sectioned-off spots for tasks, errands, correspondence, and notes.

This World Map That Has A Fun Interactive Element

Who can resist a good scratch-off? There's something so satisfying about scratching away the foil to reveal a fun surprise underneath. This world map lets avid travelers show off where they've been and gets them excited to travel to new destinations. Is it financially responsible to plan a long, expensive trip just so you can scratch off another area of your map? Yes. Yes it is.

This Makeup Brush Shampoo That Makes It Easy To Clean Your Tools

Here's a resolution that sounds like it would be easy to keep: Finally clean your makeup brushes! The problem is, finding time to do something so small can feel impossible. Especially when you have a 7-month-old baby crawling all over your house. This makeup brush shampoo cleans thoroughly without damaging your tools, and it makes it simple to incorporate healthy habits into your schedule.

This Cleaning Mat That's Simple Yet Brilliant

What's that? Need something else to help you get those makeup brushes squeaky clean? This silicone mat is just the ticket. Simply lay it in the bottom of your sink, squirt on some makeup brush shampoo, and swirl your bristles until they're clean. The little grooves built into the mat are great for making sure all those months' worth of makeup rinses out with ease.

These Yoga Pants That You'll Want To Live In

Now that yoga pants have not only become acceptable everyday wear but are now considered extremely fashionable, is there any reason not to completely fill your closet with them? Finally, a way to look chic without sacrificing comfort. What a time to be alive! These yoga pants tick all the boxes: They're comfy, high-quality, stylish, and surprisingly affordable. I want a pair in every color!

This Nail Polish That Helps You Kick Bad Habits

I've been a nail-biter since I was a kid. It's a horrible habit that I think I'm able to give up cold turkey. But then, whenever I go through a period of stress, I fall back into immediately. An old college friend recently recommended I give this nail-biting solution a try, and it's been the only thing that's helped me in over a decade. I finally have nails again!

These Meal Prep Containers That Will Save You Money And Calories

What sounds more appealing to you right now: A fresh, home-cooked meal with high-quality ingredients or a soggy, over-salted, half-cold meal from a fast-food restaurant? This meal prep container set (24 pieces total) will not only save you money, but they'll also help you eat healthier. The tight-locking lid stays secure so you don't have to worry about spills or leaks.

This Eye Mask That'll Help You Catch Some Zzz's

If you're like me, you find it impossible to fall asleep unless you're in a completely darkened room without even a sliver of daylight. This can make napping nearly impossible unless you get yourself one of these eye masks. It features a stretchy band, silky material, and a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Now I can nap anywhere!

This Under-Bed Storage That Keeps You Organized

"Finally organize my house" is something that's been on my to-do list every year for probably the past decade. But this year, I might actually accomplish this thanks to this Whitmor Rolling White Wire Underbed Cart. It's spacious enough to hold blankets, pillows, and any other bedroom essentials while still managing to fit perfectly beneath the bed. I have one in my bedroom and my spare bedroom.

This Water Tumbler That Keeps You Hydrated

Close your eyes and think for a minute: How much water have you had so far today? If your answer is "hardly any," you're not alone. I have a horrible time remembering to drink water throughout the day. This handy tumbler forces you to take better care of yourself by marking how much you've had to drink using brightly colored rings.

These Cap Cages That Clean Your Hats In A Totally New Way

This might be the most clever invention I've seen in a while. If you've ever tried to wash a baseball hat in the washing machine, you know all too well how terrible the outcome can be. Once, when I was 10 years old, my Mom washed my favorite Minnesota Vikings hat and it completely fell apart. I still haven't recovered. This cap cage lets you wash your favorite hats on the top rack of your dishwasher so they stay in pristine condition.

These Noise-Cancelling Headphones That Are A Must For Travel

If you've been meaning to plan that trip for years but keep putting it off because you can't stand to fly, these headphones just might give you the push you needed to book it. They're noise-canceling, which means that you can slip them on the minute you find your seat, close your eyes, and forget that you're 30,000 feet in the air.

This Nifty Product That Makes Bathing Your Pet Fun (Kinda)

I have an extremely high-energy Australian Cattle Dog who absolutely HATES baths. She also frequently rolls in disgusting things in our backyard, so my husband and I dread giving her a bath. This rubber mat attaches securely to the wall and can be covered in peanut butter so your pet is distracted by a delicious treat while you give them a thorough scrub down.

This Cellphone Jail That Will Save You From Yourself

It's hard to go even a few minutes without picking up your cellphone, isn't it? You might even be reading this article on your cellphone right now! Just imagine all the stuff you could get done if you could just find the will power to put your phone down for a few hours. This cellphone jail is a great way to be more productive and force yourself to unplug for a while.

This Colored Pen Set That Will Help You Explore Your Creative Side

If you've been feeling a tad uninspired lately, allow me to introduce you to your newest muse: This fine-tipped multicolored pen set. Each one has a unique and vibrant hue, and the fine-tipped design is perfect for writing, sketching, drawing, or just doodling. I've been writing in my journal every night since I bought this set and have no intention of stopping any time soon.

This Desk Lamp That's An Over-Acheiver

I work from home, so I need my office to be a sanctuary where I can escape from the stressors and chaos of my life and get down to business. My desk is perfectly set up to ensure maximum productivity, and this desk lamp is the newest addition. It has five different lighting modes, is dimmable, has a USB charging port and 7 different brightness levels.

These Chocolate Bars That Will Put Some Pep In Your Step

Are you desperately in need of a pick-me-up but can't stand the bitter aftertaste that comes with coffee? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could treat yourself to a delicious chocolate bar and suddenly feel motivated to clean your entire house, organize your junk drawer, and do your taxes four months early? This caffeinated chocolate bar was made for you.

This Laundry Guard That Keeps Your Socks Safe

I have a rather large collection of single socks that seems to be growing every day. And while I can't be sure what happened to these missing socks, I'm guessing most of them fell behind my washer and dryer while I was doing a load. This laundry guard attaches to your washer and dryer set magnetically and keeps your unmentionables from going missing.

This Squatty Potty That Helps Get Stuff Moving

If "getting stuff done" to you means "getting stuff moving" in the bathroom, it's time to invest in one of these Squatty Potties. The patented design has been proven to be better for your body than simply sitting on the toilet (it forces you into a squat, which properly aligns your colon), and the polyurethane construction is sturdy and easy to clean.

This Motivational Book That Will Transform Your Life

This book, entitled The Big Book of 30-Day Challenges: 60 Habit-Forming Programs to Live an Infinitely, is for anyone looking to make some big changes. It promises to help you "crush it at work, eat smarter, be a fitness fanatic, focus on friendships, max your productivity, strengthen bonds, be more interesting" and "kick your bad habits". So basically, it's like a manual for a total life makeover.

This Tub O' Towels Is Seriously Tough

Sometimes, a job is so messy that you're forced to call in the big guns. For me, it was the microwave. It was completely covered in old food splatter that refused to budge no matter how hard I scrubbed. These tough towels made the job a breeze, and because of their generous size, I only used one towel to clean the entire thing!

These Closet Organizers That Make You Feel Oh-So Adult

If you've been meaning to tackle those cluttered closets of yours, this handy product will make your job much easier. These organizers allow you to section off your shirts, skirts, dresses, sweaters, and any other closet staples so you can easily access them when getting dressed. So simple yet such a game-changer when it comes to making your mornings just a little bit easier.

These Interlocking Storage Jars That Help You Snack Smarter

It can be a challenge to choose healthy snacks, especially when life gets busy. If you made a resolution to eat better in 2020, these storage jars are just what the doctor ordered. They're airtight so your snacks won't get stale, plus they interlock for easy transport and come in a variety of sizes so you can enjoy all of your favorite fruits, veggies, nuts, and crackers on-the-go.

This Steel Pegboard That Upgrades Your Workspace

Looking for a way to keep your tools exactly where you need them at all times? Sick of trying to complete a DIY job but can't find your Phillips head to save your life? Want to make your friends, neighbors, and family members jealous? Install some of these steel pegboards in your garage, basement, or wherever you keep your tools and thank me later.

This Desk Lamp That's Stylish And Functional

Have you ever seen a cuter desk lamp in your entire life? The minute I saw this little guy I knew it would be the perfect finishing touch for my office, and boy, was I correct. Not only does it add a lovely amount of light that reduces eye strain, but it also makes the room look instantly chicer. I find myself actually wanting to spend more time in my office now!

This White Board Calendar That Helps You Plan Your Month

I have a ridiculously busy life that seems to get more hectic with each passing day. From doctor's appointments to playdates to family events, it seems as though we're always planning things with people and then immediately forgetting about them until right before they happen. This whiteboard calendar has helped us keep track of our obligations so we know exactly what we've gotten ourselves into every month.

This Habit Calendar That's Like An Instant Life Coach

Listen up, people: If you've been looking to make some real changes in your life, this is the product that can get you there. This habit calendar helps you to track good habits and make them a part of your daily life surprisingly quickly and easily. It breaks it down by days, weeks, and months so these positive changes don't feel overwhelming.

This Laptop Stand That's Fully Customizable

As a freelance writer, I hate being tied to my desk. I work on my laptop in coffee shops, hotel rooms, and all over my house. This laptop stand allows me to go from my desk to my bed to the kitchen without missing a beat. It can also fold into a small enough size that I can just toss it in a carry-on bag when I'm traveling. I couldn't do my job without this thing!

This Cold Brew Maker That Helps You Kick Your Starbucks Addiction

If one of the things on your to-do list for 2020 is to stop buying coffee all the time, meet your new best friend: This cold brew coffee maker. Now you can brew the smooth, delicious cold brew of your dreams in the comfort of your own home. No more shelling out 4.99 for a glass that's mostly ice anyway!

These Dusting Slippers That Combine Housework With Lounging

I despise vacuuming my house. It's a job that I put off for as long as I possibly can, which inevitably results in huge tumbleweeds of dog hair covering every inch of my floor. My husband knows about my hatred of vacuuming, so he bought me these dusting slippers, and I don't think I've taken them off once since I got them several months ago. Plus, our house is much cleaner than usual!

These Fun Stickers That Celebrate The Small Victories

It's time to give yourself some credit. Remember how good it felt the last time you did the dishes, wore actual pants instead of yoga pants, or matched your socks? Celebrate these small victories with these hilariously relatable stickers! My personal favorites are "drove without swearing" and "did not binge-watch", although I can't see myself earning those stickers anytime soon.

This Budget Planner That Actually Shows You Where Your Money Goes

If you really want to see the truth about your financial situation, it's time to get one of these budget planners. The only negative thing? You actually see where all of your money goes each month. Meaning you finally see what all those random purchases on Amazon amount to every month. Spoiler alert: It's a lot. Totally worth it, though.

These Sticky Note Dividers That Keep You On Task

I have a friend from high school who also works from home. I visited her to show off my baby over the Christmas holidays and was amazed by how neat, tidy, and organized her office is. One of the most impressive items? These sticky note dividers for her notebook. I immediately went home and bought some. I've never felt so organized.

This Freezing Tray That Makes Meal Prep A Breeze

It can be tough to say "no" to eating out all the time. Who wouldn't want to go to a place that will bring you a hot, perfectly cooked plate of delicious food when the alternative means having to dirty a bunch of dishes and put forth the effort to actually cook something yourself? These freezing trays will help you get out of the eating-out habit without forcing you to cook an entire meal every night.