37 Things That'll Finally Help You Freakin' Relax

Let's face it: Life is hard. You work hard all day, so you deserve to come home and treat yo self before you completely lose your mind.

Everyone needs some relief now and then, and these 37 products will take your day from "insanely stressed" to "supremely zen" in an instant. From an ingenious head massager to an insanely plush throw blanket to a wine glass holder you can put in your shower (YOU NEED THIS), these products will change your life for the good. I may or may not have already bought six of number 32. Don't judge me.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

We hope you find these popular products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Scalp Massager That Will Be Your Next Addiction

I know, I know. This thing looks weird. In fact, just looking at it probably makes you the opposite of calm and relaxed. It looks pointy and uncomfortable. But the minute you place this bizarre gadget on your scalp and you entire body starts to tingle. The over 1,000 positive reviews pretty much speak for themselves. Trust me, it's amazing. Once you try it you'll be completely hooked. Dogs love it, too!

This Back and Neck Massager That's Heaven After a Long Day

This stress-busting product relieves sore muscles with 3-dimension Shiatsu massage nodes. Plus, the heated design soothes and calms you like nothing else I've experienced. I once used this in bed before going to sleep and woke up 9 hours later without even realizing I'd drifted off to sleep. While I probably don't recommend using this for that long, that just proves how ZEN this thing makes you.

This HYSEAS Velvet Throw That Feels WAY More Expensive Than It Is

At under $15, this insanely soft blanket adds major luxury to your weeknight snuggles. It comes in a variety of stunning colors to match any home decor, and the high quality polyester microfiber construction means it's breathable and durable. Throw one of these blankets on your couch and watch for family fight over it. (But then also buy another secret one for yourself. You deserve it.)

These Plant Therapy Aluminum Inhalers That Chill You Out On-The-Go

Love the calming effects of essential oils but wish they were more transportable? These aromatherapy inhalers are designed to be oh-so portable and super easy to use. Simply unscrew the cap from the glass bottle, place several drops of essential oils on the wick inside, then re-screw the cap and you're good to go! Pop these babies in your purse for quick stress relief no matter where you are. (Your Mother-in-Law's house, for example.)

This Handheld Massage Tool That Looks Weird But Feels Amazing

Yes, it looks strange. In fact, it looks like something that would be embarrassing for your friends to stumble upon after inviting them over for dinner. But the clever design pinpoints the parts of your neck and back that could use some love, and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes after just a few uses. Try it once and you'll be completely hooked.

This Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush That Turns Your Shower Into a Spa

Why just wash your hair when you can wash it AND give yourself a relaxing massage at the same time? This is no ordinary hair brush. The non-slip handle gives you a secure grip when things get slippery, and the strong yet flexible bristles add gentle massage that won't damage your scalp. It basically brings the spa to your bathroom. Why not try it out for yourself?

This SipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder That Lets You Sip and Soak

Okay, so this product is only for extreme wine enthusiasts. And people over the age of 21, obviously. The strong suction cup keeps your glass in place and prevents embarrassing spillage or dangerous broken glass. Because every bath would be made 100 times better if you add a glass of wine, right? Warning: This product might make you never want to leave your tub again.

This Bath Bomb Set That Upgrades Bath Time

This 12-piece set is perfect for a night when you need to treat-yo-self. Just look at all those gorgeous bath bombs! You could use one of these every single night for nearly two weeks straight. Doesn't that sound heavenly? All that's missing is a glass of your favorite white or red wine! Keep reading to find more fun ways to upgrade your home spa experience.

This HealthAndYoga(TM) Thumb Saver Massager That Soothe Sore Thumbs

This little guy looks like a dinosaur but relaxes tired hand muscles like a $200 massage. You probably don't think of your hands as needing a massage, but trust me, after using this thing just once, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. it's 100% washable for easy clean up if you use it with your favorite massage oil. Plus the dinosaur design is just so darn cute.

These CozyPhones Sleep Headphones That Lull You To Sleep

Have you ever tried to fall asleep wearing headphones? It's not fun. You usually end up having to take one out so the earbud isn't digging into your eardrum when you lay on it, and you're constantly pulling them out while trying to get comfortable. I always give up after about 5 minutes. This brilliant product just made it WAY more comfortable to doze off listening to your favorite music or podcast.

These Kozy Slippers That Are Microwavable

Let me just reiterate this for you: These are SLIPPERS that go in the MICROWAVE. I'll let that sink in for a minute... So basically, you can come home from work, kick off your binding work shoes, pop your slippers in the microwave until they're steaming hot, slip them on your feet and bask in the glory that is perfectly warm and comfy tootsies. You're welcome.

This Essential Oil Diffuser That Doubles as a Humidifier

When the weather turns frightful and the air starts to get more and more dry, my apartment becomes pretty much insufferable. I searched high and low for a humidifier that wouldn't break the bank and help me to actually get some sleep. This was the clear winner, hands down. Plus, the essential oils make my room smell SO amazing. Over 28,000 happy customers can't be wrong!

These Massage Balls That You'll Use CONSTANTLY

You wouldn't think rolling these spiky little balls on the arch of your foot would feel good at ALL. In fact, the thought of placing the sensitive arch of your foot on one of these babies sounds downright painful. I, for one, was totally prepared to be really irritated after using this for the first time. But I wasn't. In fact, I was downright zen.

This White Noise Sound Machine That Show Insomnia Who's Boss

One night using this white noise machine and you won't be able to sleep without it. Trust me, this is coming from someone who has a horrible time getting my recommended amount of Z's. The six different sounds give you a variety of soothing options: white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, and babbling brook. My personal favorite is summer night. It somehow makes you feel warm and cozy even when it's a hundred degree below zero outside.

This Color Book That Melts Away Stress

Coloring: It's not just for kids anymore! You've probably been hearing all about the grown-up coloring books that are all the rage right now. Think they sound stupid? Think again! They're actually incredibly soothing, and you'll be amazed at how the stresses of your day just melt away when you're coloring. This captivating book promotes relaxation and teaches meditation techniques while you color. I definitely need this!

This Spa Bath Pillow That Makes Your Bathtub Even MORE Relaxing

There are few things in life more calming than stepping into a warm, steaming bath. Sometimes I'll fill my tub, grab a good book, and stay in the bathroom until my husband pretty much kicks me out. (This is one of the many reasons why we need to move to a house with two bathrooms.) This bath tub pillow totally ups my bath game. Strong suction cups keep it secure so you can get your zen on.

This Bathtub Overflow Drain Cover That Gives You a Deeper Bath

You know that circular silver thing near the bottom of your tub? That's there to prevent you from overflowing your bath and getting water all over your bathroom. Sure, that sounds like a pretty good thing to have, but what about when you want to have a bath that you can sink all the way into and be completely surrounded by warm, relaxing water? That's where this overflow drain cover comes in.

This Hotel Spa Collection Herringbone Textured Plush Robe That's OH-SO Plush

Whenever I stay in a super fancy hotel, one of my absolute favorite parts is lounging around in one of those ultra plush robes. They just make you feel so pampered, and I usually try to shove them in my suitcase until my husband stops me. This robe looks like you stole it from a $500-a-night hotel room, but for a fraction of the price. No thievery required!

This Memory Foam Pillow That's Infused With Lavender Oil

If you're a chronic insomniac like I am, you know how important it is to have a pillow that cradles your head and neck in the just the right way. I've struggled with finding the right pillow for years, and when I read the stellar reviews on this product I knew I had to give it a try. Just TRY not to fall asleep with this pillow.

This Glass Electric Kettle That Makes Tea-Time a Breeze

I recently switched from coffee to tea in an effort to consume less caffeine. Let me tell you...it has not gone well. I'm pretty cranky 99% of the time. One thing I'm PARTICULARLY cranky about? Waiting forever for my tea kettle. So when a friend told me about this super fancy electric version, I was sold. This fancy kettle heats water to a rolling boil within 7 minutes or less.

This Inflatable Lounger Couch That Lets You Chill Anywhere

Okay, so this is one product that I serious couldn't live without now that I own one. Although it's incredibly portable, this inflatable lounger is HUGE once it's full size and insanely comfortable. Plus, you don't need a special air pump to inflate it! Simply whisk it around to trap air and you're good to go. Because you never know when you'll need to take a spontaneous siesta.

These Himalayan Salt Candle Holders That Really Set The Mood

Crafted from salt crystals that were hand-mined in the Himalayan mountains, these unique candle holders turn any room into a soothing and relaxing retreat. The soft amber light that's produced from these candle holders ensures complete and total relaxation. Pop a flame-less candle into one of these and bring it to the office for a stress-free work space. (Or, at least, less stressful work space)

This Acupressure Mat Pillow Set That Massages Your Pressure Points

Why pay $100 for a painful and uncomfortable acupuncture session when you can lay on this cozy mat for only $19.99? The acupressure design naturally relieves aches and pains simply by laying down for 10 to 30 minutes per day. The built-in pillow is also covered in acupressure points to ensure your neck and head are targeted as well. See? Acupuncture doesn't have to be scary!

This Car Air Freshener That's Filled With Essential Oils

Most people wouldn't tell you this, but....your car stinks. I'm not trying to be rude. My car stinks too. And it's gotten to the point where I don't even notice it anymore, which is pretty darn embarrassing whenever I give someone a ride. This air freshener clips just about anywhere and releases soothing essential oils that mask bad smells and leaves you super relaxed after your drive to work. Which is probably the opposite of how you usually feel.

This Dead Sea Mud Mask That's Packed With All-Natural Ingredients

Dead sea mud masks are all the rage right now. Why do you keep seeing them all over YouTube, you may ask? Because they're an all-natural way to pull all the dirt, oil and toxins out of your pores in a way few other skincare products can. Plus, they leave your skin ridiculously soft and smooth afterwards. Find out what all the full is about and treat yourself to some serious pampering.

This Aromatherapy Mist That's Infused With Seriously Relaxing Scents.

Customers are raving about the soothing effects of this mix of lavender and chamomile. The all natural and organic ingredients ensure that you're only getting the very best of the best, and the convenient spray bottle design makes it easy to spritz some on your pillow before bed or directly onto your face (which is what I do). I'd bathe in the stuff if I could!

This Stretch Out Strap That Helps You Stretch Like a Pro

I've got a rather embarrassing confession to make: For must of my adult life, I never stretched. While I work out regularly, I rarely put in the time to stretch out my muscles before or afterwards. I never really thought it was that important, and I could never tell if I was doing it right. This handy strap teaches you how to stretch yourself out correctly, and the results are incredibly relaxing.

This Mermaid Tail Blanket That's Cozy AND Magical

Okay, so this one might not be your cup of tea. Maybe you don't want to be engulfed in soft, touchable fabric while at the same time feeling like the most beautiful and magical creature ever created. If you don't, then I'll try not to judge you. But if you DO, then this product is for you. It may be difficult to work up the motivation to take it off, though.

This Panda Planner That Makes You Seriously Organized

I'm instantly less stressed when my plans are well organized. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. I tend to just fly by the seat of my pants rather than make plans in advance, and am constantly telling myself to get my life together. If only there was a way to track my plans and feel in control of my own life...oh wait! There is! This planner does all the work for you so you can finally feel like a real-life adult.

These Molded Earplugs That Block Out Annoying Noise

The idea of being completely relaxed on an airplane is almost laughable. Even if you don't have a crippling fear of flying, there's usually at least five screaming babies, 10 loud talkers and that one guy who refuses to cover his mouth when he sneezes at the top of his lungs. but these game-changing earplugs make even airports and public transportation seem like an ultra-zen spa.

This Dry Brushing Body Brush That Leaves Your Skin Silky Smooth

You've probably heard a lot of the hype revolving around dry brushing, but, like I was, don't really get what the big deal is. What would rubbing a brush on your skin really do? Well, I'm here to tell you. A LOT. Not only does dry brushing relieve tension, but it also dissolves dead skin and reduces cellulite. Plus, it makes you feel like you're at a fancy spa without even leaving your bathroom. Win-win!

These Wine Chill Drops That Keep Your Wine Chill AF

Picture this scenario for a second: You get home from work, kick off your uncomfortable shoes, and pour yourself a glass of your favorite white wine. But it's only after you take a hug sip that you realize you forgot to put it in the fridge, and it's lukewarm and disgusting. These Wine Chill Drops keep your wine frosty without watering it down like ice cubes can.

This Bedtime Tea That Sends Stress and Anxiety Packing

I have always had a horrible time trying to fall asleep at night. I tend to lay in bed thinking about all the things I need to get done, all the embarrassing things I've ever done in my life, and how much money I currently have in my bank account. I don't recommend this if you want to get more than 2 hours. But if I sip this tea before bed I'm finally able to say "buh-bye" to nights of tossing and turning.

This Body Back Buddy That Massages Tired Muscles

While it may look like some sort of frightening medieval torture device, this "Back Buddy" is a serious life-saver when it comes to sore, tired muscles. You can use it on a variety of different parts of your body, and the 11 strategically placed therapy knots allow for easy access to your most sensitive pressure points. The result? Crazy relaxation without the pricey massage bill.

This Muscle Roller That's SERIOUSLY Intense

The first time I used this product was at a personal training session, and my trainer actually said to me "This might hurt a lot". I laughed it off, but I should have believed her. I nearly screamed at how much it hurt my already super sore muscles. But the next morning I jumped out of bed and felt AMAZING. I've been hooked ever since. I bet you will be too.

This Bath Caddy That Makes You Bathtub Your New Favorite Spot

This product may not be a good idea for those who are adverse to the idea of spending 8 straight hours in the bathtub. But for me, that sounds like pretty much the best day ever. It even have a spot for your tablet so you can binge watch your favorite Netflix series! Just make sure you have a bag of rice on hand for any mishaps.

This Shower Beer That Makes It Even Harder To Get Out Of The Shower

What's the one thing that could make a shower better? Drinking a beer in the shower. Never tried it? Prepare to have your mind blown. There's something about the combination of hot water and steam that just makes knocking back a cold, bubbly brew pretty much the best thing on earth. This little caddy ensures you'll never pull a "party foul" and knock your beer over. Again, you're welcome.