37 Things That'll Entertain You When You're Bored

The French author Jules Renard once said, "I am never bored; to be bored is an insult to one's self." And you know what? Good for Jules Renard.

As for the rest of us, though, boredom can strike at any moment! Luckily for us, Amazon carries thousands of products that are sure to keep your mind entertained when you need it most. In fact, I've gathered 37 of my favorite boredom-busting products right here in this handy list! It has everything from a make-your-own-music-box kit to a ball you can roll around to make ice cream!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Whether you're looking to take up a new hobby in your spare time or you just need a way to decompress for five minutes, there's definitely something for you on the list. Go forth and be bored no more! (After all, I heard being bored is an insult to one's self, anyway.)

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Keep Your Mind and Hands Busy with This Liquid Glass Thinking Putty

via: Amazon

As far as I can tell, Thinking Putty is essentially PlayDoh but for grown-ups. It probably makes you smarter in some way. At the very least, it can be very entertaining to use it as a stress reliever or to envelope everything you own in the transparent goop. That's what I would do with it, anyway! This stuff comes in a 3.2-ounce tin and can be stretched, bounced, and sculpted to your heart's content.

Compose a Little Tune with This DIY Music Box Kit

via: Amazon

There's something so relaxing and whimsical about a music box. Their only downfall is that you don't get to choose your own tune...until now! This kit comes with the hand-cranked music box mechanism and a bunch of paper strips printed with music staffs. There's also a little hole puncher. Use the hole puncher to "write" your tune, then crank it through the music box to hear it! Is that not the coolest thing ever?

Grab Some Colored Pencils and Get to Work on This Cat Butt Coloring Book

via: Amazon/Audrie Corn

We've all accepted that coloring is still a totally reasonable way to spend your time, even as an adult. Unfortunately, the selection of grown-up coloring books isn't as exhaustive as you may like. Most of them you see are either a bunch of floral designs with motivational statements or, I don't know, mandalas? You know what's been missing? Cat butts. This coloring book contains 44 pages of cat butts for you to color in. If that doesn't intrigue you, I don't know what will.

And if You Actually Have Your Own Cat, You Might Wanna Get This Cat-Licking Brush

via: Amazon

Cats lick each other not just for grooming purposes but also to bond. Sure, you could just pet your cat and continue to feed them in the hopes they will come to love you, but why not get in there and give him or her a lick? With this brush, there's no danger of contracting a hairball (or actually tasting your cat). You just put the plastic mouthpiece in your mouth and "lick" your cats! They might think it's a little weird at first, but they'll quickly warm up to the idea, I'm sure.

Make Some Cool Sculptures with These Tiny Magnets

via: Amazon/Mori Loops

Everyone knows that magnets are awesome. Now, you can harness the power of magnets and use them to keep yourself entertained! This listing is for a set of 216 magnetic balls that can be arranged in limitless shapes and patterns to keep your hands and brain occupied. Keep them on your desk and take a magnet break every once in a while — doesn't that just sound lovely? Who says you need batteries and electricity for every cool toy?

Mess Around with This Magnetic Ball Sculpture

via: Amazon

I actually have this exact product in my house and it's one of my favorite things to use to take a mental break. The Ball of Whacks is made up of small, multicolored plastic pyramids that fit together using — you guessed it — magnets. In addition to forming the ball shape, the Ball of Whacks also comes with an instructional booklet that challenges you to create other shapes. The magnets snap together so satisfyingly that you can easily spend a lot of time playing with them. This would even be great for a road trip!

Create a Disappearing Masterpiece on a Mini Buddha Board

Whenever you need a moment of zen, go to the Buddha Board. Simply dip the included paintbrush in plain water and create your designs. They’ll appear on the board as if you were using actual paint. But that’s not even the coolest part. After a few minutes, your designs will begin to fade until they eventually disappear completely. It’s a great way to practice letting go of things that are bothering you, as well as accepting that all the good things you have are temporary, too. (Whoa — bet you didn’t realize you’d be getting a philosophy lesson while reading this list, did you?)

Make a Wish on This Flying Wish Paper

via: Amazon

Looking for something magical and whimsical and maybe just a little bit dangerous? If so, flying wish paper is probably right up your alley. Write your wish on the paper, roll it into a tube and set it on the platform, then light the paper and watch as it lifts off and zips around in the air! I think this would be so fun to use at a birthday party, anniversary celebration, or even to make wishes for the new year.

Decorate Something with These Pizza Stickers

via: Amazon

You don’t need me to explain why a roll of pizza stickers is amazing. You know it to be true. Stick ’em on your notebooks. Stick ’em on your dog’s crate. Stick ’em on your computer case, your dresser, or your planner. Just think about how happy the sight of pizza makes you. That’s how happy you can be every time you look at one of these stickers. ‘Nough said.

Give Some Change to This Coin-Stealing Cat

Just look at that little cat go! All you have to do is plunk a coin down on the button at the top of the coin bank and wait for your tiny cat friend to reach up with its paw. This is so entrancing! It kind of makes me want to go to the bank and get a few rolls of coins to give to the cat. I think this bank could easily keep me busy for a full 10 minutes.

Give Yourself a Makeover with These Unicorn Makeup Brushes

via: Amazon

New makeup brushes are always a fun buy. But rainbow makeup brushes with a twisty unicorn horn handle? I mean, come on. Not only are these great for applying makeup; they're also pretty enough that you won't feel bad leaving them out on your counter between makeup applications! They're so cute! I love how the brushes themselves contain hair strands of all different colors.

Mesmerize Yourself with a Lollipopter

Here's yet another product I could watch all day. A quick twist of your wrist turns the Lollipopter from a "swirl" shape into a "burst"...and right back again! The structure's design is apparently based on all kinds of mathematical stuff like the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio, but you definitely do not need to understand all that in order to have fun watching the Lollipopter in action.

Clean off Your Screen with HÄNS Swipe

via: Amazon

Take a closer look at the screen you're reading this on right now. It's probably a little dusty or grimy, isn't it? What a bummer. Bet you wish you had something to wipe it off with, right? Well, prepare for next time by getting HÄNS Swipe now. It's a screen cleaner for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other screened devices. Just swipe on, swipe off, and enjoy the clean screen.

Spend a Few Minutes Playing with a Bottle of Ferrofluid

We've already established that magnets are the coolest. You know what's even cooler, though? Magnetic liquid! This listing includes both a small bottle of ferrofluid and two magnets that you can use to manipulate the liquid. Undisturbed, the ferrofluid forms a smooth pool. But as soon as you bring a magnet into close proximity, spikes form on the surface of the fluid and make it look like a little sea urchin. Pretty cool, huh?

Contemplate the Entire Solar System with This Solar System Crystal Ball

via: Amazon

You might not be able to see the future when looking into this crystal ball, but you can see the whole solar system, which is also pretty nifty. It comes with a sleek wooden stand and can be used as a paperweight or simply as a freestanding bit of decor. Inside, you'll find the Sun and all eight planets of our solar system (sorry, Pluto — you didn't make the cut).

Put Together This Rainbow Puzzle

via: Amazon/Marissa Kramer

If you haven't completed a puzzle in a while, I highly recommend it! It's such a satisfying way to spend a couple hours — it's also the perfect time to catch up on podcasts or an audiobook! This 1000-piece puzzle forms a circle when it's complete. The rainbow gradient is absolutely lovely — you might even want to frame it once you're done putting it together!

Treat Yourself to a Head Massage with a Head Scratcher

via: Amazon

I know they look a little silly, but these head scratchers are a seriously amazing way to destress and relax your entire body. Within seconds of applying the massager to your scalp, you'll start feeling all tingly and relaxed — all the way down to your toes. Each of the wire tines is tipped with an acrylic bead that protects against scratches. Trust me on this one — you want one of these things in your home.

Take a Bath and Enjoy Some Wine from The Sip Caddy

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Baths are amazing. Wine is amazing. Putting them together is pretty much a no-brainer. Simply attach the Sip Caddy to your bathtub with the suction cup and use it to hold a glass of wine. You won't have to worry about knocking it over or trying to precariously balance it on the lip of your tub. All you'll have to do is focus on taking the best bath of your life.

Challenge Someone to This Shipwreck Drinking Game

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It's just like the game of Battleship...except instead of tiny plastic ships, you hide shot glasses filled with alcohol. When someone hits your ship, you take the shot. As you can imagine, things can get pretty wild and crazy when this game hits the table. This would be great to break out at your next party! Obviously, be sure you enjoy it responsibly!

Make a Masterpiece on This Mini Lite Brite

via: Amazon

Remember how magical it was to play with a Lite Brite? Now you can bring that magic with you pretty much anywhere with the World's Smallest Lite Brite — seriously, it's small enough to fit in your pocket! Use the multicolored plastic pegs to create fun shapes and designs and relive the best parts of your childhood (while simultaneously avoiding the worst parts of your adulthood).

Chill out with This Desktop Zen Garden

via: Amazon

Everyone can use a few extra minutes to breathe and refocus, right? This desktop zen garden is a great way to introduce a little de-stressing into your everyday routine. Arrange the rocks in the sand and use the rake to meditatively trace around them. After a few moments of silent zen gardening, you'll feel more relaxed and peaceful and be ready to take on the rest of your day.

Be Dazzled by the Rainbows Made by This Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker

via: Amazon

This has to be one of the coolest things in existence. Use the suction cup to attach this rainbow-maker to your window. The little solar panel at the top catches the Sun's rays, which makes the crystal spin around and cast tiny rainbows onto your walls! Pure magic. This would be great in a kid's room, but I'm not gonna lie — I want one for my room, too.

Enjoy a Light Show Courtesy of This Ocean Wave Night Light

via: Amazon

When you're not busy dancing under a bunch of rainbows, you can relax under the watery flow of ocean waves. I mean, not literally; that would be dangerous. This night light creates a brilliant light show with eight different colors — it also functions as a mini speaker so you can play music from your phone while you enjoy watching the colors dance above your head. Sounds super relaxing, doesn' it?

Read This Book That's Also a Planetarium

via: Amazon

And a speaker, and a musical instrument, and a message decoder... Each page of this pop-up book functions as a different tool. Reading a book is always a great way to stay entertained, but I think this book gets bonus points for also being able to perform actual tasks. This is a great buy for book collectors with curious minds!

Practice Hand Lettering with This Instructional Book

via: Amazon

Here's another book that performs a specific function! Most of us could probably benefit from some lessons in hand-lettering if I'm being honest. If your handwriting leaves a bit to be desired, or even if you just want to jump on the Pinterest-y faux calligraphy bandwagon, this may be the book for you. In addition to teaching the basics of hand-lettering, the book also contains pages for you to practice your new skills.

Rock out with This Mini Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

via: Amazon

I don't know whether there's a shorter name for a Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy, but I like saying "Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy" so much that I'm just going to keep doing it. This Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy is just as much fun as his gigantic brethren, but he fits conveniently on your desktop so you don't have to travel to the nearest car dealership to enjoy the wacky antics.

Build Something out of These Brain Flakes

via: Amazon

"Brain Flakes" kind of sounds like the name of an off-brand Raisin Bran, but I can assure they are nothing of the sort. They're actually small plastic discs that interlock together to create pretty much any shape you can imagine. This listing is for a jar of more than 500 pieces! The Brain Flakes also come with an idea booklet that contains instructions to build a Brain Flakes Ball!

Flex Your Brain Muscles with These Wooden Puzzles

via: Amazon

It seems like every household has at least one of these 3D wooden puzzles in it — if you don't have one yet, the time to get one is now! Better yet, why not get three? Each of the three puzzles included in this set fits nicely in a small compartment of the included wooden box. At least, they fit nicely after you've solved them.

Massage Your Face with a Jade Roller

via: Amazon

I actually have one of these and I'm going to be completely honest with you — I have no idea if it actually does anything. BUT! It does feel amazing, so that's why I'm recommending you get one, too. The idea is that the jade rollers encourage lymphatic drainage, which eliminates under-eye puffiness and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Honestly, though, even if it didn't do all that, I'd still use it every day because it's like treating your face to a mini cooling massage!

Exercise Your Mind with a Perplexus

via: Amazon

The Perplexus is a small marble maze contained entirely within a clear plastic ball. Navigate the entire maze by twisting and turning the ball in all directions — it's harder than it looks and more addictive that you may assume! Challenge yourself to complete the maze in record time, or get some friends together and try to complete it together.

Make Yourself a Cup of Tea with The PerfecTea Tea Maker

via: Amazon

There's nothing wrong with tea made from tea bags, but looseleaf tea sometimes just feels a little fancier. Unfortunately, looseleaf tea can also be messier — unless you have something like this great little gadget. Simply add the tea leaves and hot water to the cup and let your tea steep. Once it's ready, pop the whole thing on top of your mug. The perfectly brewed tea drips out from the bottom, leaving the used leaves behind for easy cleanup! Brilliant!

Clean out Your Keyboard with This Electronics Cleaning Brush

via: Amazon

I don't know about you, but whenever I'm bored, I tend to want to clean every little thing around me. Especially my keyboard. You'd be amazed at the crumbs and grime that gets stuck between your keyboard keys! This tiny electronics cleaning brush is the perfect shape for getting into all those nooks and crannies and cleaning them to perfection. You can also use it on the headphone jack of your phone and other hard-to-reach places on your gadgets.

Create a Sticker Masterpiece with This Paint-by-Sticker Book

via: Amazon

It's all the fun of paint-by-number without any of the annoying cleanup. Actually, it might be even more fun than paint-by-numbers for that very reason. Each "painting" is divided into sections. Then, there are stickers in the shape of those sections. Peel the sticker up, place it in its designated position, and voila! Before you know it, you'll have created art!

Jot Down a Memory in This 5-Year Journal

via: Amazon

Each page of this journal is dedicated to one day of the calendar year, with one unique catch — the page is split into five sections so you can use it for five years straight! Just jot down a quick line saying what you did that day, then revisit it the following years as you keep up with the practice. It's so rewarding and fascinating to see a small glimpse of your life five years ago — think of it like TimeHop, but without having to sell your soul to social media companies.

Buff Your Nails with This Nail Buffer Block

via: Amazon

I got one of these as a bridesmaid gift a few years ago and it's one of my favorite items to date. Each buffer block has four different sides that can be used for every step of the manicure process. First, file your nails with one of the blue sides. Then, use the gray side to smooth the nail. Finally, buff your nail with the white side of the block to give your nails a super glossy finish!

Make Some Ice Cream with This Ice Cream Ball

via: Amazon

As you already know, there is never a bad time to have ice cream. However, if you crave a sense of accomplishment along with your sundae, why not make the ice cream yourself? All you have to do is add the ice cream ingredients to the center chamber, then put ice and salt in the outer chamber. Lock everything up and roll the ball around for a little while. Before long, you'll have delicious ice cream that you made yourself! And you got some exercise in the process, too.

Shine up Your Jewels with This Diamond Dazzle Stick

via: Amazon/Alina L.

Not gonna lie — I spent a good 10 minutes just looking at the before and after photos in the customer reviews for this item. They are seriously amazing! Somehow, this diamond cleaner stick — which only costs about 5 bucks, by the way — makes jewelry sparkle as though it’s been professionally cleaned. It’s not just for diamonds, either. It can also be used on other precious and semiprecious stones. The tiny bristles on the brush allow you to reach every nook and cranny on your rings (and other jewelry) and leave them sparkling like new. I got one to use on my moissanite ring and it worked like an absolute charm!