37 Things That'll Appeal to Your Inner (or Outer) Nerd

Hey, we're all a little bit nerdy, right? Maybe you don't stay up late into the night writing mathematical proofs (or maybe you do!), but I'm willing to bet that there's something you're passionate about that may be considered a little nerdy. Some of us are book nerds, some are space nerds. Some people love Star Wars, some love Star Trek, and some love them both equally and would never dare try to choose between the two.

Whatever it is you nerd out about, there's something on Amazon that will certainly appeal to you. Amazon carries all kinds of nerderrific stuff, from one of those whimsical drinking birds to a Poké Ball waffle maker! So set down the calculator, push up those glasses, and grab your nearest slide rule — actually, just sit back, relax, and get ready to add a whole bunch of nerdy stuff to your wishlist.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these nerdy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Solar System Crystal Ball Is Both Classy and Educational

You might not be able to see the future when looking into this crystal ball, but you can see the whole solar system, which is also pretty nifty. It comes with a sleek wooden stand and can be used as a paperweight or simply as a freestanding bit of decor. Inside, you'll find the Sun and all eight planets of our solar system (sorry, Pluto — you didn't make the cut).

This Bottle of Ferrofluid Will Keep You Busy for Hours

As I'm sure you already know, magnets are the coolest. You know what's even cooler, though? Magnetic liquid! This listing includes both a small bottle of ferrofluid and two magnets that you can use to manipulate the liquid. Undisturbed, the ferrofluid forms a smooth pool. But as soon as you bring a magnet into close proximity, spikes form on the surface of the fluid and make it look like a little sea urchin. Pretty cool, huh?

I Could Watch This Drinking Bird Go All Day

Dunk the bird's head into a glass of water and watch the magic happen! As the water evaporates from the bird's head, the head cools off, which in turn does a bunch of fancy stuff to the methylene chloride inside and makes the bird continuously dip his head into the glass of water, appearing to drink it. It's science! And it's cute!

This Star Trek Door Chime Is a Must-Have for Trekkies

Mount this chime on either side of a door and get ready to be delighted every time you or someone else walks past it. You can set it to either emit a Red Alert alarm or the door opening sound effect you'll recognize from The Original Series. You can also push a button on the front to make it make the Communicator Whistle.

This Apple Watch Stand Looks Like an Old School iMac.

Ahh, I remember the day we first got these awesome computers in my school's computer lab. It was like walking into the future. If you also geek out over the memory of the first Apple iMacs, this Apple Watch stand may be for you. You can hook your charger up to it so it charges your watch and also creates a little computer display all at the same time.

This Enamel Pin Lets You Wear Your Nerdery Right on Your Sleeve

(Or your lapel. Or wherever else you put pins.) I have to say that the recent-ish trend of collecting enamel pins is one of my favorite things ever. This one has a cool design featuring an arcade game console. Show off your love for video games and arcades with this sleek pin. I love the colors in it!

Make Your Own Video Game with Bloxels

Full disclosure: I'm pretty sure this is meant for kids, but it's so cool that I want one for myself anyway. Use the game board and the 320 Bloxel blocks to build game rooms, characters, and game art for your game. Then use the Bloxels Builder app to bring your 8-bit creations to life in an actual video game! Is that not the coolest thing you've ever heard of in your whole life?

This Nanoblock Space Shuttle Kit Is Tiny, yet Amazing

Once it's built, the entire Nanoblock structure is only about 20 centimeters tall! It's basically like a LEGO kit for people who want to make their creations on a very small scale. And I do mean small — the smallest Nanoblocks are a super teeny tiny 4mm x 4mm x 5mm! You might want to grab some tweezers. But don't worry. Even though the completed build is tiny, the satisfaction you'll feel upon completing it is massive.

Thing Explainer Is a Funny Book That Explains Things

You might already be familiar with the brilliantly hilarious work of Randall Munroe — he's the genius behind the xkcd webcomic. Munroe set himself the challenge of using only the thousand most common words to provide simple explanations for truly complicated stuff — like food-heating radio boxes (microwaves), boxes that make clothes smell better (washer and dryers), and the bags of stuff inside you (cells). Not only is it hilarious to read; it's also truly informative! I got this book for my brother for Christmas and we all had a lot of fun reading it.

This Book Is Also a Planetarium

And a speaker, and a perpetual calendar, and a musical instrument... Every page of this unique pop-up book is also a tool of some sort. I actually got this for another one of my brothers last Christmas (I have a lot of nerdy brothers, OK?), and it was also a total hit.

Reading a book is always a great way to stay entertained, but I think this book gets bonus points for also being able to perform actual tasks. This is a great buy for book collectors with curious minds!

This Starry Night Lamp Creates a Beautiful Light Show!

If you prefer planetariums of the non-book variety, this might be exactly what you're looking for. Simply plug it in via the USB port (or use four AAA batteries, turn it on, and prepare to be dazzled by the stars and moons as they sweep across the ceiling. You can choose which colors to project and set a timer for up to 95 minutes. This would be a great baby shower gift, but it would be equally at-home in anybody's room.

This Coffee Mug Shows Exactly What's Inside

We all know how important caffeine is, but I'm guessing not all of us are able to draw the molecule model from memory. That's exactly what's printed on this sleek glass coffee mug. Fill it up with some coffee (or tea!) and rest assured that the more science-minded folks around you will totally "get" the nerdy reference.

These Decals Turn Your Fridge into a Gameboy

(Or you can put ’em on your wall, dishwasher, washing machine — pretty much wherever). The “screen" also works as a dry-erase board where you can write your grocery list, leave notes for your roommates, or draw pictures. Unfortunately, you can’t play Pokémon on it. But you can pretend to! The decals themselves are magnetic so they’re easily removable and won’t leave any residue or scuff marks.

Protect Your Coffee Table from Water Stains with These Floppy Disk Coasters

Although to be fair, I guess "coaster" is one of the only remaining uses for actual floppy disks these days, huh? Regardless, these silicone versions look totally retro fab and will remind you and your friends of the good ol' magnetic storage days whenever you use them. This listing is for a set of four coasters in various colors.

Study the Science of Cooking with This Chemist's Spice Rack

We already knew that cooking is a science, but now you can have the tools for the job! This 14-piece set includes test tubes for a variety of herbs and spices, three small Erlenmeyer flasks, one large Erlenmeyer flask, and a metal rack for storage. You get bonus points if you start referring to meals as your "experiments" and laughing maniacally every time you add a pinch of salt to the pan.

This Rules Cutting Board Is Another Way to Bring Nerdiness to the Kitchen

Maybe you're a cooking nerd, or maybe you're just very motivated to get perfectly even dices on your various veggies. I get it! Now, you can do the math right on the cutting board! The Obsessive Chef's Cutting Board is printed with detailed measurements for the most precise cuts of your life. Never confuse a julienne for a brunoise again!

These Delightfully Profane Socks Will Solve One of Life's Big Problems

For whatever reason, a lot of people still don't seem to realize that people who are actively reading books do not really want to be roped into a conversation. Maybe it's time we book nerds unite and become a little more firm with our request to be left in peace as we read. These socks would make a great gift for the book lover in your life, provided they don't mind a bit of salty language. And speaking of book lovers...

Every Bibliophile Should Have a Book Embosser

You know how sometimes you lend a book and just sort of expect that that book is gone forever? Well, if you want to put an end to the book thievery (or at least instill a bit more guilt in the book thief's conscience), consider investing in an embosser. This one has customizable plates you can use to emboss your books with your name. Hopefully, it means all your books will always return home to you.

Build Your Own Mechanical Box from a Kit!

Do you need a box that only opens when you crank a wooden gear? Probably not. But don't you want one? Of course you do. With this kit, you can build your very own mechanical box that opens with a crank. There's something so satisfying about a box that requires certain steps to open — and it's even more satisfying having built that complicated box yourself!

Celebrate Pi Day with This Pi Pie Pan

Plenty of people make standard round pies to celebrate March 14th. But not you. You take Pi Day to the next level. Some might say you're a bit irrational, but I'm sure you just prefer the term "passionate." This pie pan (or pi pan, if you will), is in the shape of the symbol for pi! Something tells me pies made in this pan just taste better than other pies.

This Pop Quiz Clock Requires a Little Bit of Math

Plenty of people are a little spoiled these days with their digital clocks. Others still insist on the analog design. But if you want to take it one step further, you're going to need to introduce some mathematic equations into the design. Each digit on the face of the Pop Quiz Clock is represented by a formula or other expression you have to solve in order to figure out the time. (Or you can just remember what digit is located in each position of the clock face, but that's not quite as much fun.)

This iPad Arcade Stick Makes Gaming Easier

There are a bunch of games out there that use a "joystick" mechanic, but only have a 2-dimensional joystick built into the screen. This arcade stick works with thousands of games of this variety and doesn't require any wires or batteries. It's also totally removable and repositionable, meaning it won't do any damage to your tablet (and can obviously be stores separately).

This Poké Ball Lunch Box Is Basically the Best Thing Ever

If you bring your lunch with you to work or school, you deserve to carry it back and forth with style. Personally, I recommend this Poké Ball design because, well, why not? Now you can say stuff about catching them all as you chow down on some potato chips. Oh, and it's dishwasher-safe! So that's a great bonus.

These Lightsaber Ice Pop Molds Are an Elegant Tool for a More Civilized Age

Now you can make your very own lightsaber without having to find your own kyber crystal source. In fact, if you can believe it, all you need is some kind of fruit juice or soda. I know. Crazy, right? These molds include four saber hilts — two based on Luke's saber, and two based on Vader's. I probably wouldn't recommend you using them to duel, but I guess you can do whatever you want. I'm not gonna Force you to join the Light Side.

This Brick Mug Is Compatible with Lego Bricks!

Why have a plain old boring coffee mug when you can have one that lets you build with your Lego creations? Exactly. Now you can spend your coffee break refueling your body with beloved caffeine and flexing your brain and making something creative. It comes in a variety of different colors so really, you could have an entire set!

This Minecraft Note Cube Is a Nerdy Place to Take Your Notes

It's designed to resemble a stone block from your favorite building video game. And, I have to say, it does! The 600 pages of this note pad are stacked up to form a cube. Peel them away one by one to "mine" the cube — best of all, it won't leave behind any cobblestone residue on your desk. Also, you won't have to worry about Creepers.

This Wand Is Also a TV Remote

That’s right. You can do actual, real-live magic with a magic wand now. As long as the magic you’re trying to do is adjusting the volume of your television. You can use this universal remote with any electronic device that uses an infrared remote. Program up to nine different gestures that allow you to change the channel, adjust the volume, and more. It’s magic! Kind of.

This Photo Printer Prints Pictures Directly from Your Phone!

If you had told me such a thing existed, I would maybe have believed you. I definitely wouldn't have thought you could find one for just about 30 bucks, though. But you can! The KiiPix smartphone picture printer prints photos right from your phone! Just place your phone on the Kiipix frame, place some film inside, and print! It's also super compact — it folds flat for easy storage.

This Magnetic Poetry Set Is Geek-Themed!

We've all seen the magnetic poetry kits that some people have on their fridges, but most of them leave a little bit to be desired when it comes to the more technical terms. Hey, "USB," "DSL," and "IEEE" can be poetic! Sure, it might take a little bit of effort, but it can be done. You can do it. Write your nerdy poems! The world needs them!

Colorku Is the Prettiest Sudoku Puzzle You'll Ever Do

Here's another product I've actually bought! If you like Sudoku puzzles, then you are definitely going to love ColorKu. Rather than using numbers, ColorKu uses colored marbles! Each color represents a different number. The game comes with 104 puzzle cards, but also gives you a guide you can use to translate standard Sudoku puzzles into ColorKu puzzles. I've found it's a great thing to have out on the coffee table!

This Doodling Robot Is a Robot. That Doodles!

Need I say more? I've always been firmly in the camp of people who are ready for the robots to take over the world. They're just so good at everything. Let them do their thing! This one uses vibration and spin generated by its motor to create stellar works of art. Just set it up and watch it create a robotic masterpiece right before your very eyes!

These Planetary Magnets Are out of This World

Your fridge can always use more magnets! These ones are beautiful and functional to boot! This listing is for 12 magnets, each one featuring a different planet or moon. They'd be a great housewarming gift or a present for a high school student — they'd look so cool in a locker! In a nerdy way.

This Watch Features a Ptolemaic Universe Design

This is easily one of the most stylish watches I've ever seen. And if you're a fan of the Ptolemaic universe model (you know, the one where we're at the center of the universe), then it's a must-have item. The Sun is on the minute hand, the Moon is on the hour hand, and Earth is right where people used to think it belongs. The band is made from genuine leather and the entire watch is protected by a 2-year warranty.

Know What's Better Than Eggs? Space Eggs.

Who doesn't contemplate the universe and humanity's place in it over their morning eggs? This egg mold is in the shape of an astronaut on a spacewalk. The white forms the astronaut's body while the yolk forms the suit's visor. I'm guessing eggs made in this mold taste more cosmically delicious than the standard fried egg shape.

This Smart Notebook Is Basically from the Future

Write in your notebook just like normal — but that’s where the “normal" stuff ends. Use the app to take a picture of the notebook page and your notes are instantly digitized so you can send them to your computer, collaborate with other students online, or just have a digital paper trail of whatever you’re working on. And now for the craziest part: Once your notebook is full, you can clear the pages by popping the whole thing in the microwave.

This Poké Ball Waffle Maker Is the Coolest Thing Ever

We've already covered the Poké Ball lunch box, but your Pokémon fandom doesn't have to be limited to lunchtime. You can also celebrate during the most important meal of the day! This waffle iron creates waffles in the shape of Poké Balls...with some adjustments, of course. After all, what's a waffle without syrup wells?

This Death Star Ice Mold Is No Moon

Use it to create Death Star ice spheres for your whiskey...or your blue milk! You can also use them as chocolate molds, or even as molds for JELL-O shots! The options are nearly as endless as the galaxy itself.