37 Things on Amazon I Don't Own But REALLY Want

My wish list on Amazon is long. Like, insanely long. Even though most of the things I want are pretty affordable, I can't see my way clear to buying all 10,000 of them at once. Still, it's fun to collect my dream products in one place and visit them now and again, pausing once in a while to add one to my cart.

Since I have all these prime picks in one place, I figured I'd share some of them with you. How about an electric brush that does triple duty as a hair dryer, straightener and volumizer? Or maybe you want to create the perfect summer look with these woven sandals, this flowy beach kimono and these rockin' reflective sunglasses.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Whatever you're in the market for, I hope you enjoy these 37 products I'm simply dying to get!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

My laptop insists I buy her this adorable star-covered case

I love being able to play dress-up with my laptop, and this new outfit is super cute! I'm a night owl, so this starry night pattern suits me perfectly. I love that it's lightweight (only 10 oz) and has a rubberized coating that protects my little machine, front and back. If that's out of stock or you just absolutely hate stars, I also really love this jungle themed case!

This set of 80 dual-tip art markers will take my coloring game to the next level

I've jumped on the adult coloring book bandwagon, and this set of 80 beautiful art markers (plus one color blender) is just what I need. They've got dual tips for broad and fine strokes, are highly pigmented and have the flexibility of a smooth paint brush. The caps even have ridges to keep the markers from rolling off the table! I love these, but if that's out of stock, or you want to try out just a few before you invest in the whole set, check out this more affordable starter pack of markers.

OMG! So many furry photo ops with this pet house shaped like a shark

I can't decide if I want this pet house for my cat or if I want to buy it for my dad's little maltipoos. All the little furballs would look adorable in it! I love that it has a removable cushion, and that the whole thing can be thrown in the washing machine to keep it fresh. Oh, and it's convertible too! You can take out the pillow, smoosh down the shark head, and then set the pillow on top, creating a pet sofa. Not your style? Out of stock? You know the drill. Here's my favorite backup: it's a pineapple house that will have your Good Boy singing "ooooh who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"

I could get smooth, salon-quality waves with this ceramic conical curling wand

My hair is straight and the strands are fine, so without curling, it has no body at all. This ceramic curling wand, which goes from one inch at the tip to 1.5 inches at the base, would be perfect for transforming my flat 'do into natural, bouncy waves. It comes in a beautiful pink color and has 10 heat settings with digital controls. Honestly, even if it's in stock, look at this one too! It's got 5 interchangeable "barrels" which basically means heads that create all sorts of curls. Plus it comes with a protective glove, which you know I love.

These summer sandals are comfy and cute -- and they go with everything!

I love a shoe that manages to pull off stylish and comfy at once. These gorgeous sandals come in 21 colors! I'm partial to the red, but there's also a beautiful teal, a neutral taupe, a sassy zebra print and more. They have nylon straps, rubber soles and would look great with dresses or pants. My husband told me I looked like a gladiator in them (hello, haven't you heard of gladiator sandals?) but then I went hunting for another pair to complete that look and found these awesomeall-rope sandals. I got him a pair too!

This cargo organizer will get my car trunk in order and keep my grocery bags from tipping over

I'm sick of my grocery bags falling over and spilling in the trunk. This collapsible organizer would solve that problem. It's got tie-down straps to keep it secure. Plus, there are pockets on the side, which I'll fill with those other items floating around my trunk, like the window cleaner, the first aid kit and the umbrella. Out of stock or not rugged enough? I also love this waterproof one that is super heavy duty and even comes with a one year warranty.

This long, flowy bathing suit cover-up brings glamour to the beach

I never knew there was such a thing as a beach kimono, but now that I do, I need one! This pretty tie-front wrap flows like a gown and has a pretty lace pattern at the waist. I think it'd look great over a bikini, a sundress or a cute little tank top with shorts. Eight colors to choose from! But if that's out of stock or you're looking for something a little more conservative, I also love this simple cover-up that could easily be a dress on its own!

This 20-piece rose gold makeup brush set looks powder soft

No matter how fancy your makeup is, it won't look right if you apply it with a bad brush. I'd love to get my hands on this set! It has seven face brushes, eight eyeshadow brushes and five additional brushes, all made of silky synthetic bristles that won't shed. But if that's out of stock or you want an upgrade pick, this influencer-approved makeup brush set is a luxury option for professionals.

This funky cuff bracelet will make any outfit more fun

I love chunky jewelry, and this nearly two-inch-wide bracelet is so beautiful. It's got gold, teal and red beads in mixed shapes and materials -- wood cubes, metal balls, glass cylinders and more -- giving it a boho chic vibe that I just love. Buyers give it top reviews (4.7 on more than 1,000 ratings). They say it's comfortable, easy to fit and totally original in design. Not your style or out of stock? Here's another version that's all teal that I think is absolutely perfect. Both are handmade too so you can have that unique touch whenever you wear it!

This gorgeous collection of blue violet yarn will make a beautiful shawl

This yarn looks as delicious as blueberries! It's a five-pack of mini skeins, which includes rich dark mulberry, coal black, plum purple and royal blue with highlights of periwinkle, lavender and lilac. Fingering weight yarn is perfect for delicate shawls, scarves and sweaters, and this wool-and-nylon blend is machine washable. I love those so much but if that's out of stock or you want something to go with those blues, try this neutral bundle of yarn that'll match everything in your life.

This little leopard print summer dress is an easy breezy fashion statement

Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, this olive-and-black leopard print dress is lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect summer look. It has adjustable spaghetti straps and a flattering fit-and-flare shape -- plus pockets! And if you're not keen on the pattern, try one of the other 26 options. There are beautiful florals and vibrant solids. (I'm currently torn between five faves!) Or maybe that's not your style; don't worry, I've got you covered. This button-down spaghetti strap mini is a perfect blend of trendy chic look combined with the easy, breeziness of that summer dress.

Explore the mysteries of the (literary) deep with this Nessie bookmark

As a writer, it's no surprise I'm a book nut. I've always got at least one book going, if not two or three. So I'm kind of an aficionado when it comes to bookmarks. Somehow, this adorable teal Nessie is missing from my collection. I think it's time I fixed that! I'm assuming it's out of stock if you're reading this because there is truly no reason you shouldn't get that adorable lil monster but here's the next best thing! Don't worry, it's just as unbelievably cute and downright ~out of this world!~

I'll finally get organized with this handy dry-erase calendar

I love being able to see the whole month at a glance, and with this calendar, I can erase and make adjustments throughout the month. The size is nice and large (16x20 inches), and it can be reused from one month to the next. Plus, it's magnetic, so I can mark the current day with a cute fridge magnet. Out of stock or looking to go a little more free-form with your thoughts? I also really like this fully blank whiteboard with a chunky border that really sets it off. It's got nearly two thousand rave reviews (are you going to add yours?)

I can't wait to travel the globe in this Fantastic Cities coloring book

I can picture it now. I lay out my colored pencils and flip the coloring book pages in search of a city to match my mood: London, Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam ... I finally settle on something closer to home, San Francisco. I pick the boldest shade of yellow and set my sights on the intricate Victorian home at the heart of the scene. I feel at once a sense of nostalgia, longing and peace. Or if it's out of stock and/or you love coloring the buildings best, I super recommend this fantastic structures one. It's full of real and imagined castles and homes that are mind-boggling and beautiful.

This iPhone case is so pretty, I almost forget that it also offers protection

My phone needs a new outfit, and I think this is the one! I love the metallic watercolor swirls and the glossy finish. And it doesn't hurt that it protects the phone from bumps and bruises. (It's been drop tested up to 12 feet.) And according to reviewers (who rate it 4.6 out of 5), this case is even more beautiful in person than in pictures! Glossy (I think they call it oil-slick!) cases not your scene or that one out of stock? Try this gorgeous marble one that makes me feel like I'm in Italy. It's fully shockproof, flexible and the colors won't fade!

Four little cat coin purses for under $10? Yes, please!

I can never get enough little cases for organizing things in my bag. I love these coin purses because they're made of durable lightweight canvas, have a secure zipper closure and are covered in adorable kitty faces. I think I'd use one for credit cards, one for lipsticks, one for miscellany and one for -- you guessed it -- coins. Love the cat bag (how could you not!) but want it to be a little less cartoon-y? Or is it out of stock. In either case, try the classically styled version here. It reminds me of an angel. Which every cat is. Do not debate me.

These stainless steel espresso cups will turn my kitchen into an Italian cafe

I've never had metal coffee cups, and I'm dying to try these. They're the perfect size for my morning Nespresso, and they're double-walled, so they'll stay cool to the touch even when filled with piping hot coffee. Plus, they're dishwasher safe and unbreakable! And reviewers say they're nice and sturdy, so they won't topple over. Out of stock or prefer to see your coffee when you're drinking it? Have I got the thing for you (insert infomercial voice here.) These double-walled, transparent espresso cups are perfect.

I can finally display all my eyewear together in this handsome eyeglass case

I wear prescription eyeglasses daily, and prescription sunglasses too. And I have A LOT of different frames. This organizer would be great for storing them in an attractive way that'd let me easily pick which pair I want to wear each day. Right now, my glasses are all tucked in a drawer in their individual hard-shell cases, which means I can't see them and have them in mind as I pick out my outfit. This glass-top leatherette case is the perfect solution! But if that's out of stock or you want to bring a little more origami into your life (interested, yet?) my second favorite pick is this awesome foldable case that looks like it's waiting to go on an adventure with you. It safely fits five sunglasses and looks like a chic little case all folded up.

This giant circular Indian feather puzzle makes for gorgeous wall art

I've never done a circular puzzle, and I'm excited to give it a try! This one is a stunning two feet wide and has 1,000 pieces, with letters on back to help you group the pieces by sections. Made from recycled cardboard, the pieces are bend-resistant and produce little dust. And the set comes with a poster of the artwork to help guide you as you assemble. Equally gorgeous on the wall is this fish and water mandala puzzle. If my main pick is out of stock, jump on this one! It's got a 1,000 pieces and it's made on recycled cardboard too! Definitely hours of fun...or days...or months if you're me.

This lovely feathered flapper headpiece adds instant elegance

It's amazing how much a single accessory can dress up an outfit. This Great Gatsby-style headpiece is that kind of accessory. I would love to wear this to a fancy dinner or a holiday party. (Maybe a 1920s New Year theme?) This handmade beauty has feathers, rhinestones, shiny beads, and an imitation pearl chain that drapes dramatically across the forehead. To die for! But if that's out of stock or you're less...poofy(?) than I am, I also am obsessed with this peacock one. It's one size fits most and is in a rich green color that I can't get enough of. I know this is technically for costumes...but can I wear it everyday?

This hair dryer brush will give me that volume I've been looking for

This little wonder does three things in one: dry, straighten and volumize. The ion generator and ceramic coating leave hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free. And the cord swivels so you won't get all tangled up as you roll your hair on the brush. Reviewers also note that it tames flyaways, which is a big selling point for me! But if you are more looking to smoothen and dry, or my pick is out of stock, I liked this Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Styler. It's got literally thousands of great reviews and the design focuses the heat all in one direction.

These noise canceling headphones look and sound great

I have to admit, I'm more excited about the noise canceling feature of these babies than I am about the high-quality stereo sound. With a flip of the ANC switch, I can enjoy total peace and quiet while working on my laptop at a cafe. But these headphones do lots more! There are two music play modes, and they get 25 hours of wireless playtime on a single charge. There's also a microphone, so you can use the headphones to talk on the phone. And to top it all off, they have pillow-soft ear pads and 90-degree swiveling ear cups. I want them right now! But if that's out of stock or you're looking for a different look, try these. They have THIRTY FIVE hours of playback (yup, ten more than my top pick, I just really like the swivel!) and can play up to 2hrs after just a ten minute charge.

I can carry the yarn for my largest projects in this roomy knitting bag

This durable canvas knitting bag holds way more skeins of yarn than any I've ever had before. This is great for when I'm knitting a blanket and want to have all the skeins together in one spot, rather than in separate floppy plastic bags. It's got a divider inside to keep things organized, and slits in the top so you can actually feed your active ball of yarn out the top and knit right out of the bag. Add to that the three external pockets, the clip-on accessory case and the detachable carrying strap, and you've got a product so useful I'd be crazy not to buy it! But if that's out of stock, or you want something with a bit more pizazz, try this super fun, patterned number that has super useful holes to thread the yarn through. Do you think anyone will judge me if I buy both...?

This MAC lipstick is the perfect shade of red

I'm a huge fan of the classic red lip, and this cool deep red is pretty much the best shade I've ever seen. The color is called More Than a Woman, after the hit song by artist Aaliyah. And the packaging is beautiful, too! It's a special-edition metallic burgundy tube with Aaliyah's signature on it in silver. Not your shade or out of stock? Here's a shade with a little Aaliyah—always a bad thing–but still has that wonderful look to it and is trusted from Mac!

This marker stand puts the colors of the rainbow at your fingertips

Right now, my markers are laying sideways in a pile in my desk drawer, and when I want to color, I scoop them out and scatter them on the desktop. Not the most orderly method. With this handy little rack, I could hold almost 100 of my Tombow dual-tip markers, and they'd stay neatly displayed for easy selection. Considering the low price, I have no idea why I haven't bought this before now. But if your whole desk needs a little bit of a jazzing up (no judgement) then try this marker/color pencil holder that has a little extra room fo other desk items and stands upright to take up less space. Yay, vertical!

The pink geometric print on this backpack is screaming "buy me!"

I'm always on a quest for small, lightweight, stylish backpacks to use in lieu of a purse. This backpack is my latest conquest. It's got a durable pink PVC pattern on a black background, a breathable back material, adjustable shoulder straps and a dual-zipper closure. That is so rad and I don't even want to provide an option if it's out of stock (JUST WAIT!) or if you have a different style, but my editor tells me I have to because apparently not all of you have my exact same taste?? Weird! Don't worry, this shiny, angular backpack fits all of my needs and all of my goods to boot! It's holographic so it looks totally normal but just wait till the light hits it. Incredible.

This little pink-and-blue wig would be so cute at a party!

It's amazing how many great wigs you can find on Amazon for a shockingly low price. This is one of my faves! I've had my eye on it for a while, and sooner or later, it'll be mine. The perfect little curls and heavy bangs are so sweet, and they pair nicely with the candy-coated color. If you're not huge on pink, this wig also comes in blue with pink highlights or red with orange highlights. But totally understand if that's not your style or it's out of stock! After all, wigs are so personal and I can attest to trying to make many work that just.will.not. Here's another style I love that you might too!

Polaroids are back and better than ever -- and I want one!

Now that we're in a time where nearly all photos are digital and live only on our electronic devices, it's refreshing to find a throwback to the old instant photo days. The Polaroid Snap is an instant digital camera with zero ink technology. Just point and click to print out a full color 2x3-inch smudge-proof picture (while saving your image electronically for upload). Photos print in under a minute, and the adhesive backing lets you stick them wherever you want. Fun! If that's out of stock, or you're an editing wizard, this Polaroid Pop 2.0 comes with image editing tools right on the camera! It also records video and sounds and prints images instantly with that classic Polaroid frame.

This simple crossbody bag carries it all, without being bulky

I love a sleek crossbody bag that holds my essentials but doesn't weigh me down. This one has three zipper pockets, eight card slots and an accordion opening for easy access. On those days when I need to carry a larger bag with more stuff, this little carryall would make a great wallet to toss inside. But if that's not your style or it's out of stock, you KNOW I have a patterned option in mind you'll love. I cannot get enough patterns and this small bag can hold all your stuff and look super stylish doing it.

These boho silver earrings are everyday cool

I love the shiny hammered texture to these spunky silver drop earrings. And buyers love them too! They've been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by more than 1,700 people. Among the raves are that they're a nice size (two inches long and 1.25 inches wide), lightweight and extremely versatile. You can buy them in silver or gold, and in a circle or oval shape. If those are out of stock, I'd try these: Boho Gold & Silver Ethnic Hammered Crescent Earrings. They are super similar and I love both of them equally!

This wide-brim straw hat adds sophistication (and sun protection) to any outfit

One of my favorite things about this hat is that it comes with a chin strap, which means it won't sail off on a windy day at the beach. It's breathable and comfortable, and has UV protection (UPF 50+). But come on, the biggest selling point is how it looks! It's a beautiful light straw color with a black ribbon around it, and would go great with just about every summer outfit. Out of stock or not your style? This textured number can still be folded, comes with a removable tie and even has a sweatband inside to make sure you're always cool as a cucumber.

This 12-in-1 Swiss army knife is just what I need for my emergency prep kit

I haven't used a Swiss army knife since I backpacked through Europe in college. (I think the corkscrew may have gotten more use than anything.) It's about time I got another one. They're great to have in the emergency preparedness kit. This one comes at an amazing price and has 12 functions -- knife, screwdriver, can opener, corkscrew and more. TWELVE NOT ENOUGH?? (...Or just out of stock?) This one somehow manages to get 16 different tools into one Swiss Army Knife. It manages to squeeze in a Blade Nail File with a Nail Cleaner, Scissors, a Cuticle Pusher, a Screwdriver with Ruler, a Emergency Blade (Letter Opener), Hook Tool/Package Opener with Scraper, a Bottle Opener with Magnetic Phillips Screwdriver, a Wire Stripper, a Key Ring, Tweezers, and, the coup de grace in my mind, a Retractable Ballpoint Pen.

There's never been a better time to read Trevor Noah's "Born a Crime"

Though it's been out for more than a year, I've yet to read this bestseller by the host of The Daily Show. Given the public conversation over race in the U.S. right now, it's the perfect time to crack open Noah's account of growing up in South Africa under apartheid. We've all seen how smart and funny he is on TV, and according to reviews, Noah's book captures not only his humor and wit but also his remarkable emotional depth. I can't wait to see what made The New York Times, NPR, and nearly every other top news outlet name this one of the best books of the year. I don't want to recommend anything else because I really want to read this one! But there is a young readers version that is super interesting and perfect if you have young ones.

I'll throw these sassy sunglasses in my bag when I'm headed for the beach

These pink mirrored sunglasses are too cute to pass up! Part of the Volcano collection, these beauties are durable, lightweight and have a vintage yet modern feel. And they're the real deal, too. The UV400 lenses block 100% of UVA & UVB rays. But if they are out of stock or you want a little more glam in your life, these super fashionable pairs are perfect for that. Polarized, lightweight, but super affordable, they are great to throw on and instantly look like a million bucks.

This USB C hub has seven ports to connect all my devices

When I got my new MacBook Pro a few years ago, I was surprised to discover that it came with two USB-C ports and nothing else. That is, nothing I could plug my HDMI cable or standard USB 3.0 devices into. For now, I have a simple adapter that lets me use my wireless mouse, but I'd love to upgrade to this mega-hub with two USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB C port, an SD and a micro SD card reader, and an HDMI port. It connects to the computer's existing USB C port and fits snugly against the laptop, matching in color to either space gray or silver. Out of stock? Or need something with a little more flexibility? This corded option, allows you to position it a little further away from your computer but still contains all the ports you'll need! Plus, right now, it's a good bit more affordable than my main pick!

I want this brightly-colored tie-dye shirt for those sunny summer days

This t-shirt puts me in mind of sunshine and lemonade. It's a loose-fitting soft v-neck that would look great with jeans, shorts or a cute summer skirt. I love a comfy tee that has a bit of personality! This one also comes in a bunch of other patterns, and in solid colors too. Okay, but is tie-dye a bit too crazy for your style! Or is it out of stock? I understand! Try this ombre shirt that is perfect to lead you on the path to the dark side...or in this case, the bright, loud, and delightful side! I'm a little biased.

This stylish weekender would also make a fabulous gym bag

I have to say this first: my favorite thing about this bag is the super cool shoe compartment at the bottom. It keeps your shoes (or sweaty gym clothes) separate from the other items in your bag. How smart is that? Of course, you can't overlook the fact that this bag is way cute, with a blue-and-white stripe canvas body and faux leather trim. I could see making this my go-to bag for days when I need to lug a lot of stuff around (laptop, gym clothes, paperwork, etc.) or when I'm headed out of town for the night. Here's a polka dot version if that's out of stock...or you love polka dots! In that case, it's a win-win. This also makes such a great carry-on for flights!