37 Things On Amazon You'd Have To Be A Little...Off To Buy

The internet can be a very strange place. There's something out there for every possible interest known to mankind. Amazon is no exception. While you can hit up Amazon for everything from garbage bags to a new set of sheets to a zucchini spiralizer, there are certain things on Amazon that may leave you scratching your head. After all, who really would buy those unicorn poop earrings? Who would jump for joy over that baguette-shaped pillow? What kind of person would find relief in a pimple-popping stress ball? If the answer to the above is you, well, no judgments. Clearly there are many weird things on Amazon proud oddballs would purchase — and this weirdo rounded them all up for you. Click through!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Unicorn Poop Earrings For A Colorful Pop Of Fun

Sure, you may not have encountered unicorn poop in the wild, but these rainbow swirl earrings are exactly how we imagine it would look. They'll provide a pop of color to your earlobes — and you don't even have to tell anyone that they're technically poop.

A Unicorn Squirrel Feeder That Will Leave Your Neighbors Confused

If you've ever thought the squirrels in your yard should look a little more like unicorns...well, you may in fact be alone in that. Still, this squirrel feeder — which has squirrels pop their heads right into a giant unicorn mask, where the food is located — is guaranteed to provide an entertaining time.

A Musical Instrument That's Almost Too Cute To Play

This Japanese instrument is typically designed like a music note. Here, though, it's shaped like a happy cat. See if you can advance to playing something other than "Hot Crossed Buns" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

A So-Called Face Slimmer For When You Want To Exercise Your Mouth

Umm, can this so-called face slimmer actually make your cheekbones pop? The jury is still out. If you've ever wanted to exercise your face muscles though, at least you don't have to hit the gym for it.

An Octopus Mug For Sipping In Style

It's kind of creepy, kind of cute: This octopus mug will definitely stand out amongst any boring white cups you have in your collection.

An Inflatable Bull For Turning Your Pool Into A Rodeo

You don't have to save your bull riding days for the rodeo (or the country western bar.) This inflatable bull toy replicates the experience right in your pool.

A Pizza Float For Chilling Out On Cheese

There's no bad time for pizza, right? This inflatable pizza raft means you'll be daydreaming of cheesy goodness while floating along in your pool.

An Alligator Toy Big Enough To Cuddle

Hugging an alligator in real life is a no-no, but this adorable oversized stuffed animal is perfect for cuddling with when you're sleeping solo.

A Dinosaur Waffle Maker For A Fun Breakfast

Normal waffles are for normal people. This dinosaur mini waffle maker will create cute, memorable cakes you'll want to have for every meal.

Fish Sandals For The Fisherman In Your Life

If fishing is your passion, why not show it off at the beach? These fish sandals definitely smell better than your latest catch.

Sassy Coasters You'll Love Displaying On Your Coffee Table

Coasters don't have to be for stuffy people afraid of getting rings on their nice hardwood table. This set of funny coasters will remind you of the perks of drinking...while yes, keeping that hardwood table safe and clean.

An Adult Coloring Book That Makes A Perfect Gag Gift

Most adult coloring books feature soothing images. This adult coloring book features pooping animals. This book is the ideal gag gift for a friend — but maybe not great for your boss.

A Giraffe Paper Towel Holder To Put That Neck To Good Use

You don't have to settle for the same boring paper towel holder you always buy. Put your paper towels on this long giraffe neck instead, and see how long it takes for your friends to notice the zoo animal in your kitchen.

A Watermelon Keg Kit So You Can Use Your Fruit Scraps For Good

Get back to nature: This watermelon keg tapping kit allows you to turn your favorite fruit into a device to store beer, fruit, and whatever other beverage you fancy. It also works with a pumpkin!

A Monkey Peeler That Makes A Kitchen Chore A Little More Fun

Peeling fruits and vegetables is a chore, but this adorable monkey peeler is just one way to make it more fun.

A Sloth Blanket For When You Can Barely Move

If you're feeling lazy, channel the animal that knows how to slow down with this sloth blanket. Curl up and binge as much Netflix as you want — you and your sloth friend are in this together.

A Cat Tissue Holder With A Funny Surprise

If allergies have you running for the tissues, you'll get a lot of laughs out of this cat butt tissue holder.

A Box Full Of Pizza Socks For The Person Who Can't Get Enough 'Za

Once you get over the initial disappointment of not having real, cheesy pizza, you'll realize that this set of socks that comes in a pizza box is the ideal ode to your favorite food.

A Shark Pool Float For The Ferocious Sunbather In All Of Us

A shark in the water is usually a good reason to get out. This shark pool float, however, is just the reason to dip into the water. Just don't scare the kids with your fierce float.

A Beer Belly Fanny Pack That Will Confuse Everyone

It's time to show a little skin. This beer belly fanny pack will hold your phone, wallet, and keys, while making everyone else at the amusement park do a double take.

A Set Of Colorful Knives That Are Prettier Than They Need To Be

Most knife blades come in exactly one pattern — that is, no pattern at all. This set of knives features pretty landscapes on each blade. Just make sure you don't get distracted by the art while cutting up that apple.

A Cat Statue That Will Send Your Gnomes Running In Fear

If garden gnomes are not so much your aesthetic, this statue of a cat attempting to snack on them may be the thing to put amongst your plants instead.

A Rock Painting Kit So You Can Finally Make Your Own Pet Rock

Who needs a pet dog when you can make your own pet rock? This rock painting kit may seem like a silly arts and craft project at first glance, but if you're looking for a fun way to decorate your outdoor space, look no further than these pretty painted rocks.

A Money Rug For When You're All About The Benjamins

You may not have enough cash to drop thousands on a fancy imported rug, but you likely can afford this money-shaped runner. Throw it in your hallway and have your friends ooh and ahh over their bougie buddy.

Cat Ice Cube Trays For The Feline Lover

If you prefer cats to people, then no glass of lemonade is complete without these adorable cat ice cubes. Even the tray is shaped like a cat!

A Hoodie That Celebrates A Perfect Food

Instant ramen is one of the easiest and cheapest foods one can buy — which is why it's really time it got the love it deserved. This ramen-themed hoodie is a tribute to the food that got you through long nights at the office.

An Umbrella Hat For The Lazy Rain Dweller

Umbrellas may keep you dry in the worst weather, but they're also a little exhausting to hold, no? Enter the umbrella hat, and save your arms from soreness. Who cares if you look a tiny bit silly?

A Cat Costume That's Too Cute For Words

Cats dressed up like people is a common theme in the cutest internet memes. This pirate costume for your cat will make everyone want to photograph her adorable little face.

A Unicorn Hoodie For Your Whimsical Side

Only the most whimsical of people will don this unicorn hoodie, which even comes with its very own horn.

A Skull Cake Mold For The Spookiest Desserts

Your dark and brooding soul can't have a normal birthday cake. This skull cake mold is the answer you've been looking for: You still get to celebrate with chocolate cake, but now, it's shaped like death. How fun!

A Rolling Alarm Clock For When You Really Can't Get Up

It takes a special person to ignore the blaring of an alarm clock by throwing their head under a pillow. This rolling alarm clock will make you chase it in order to turn it off.

A Money Saving Cube That's...A Little Scary, Actually

Banks are nice...for "normal" people. For everyone else, there is this money-saving box whose face will likely haunt your nightmares.

Animal Socks That Transform Your Feet

Throw away all your white socks right now. These animal socks will turn your feet into dinosaur talons, allowing you to indulge in your greatest Jurassic Park dreams.

A Pimple Popping Stress Ball That's Gross & Satisfying

Stress balls are one way to decompress after a hard day. This one has an added benefit: If you are a self-proclaimed pimple-popping fanatic, ignore your own face and "pop" the pimples of this stress ball instead.

A Set Of Mean Balloons For A Goofy Birthday Gift

Sure, it's your friend's birthday, but that doesn't mean you have to go the traditional sweet birthday balloon route. These sarcastic and snarky balloons may confuse your friend, but hey, at least you got them birthday balloons in the first place...right?!?