37 Things on Amazon To Never Rely On A Handyman Again

Some of us are born with home improvement skills that rival those of the Property Brothers. For others, the epic renovation projects made popular by HGTV seem like a complete impossibility. No matter how confident you are in your skills, there will likely come a time where you have to hop into a home project. Whether you are tasked with renovating an entire bedroom, cleaning your blinds, or hanging up a piece of art, the right home tools will help you succeed — be you a novice or practically a pro. Fortunately, there are lots of awesome things on Amazon for the aspiring Property Brother in all of us. Check out this list of tools, decor, and other useful things that will make you forego that call to a handyman. You've got this!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Removable Wall Paper That Will Give Any Room New Life

Painting can be messy, but white walls are so boring. Enter this removable wall paper with a pretty, unique floral pattern, that can be used to make a single accent wall pop or to coat an entire room. No paint splattered jeans here!

Adhesive Mirrors That Are Too Easy

Hanging a large mirror isn't always easy, especially considering you risk smashing it into a million pieces if it's not properly secured. These mirrored wall decal stickers come with glue adhesives so all you have to do is pop them on a wall in your preferred location.

Magnetic Push Pins For Making Hanging Items A Breeze

Want to hang up a poster, but don't want to poke a hole through it? These magnetic push pins allow you to stick the push pin into the wall, and then use the magnetic pieces to secure your item without ever having to puncture it. Simple, effective, and stylish!

A Headlamp So You Can Go Hands Free

Exploring underneath your kitchen sink for a leak, or venturing into a cramped a crawl space? This headlamp allows you to illuminate your path without having to deal with a handheld flashlight.

Artificial Garland So You Can Bring The Garden Indoors

Don't have a green thumb? No worries. This artificial garland, which you can easily wrap around a mirror, secure to a wall, or let dangle from a doorway makes nature a part of your indoor space, no fertilizer required.

Washi Tape For So Many Fun Projects

For those who want to add a design element to your walls, but don't have the artistic skills to paint, this washi tape might be your solution. You can use this tape to add a fun trim to the edges of walls, or even do a cool pattern. All that you need is a pair of scissors and a little creativity to design something really spectacular.

A Multitool For Tackling Those Random Tasks

This multitool is a hammer, a small axe, a bolt tightener, and more. Throw it in your backpack for a camping trip, or just grab it whenever something miscellaneous needs to be secured around your home.

Color Changing Lightbulbs To Make Any Room More Fun

You don't need to install a crazy light show in your house to get the benefits of beautiful color. These changing colored lightbulbs are super easy to install and controlled by remote.

Resin For When You Want To DIY So Many Things

If you ever looked at your wooden coffee table and thought "I think we can do better," look no further than this resin kit. You can add objects like bottle caps, dried flowers, and more into the resin coating, then wait for it to seal so you have practically a brand-new piece of furniture. Just make sure to follow safety guidelines and wear proper protective equipment when using this product.

A Mini Butane Torch For The Welder In All Of Us

Sometimes, your home improvement task requires an open flame. This blow torch can be used for soldering and welding, and comes with safety features that make it more usable than similar products.

A Tension Rod That's So Simple To Install

No need to get out the hammer in order to install this rod, which uses tension to lock into place instead of screws. In addition to using in the shower, this rod can also be used in your closet for some extra space for hangers.

A Paint Kit For When You're Ready To Tackle That Room

You've done it: You've decided to paint your room that perfect shade of blue, and now have nowhere to begin.  Enter this paint kit from Amazon, which comes with a roller, paint brush, and other tools necessary for tackling the next step.

LED Lights That Bring A Spark To Any Room

This set of LED lights help decorate your room in the dark. Choose from a variety of colors and pop these lights around everything from your bed to a door frame.

Gorilla Glue For When You Really Need Things To Stay Put

One of the strongest glues on the market is Gorilla Glue — and it's ideal for any home project where you really, really need something to stick. Just maybe don't stick it on the back of a poster — you may never get it off your wall if so!

This Baby Proof Door Knob That Helps Keep Kids Safe

Baby proofing a house is no easy feat, but you can relax knowing that these baby proof door knobs are beyond simple to install. Adults won't have an issue opening these doors, but they'll have peace of mind knowing that a child won't find his way down the basement.

These Outlet Covers That Are A Breeze To Install

Whether you're looking to hide an outlet because it no longer works or want to make something safe for baby, these easy-to-install outlet covers will do the trick in just seconds.

Suction Hooks You Can Use In The Shower

Moisture can greatly affect how well hooks stay on, and bathrooms are some of the most moist places in the house. Fortunately, these high-suction hooks hold up to 13 pounds, making them perfect for your wet towel.

Command Hooks Up To Even The Heaviest Of Tasks

These command hooks have one motto: "Do no harm." No, they're not doctors...they simply won't leave a mess on your wall, even after you decide to remove them. They also hold up to three pounds, making them great to hang a light jacket or set of keys.

A Blanket Ladder For Easy Storage

The easiest storage space you'll ever install? This blanket ladder, which allows you a space to hang blankets, clothes, and other accessories fashionably, without ever having to screw anything into a wall.

A Nail Set You'll Use For SO Much

There's nothing particularly "cool" about this nail set, but useful? You bet. You'll find a dozen different nails here, which means you'll never have to go hunting for the right kind in a hardware store midway through a project.

A Studfinder For A Stud

A home improvement pro (or wannabe pro) needs a great studfinder. This one, which comes with an electronic sensor, is highly rated on Amazon and well-priced.

Leaf Decals For Adding Pretty Details To Any Room

You may not be able to paint leaves on your kitchen cabinets, but you can easily slap on these leaf wall decals for a splash of decor.

A Drill Kit That Should Be A Staple

A drill kit may not be the most exciting item in your house, but this one at least comes in a fun green color. The cordless drill is a breeze to charge, and you won't ever get tangled up in wires while using it.

This Hammer Set For Projects Big & Small

Not all hammers are created equal, but all excel at different tasks. This set of multiple hammers allows you to pick the perfect one for whatever you happen to be slamming against today.

This Hand Cart That Will Save Your Back

Moving heavy stuff is just par for the course with home improvement projects. This foldable hand cart makes it so you don't have to lug anything on your back. It can also be used for luggage and moving!

A Multitool That Will Always Come In Handy

Sometimes you just need something that does everything. This affordable Rovertac multitool is a set of pliers, a knife, a saw, a screwdriver, and even more. It's a great addition to your toolbox, and can also be taken for outdoors adventures.

A Laser Leveler So You Can Feel Like James Bond

"Is this thing straight?" You'll never have to doubt yourself again with this laser leveler, which provides a light that allows you to finally see things on an even surface. Plus, shooting colored "lasers" at the wall? Very secret agent man.

Marble Contact Paper For Giving Your House A Fancy Touch

Marble is elegant and refined...and also seriously expensive. This marble contact paper, on the other hand, provides you the chic look your after without the heavy stone price tag. Use it to DIY everything from cabinets to kitchen counters.

A Bidet You Can Install In Seconds

No need to call a plumber: This attachable bidet is super easy to install in your home toilet, no fancy equipment necessary.

An Inventive Plunger For Unclogging Messes

Traditional plungers only go so far into a toilet, and the constant back-and-forth plunging motion can often leave your restroom a mess. This uniquely shaped "shroom plunger" can get deeper into pipes, loosening blockages and pushing out clogs in one single step.

This Blind Cleaner That's Simple, Yet Brilliant

Blinds get seriously dusty, and often traditional dusters just don't do the trick. Before you remove your blinds and resort to hosing them down to clean them, try this innovative blind cleaning microfiber tool, which comes in several fun colors.

This Drillbrush That Makes Deep Cleaning So Much Easier

Scrubbing a bathtub with a sponge to get out all the grime is exhausting. This electric drillbrush tool allows for the same level of deep cleaning — you just have to do a lot less of the scrubbing.

Moldable Glue For Sealing Small Spaces

This moldable glue can be used for so many things, but thanks to its different colors, is particularly good for sealing up cracks without being too obvious. Kids can also use the glue for craft projects — if you have any leftover after making your various home improvements, that is.

This Hidden Key Tool That May Save The Day

If you've ever had to pay for a locksmith (or worse, had to break into your own house) after forgetting a key inside, try this clever rock key hideaway. No one around will know that your key is hidden in some ordinary rock on your lawn, but you certainly will be glad you do after leaving your keys on the kitchen table. (Again.)

This Portable Laundry Machine Great For Small Apartments

You don't need to call someone to install this portable washing machine. Simply plug it in and go. This lightweight model uses much less energy than traditional washing machines and is great for dorm rooms, RVs, and small apartments.

This Floating Shelf Adds An Easy Addition To Your Home

No need to drill into the wall for this hanging shelf — it uses rope to give it a rustic feel. Throw on some cute succulents or picture frames and you have a whole new vibe for your bedroom, living room, or even bathroom.

This Corner Shelf You'll Find So Many Uses For

This easy-to-install corner shelf is ideal for when you need something in that blank corner. Pile on knickknacks, picture frames, and plants for a fun pop.