37 Things on Amazon PERFECT For Your She-Shed

She-sheds, lady lairs, women caves - whatever you call them, they're a little bit of heaven on earth. I've been jonesing for a she-shed for as long as I can remember (ok, probably since I had kids and their stuff took over the house) - I'd use it for crafting, doing online fitness videos or just grabbing a moment of zen to read or nap.

If you're lucky enough to own one or just planning for your future sanctuary, I've rounded up 37 things on Amazon that are perfect for your she-shed. From the prettiest aromatherapy diffuser to stylish storage options, we've got the decor, accessories and other goodies to make your she-shed the best place on earth.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Cute Candle Will Light Up Your Space

What space wouldn't be more cheerful with this cute candle to light the way? If looks alone don't sway you, the relaxing fragrance and 65-hour burn-time might! And the candle jar lives on after the candle's done; use it to hold bits and bobs, office supplies or flowers.

This Bluetooth Speaker Packs A Punch

If you need an easy way to listen to podcasts or music while you hang out in your she-shed, this little bluetooth speaker is just what you're looking for. It'll give you four hours of your favorite tunes with just one charge and is small enough to fit in your pocket. There's a built-in mic so you can catch up with friends via long phone chats, too!

You'll Find A Million Uses For This Storage Basket

This stylish storage basket is incredibly useful for anything you need to corral in your she-shed: fitness equipment, craft supplies, extra cozy throw blankets, books - you name it, this can store it beautifully. The neutral color goes with all kinds of decor so it'll blend in and look right at home in any space.

This Cold Brew Maker Is Next-Level Pretty

I've never seen a cold-brew maker this gorgeous. The geometric-patterned stainless steel insert is the perfect vehicle for brewing life-giving caffeine on the go. Just take it with you to the she-shed, and you've got 1.2 liters of delicious Joe that looks good on display, too!

This Space Heater Makes Things So Cozy

Unless you've got a super-fancy she-shed with radiant floor heating, you're gonna want this tiny space heater to keep things cozy. This colorful little compact guy has efficient ceramic coils that heat up quickly and tip-over protection so you don't burn down your sacred space.

This Storage Ottoman Is A Stylish Solution

She-sheds aren't known for having a ton of storage, so this storage ottoman is as useful as it is good-looking. Use it to store less attractive but still necessary stuff out of sight, like power cords, charging cords, margarita mix...

This Fluffy Pillow Cover Is The Perfect Touch

These fluffy throw pillow covers instantly upgrade your space for less than $10! They come in 18 stylish colors that make couches and chairs so much cozier. Just imagine sinking back into a nest of fuzzy goodness as you crack open your new favorite book. Pure bliss.

This Plant Basket Brings It All Together

Plants do more to quickly bring life to a space than pretty much anything else, and your she-shed's going to look so much more complete when you get one. Once you pick out your new green pal, pop him into one of these woven plant baskets to hide the plastic pot and add some instant style to an otherwise forgotten corner of your shed!

This Throw Blanket Is Cozy-Chic

Fluffy pillows, check. Space heater, check. Throw blanket - check this one out! The pretty diamond pattern and fun fringe casually tossed over the arm of your sofa or even an office chair adds a layer of sophistication and homey vibe. It comes in a few patterns and a bunch of colors and has over 577 rave reviews on Amazon.

This Essential Oil Diffuser Is Also A Light

Scent is huge for setting the mood - whether you want your space to feel relaxing, uplifting or just plain cozy, use this essential oil diffuser to prettify the air. The warm wood tone and geometric design make it special, as do the seven choices of colored lights to customize the look. Use it as a gentle light for relaxing or a night light during naps - the cut-out design casts cool patterns on the wall for even more ambiance!

This Essential Oil Set Is Delicious

You're gonna need essential oils for your diffuser, so try this top-rated set of nine scents. I've seen it in person, and it smells as good as it looks! I love that it includes some less common scents, like rosemary and frankincense and a free book with 200 recipes you can make with this set. Over 2,300 positive reviews can't be wrong!

This Foldable Yoga Mat Takes Up No Space

If you use your she-shed for fitness-related me time, this foldable yoga mat is a great option. You can store it away flat under a couch or chair when you're not using it so it doesn't always have to be on display. It comes in a bunch of patterns and gets great reviews from yogis on the go.

These Fitness Bands Let You Workout Anywhere

This set of three resistance bands offers a full workout and is incredibly easy to store out of sight in the included carry bag. They'll tone your buns, thights and abs while increasing your flexibility and strength, and you can do the easy moves pretty much anywhere!

This Weight Set Kicks Your Fitness Into Gear

Looking to add a little more to your workout routine? Try this compact weight set with stand that'll turn your she-shed into a home gym! You get two each of 2-lb, 3-lb and 5-lb for easy toning that won't take up a ton of space. They also come in heavier weights if you're already buff.

This Wearable Blanket Is So Damn Hygge

What better way to practice self care than to wrap up in this wearable blanket with feet and take an afternoon nap in your happy place? You'll find nirvana in what's basically a relaxed-fit snuggie that protects you from the slightest chill - even your toes! It comes in a bunch of colors, from subtle to full-on plaid.

This Wire Wall Organizer Holds All Your Stuff, Beautifully

Shelves take up valuable room in she-sheds with limited wall space, so here's a better way to store a bunch of stuff in a small space. This wire wall organizer holds so much, and it's completely customizable storage - clip on vision boards, favorite pics or quotes, hang accessory shelves to hold candle, craft supplies and other little things.

This Succulent Bowl Adds So Much Life

Since it's probably not possible to abandon all responsibilities and spend time in your she-shed daily, you need a hardy plant that can stand a little neglect. This bowl of succulents is a great option since it'll stay alive even for brown thumbs, and adds a great touch of life to your space.

This Plant Mister Is A Swanky Way To Keep Your Plants Hydrated

As long as we're creating a little fantasy world to escape to, why not accessorize with a swanky plant mister to keep your succulents happy? You can swan around the she-shed gracefully misting your plants in grand style like the goddamn fancy lady you are.

This Doormat Is Super Cheerful

In case you're feeling social and want to invite the ladies over for some beverages à la she-shed, this welcome mat is a cheerful, stylish way to greet guests. It comes in a few sizes to so you'll get a custom-fit for your doorway!

These String Lights Create Instant Ambiance

Instantly transform your she-shed into a romantic bistro in Paris with these string lights. The warm white glow provides the perfect atmosphere and the 17-foot length is a great size for small spaces. The good news for klutzes (*raises hand*) is these are shatterproof and stay cool to the touch to avoid any user errors.

This Side Table Fits Anywhere

She-sheds don't have a ton of floor space, so it can be hard to fit extra furniture in once you've got the seating situation sorted. That's why this metal side table is just right for the job - it's collapsible so easily folds away if you need more room for working out or crafting. It comes in a ton of colors so it'll go with whatever decor you've got going on.

This Temporary Wallpaper Is An Instant Fixer-Upper

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to totally make-over a space quickly, but it can be annoying and expensive to install. Not this peel and stick wallpaper, though! It goes up in seconds and adds so much interest and depth to your she-shed decor, plus it's easy to remove when you need a change.

This Macrame Mirror Is Wall Jewelry

Make the most of the small amount of wall space your she-shed's got with this little macrame mirror hanging that's like jewelry for your walls. The mirror's only 9 inches in diameter, and it'll bounce light around like crazy, making your little slice of heaven a lot brighter.

This Magazine Rack Is Minimalistically Gorgeous

If I had a she-shed, you can bet I'd spend inordinate amounts of time there reading magazines uninterrupted (lookin' at you, family). This sleek, minimalist metal magazine holder is awesome for holding a bunch of magazines but not taking up much room at all.

This LED Reading Light Sticks On Anywhere

If your she-shed's not wired for electricity, no problem! These sleek wooden rechargeable LED reading lights attach anywhere and provide a few light levels from dim to super-bright. They look so much classier than stick-on plastic versions, but don't cost much more!

This Pivoting Power Strip Is So Convenient

If you do have electricity in your she-shed, there's probably only one or two outlets so you'll need a power strip to make the most of it. This pivoting version is superconvenient for bulky plugs since you can rotate it to make more room for everyone. It's safer too, since the plugs aren't all squished together on top of each other. It comes in a few colors in case pink's not your thing!

This She-Shed Book Has So Many Ideas

What better to browse while you're relaxing in your she-shed than inspo for updates, upgrades and redecorating? This She Sheds: A Room Of Your Own book is packed with gorgeous photos of decor, paint colors, shed styles, landscaping, construction ideas and more to jumpstart your next project.

This Craft Organizer Holds So Many Doodads

If you use your she-shed as a maker space, this craft organizer can hold all your pom-poms, ribbons, thread, glitter pens, card-making supplies, beads. Generously-sized clear individual containers stack to create an easy-to-store, compact unit so you can see exactly what you've got at a glance.

This Creativity Journal Is Incredible

I was in my local Amazon store last week and was immediately drawn to this creativity journal. It's an interactive, insightful book with so many activities, craft ideas and hands-on play to get you started on a creative journey, which is the perfect thing to embark upon in a shed of one's own.

This Cute Humidifier Is Perfect For Colds & Allergies

Your she-shed's probably not climate-controlled, which means it could get super dry in there, leading to worse cold and allergy symptoms. Keep your sinuses happy with this portable humidifier that can play optional bird music to go with the cute little guy perched inside.

This Portable Wine Cup Is Just So Satisfying

I'm in love with this satisfyingly chubby little portable wine cup made of glass protected by a non-slip silicone grip plus a lid for cocktail hour in the she-shed. It comes in a few pretty pastels and neutrals for a sophisticated, modern look.

This K-Cup Holder Organizes Your Space

Keep your caffeine stash in order with this sleek K-cup organizer that takes up virtually no room and has space to store your coffee maker on top. It's slim enough to stash away or keep on display, and it holds 42 K-cups so you'll be caffeinated for quite some time!

This Single Serve Coffee Maker Is Amazing For (Very) Small Spaces

This single serve coffee maker is perfect for tiny spaces like your she-shed. The compact design comes in lots of fashionable colors, plus a travel mug is included. Easy peasy!

This Mini Fridge Holds Your Essentials

You don't want to keep running back to the main house for snacks and bevs, so keep them close at hand with this adorable mini fridge that stores the essentials. It's the perfect size for a drink and snack, plus you can store beauty treatments like masks and jade rollers in it for a cool treat.

This Light Therapy Lamp Keeps The SAD Away

While you're relaxing, crafting or reading in your little slice of heaven, use this light therapy lamp to get your daily dose of Vitamin D and keep the winter SAD away. It'll be your sunshine on a rainy day as you adjust the three levels of brightness to customize your light therapy session. And it doesn't emit any UV rays, so no need for sunscreen indoors!

These Moisturizing Socks Are A Self-Care Treat

Kick back and relax in your private sanctuary with these moisturizing socks that are a treat for your toes. The intensely hydrating gel inside the socks slowly releases botanical oils, aloe vera and vitamins for a salon-level experience at home. No more scaly heels and toes, your tootsies are going to be baby soft in no time!

This Healthy Snack Box Is A Smart Option

Snacks in the she-shed are non-negotiable. Keep yours on the healthy side with this delicious snack box that includes veggie chips, granola bars, popcorn and more. Just don't let the kids know you've got a secret stash!