37 Things on Amazon Basically Necessary for Grown Human Adult Life

Grown lady life ain't for the faint of heart. There's dishwashing, toilet cleaning, bill paying and a million other tasks on our lists before we even get out the door! And once we do, we're supposed to look effortlessly pulled together for any occasion. Hoo boy. But here's a little secret - we've all got little go-to helpers to guide us through stressful situations and boring tasks. By the time you're a grown lady you've got a few tricks up your sleeve - I've learned most of it the hard way, but I wanted to make it easier for you. Here's an easy cheat-sheet to 37 things on Amazon that are basically necessary for grown-AF life!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

From the best home organization tools, the softest antibacterial towels and the most fun cocktail party game, I've got your adulting needs covered.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so any prices mentioned below are subject to change.

This Memory Foam Bath Mat Feels Like A Cloud

Grown AF ladies don't compromise on luxury, especially when it comes to pampering ourselves. This memory foam bath mat is just what you want to step out on after a long, hot shower - it literally feels like you're walking on a cloud! And it comes in tons of colors to go with your decor. It's got over 15,000 glowing reviews, so you know it's going to live up to the hype.

This Magnetic Knife Rack Totally Organizes Your Kitchen

As a grown AF human, you're going to have a fully stocked kitchen. But stocked doesn't have to mean cluttered when you have this magnetic knife rack that has space for your whole knife set plus frequently used kitchen tools and utensils. The super slim design comes in three sizes and attaches easily to your wall, plus it comes with six hooks to hang tools from. And it's got over 1,000 rave reviews for great looks and strong magnets that hold on to knives with an iron grip.

This Charcoal Cleansing Stick Zaps Whiteheads And Blackheads

Yes, it's got a funny name, but this 23 Years Old Black Paint Rubar charcoal cleansing stick really works to keep your grown-AF-lady-face clean and clear of whiteheads and blackheads. Just wet your face then swirl the cleansing stick over your skin to create a foamy lather and rinse. It's innovative K-beauty at its best - affordable, effective and probably something you've never seen before!

This Milk Foamer Customizes Your Froth

While a milk frothing machine that heats your milk and froths it to a customized density might seem a bit bougie, once you try it you won't be laughing anymore. First, it'll help you save money since you won't be hitting up your fancy coffee shop multiple times a day, you can DIY for cheap so it'll pay for itself soon! Second, we only get to go around once in this life, so why not treat yo'self? Just imagine the best hot chocolate, espresso or latte you've ever tasted that you can make in your own home. If that's not winning adulthood, I don't know what is.

This Stress Reliever Also Builds Strength

Grown AF ladies got a lot on their minds, so a stress relief toy is always a welcome addition to your desktop. This one's a cool coil design that has the added benefit of strengthening your hands to make for better rock climbing grip, guitar playing, lifting weights or maybe just really agressive email typing.

This Silicone Face Cleanser Is Gentle And Effective

If you've got sensitive skin, you're going to want these silicone face scrubbers - readers who tried the electronic version say it's way too harsh on their face but you can customize the pressure with these fingertip scrubbers. They're a fraction of the price of the automatic kind, and you get a set of four so you'll always have a clean one on hand. Much easier to pack for travel, too!

This Pour Over Coffee Maker Has Everything You Need

This pour over coffee maker couldn't make itself more convenient - it comes with the lid with built-in extra-fine mesh filter so you can get started with your caffeine intake right away! The slim, portable design is so great for at the office, on trips or camping when you can't go without your strong brew but don't want to tote along your whole coffee set up. And it has over 2,000 reviews for ease of use and quality cups it turns out time after time.

This Air Freshener Is Fancy AF

If you want something a little more aesthetically pleasing than a container of air freshener spray in the bathroom, try this real flower reed diffuser to add fragrance and ambiance. It comes in 10 fragrances, from garden lavender to coco peach with pretty baby's breath flowers in corresponding hues. I love when a decoration can pull double duty so it's useful as well as gorgeous. Grown AF ladies definitely have good smelling bathrooms, so you'll probably want to pick up one of these asap.

This Closet Organizer Works A Treat

Grown AF ladies don't always need to have Instagram-worthy closets, but they should be well-organized. I share a small closet with my husband, and we're always looking for ways to add more storage to the tiny space. This closet organizer would be perfect for storing my winter sweaters above and hanging clothes from the rack below - it takes up the same amount of space horizontally that hanging clothes would anyway, all you need is extra vertical space. Smart storage is totally adulting.

These Storage Bins Are Useful In Every Room

By the time you're an #adult, you've amassed quite a collection of stuff. So you're going to need an attractive way to corral all your stuff to hide it out of sight - enter these striped storage bins that work in every room of your home to keep your goods under wraps! They come in a ton of colors to coordinate with your decor, I'm partial to the neutral gray since it's so versatile but the brighter ones would look great in kids' spaces.

This Soap Dispenser Streamlines Your Shower

Grown AF ladies usually have a million hair and body products packed onto shower shelves, which doesn't look good or work well. Streamline your routine with this three-chambered soap dispenser that holds your favorite shampoo, conditioner and body wash, just like at the gym or hotels! It easily attaches to your wall so you can simply fill it up and enjoy your clean shower.

This Mail Organizer Is What Your Drop Zone Needs

Grown people have what's known as a 'drop zone', a place where they can drop keys, mail, leashes, etc when they walk in the door. But this area can easily devolve into a hot mess if you're not careful. Grown AF ladies know the need to be organized, so they'll have a little something like this mail organizer right inside the door to hold all their stuff. This one's just big enough to store exactly what you need plus a room to store little extras, like a tiny vase of fresh flowers.

These Bamboo Towels Won't Get Nasty

Just imagine shoving your post-cleansed face into a nice, fluffy towel and inhaling the sweet scent of...mildew? No way, ladyfriend. These bamboo towels wouldn't do that to you - they're mildew-resistant and naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Not only that, they're super absorbent and soft. My favorite part is the price though - you get four oversized bath towels for under $30! Saving money is grown AF.

These Drawer Liners Are Extra In A Good Way

Are scented drawer liners essential to grown-up life? Jury's still out, but they sure do make it a whole lot fancier. These pretty ones come in scents like English rose, English lavender and fresh linen so your clothes can have a subtle signature fragrance that's all your own. The colors are so pretty too, they're a fun pop of color every time you go to get dressed!

This Candle Set Is Perfect For Gifting

As a grown person, it's important to have a small supply of quick gifts for everything from a prezzie for your favorite hostess to a last-minute holiday gift. This scented candle set is the perfect thing to keep in stock for those occasions - you can break up the set and get four gifts, or if you're feeling generous, gift the whole shebang at one time. The containers are so pretty you don't even have to wrap them!

This Toilet Brush Is So Sleek

Into every adult's life some toilet cleaning must fall, and I for one loathe this task more than any other. But what makes it a little bit better is this toilet brush with its sleek design and thoughtful features. The crescent-shaped brush is made to clean up under the rim where a lot of the grossness lives, and the stiff bristles easily clean tough stains. My favorite part's the caddy - it magnetically attaches to the brush so there are no drips, because if there's anything worse than cleaning the toilet it's cleaning up toilet water.

These Pitchers Are Just Plain Fun

Grown AF ladies are known to throw stellar cocktail parties, and what better way to serve up the bevvies than this cute toucan pitcher? It adds a kitschy dose of fun I'd love to see at any party and it's cute enough to use for kids' parties, too. In fact, I can't think of any occasion where this pitcher wouldn't fit in! It comes in two colors and is made of 100% food safe bamboo fiber and melamine so you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching out.

This Timer Outlet Keeps You Safe

Safety first is the name of the game in adulthood, but so is forgetfulness since you've got so much else on your mind. This timer outlet is a sanity saver - you can set it to automatically turn off after a set amount of time, so you don't have to spend hours wondering if you really did shut off your straightener. It's also great for slow cookers so you don't come home to a burned dinner!

These Elastic Shoelaces Save You Time

One thing grown people are always short on is time. Now you can save some when you turn all your laced shoes into slip-ons with these elastic shoelaces! I have and love these ones, and so do my kids since they can easily and quickly pop their shoes on when we're running late for school (or everything). They come in a bunch of colors from neutrals to rainbow and work like a charm. Just lace once then you're done!

This Sponge Holder Is Amazingly Adorable

Grown-up life is kinda filled with boring tasks like washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, so why not make it more fun with little treats like this sponge holder? I love how the sponge makes up this little bathtub singer's hair, it's so adorable. And it's useful since sponges get gross when they sit around in their own dirty water, with this little gadget they drain easily and stay yuck-free!

This Jason Momoa Coloring Book Because Duh

Sure, grown AF ladies have arts & crafts time, too. And what could be better than a Jason Momoa coloring book to pass the time? Spend some relaxing time getting an eyeful - I mean coloring - the clever pages in this book. Aquaman in all his glory, what could be better?!

This Teeth Whitening Pen Has Crazy Before & Afters

Whenever I want to see if a product really works as it claims, I go to the reviewer pics to see the results. And let me just say, this teeth whitening pen has some of the craziest before & after pics! Smiles are so much lighter and brighter after using it. And it's so easy to use - no trays or messy gels, just color over your teeth with the pen and you're good to go.

This Portable Door Lock For Hotel Stays

Maybe I listen to too many true crime podcasts, but my grown-up self doesn't want to take any chances in questionable motels or Airbnbs. I'm taking this portable door lock with me - you simply place it on the strike plate of the door then close the door. Easy as pie installation and its easily packable size make this a must-have on any trip where you're staying overnight.

These Grass Flip Flops Are Delightful

Remember the joy of running barefoot on the grass when you were a child? I love the sensation, but can't get my grown-up mind past all the bugs or dog poop that could be lurking right under my bare toes. These grass flip flops are the best of both worlds - it feels like you're walking barefoot but you get to keep your feet clean. And they're super cute to boot!

This Prosecco Pong Game Is A Must-Have Party Game

Remember beer pong? Yes, your memory may be fuzzy due to all that imbibing, but here's the grown-up version of the popular party game. Prosecco Pong is amazing fun on girls' nights, weekend trips, irreverent cocktail parties and more. It works the same exact way as beer pong, except now you so fancy with your sparkling wine and pink ping pong balls.

This Paper Flower Book Lets You Get Crafty

It's good to have fun outlets to chill out and rediscover your creative side. This Paper to Petal book lets you do just that since it teaches you how to create 75 flowers from paper alone! And it has a foreword from Martha Stewart, so you know it's gonna be legit. And as an end result, you get gorgeous bouquets that won't wilt and die on you, so you can have pretty flowers around all the time.

This Unicorn Slime Isn't Just For Kids

Seriously, look how fun this is! I always associate slime with kids and thought it'd be gross to play with, but as it turns out, it's a great sensory stress reliever! This one's such a pretty blue color and smells like birthday cake - you can't help to feel like a kid again when you play with it. Oh, and good luck keeping it away from your actual kids - when mine saw it they pounced like feral cats until I put it away for mom's use only.

These Daily Affirmations Keep You Going

Life can be more than a little stressful lately, maybe because there's a history-making global pandemic happening and oh yeah, the world's basically on fire? These daily affirmation cards are a little pick-me-up that'll keep you going, according to one emergency room nurse whose colleagues fell in love with these to get them through tough shifts. Making positive statements out loud's been proven to improve your mood, relationships and life experiences according to these cards so it's worth a try, right?

This Versatile Handbag Is Maybe The Best Find Ever

This wildly popular purse has so many things going for it - it's incredibly cute, super affordable and comes in SIXTY TWO colors to choose from! It's a medium-sized, lightweight crossbody so perfect for pretty much any occasion, from travel to everyday use. And it has over 10,000 glowing reviews for quality, roominess and definitely value. At this price, you could get one to go with every outfit!

This Unicorn Gold Spray For Stealth Poops

Look, we've all been there - you're at a dinner party or cocktail hour at a friend's place and you've, well, gotta go. Bad. Don't hold it in anymore, that's no good for you! Instead, spritz this genius Unicorn Gold toilet spray in the water before you go, and it's like nothing happened at all. Seriously, I use this in my own house and it definitely works to cut down on unfortunate bathroom odors.

This Fabric Shaver Keeps Your Clothes Looking Nice

As a now fully grown and mature (?) person, you've probably spent a bit more on higher-quality clothing than you used to as a twenty-something. But since those quality clothes last a lot longer, we gotta do some maintenance to keep them looking brand new. This battery-operated fabric shaver is a lifesaver for expensive cashmere sweaters that've gotten pills - just run it over the fabric a few times and it looks good as new!

This Tee Shirt Dress Is Multipurpose

Grown ladies have a few style tricks up their sleeves, one being this long-sleeve tee shirt dress because it's so versatile. It's key to have a few pieces in your wardrobe you can rely on to look good for multiple occasions and this dress is just one of those. You can style it like shown for a cozy fall look with tall boots and a blanket scarf, but you could also just as easily dress it up with heels and a statement necklace or earrings for dinner out. And since it comes in a ton of colors, you can have a few on hand so you'll always be prepared!

This Car Charger Has USB Ports For Everyone

With five charging ports and an extra long cord, this car charger's the secret to keeping everyone in the car happy (and quiet) since they won't be fighting over whose turn it is to charge their device. The cord stretches to the backseat, so you can just throw it behind you at the squabbling masses and enjoy calm peace and quiet! It's essential for long road trips but it also comes in handy for everyday use - ask my daughter who is forever forgetting to charge her phone overnight.

These Thermal Socks Keep Your Piggies Toasty

I am always cold year-round unless it's sweltering outside. And the coldest parts are always my feet, even in sheepskin-lined slippers! These thermal socks though, they're the one thing that works to keep my feet toasty, especially in winter. I wear them with my big snowboots to the sledding hill or skiing and my toes never get even a little cold. You can wear them inside too for extra warm, extra cozy feet.

This Wedgie-Proof Underwear Is Necessary

I often wear leggings or skinny jeans and maybe TMI, but I hate thongs. I also hate Visible Panty Lines, so what's a girl to do? Try these wedgie-proof seamless undies that stay put, don't ride up and definitely don't show VPLs. The lightweight, low-rise "cheekini" fit has a good amount of coverage but is undetectable under even the tightest yoga pants. These get amazing reviews (over 2,000 of them) for quality, softness and stretchiness, too!

These AirPod Ear Hooks Keep Em In Place

Working out is a great stress reliever, but it can be a stress-maker if you're constantly worried about losing your expensive AirPods during your workout! Try these AirPod ear hooks that keep them securely attached to your ears so you can do your hardest workout with no worries. They come in two sizes, small and large, so you can get a custom fit, plus they're sweat and water resistant. You can even use them on the corded earpods if you're still using the "old fashioned" technology like me.