37 Things That Just Make So Much Damn Sense

As you may have guessed, I do a lot of online shopping. It's fun to browse products and make wish lists of items that capture my attention. Some things are cute, some are practical, and some make me slap my forehead and say, "That just makes so much damn sense!" Here, I'm recommending 37 of my favorite products from that list.

Take, for example, this purse insert that helps you easily organize your stuff, then transfer to a different bag every day. Genius! I'm also a fan of these ice molds that perfectly fit water bottles. And when I saw this cup holder for the bathtub, I skipped the wish list and immediately clicked add to cart. Read on, and I think you'll find at least one "of course!" product you, too, can't resist.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these can't-miss products as enticing as we do. Just so you know, we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Clip-On Colander Makes Draining Pots a Heck of a Lot Easier

via: Amazon

You've got to appreciate a kitchen gadget that make an everyday task easier. That's the thinking behind this smartly designed silicone colander. Its flexible design fits nearly every pot or pan, and the clips keep it securely in place while you pour out liquid. Perfect for pasta, potatoes, vegetables, and more.

This Collapsible Water Bottle Squashes Down to a Super-Convenient Size

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Is there anything this collapsible water bottle can't do?! It's dishwasher and freezer safe, made of BPA-free food-grade materials, durable, leak-proof, and has a handy strap for dangling from your backpack or wrist. It even comes in eight bright colors, so you can easily find your favorite shade.

This BedShelfie Helps You Stay in Bed for Dayzzz

via: Amazon

There's nothing better than chilling in bed, but sometimes you need a safe spot for your teacup, phone, remote, and bowl of ice cream (I've heard...). That's where this BedShelfie can change your lounging life. It clamps onto bed frames and then holds up to 15 pounds, which means I will soon be eating a lot more ice cream in bed.

Lazy Meets Cozy With This Cushy-Soft Blanket Poncho

via: Amazon

Speaking of taking your lounging to the next level, why not invest in a blanket poncho to show you're serious about comfort? It starts as a ridiculously soft blanket, but by attaching the magnetic snaps, it serves as a wearable poncho. It even has a pocket in front (perfectly sized for a phone and Snickers bar, as luck would have it).

Listen to Music and Look Awesome at the Same Time With This Bluetooth Beanie

via: Amazon

I've rarely been so excited to list the features of a product. This Bluetooth beanie comes in 16 colors, has built-in speakers, and uses wireless Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone. And...it costs under 20 bucks!

Give Any Room a Romantic Glow With These Flameless Candles With Remote

via: Amazon

This set of battery-operated candles is such a great value. You get nine real wax candles with flameless LED lights built in, along with a remote control. Position the candles wherever you want a little glow; popular spots include dressers, around the bathtub, and inside fireplaces over the summer months.

Customize Your Comfort With This Bendable Travel Pillow Made of Super-Flexible Memory Foam

via: Amazon

Travel is uncomfortable under the best of circumstances, so the right pillow can make a big difference. Most come in that iconic U-shape that hugs your neck, but this pillow is different. The twistable memory foam can be contoured to any shape you find comfortable. Reviewers enjoy the versatility and use it not only while traveling, but in recliners, in bed, and even at their desks.

Serve Your Three Favorite Treats From This Triple Candy Machine

via: Amazon

Is it just me, or do snacks taste better when they come out of a gumball machine? I love this triple candy dispenser that's designed for small treats like jellybeans, M&Ms, and peanuts. Perfect for an office or to pull out at parties!

Get Five Styling Tools in One With This Clever Interchangeable Curling Iron

via: Amazon

I have a drawer in my bathroom crammed full of curling irons of various sizes. I wish that before I bought them, I'd known about this incredibly smart curling iron set with interchangeable barrels. The wands are made of tourmaline ceramic, which is the best material for producing smooth, shiny waves.

Dishwashing Scrubber Gloves

via: Amazon

I have rubber gloves. I have a dish scrubber. So tell me why those should be separate items? After seeing these ingenious dishwashing scrubber gloves, I really don't know why we all aren't washing our dishes this way. Reviewers say they make dishwashing faster and easier.

Boil, Poach, or Scramble Perfect Eggs Every Time With This Rapid Egg Cooker

via: Amazon

The first thing I noticed about this Rapid Egg Cooker was how cute it is (I adore the mint green color), but next I saw that it has about a thousand 4- and 5-star reviews. People loooooove this appliance. Most people seem to use it to hardboil a dozen eggs at a time, though there are also directions for preparing your eggs soft-boiled, poached, scrambled, or into omelets.

Update Art as Often as You Like With This Easy-Change Picture Frame

Everything looks better in a frame, from kids' art, to certificates of achievement, to posters. With this easy-change frame, you can open it from the front anytime you want, so it's fast and simple to change the artwork inside.

Your Feet Work Hard for You, So Treat Them to These Moisturizing Gel Socks

via: Amazon

My feet are always dry, but no matter how much lotion I rub into them, it never seems to be enough. Time to kick things to the next level. These moisturizing gel socks are loaded with medical-grade mineral oil, vitamin E, shea butter, and other good stuff designed to penetrate skin and deeply moisturize thirsty feet.

Heal and Conceal Pimples With These Acne Cover Patches

via: Amazon / Amanda

There are one zillion (yes I counted) products designed to treat acne, but this is the only one that heals and conceals so brilliantly. These Acne Cover Patches are flexible little bandages treated with tea tree oil and calendula oil. Not only do they hide pimples better than make-up, but they also soak up oil and pus while protecting skin from dirt (and your picking fingernails). Need more convincing? The reviews are filled with raves!

Keep Bottled Water Nice and Cold With These Perfectly-Sized Ice Molds

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Have you ever tried to break up ice cubes and cram the shards into a water bottle? It's not my favorite thing to do. Instead, it would be a lot smarter to use this set of three silicone ice trays that freeze water into skinny tubes that fit beautifully into water bottles.

You'll Always Have a Writing Utensil Handy if You Carry This Keychain Pen

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I've used a lot of dumb keychains over the years, including a fuzzy pompom that immediately grew grimy and gross, and one shaped like a puzzle piece that had such sharp edges, I cut myself on it twice before tossing it. Call me a slow learner. But I'm ready to do better by purchasing this keychain pen, which seems like the smartest use of a keychain I've seen in a long time.

Capture Your Life in Lists With This Clever Listography Journal

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Are you a list maker? I am. Shopping lists, to-do lists, lists of grievances, you name it. Now that I've discovered this Listography Journal, I can put my listing fetish to a loftier, more philosophical purpose. Prompts like "memorable coworkers" and "greatest acts of kindness" promise to inspire self-reflection as well as a charming way to capture memories.

Make Your Next Fix-It Project a Little Easier With This Magnetic Tool Tray

via: Amazon

Whenever I put together a piece of furniture, hang a picture, or fix something around the house, I always worry I'll lose track of a screw or other tiny, important piece. This magnetic tool tray should help. At 9x5 inches, it's a great size for corralling small tools as well.

Enjoy Hands-Free Viewing With This Nicely Designed Mobile Phone Stand

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This adjustable mobile phone stand is the perfect solution for charging and viewing on your bedside or desk. It's compatible with just about every model of phone, small tablets, and e-readers. It even comes in four stylish finishes, but the rose gold is definitely my favorite.

Dry Your Manicure in Seconds With These Nail Polish Drying Drops

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There's nothing more frustrating that applying fresh nail polish, only to get a smudge or nick before it's completely dry. That's why I can't wait to try these Nail Polish Drying Drops. Just a drop or two on each nail helps them dry in seconds. Reviewer after reviewer calls this product "amazing"!

Light Up the Dark Corners of Your World With These Nightlights You Can Stick Anywhere

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I have so many dark corners where a little bit of light would be most welcome. This three-pack of battery-operated nightlights is the perfect solution to those dark spots around the house in closets, cabinets, bathrooms, and elsewhere. The lights include adhesive stickers and magnets so you have flexibility to install them where you need them most.

This Bestselling Pancake Batter Mixer Is Simply the Best Way to Make My Favorite Breakfast Food

I love pancakes, so any product that promises to help me make more of them goes right into my cart. The big secret to this pancake batter mixer is the blender ball that goes inside, so when you shake, the batter mixes up quickly and evenly. Then, simply squeeze the flexible bottle to dispense batter right onto the pan.

Make Healthy, Delicious Drinks Literally Anywhere With This Portable, Rechargeable Blender

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Blending just got a lot easier! Take this compact, portable blender on the go (to the gym, office, travel...) and you'll be ready to blend your favorite protein drink, juice, or smoothie anytime. It stays charged for 3-4 hours before needing to be recharged with a USB cord.

Plan Your Meals and Snacks With These Handy Portion Control Food Containers

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This colorful set of seven food containers helps you plan and portion your food precisely. Priced at about $10, it's an affordable way to do meal and snack prep. As a bonus, the set comes with a 21-day food guide to give you ideas for healthier eating.

No Tape Needed--This Pet Hair Roller Has a Brush That Picks Up Every Last Hair

My dog Rosie sheds a lot, so I've tried every lint brush, adhesive roller, and other gadget that promises to clean up her fur. This Chom Chom Roller is my new favorite. Instead of sticky tape that has to be changed every few strokes, this innovative design has a soft brush that picks up hair and dust, and a receptacle that stores it until you're ready to empty it.

Take Smudge-Free Notes in the Rain, Pool, or Bathtub With These Waterproof Notebooks

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I didn't even know I wanted to take notes in the shower until I realized I could,  with this set of three waterproof notebooks. The specially treated pages repel water, sweat, mud, grease, and whatever else your day throws at them. Reviewers even report using these magical notebooks underwater!

Keep Your Hot Drinks Perfectly Blended With This Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

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People love these self-stirring mugs for bulletproof coffee, cocoa, lattes, and other hot drinks that taste better when they're thoroughly mixed. Load it up with two AAA batteries, then press the button with your thumb to activate the stirring mechanism at the bottom of the mug. Just make sure you don't put this mug through the dishwasher--I found that one out the hard way!

Grow Healthier, Lusher Plants With This Smart Self-Watering Planter

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Much more than just a good-looking pot, the Aquaphoric Self-Watering Planter is a better system for growing plants. The set includes a pot in your choice of 12 colors, a bag of fiber soil specially designed to work with the planter, and a water chamber with an easy-to-read indicator to tell you when to add water. One reviewer said it's the perfect planter for people who usually kill plants!

Soothe Sore, Tired Muscles With This Microwaveable Shoulder Wrap (Bonus: It Smells Great, Too!)

via: Amazon

After a long day, I would love to heat up this soft shoulder wrap in the microwave and relax with it wrapped around my shoulders. Heat activates the lavender and peppermint herb inside, releasing their aroma and encouraging deep breaths. The wrap can also be stowed in the freezer for a chilling effect.

Me-Time Just Became Me-With-Wine-Time With This Cupholder for the Bath or Shower

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Me to universe: This bath is nice, but I could sure use a glass of wine. Universe to me: HERE YOU GO. This plastic cupholder suctions securely to the side of your tub or shower, and is perfectly sized to hold a wine glass, beer can, water bottle, or even a coffee mug. I'm so happy I live in a universe with this product.

Tote Treats With Style in This Snack Tower

via: Amazon

Snacks have never looked better! This snack tower consists of four jars sized from 5 to 11 ounces, that attach to form a cute, tall tower easy to carry around or stash in a bag. The tower even comes in four fresh colors (I think the orange one's my favorite).

Polish Your Glasses and Screens on the Go With This Stuff-It Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber cloths are perfect for quick wipes of eyeglasses, phone screens, and other glass surfaces. The problem is, I don't always have one when I need one. That's why the Stuff-It is such a great idea. To make it even more useful, the built-in carabiner clips onto keychains, backpacks, belt loops, and other handy spots.

Upgrade Your Taco Tuesday With These Stylish and Functional Taco Holders

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I love the simple, stylish design of these stainless steel taco holders. They're just the right size to line up three tacos at a time for filling or serving. Reviewers especially recommend them for kids.

Why Are 99% of Umbrellas Black When Transparent Umbrellas Make So Much More Sense?

via: Amazon

It's been raining a lot where I live, and I'm getting bored with my plain black umbrella. I was searching Amazon for an upgrade when I found this transparent umbrella, and now I'm wondering why it took me so long to order one. I love that I'll be able to see where I'm going while staying protected from the wet stuff.

Tough Peels and Skins Don't Stand a Chance Against This Trio of Vegetable Peelers

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Why settle for one vegetable peeler when you can get a set of three? This trio includes a standard peeler for hard-skinned fruit and vegetables, a "professional" peeler good for waxy or slippery fruit, and a julienne peeler that creates thin, precise strips. Reviewers say that once they get used to the U-shaped handles, they prefer them over standard handles.

Find Out What's in Your Drinking Water With This At-Home Water Analysis Kit

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Equal parts fun and useful, this water analysis kit is like a science experiment for adults. No need to mail in samples or wait for answers. This kit includes everything you need to test your water immediately for 10 substances, including lead, pesticides, chlorine, and bacteria.

Organize Your Stuff With This Cleverly Designed Purse Insert That Drops Into Almost Any Handbag

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I've been using small zippered pouches for years to keep my handbags organized, but this purse insert is an even better idea. Choose a color that matches the lining of your bag, then drop it in and you'll have a neat set of compartments to organize all your necessities. You can also pop the insert into a different bag the next day for a quick purse change.