37 Things I Bought on Amazon and Would Buy 100x Again (Under $20)

My name is Emily, and I'm an online shopping addict. I buy way too much stuff online, and while most of it just ends up sitting in a heap in my basement, the good stuff becomes an integral part of my daily routine. The following 37 products are what I consider to be the best of the best, and I'm so glad I found them.

From acne patches to pretty string lights to a jade facial roller, these are my all-time favorite Amazon purchases.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Headphone Jack Adapter That Lets Me Use My Favorite Earbuds

I take my dog on super long walks every morning and insist on listening to podcasts while we stroll. I also insist on using my ancient earbuds to do this, and because I have an iPhone 8 which doesn't have a headphone jack, I was forced to buy this adapter. It works perfectly and isn't too big or clunky! Score!

This Crossbody Bag That's Cute and Lightweight

I hate huge purses, so all of my bags have to be as small and lightweight as possible. This Medium Crossbody Bag with Tassel is roomy enough to fit my on-the-go must-haves without making me feel weighed down. I also love the cute tassels and metallic gold accents! Plus, there are a TON of different color options to choose from.

These Hair Extensions That Are Surprpsingly Realistic

After debating whether or not to cut my hair into a bob for months, I recently took the plunge and chopped it all off. And while I love how it looks, sometimes I really miss my long, luxurious mermaid tresses. These extensions help me to (temporarily) get back to my roots. They're shockingly realistic and match my strawberry blonde color perfectly.

This Silk Scrunchy That Won't Cause Breakage

And speaking of hair, am I the only one who's incredibly happy that scrunchies are back in style? This Silk Charmeuse Scrunchy by LilySilk is my go-to accessory on days when my hair hasn't been washed in a while but I still want it to have a polished style. Here's another bonus: The silky texture reduces hair breakage.

This Hair Serum That Transformed My Dry Ends

My hair gets really dry, especially during the colder months (I live in Wisconsin, after all). If I don't treat it with a hair serum every week, it gets brittle and ridiculously static-y. This Hair Repair Serum from Herstyler is a life-saver. It includes argan oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera. I just rub it through wet hair and style as usual.

These Wooden Wall Hooks That Add Beachy Style

My apartment is basically the size of a postage stamp, and the storage situation is seriously lacking. I'm constantly trying to figure out new ways to keep my stuff organized and off the floor, so when I discovered these little wooden wall hooks I knew they'd be perfect. Not only are they easy to hang, but they won't leave huge holes in your wall.

These Stainless Steel Staws That Cut Down On Waste

I love the feeling of making small, positive changes in my life. One of those changes was a vow to stop using plastic straws. The only problem? I love drinking stuff out of straws. For some reason, everything tastes better when you drink it through a straw. Enter these stainless steel reusable ones, which allow me to keep sipping without creating a ton of unnecessary waste.

This Makeup Brush Set That's Oh-So Pretty

The other day, I was putting on my makeup and took a moment to actually look at my makeup brushes. I was shocked by how disgusting they were. Not only were they completely filthy, but bristles were falling out and the handles were stained. Time for an upgrade! This set is as pretty as it is cheap.

This Tee Tree Oil Mask That Makes My Skin Glow

My skin has been a mess for the past few months, and after a night of browsing Amazon for a solution, I thought I'd give these Tea Tree Essential Blemish Control Masks a try. I noticed a difference after the first time I used one. My skin was instantly calmer, more balanced, and several zits were noticeably less red.

These Kitty Socks That Bring Out My Inner Cat Lady

Here's a somewhat embarrassing confession: I'm obsessed with all-things cat-related. I have a cat. I have shirts and coffee mugs with cats on them. And now, thanks to Amazon, I have a set of crew socks that have cats on them. This five-pack comes in a variety of lovely colors and has sweet little kitty faces on each one. I'm in love.

This Clay Mask That Deep Cleans Your Pores

If you want a product that will give you the most bang for your buck in the beauty department, this Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay definitely delivers. I mix it with equal parts apple cider vinegar and within 2 minutes my face is literally pulsating. I'm always blown away by how much it clears out my pores.

This Tiny Bluetooth Speaker That's Shaped Like an Acorn

During the warmer months, my bike is my preferred method of transportation, and while I love listening to music while I bike, I don't like wearing my earbuds when I'm in the street so I can hear when cars are approaching. Instead, I hang this little baby from my handlebar and can safely listen to whatever I want.

This Coconut Facial Cleansing Milk That's Ultra Luxurious

I tend to use a lot of acne products on my skin which leaves it dry, flaky, and irritated. This Coconut Facial Cleansing Milk by Georgette Klinger is the only facial wash I've found that can reverse these effects and return my skin to its former luster. I travel a lot, so I always order the travel size so I can easily throw it in my makeup bag.

This Plant Lady Mug That Really Grows on You

I have a bit of a houseplant hoarding problem. My apartment is completely filled with them, and I always have to stop myself from buying a new one whenever I go to my local garden center. My boyfriend surprised me one morning by gifting me this charming mug, which sums me up perfectly. The colorful graphic is beyond adorable.

This Cat Grass Kit That Gives Your Pet a Home-Grown Treat

Remember what I said about being obsessed with my cat? My love for this product further proves this fact. This Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit with Organic Seed Mix allows me to grow my cat's favorite treat from scratch in this sweet little mug. I was floored by how quickly this stuff grows, too!

These String Lights That Make Any Space Warm and Cozy

I'm a big homebody, and since I spend most of my time at home (I even work there!) I insist on it being as cozy as possible. The easiest way to add a major dose of coziness to any space is by adding string lights. This set is 66 feet long, is waterproof, and is USB powered.

This Magnetic Key Holder That's Made For The Absent-Minded

I am incredibly absent-minded, and every time I leave my house I have to take a minimum of 10 minutes to search for my keys, my wallet, my purse, and about a dozen other things that are required when leaving the house. This cool little cloud attaches directly to the wall next to my front door and holds my keys, so I at least know where they are at all times.

These Acne Patches That Send Zits Packing

I've talked a lot about my issues with acne, and while face masks definitely help, these Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patches shrink my zits like no other product I've ever tried. If I feel one starting to form beneath the skin, I pop one of these on and it's half the size in a couple of hours.

This Mascara That Makes My Lashes 100X Longer

I have short, brittle eyelashes that never look long and flirty no matter how many coats of mascara I slather onto them. Well, I should say, they didn't until I stumbled upon this Mad Lash Voluminous Mascara, which makes them look miles long and never, ever clumps. I actually like how my eyelashes look now!

This Cake Pop Maker That's My Newest Obsession

I've been extremely into baking recently, and while I wouldn't necessarily call myself a skilled baker, I do like to think of new and creative ways to eat sugar. This cake pop maker allows me to do just that. These fun treats are shockingly easy to make but look much more impressive than they actually are.

This Dino Ring Holder That's Equal Parts Sweet and Quirky

I love rings. They're probably the piece of jewelry that I own the most of, and if I put on every single ring that I own I definitely wouldn't be able to move my fingers. So I need somewhere to put them when I'm not wearing them, which is where this cool little dino comes in. He not only holds my rings, but he looks great on my dresser doing it.

This Light-Up Makeup Mirror That Makes Me Feel Like an Influencer

I watch a lot of beauty tutorials on YouTube and am always jealous of the light-up magnifying mirrors that they use while they put on their makeup. The other night I thought I'd do a quick search on Amazon to see how much they cost and, to my complete surprise, found this one for under 15 bucks!

This Faux Fur Throw That Upgrades My Cheap Furniture

I'm a freelance writer living on a...freelancer income, so all of my furniture is either from Ikea or Goodwill. This Deluxe Super Soft Fluffy Shaggy Home Decor Faux Sheepskin Rug makes my stuff look much more luxe than it actually is. It's supremely soft and looks great draped over my accent chair.

This Measuring Cup That Has a Clever Design

Because I've been spending more time in my kitchen lately, I've been more interested in finding clever gadgets that will make my life easier (and are super fun to use). This OXO Good Grips 2 Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup means no more having to scrape the ingredients off out of the bottom of the cup and hoping you're getting the right amount.

This Hair Finishing Stick That Takes Care of Stray Hairs

A few months ago I was getting ready to go out for drinks at a friend's house when she pulled out something that looked like a tube of mascara. To my surprised, she ran it over her hairline and it tamed all of her tiny little stray hairs. I knew I had to get one of these Hair Finishing Sticks for myself, and now I carry it with me everywhere.

This Jade Facial Roller That Sends Puffiness Packing

I sleep directly on my face every night, so you can probably imagine how incredibly puffy it is every morning. This Jade Roller Facial Skin Massager not only feels amazing when my skin gets irritated, but it actually looks calmer and more even-toned when I'm done. I keep mine in the freezer and the coolness is super refreshing.

This Himalayan Salt Lamp That Soothes My Anxiety

I'm anxious a lot of the time, and most of the products I've tried that are supposed to calm me down do basically nothing. This Himalayan Glow Multicolor USB Salt Lamp is one of the few exceptions. I don't really know how it works, but every time I turn it on I'm suddenly able to breathe easier. Plus, the heart shape is darling.

This Flower Spoon Set Thats Instagram-Worthy

I drink cup after cup of coffee and tea every morning and am always on the hunt for fun new mugs and accessories. So naturally, when I saw this Flower Spoon Set from niceEshop on Amazon I completely flipped out. The stainless steel construction makes it extra heavy-duty, and the colorful design and floral accents make them (almost) too pretty to use.

This Essential Oil Blend That Instantly Relaxes Me

Here's yet another product I purchased to try to relax and reduce my stress levels, and while I was pretty skeptical before trying it out (I'm not a big user of essential oils) it's made me a complete believer. I put simply put a few drops into my diffuser and my apartment is transformed into a soothing spa.

This Facial Toner That I Can't Live Without

I found this Thayers Facial Toner with Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, and Rose Peta on one of those lists of products with a ton of positive reviews on Amazon. It was cheap and seemed effective so I bought it. Boy, am I glad I did. Now I use it every single day after I wash my face.

This Backpack That's Ridiculously Lightweight

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend when the weather is nice is to get outside, find a hiking trail, and get walking. My boyfriend and I always pack a ton of trail snacks and water and make an entire day of it. This Outlander Ultra Lightweight Packable Water Resistant Travel Hiking Backpack stores all of my trail essentials and is 100% waterproof.

This Stick-On Phone Wallet That Keeps My Essentials Together

You already know how much I prefer small purses over big ones and how I'm constantly losing my belongings, so this wallet that sticks directly onto my iPhone case was basically made for me. Now, instead of spending extra time searching for both my phone AND my wallet, I only have to look for one thing!

This Makeup Organizer That Looks Great On My Vanity

In yet another quest to become more like my favorite beauty influencers, I converted an old dresser in my bedroom into a vanity and bought this Premium Quality Clear Plastic Cosmetic and Makeup Palette Organizer to sit on top of it and hold my makeup. Now, I sit and get ready for the day while marveling at how Instagramable my life has become.

This Candle Set That Smells (And Looks) Amazing

I just can't get enough candles. Sure, my landlord would probably be pretty annoyed by how many lit candles I have in my apartment at any given time, but there's just something so comforting about that warm, flicking light. These soy wax candles smell great and the colorful tins look beautiful in my space.

This Texturizing Spray That Works Wonders

My hair is absolutely stick-straight. Even when I take two hours to curl it, within 20 minutes it's back to its former boring state. This amika Un.done Volume & Texture Spray works miracles by creating a cool "messy" look that screams casual-chic. I especially love how it makes my unwashed hair look less disgusting. I recommend this spray to everyone.

This Face Primer That Pulverizes Pores

Along with my struggles with acne, I have oversized pores that I'm always trying to shrink or, at the very least, camouflage. This TOUCH IN SOL No Pore Blem Primer makes them completely disappear. I'm not exaggerating, here. My skin looks airbrushed after I put on this primer. You've got to try it.

This Bathroom Spray That Saved My Relationship

My boyfriend moved into my apartment at the beginning of this year, and I'm going to be honest, here...it's been a struggle. Mainly because we share one bathroom, and using it after he's been in there is not fun. This Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray makes it a much more pleasant experience. I actually like sharing a bathroom with him now!