37 Things I Bought Myself That I'd Buy 100X Again

Hi, I'm Emily, and I write about Amazon products for a living. I've compiled a list of the 37 best purchases I've ever made and would buy again and again. From life-changing pimple patches to something as simple as a fantastic shower caddy, these are my hands-down favorite things I use all the time.

Don't blame me if you end up buying every single one of these products ;)

(Okay, fine. You can blame me. But you'll be thanking me later.)

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Pimple Patches That Shrink Zits Overnight

I've had horrible skin since I first went through puberty, and while a teenager with a few zits here and there is considered "normal", a woman in her early 30's with a faceful of zits is mostly just sad. These pimple patches are the only thing that has helped my adult acne problem. If I see a new spot pop up I simply pop one of these babies on overnight and it's gone by morning. Magic!

This Potato Masher That Takes Up Way Less Space

My kitchen drawers are jam-packed with clever cooking gadgets. If I see something cool that claims it'll make me a kitchen pro I instantly buy it, and more often than not, those "clever" gadgets end up just taking up space in my drawers. That's what makes this potato masher such a game-changer. Sure, it does an amazing job of mashing potatoes, but what's really nifty about it is the design: It has a mechanism that allows it to lay flat in your drawer. Why aren't all kitchen tools like this?!

This Cutting Board That Folds For Easy Pouring

Here's a similarly brilliant spin on a classic kitchen essential: The foldable cutting board. For some reason, every time I chop a bunch of veggies for a recipe, I always end up dropping most of them on the floor on the way to the pot. This cutting board folds up on the sides so you can easily transfer your ingredients to wherever they need to go without having to throw out most of them after they fall on the floor. I seriously love this thing.

This Spill-Stopping Lid That Keeps Pots From Boiling Over

How annoying is it when you set a pot of water on the burner to boil, turn your back for one second, and suddenly it's completely overflowing all over your stove, floor, and countertop? It happens to me every. single. time. Well, that is, it used to happen to be before a friend told me about these handy dandy pot covers. Not only do they prevent boiling over, but they can also be used to steam veggies and they're microwave safe. Brilliant!

This Cat Eye Stamp That Makes You Look Like A Makeup Pro

I love watching beauty tutorials on YouTube. There's something so satisfying about watching someone who's much more talented than I am create a flawless smokey eye or cat eye makeup look with just a few quick and not-at-all-easy steps. The problem is, when I try to recreate it, it does not go well. This cat-eye stamp makes it look like I actually know what I'm doing, and no one has to be the wiser!

This Drying Rack That's Made For Baby Bottles

I have a 6-month-old son, and it seems like about a third of my day consists of washing bottles, lids, and pacifiers and then waiting hours for them to dry. So when a wiser and more experienced Mom friend of mine recommended I get this space-saving drying rack, I bought it immediately and anxiously waited for its arrival. If you're a new Mom and looking for a way to make your life easier, get this. You won't regret it.

This Bag Holder That Makes Storing Leftovers Way Easier

I've been trying to make an effort to cook a lot more often lately. Sure, going out for dinner is probably my greatest joy in life, but it's expensive and difficult when you have a tiny human who likes to scream at the top of his lungs at a moment's notice. These bag holders allow me to store my leftovers in ziplock bags without making a huge mess.

This Digital Tape Measure That Gives You An Ultra Accurate Measurement

I'm not what anyone would describe as "handy". In fact, there have been several times lately where something has broken in our nearly 100-year-old home and I've been frustrated by my complete inability to fix it. So, in an effort to change that, I bought one of these digital tape measurements. It gives you an exact measurement so your DIY jobs are ultra-precise. I hung some framed photos the other all by myself and can't stop bragging about it to everyone I know.

This Aromatherapy Stick That Kicks Migraines To The Curb

I've suffered from chronic migraines ever since I was in high school. They've caused me to miss out on a lot of big moments in my life, and before I bought this aromatherapy stick I lived in constant fear that one could strike at any moment. This roll-on stick is made to specifically combat migraines and goes to work fast so you get relief sooner. I bring this thing with me wherever I go.

These Moisturizing Socks That Transform Dry Tootsies

Right before my son was born, I decided that I needed to take a night to pamper myself. I figured that my life would soon become completely centered around a new tiny human (I was right), and it was important to get as much "me time" in as possible. One of the products I bought for my night of pampering was these moisturizing socks, which completely transformed my feet after just a few minutes of wearing them. And now I still find time in my hectic schedule to throw them on whenever my feet are looking a bit rough.

These Silk Ball Scrubbers That Deep Clean Your Skin

Okay, I understand that these things might seem weird upon first glance, but hear me out. These little silk ball scrubbers completely changed my skin. After I had my son my skin was even more of a mess than usual: combination dry and oily, horrible breakout, uneven texture, etc. But after just one use of scrubbing my face with one of these little miracle-workers, it was instantly more soft, smooth, and even.  I don't know how they work, but I'm sure glad they do.

This Shoe Deodorizer That Take Your Kicks From Funky To Fresh

I have this weird and somewhat disgusting habit of wearing my shoes without socks. And no, I don't just mean the kind that you're not supposed to wear socks with, I mean all kinds. As you might imagine, this results in a seriously smelly situation, and my husband refused to even be in the same room as my shoes until I bought this deodorizer spray. It busts bad odors instantly!

This Reusable Lint Roller That I Carry With Me Everywhere

I have an Australian Cattle Dog who shed like crazy. There is a constant layer of dog hair covering every single inch of my home, and no matter how many times we vacuum (which, to be honest, isn't all that often), I can never seem to leave the house without a few random hairs sticking to my clothes. But now I keep this travel lint roller in my purse at all times so I can at least appear somewhat pulled-together.

This Survival Carabiner That Just Might Save Your Life

I'm not an outdoorsy person, but my husband sure is. He dragged me out on a huge hike on our first date, and right then I knew that this would be the norm in our relationship: Him, the mountain man at one with nature, and me looking for wifi and wishing I could plug my phone into the nearest rock. This survival carabiner at least gives me peace of mind during my time in the (not-so-great) outdoors.

This Travel Razor That I Recommend To Everyone

My job as a freelance writer is super flexible, since I can work from anywhere, so my husband and I love taking advantage of that when we can and travel as much as possible. Because of this, I've become an extremely skilled packer. I know exactly which travel products are worth it and which ones are a load of bunk, and this travel razor definitely falls into the first category. It's an all-in-one razor and shaving gel system, and I refuse to travel without it.

This Shower Caddy That Stows Your Cleaning Essentials

For far too long, my husband and I thought we could get by without any type of shower organizer and simply stacked our shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, and various other cleaning essentials around the edge of our tub. Finally done with constantly knocking them onto the floor of the shower, I decided to buy one of these shower organizers, and I honestly cannot believe that I waited so long to do so.

This Key Rack That's Ridiculously Clever

I love my husband, but I have never met a more forgetful man in my entire life. There's not a day that goes by where I don't watch as he runs frantically around the house looking for his keys while screaming about how he's going to be late for work if he doesn't find them soon. I finally became so sick of witnessing this spectacle that I bought these magnetic key holders, which screw directly into outlets and light switch covers so your keys are always in an easy-to-spot place.

These Blood Stoppers That Come In Handy

The other day I was cutting my nails and accidentally knicked my cuticle. It hurt, obviously, but that wasn't the most annoying part about it. It proceeded to start bleeding and kept start and stopping for roughly 48 hours. Nothing I did could make it stop; I tried running it under cold water, putting pressure on it and switching between countless bandages. After that, I came across these blood stoppers and ordered them. And guess what? Next time it happened, these stopped the bleeding instantly. These things are miracle-workers.

This Shoe Rack Bench That's Cheap And Stylish

My husband and I both have this annoying habit of walking in the door and immediately kicking off our shoes and leaving them in the front entryway. This then causes both of us to trip over the other person's shoes constantly, which then turns into the same argument about finding a better place to put shoes. So, I decided to win the argument once and for all by buying this awesome shoe rack. Problem solved!

These Slippers That Dust Your Floors

As a new Mom, I try to stay as comfy as possible, since my daily life is extremely stressful and I'm functioning on very little sleep. Plus, I rarely leave my house anymore, so I can stay in my pajamas for days at a time. So these slippers with built-in dusters on the bottoms were made for me. Now, I can sweep up the tumbleweeds of dog hair that cover the entire first floor of my house without sacrificing comfort. #blessed

This Screen Door That's Easy To Install

Before we had our son, our dog Ripley was our first baby. We took her to the dog park, on long walks, and we'd even play fetch or tug-of-war in the backyard on warm nights. But now, we just don't have the time for that anymore, and since she's an extremely active pup, it's been hard on her. We recently bought this screen door that a cool magnetic closure, which allows her to head out into the fenced-in backyard whenever she pleases.

These Hanger Upgrades That Make Your Closet Oh-So Chic

I recently did something that made me feel like I'd finally become an adult (and no, it wasn't when I had my first child): Throw out my mismatched hangers and replace them with this beautiful matching set of sleek black. They're coated in a velvety fabric so clothes won't fall off of them, and they come in packs of 50 for just over $20 bucks. It's an easy way to feel like you've got your life together.

This Nail File That People Are Raving About

If a product has almost 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon, I feel like I have an obligation to buy it just so I can see what all the fuss is about. So when I found this nail file, I did exactly that. And it absolutely lived up to the hype. It leaves my nails sleek and smooth without a jagged line, comes in a handy carrying case, and is under $10 bucks. Everyone should own one of these things.

This Garment Steamer That Allows You To Throw Out Your Iron

Who has time to iron your clothes? I sure don't. Plus, I never really learned how to iron properly, so whenever I do my clothes are always left with that weird line that I can't seem to get rid of no matter how hard I try. That's what makes this nifty gadget so handy. It's a garment steamer, which means all you have to do it hold it up to your clothes and steam will release the wrinkles before your very eyes.

These Stretchy Lids That Keep Food Fresh

I eat a piece of avocado toast for breakfast every single day. The issue with this is that, while it's a delicious way to start my day, I always end up wasting the other half, which becomes disgusting and brown by the following morning. But with these stretchy lids, I simply put one over the exposed half of the avocado and voila! It stays fresh until the next morning!

These Cleaning Wipes That Are Seriously Tough

Having a baby and a dog under one roof means that our messes are much more disgusting than they use to be. I'll spare you the details, but our regular all-natural all-purpose cleaner just wasn't cutting it anymore. But now that I bought this huge Tub O' Towels, I know that no mess is too horrifying for these babies to handle.

This Bidet That's Surprisingly Affordable

Whenever I travel to Europe, I always get extremely excited at the idea of using a bidet. I know, this probably sounds super weird, but I find it pretty surprising how popular they are over there and relatively nonexistent in the US. So, I decided to do some digging to find out if I can install one in my own bathroom without spending a fortune. Turns out, I can! And I did! And I love it!

This Hair Remover That Gets Rid Of Embarrassing Facial Hair

The vast majority of women at least have some peach fuzz on their face. This lipstick-like hair remover glides through the fine and coarse hairs alike for a smoother face. Plated in 18K gold, this handy tool allows your makeup to go on more uniformly and it won’t hurt you in the process.

These Wool Dryer Balls That Save You Major Moolah

Last year on Christmas, my mother-in-law bought me a set of these wool dryer balls, and to be honest, at first, I was pretty underwhelmed. "What a boring gift," I thought to myself. But then, I used them for the first time and marveled at how soft, fluffy, and static-free my clothes were right out of the dryer. Now I realize what an awesome gift these things were and feel pretty bad about my initial reaction.

This Broom That's A Must For Pet Owners

Have I mentioned that my dog sheds a lot? Yes, I have. Several times. But I'll mention it again since it really is a never-ending problem in my life. In yet another effort to reduce the amount of hair floating around our home, I bought one of these FURemover Pet Brooms, and I instantly became obsessed with it. It picks up hair from my linoleum flooring and hardwood floors like magic, and it's even-dare I say it? FUN to use!

These Colorful Trivets That Protect Your Table

My husband and I recently upgraded from our cheap Ikea table to a nice, expensive version that I'm constantly terrified about ruining. In an effort to avoid this, I bought a pack of these trivet mats. Not only are they made of durable silicone that won't burn or melt, but they come in a variety of bright colors and feature an intricately carved design that you'll love showing off at your next dinner party.

This Zipper Solution That Helps You Get Dressed On Your Own

It's a pretty helpless feeling when you try to zip up your own super-tight dress by yourself but can't quite reach the zipper. Funny story: This is exactly how I threw my back out when I was getting dressed before my cousin's wedding. Yes, it's embarrassing, but instead of dwelling on the past, I decided to look towards the future and make sure it never happened again by buying this Zipper Solution.

This Travel Umbrella That Has A Built-In Flashlight

Ready for a product so simple yet so ingenious that you'll be kicking yourself for not thinking it up in the first place? That's exactly what I thought when I saw this travel umbrella with a built-in LED flashlight.  Now, when I walk the dog at night when it's raining, our path is illuminated, I feel much safer, and I can actually see where she "did her business" so I can pick it up.

This Flat Iron Holder That Protects Your Surfaces

Here's a product that has most likely helped me to avoid burning my house down on more than one occasion. It's a silicone holster for hot styling tools, which means that I can place a piping hot hair straightening inside it without worrying about it melting or catching on fire. Plus, the suction cups keep it securely on your bathroom counter.

These Shoe Covers That Keep You Ready For Any Weather

I live in the midwest, which means the weather can be totally unpredictable. One minute it might be sunny and beautiful, and the next it's a complete snowstorm. (Okay, so that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it has been known to happen.) That's why I keep a set of these shoe covers in my car at all times. Now, if I find myself in a sudden downpour, my favorite kicks are protected.

This Insect Trapper That Show Critters Who's Boss

I am a complete and total wimp when it comes to killing bugs around my house. In fact, the other day I was taking a shower when a gigantic spider crawled down the curtain and I proceeded to scream so loudly and violently that my husband was sure I was in some type of grave danger. This insect trapper makes me feel like way less of a wimp while still keeping creepy crawlies far, far away from me.

These Heel Protectors That Are A Must For Outdoor Weddings

I've had the same exact problem at every outdoor wedding I've ever been to: My heels sink into the grass and I can barely walk. It's not a good look, wearing formal wear and struggling to walk during cocktail hour. In fact, most people probably assume that I've been enjoying cocktail hour a bit too much, if you know what I mean. These heel protectors solve this annoying problem once and for all.