37 Things I, as a Mother, Want for Mother's Day

Even though I've been a mom for eight years now, I still feel the pressure of getting just the right Mother's Day presents for my mom and mother-in-law, along with aunts and other special ladies. Plants and wine feel overdone, but creative "out-there" gifts will probably not be appreciated. So I found it much easier to make a list of things that I want instead!

Check out this list of 37 things that I, myself, want for Mother's Day and get some great ideas for all the ladies you'd like to show appreciation for this year. From an edgy-but-dainty necklace to the softest pajamas that feel like a perfectly broken-in tee, you'll find something for every female relation you want to celebrate.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Tiny Crescent Horn Necklace Is A Wardrobe Workhorse

I'm so in love with the chic, minimalist shape of this tiny crescent necklace that goes with virtually anything in your closet and plays well layered with other necklaces. I can't decide between the gold, yellow gold or silver, but the price is so good I might not have to choose!

This Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser Is Fancy Enough For Gift-Giving

By now, everyone's got some sort of aromatherapy oil diffuser, but this one's special because it's faceted cut glass and fancy AF. Can I get an upgrade? This one has seven pretty lights you can cycle through, or choose your favorite color. Decor that's gorgeous and functional, love it!

These Bamboo Toothbrushes Are Eco-Friendly Chic

We're on our second round of family strep throat since sharing is caring, which means new toothbrushes for everyone! Again. Having this set of four eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes on hand would be so convenient, and they come in a bunch of pretty colors or always stylish black & white. They get outstanding reviews for durability, bristle softness and quality construction - nearly 300 five-star reviews!

This UV Sanitizing Wand Is A Mom's Dream

With two school-age kids at home, I'm often tempted to dunk everything we own in hand sanitizer. Since that's not practical for appliances or stuffed animals, this UV sanitizing wand is the tool I need to keep everyone healthy for a hot second! I love that it doesn't use harmful chemicals or bleach to disinfect, just a straight shot of ultraviolet light to "destroy the DNA of microorganisms". How badass would you feel zapping all the germs with your magic wand like a superhero? Want. Now.

This Instant Pot Accessory Bundle For Making All The Things

Our Instant Pot has made my life about 1000x easier since I can throw frozen meat straight in and dinner's still ready in 24 minutes. This 15-piece Instant Pot accessory set is about to make mealtime even easier since it has a steamer basket, springform pan, egg steamer rack and a cool egg bites mold that you can also use for baking muffins, making ice pops or freezing baby food!

This Electric Kettle Is Retro-dorable

My love for tea knows no bounds but my current water boiler is on its last legs. This electric kettle with retro styling is a worthy upgrade, especially since it comes in amazing colors like mint, blush pink, shiny red and a bunch of other cheerful colors! If an appliance is going to live on the countertop, it better be as cute as this one.

This Dual iPhone Adapter Is Genius

It never fails - I board a plane, settle into my seat and go to turn on a podcast then realize my phone has 15% battery and there's still 4 hours of flight time left. No entertaining podcasts for me, just overhearing strangers' inane conversations while I quietly fume because Apple consolidated the headphone and charging jack into one! But this dual iPhone adapter lets me charge my phone while I listed to my beloved podcasts - incredibly genius.

This Vintage Butterfly Print Is So Pretty

I love the antiqued look of this 11x14 vintage butterfly print that goes with all kinds of decor. It'd be gorgeous in a hallway or entryway, and just at home in a kid's room or kitchen. The price is amazing for the generous size, just pop it in your favorite frame!

This Champagne Glass Is Perfect For Toasting

How perfect is this "chambong" for celebrating girls' weekends, birthdays, bridal showers or just Tuesday nights? This set of two unique, hand-crafted champagne glasses ups your party game big time - as one reviewer says, "class out the yingyang"! And the packaging is top-notch so they make a great gift.

This Bob Ross Waffle Iron Makes Me Endlessly Happy

Waffles are pretty awesome on their own, but ones shaped like the face of Bob Ross? Hot damn. This highly-covetable Bob Ross Waffle Maker pops out two happy little waffles with the painter's beaming smile on them to make your morning just a lil' bit better.

This Giant Unicorn Sprinkler Is Magical

This giant unicorn sprinkler would be so magical to run under on a hot summer day. And I might even let the kids play, too! Choose from a 6-foot or nearly 9-foot tall inflatable unicorn and let the water games begin! The included yard stakes ensure he doesn't blow away on windy days or surprise summer thunderstorms.

This Shiatsu Neck Massager Is Cheaper Than Daily Massages

Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow for daily massages but with this shiatsu neck massager, I can still chill out and get rid of those knots! The multifunctional massager has programmable kneading rollers for a robust massage but the best part is it's heated to get deep in those tight muscles.

This Luxurious Soft Bathrobe Is A Flowy Dream

The walk from the bathroom down the hall to our bedroom to get dressed is a cold one thanks to our drafty house, but this silky-soft jersey bathrobe will keep me cozy! It's flowy and gorgeous, available in a ton of sophisticated colors, and also a great gift for new moms since it's perfect for nursing.

This Funny Soap Tickles Me To No End

As a former English major, this witty soap makes me giddy ("Try it in the MacBath!) Not into Shakespeare? No problem, it also comes in a million other themes including Nihilism, which smells like nothing, obvs; Mister Rogers, with a fresh milk and cocoa butter scent; and Freud's Wash Fulfillment, which smells like garden cucumber and olive oil...make of that what you will.

This Sassy Mug Expresses My Morning Mood Perfectly

"No one talks until mama has her caffeine" is an unspoken rule in this house, but no one has followed it as of yet. Maybe this snarky mug will send a stronger message, especially if I stare blankly over the top of it as the model's doing as questions and demands are lobbed at my face. Worth a try!

These Giant Googly Eyes Are Hilarious

I can't stop giggling over the creative user photos of these giant googly eyes! The pair of 7-inch diameter eyes is perfect to stick anywhere that needs a little dose of humor, from neighborhood bushes to the copy machine at work to the washing machine for endless silly fun.

These Fuzzy Slippers Look So Cozy

I've always wanted a pair of these fancy, fuzzy slippers to keep my constantly-cold feet toasty. I'd wear these velvety beauties year-round because the memory foam insoles and soft, breathable lining would be too comfy to ever take off!

This Shade Sail Is Unbelievably Affordable

I've been searching for ways to keep the scorching sun off our back patio so we can enjoy it on summer afternoons but every option is expensive or requires major construction. Not this durable, well-made shade sail that covers a large area and installs with inexpensive hardware right into the side of the house. It blocks 95-98% of harmful UV rays and comes in a bunch of sizes to customize to your space!

This Gold Measuring Cup Set Is Gorg

I've been using the same collapsible silicone measuring cups for the last 10+ years and to be honest they're a bit manky. This set of stackable, modern gold measuring cups and spoons would be the perfect replacement and not take up too much more room in the kitchen drawer. Plus, if I ever get around to posting any recipes on social media, they're insta-ready!

This High Protein Nut Butter Spread Is A "Healthy" Snack

If you're gonna snack, you could do worse than this high protein nut butter spread that has 45% more protein than peanut butter! It comes in mouth-watering flavors like chocolate maple pretzel, salted caramel, cookie butter and birthday cake, among others. Cue up Netflix and break out the pretzels, or just eat it straight off a spoon!

This Burrito Blanket Is Cozy & Cute

Haven't you always wanted to wrap up like a warm burrito on a cold day? It can't be just me! This burrito blanket comes in a bunch of sizes for single burritos or big enough to share. The plush faux fur is beyond cozy and calls for a marathon streaming session on a rainy day.

This Sherpa Jacket Makes Errands So Much More Stylish

I wish I looked half as good as this lady when I'm schlepping around town, but at least I can have her amazingly soft sherpa jacket! It comes in a bunch of cool neutrals that look great with anything from jeans to uh, black jeans? Seriously though, this is a highly-rated comfy but stylish jacket that should be in any mama's wardrobe.

This Rain Showerhead Makes Your Bathroom Feel Like A Fancy Spa

Look at this lady with her fabulous rain shower head - I aspire one day to be this relaxed in the shower instead of breaking up fights while shampoo runs into my eyes. I think the ultrathin showerhead would definitely help though, it's such an immersive experience standing under a rushing waterfall of hot water. It might even drown out the kids' yelling!

I Could Actually Keep These Low-Maintenance Tillandsia In Crystal Alive

My black thumb can't keep plants alive for long, but I have much better luck with air plants like these three pretty tillandsia in crystals. They'd look amazing on a desktop or bedside table since they don't require a lot of sunlight (or water!) to survive. It's a bit of a DIY project involving glue, but nothing even a novice crafter can't figure out!

These Botanical Illustrations Postcards Are A Great Size For Framing

I love inexpensive decor that looks like it cost much more than it actually did, and these vibrant, colorful botanical illustration postcards are amazing. Just picture a slew of them framed and hung in a grid, instant art wall for pennies! You can also send them as actual postcards, but I'd totally hoard them for decor.

These Cool Glass Water Bottles Will Keep You Hydrated In Style

Right now, I'm drinking water out of a leftover plastic iced tea cup from this morning which is less than inspiring. These amazing BPA-free, leakproof glass water bottles not only look miles better, but they hold 20-32 oz of your favorite beverage so you'll stay better hydrated while having something nice to look at on your desk! Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, there's a sky pattern for you, and it comes with a neoprene sleeve for protection and a printed cloth bag that's just right for gift giving.

This Geometric Planter Looks Good Everywhere

Dare I say this geometric planter would look amazing in any room in the house? I'd argue the blush pink, along with the gray option, are neutral enough to go with anything and the modern geometric design perks up any decor style. You don't even have to use it for a plant - think outside the box like cooking utensil holder, all-purpose catchpot near the front door or just a pretty home accent all on its own.

This Marble Slab Is Perfect For So Many Kitchen Tasks

It's hard to believe something that looks as nice as this marble board is actually a secret kitchen workhorse, but them's the facts! The cool marble is perfect for keeping pastry cool as you roll it out so it's easy to work with, using as a cheese and charcuterie tray at your fancy cocktail parties and tempering chocolate, among other culinary uses. If you can't afford a marble countertop, no worries, this is the next best thing!

These Pretty Teaspoons Are Perfect For Celebrating

These dainty, feminine teaspoons would be so amazing for a ton of celebrations - Mother's Day brunch, baby showers, tea parties, girls' get togethers, kids' birthday parties and more with their iridescent rainbow color and floral design. Each of the eight spoons in the set is a different flower, ranging from daffodil to peony, and each is insanely pretty.

This Winesulator Chills A Whole Bottle Of Wine For 24+ Hours

Anyone here like that likes warm wine on a hot summer day, raise your hand? Gag me! If you're a fan of sipping wine by the pool or on beach outings, you need this Winesulator insulated wine chilling bottle that'll keep a full bottle of rosé chill like Beyoncé all day. The shatter-proof stainless steel is safe for pool areas - no party fouls here!

This Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Mic Lets Me Embarrass My Kids Anywhere

I like to belt out songs in the shower and around the house, but I'm picturing rolling up in the school pickup line doing my best Taylor Swift impression on this wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone. It comes in eight fun colors and works with an app on your phone to hook you up with your favorite tunes for carpool karaoke! And it has thousands of stellar reviews so you know it'll be a hit with the whole fam.

This Soft Jersey Pajama Set Is Dreamy

A have a long-sleeve and pants version of these soft jersey pajamas, but now I want the shorts and tee version! The silky, stretchy, baby-soft jersey comes in a bunch of stripe colors (navy's the best, IMO) and even some solids. The shorts have an elastic waist so you don't have to worry about getting the exact right size if these are a gift.

This Ceramic Curling Wand Gives You Effortless Beach Waves

These conical tourmaline ceramic curling irons are so much different than those of our youth, the biggest difference is they don't have a clamp to create unattractive dents in the ends of your hair! It comes with a rad three-finger heat glove to protect your hands from the wand that can reach 400°F in 30 seconds. The tapered end creates a tighter curl at the bottom of your hair so the style stays in longer. It's so easy to use even I'd be able to reproduce salon-fresh styles at home, and that's saying a lot!

This Avocado Pool Float Is Guacamazing

I love a witty pool toy, and this oversized avocado float is the cat's pajamas. The removable "pit" doubles as a beach ball so you can either float peacefully, use the avocado as a kind of innertube or play beach games with the giant ball. It's sized for sharing since the float can hold up to 600 lbs!

This Retro Fan Is The Perfect Nightstand Companion

When my eldest was a baby, I got a little fan to keep in her room as white noise to help her stay asleep. It didn't work on her, but I've had it in my room for the past 8 years and I can't sleep without it now! Alas, the old girl doesn't work as well as she did, so this pretty copper 6-inch retro-style fan would be an ideal replacement. Its classic good looks, two speeds and compact size make it perfect for bedside tables and you can plug it in using a regular cord or USB for convenience!

This Himalayan Salt Lamp Sends Out Good Vibes

The unique design of this himalayan salt lamp is definitely eye-catching, but what's even better is the purported destressing benefits and inviting warm glow that'll cozy up your living space. You can also control it with a mobile app for a little mood lighting on the fly!

This Cold Brew Flask Is Stunning Counter Art

I love a good iced tea or coffee pretty much every day of the week, and this pour-over cold brew maker is a work of art. Simply put your coffee or tea in the interior stainless steel filter, pour hot water over, then pop it in the fridge overnight if you want it cold. The filter screens out any sediment so you get pure caffeinated goodness in a gorgeous glass bottle.