37 Things Experts Say You Need in Your Disaster Survival Kit

I live in earthquake country, so I know I'm supposed to have extra water, food, and batteries in case the big one strikes. But we recently had a couple of scary shakes that made me realize I don't have nearly enough supplies. I went online to research what experts at the Red Cross and government agencies recommend, and discovered there are a LOT of items I had no idea about. Luckily, I was able to make a complete list and shop for everything on Amazon.

For example, there are emergency water pouches as well as these big water containers you can fill yourself. I even found kits for keeping your pets safe! And if shopping item by item stresses you out, you can save time and trouble by going straight to this survival backpack stocked with everything you need to get through a few rough days.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as helpful as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These 12-Hour Glow Sticks

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In addition to flashlights and extra batteries, these 12-hour glow sticks are a smart back-up for emergencies. Pick up a 10-pack of the individually wrapped glow sticks, each of which emits a bright green light for up to 12 hours. Save money by getting a 20-pack or 30-pack (that should be enough green light to illuminate just about any emergency situation!)

This Huge Pack of Baby Wipes

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Baby wipes for a disaster? This one surprised me, too. But think about it...if the taps aren't working, you'll need every ounce of water you've stored for drinking, which means you'll need this mega-pack of baby wipes for hygiene.

This Tool Kit That Costs Under $20

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In case of emergency, you don't want to search for that pair of pliers you left who-knows-where. Even if you already have household tools, it's a smart idea to pick up this basic tool kit for your disaster supplies.

This Award-Winning Book About Natural Disasters

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Learn from Dr. Lucy Jones, the famous Caltech seismologist who's made it her life's work to understand earthquakes and how to minimize risk during natural disasters. Her book, The Big Ones, explores the ways natural disasters have shaped human history, and how to be ready for whatever comes next.

This Blackout Buddy from the American Red Cross

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The Blackout Buddy is ready for anything from a typical power outage to a serious emergency. Once plugged in, it will light up automatically during a power failure, so you don't have to search for a flashlight in the dark. Unplug it from the wall to use as a handheld flashlight (the charge lasts four hours).

This Classic Swiss Army Pocket Knife

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Pop it on your keychain, tuck it in your bedside drawer, or stash it with your emergency supplies. The classic Swiss Army Pocket Knife is a handy gadget to have ready for any emergency.

This Collapsible LED Lantern

If your disaster supply kit is getting pretty full, save space with this collapsible lantern. When collapsed, it's only about 5 inches tall. Pull up on the handle to turn on the LED light. Pull up the top for a warm glow, or all the way open for bright light.

This Fireproof, Water-Resistant Document Bag

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When disaster strikes, you'll need cash and a few key documents safe and ready. Make copies of your driver's license, passport, insurance cards, and medication prescriptions, then stash the copies (or a thumb drive, if you've digitized everything) inside this document bag for safe keeping.

A Roll of Duct Tape

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You already know that duct tape is a household necessity, so stashing an extra roll with your disaster supplies is a no-brainer. It's just what you'll need for sealing windows, stopping leaks, and other quick repairs. Bonus tip: Get the kind you can tear by hand to make things easier!

These Dust Masks

via: Amazon / Julia Cuppy

Be ready for smoke, dust, or other breathing hazards with this set of 10 respirator masks. While they won't completely protect lungs from heavy smoke, they will filter light smoke, dust, and other particles.

These Emergency Water Pouches

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With a longer shelf life than bottled water, these emergency water pouches are a smart addition to any disaster preparedness kit. Heavily filtered at FDA-approved facilities, the water comes in 4.2-ounce polymer foil pouches, in cases from 12 to 128.

Plenty of Extra Batteries

via: Amazon / Hallidays Reviews

Flashlights. Radios. Lanterns. You'll need extra batteries for all of them in case of an emergency. Stock up now on these affordable batteries from Amazon Basics. Just HOW affordable, you ask? How about $14 for a pack of 48. And with over 17,000 reviews, you know you'll be getting more than your money's worth.

This Battery Organizer With Tester

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Keep all those extra batteries neat and handy in this battery organizer. It holds 82 batteries, with specially sized compartments for AAA, AA, C, D, 9V, and button batteries. Includes a battery tester built right in.

This Fire Extinguisher

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I once had a retired fire captain to my home for a dinner party. As he was leaving, he shared two piece of advice: Store the trash cans further from the house, and always keep a fire extinguisher handy.

This First Aid Kit

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Don't take your health for granted. In case of an emergency, small injuries could cause big problems if not properly treated. Be ready with a basic first aid kit.

These Freeze-Dried Meals

via: Amazon / L. Segura

When thinking of disaster supplies, most people envision canned food. That's a good option, but these freeze-dried meals are an even better one. Each pouch has a shelf-life of 30 years, and can be prepared simply by adding hot water. Reviewers say they taste pretty good, too!

This Hand-Crank Flashlight/Radio/Charger

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If you're only going to buy one thing from this list, this hand-crank flashlight/radio/charger might be the most useful. Power it up by batteries, solar power, or turning the crank by hand. Use it as a bright LED flashlight, AM/FM radio, and a power bank for charging your phone.

This Highly Rated Mini Flashlight

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With over 13,000 ratings and an average of 4.5/5 stars, this mini LED flashlight might be the best flashlight on Amazon for the price. Turn the handle to emit a wide glow that lights up an entire room, or dial it to a tight beam that reaches over 600 feet.

This LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

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When you just can't wait for a drink of water, the LifeStraw lets you drink water safely, on the spot. It filters out pretty much every waterborne bacteria and parasite possible, and even removes micro-plastics.

This Candle That Lasts 115 Hours

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When an open flame is safe, a candle is a comforting source of light. This 6-pack of liquid paraffin candles provides an odorless, smokeless, safe source of light (and even a little heat). Each candle burns for an amazing 115 hours.

This Luggable Loo 5-Gallon Toilet

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Look, we all hope our bathrooms will still work after a disaster. But what if they don't? Be prepared for this nightmare scenario with the Luggable Loo, a portable 5-gallon toilet. Reviewers say it works great with heavy-duty trash bags and a scoop of kitty litter.

This Manual Can Opener

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You may have plenty of canned food stored for a disaster scenario, but you'll go hungry if you don't toss in a reliable, manual can opener. This one costs less than 10 bucks, has thousands of five-star reviews, and will open a comforting can of chili in no time flat.

This Portable Radio

via: Amazon / BR Haga

When a hurricane is on the way, or in the aftermath of an earthquake or wildfire, getting the latest news and warnings is of paramount importance. With the power off and internet down, this battery-operated radio tunes in to local AM and FM stations to pick up weather alerts and emergency broadcasts.

This Paracord Rope

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Smooth, strong, and brightly colored, this Paracord rope takes up little space in your emergency supplies, yet comes in handy for a lot of tasks. Use it to lash supplies together, tie down loads, and improvise small repairs.

This First Aid Kit for Pets

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Don't forget your pets in your emergency plans! Store up extra pet food, keep a leash or carrier available, and buy a pet first aid kit. This one includes five types of bandages, an emergency collar, plus other tools and supplies for taking care of your furry friends.

This Roll of Plastic Sheeting

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This was the most surprising emergency item I found in my research. A roll of plastic sheeting may not seem like the most obvious piece of survival equipment, but it has a lot of uses. Cover a broken window, seal off a damaged area, use as a ground cover, and more.

This Emergency Road Kit

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Think about it: You may not be at home when disaster strikes. Toss this emergency road kit into your trunk to be ready for emergencies no matter where you are. This compact kit designed by AAA includes booster cables, a flashlight, batteries, duct tape, screwdriver, first aid supplies, and more.

This Solar Power Bank

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After a disaster, you may not have electricity for days. Be ready with this solar power bank that unfolds for a large surface to soak up the sun's energy. Use it to power phones, tablets, and other devices.

This Survival Spark Fire Starter

Be prepared for any emergency, including lighting a fire in bad weather, with this Survival Spark fire starter. Includes a built-in compass and whistle for an all-in-one emergency tool.

This Two-Person Survival Blanket

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Show your sweetheart how much you care by keeping this two-person survival blanket with your emergency supplies! Also great for singles, since a blanket built for two will be a great pick-up magnet in case of apocalypse.

These Water Purification Tablets

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When I was little, my mom stored emergency water in bleach bottles. Apparently, the drops of bleach left in the bottle kept the water pure. I have no idea if this is actually a good idea, so instead I'm getting these water purification tablets.

These Water Storage Containers

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More affordable and eco-friendly than bottled water, these water storage containers safely store tap water to have on hand for any emergency. Stackable, available in two sizes, and includes a built-in spout for easy dispensing.

These Waterproof Matches

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This set of 25 windproof, waterproof matches will strike a flame in just about any circumstances. They even come in a waterproof case that floats.

These Work Gloves

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Here's another item I hadn't realized belonged in every emergency supply kit. A basic pair of work gloves will protect hands during repairs or clean-up during or after a disaster.

This Pet Alert Set

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Got a fur baby? Be prepared with this pet alert set. It includes a keychain and wallet card to inform any first responders who may be treating you that there's a pet at home who needs help, too. There's also window decals so anyone responding at your home knows to look for your pet.

This 5-Day Survival Backpack

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If you picture yourself surviving the apocalypse on the road with only your wits and a few supplies, this 5-day survival backpack might be the perfect emergency kit for you. The rugged, camo backpack comes stocked with essentials like food, a portable stove, stainless steel cup, first aid kit, flashlight, and even a deck of cards.

This Complete Disaster Bag

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If shopping for dozens of items sounds like too much trouble, save time by purchasing this all-in-one disaster kit. It comes in six sizes (depending on how many people are in your family), and includes food, water, shelter, light, tools, and other essential supplies.