37 Things Basically Necessary for Grown Lady Life

Sometimes the harsh realities of adulthood make it hard to enjoy the freedom we craved as idealistic youths. Taxes, health insurance, meetings that should have been emails come for us all. But when you’re a woman, you get to add a mountain of stuff to your to-do list.

In addition to being a fully functional adult, you’re pressured to always look like you actually got more than five hours of sleep. Meanwhile, you’re also dealing with domestic labor relegated to you by roommates, significant others, and even coworkers who can’t read labels or load dishwashers. Luckily, scores of products exist to make your life easier and much more relaxing. You might save so much time that you will get more sleep!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Heated Beauty Mitts

Manicures get pretty expensive and home manicures tend to neglect the deeply moisturizing aspect that a professional can provide. These mitts use three different heat settings to open up pores and lock in moisture. All you need is some lotion and cling wrap to be a few minutes away from softer hands.

This Affordable Contour Kit

If you can afford Fenty Beauty, great! If not, you still deserve delectably contoured makeup. This vegan and cruelty-free contour kit is designed to blend well with all skin tones. Six blendable creams easily sharpen cheekbones and create a slimmer looking face with a matte finish.

This Back-Stretching Cushion

Sitting or standing for long hours each day can do a number on anyone’s back, but this can be especially strenuous for those with large bra cup sizes. This cushion helps you stretch out your back, supplying similar relief to a chiropractor visit or a yoga class. In addition to helping with chronic pain, it can also help you improve your posture for a more dominating presence at work.

This Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

With modern sneaker mania, the issue of having too many shoes has become far less gendered. Still, depending on personal taste, women require a wider range of shoe types from special occasion heels to beach sandals to running shoes. Keep your shoes out of the way and on display with this over-the-door rack. You get to see which of up to 36 pairs of shoes might be perfect for your outfit without cluttering your closet or getting a standalone rack.

This Travel Makeup Bag

Packing toiletries for a trip is easily the most tedious part of the process. This makeup contains four, clear bags that can be removed via velcro when you just need your shower supplies. The bag can be hung for accessibility to each compartment and rolled up into a compact, rectangular prism.

This Rotating Makeup Organizer

Keep your makeup and skincare organized even when you’re not jetsetting. This tiered, completely rotating organizer holds four trays between the top and bottom shelves. You can adjust the height of the trays to fit your products. The top plate is especially handy for keeping lipsticks and nail polishes while its central compartment keeps your brushes within reach.

This Hair Brush Cleaner

Sure, you can get the hair out of your brushes with a comb, but what about any dust, fluff, or product residue at the bottom? This cleaner has a pointed end that gets the hair out and two types of bristles to get all the gunk out of the brush. The cleaner’s bristles are laid out in a way that prevents them from falling prey to the same dirt-trapping issues of a brush.

This Portable Wine Aerator

Whether you’re hanging out with friends who haven’t totally gotten into wine or dealing with a work-related happy hour, you’ve been poured freshly opened wine. Breathe new life into your glass of wine with this portable aerator. The battery-operated aerator has settings for red, white, and port wines, yielding more flavorful wine in less than a minute. Depending on the size of the glass, it can rest comfortably on the rim while it works!

This Silk Pillowcase

At the very least, you should get a silk pillowcase if you like rolling out of bed at the last possible minute so you can have a crease-free face. The pillow comes in several sizes and colors to match your favorite sheet sets! This silk pillowcase also has anti-aging effects for your face and helps both your face and hair retain moisture overnight. What’s the point of your extensive nighttime skincare routine if half of your costly moisturizer ends up on your cotton pillow?

This Toning Sleep Mask

Speaking of your nightly routine, slide this mask into your rotation. This lightweight mask won’t make your skin oily while still supplying your face with moisture. The mask uses tea tree oil to brighten your complexion and diminish dark spots.

These Popular Pimple Patches

Despite your most aggressive efforts, sometimes hormones or stress decide you’re getting a pimple. This cult-favorite patches come in different sizes and cover up pimples without drawing attention to themselves. You can wear makeup over the patches while they work to reduce the size of the pimple throughout the day!

This Safe Place for Your Passwords

Instead of using sticky notes or the same password over and over again, store unique passwords in this journal. The journal holds more than 160 slots for your passwords and usernames. It’s about the size of a small paperback book, so it’s easy to hide on a bookshelf!

This Page Holder

While you’re with your books, grab one to enjoy with this little accessory. The wooden bar comes in walnut and sapele with a hole in the middle for your thumb. The bar keeps the book wide open, so you can keep your other hand free. If you’re worried about your thumb size, the holder comes in two sizes for maximum comfort.

This Long-Lasting Lip Balm

This nourishing balm can soothe even the most chapped lips. Vitamin E and green tea work to repair damage while the balm protects your lips with 25 SPF. The balm also protects against harsh climates, standing up to windburn and extremely high or low temperatures. No matter how tough the environment, your lips will look and feel great!

This Hair Catcher

This little gadget will save you tons of money in the long run. Washing and detangling your hair always sends stray hairs down the drain. The TubShroom pops into your drain and catches these hairs. When your tub isn’t draining well, you can remove the hair in seconds. No snakes, no chemicals!

This Bra Liner

If you have an active job, just sweat a lot, or want your sports bras to be more comfortable, you should look into a bra liner. This liner comes in sizes up to G and provides a barrier to prevent any uncomfortable friction. The moisture-wicking material can fit under any type of bra thanks to some helpful tabs. No more under-boob sweat? Sign me up!

This Styling Tool Caddy

Finally get a dedicated place for all of your heat-styling tools with this over-the-door caddy. It fits on your sink cabinet so you can have quick access when doing your hair. The metal is heat-resistant and there’s a little holster that should fit most hair dryers.

This Travel Razor

Though this razor would be great for trips, it’s best to keep it in your bag at all times. This razor does it all so it’s great for that missed spot on your knee or a rogue, prominent chin hair. The dial rotates to reveal a spray water bottle and another section has a lathering pre-shave bar. The other two openings hold individual razor blades to get you to smooth skin.

This Car Emergency Kit

Don’t get caught on the side of the road without this kit! Different components can be stowed in various compartments for when you need them most. A small hammer with a hidden blade can be kept up front to break through the windshield or cut through a seat belt. You can also deal with smaller emergencies with a reflective warning triangle, jumper cables, and more! This lightweight kit belongs in your trunk ASAP.

This Gel Pads for Heels

At this point, we all know we don’t have to wear heels, but they just keep making them cuter and cuter. Protect your feet from heel fatigue with these clear cushions. The inserts fit neatly where the balls of your feet go and are more discreet than the foot-length insoles out there. This pack can outfit two of your favorite heels for lasting comfort.

This Container Lid Organizer

Do I even have to explain why this is great? Finally, all of your container lids in one place, with three separate compartments for different sizes. This organizer should fit lids for any containers hold 4 cups or less a.k.a. the tiny lids you can never find in the first place.

These Organizer Bins for Your Fridge

While you’re getting things tidy, let’s organize your fridge! This six-pack of clear containers is stackable and a great way to get more space out of your fridge. The pack includes a couple of wide and narrow containers, a medium-sized one, and a specific one just for a dozen eggs so you can always see how many are left. If you need an entire container, convenient handles let you slide them out in one swift motion.

This Kitchen Utensil That Does It All

Sometimes, a kitchen tool comes into your life that makes your life so much easier that you wish you could buy it in bulk and hand one out to every one of your friend and family members. This thing really does do it all, from draining to stirring to chopping to turning and countless other things that I can't even remember right now. Buy it. You won't regret it.

The Ultimate Cocktail Tool

Sometimes you wish that there was one tool that could do it all and someone at Prepara is our magic genie. They created this multi-tool that’s a garnish tool that's also a peeler, zester, apple corer, strawberry huller, cherry pitter, and citrus reamer! This BPA free tool is a must-have for your kitchen.

These Laundry Bags for Bras

Laundry bags for delicates have been popular for a while now, but these are especially good for bras. They don’t let the bras twist around, which can still happen with regular delicates bags. A sturdy spoke frame helps the bag maintain its integrity as it’s tossed around in the machines. They have a regular size for D cup bras and smaller as well as a large size that fits G cups bras.

This Collapsible Diffuser

Having curly hair and traveling is like begging for frizz. Instead of toting around a big diffuser or letting your hair slowly air dry, get this collapsible one. There’s a learning curve for attaching it, but once you’ve got it, you’re in for smooth hair. This travel hair diffuser’s sturdy silicone makes it as compact as it is durable.

These Heel Protectors

We’ve already talked about our love-hate relationship with heels, but they could do with a little more love. These clear heel protectors come in different sizes to fit over anything from stilettos to kitten heels. The flower base gives you a sturdier base for dealing with gravel or grass. The stem goes far enough up the heel to keep rocks from scuffing the bottom, but short enough to not be noticeable.

This Nail Polish Bottle Holder

Make your home manicures even easier with this bottle holder. The flexible silicone rings fit on your hand while the top opening fits any brand of nail polish. This frees you up to do your nails on the couch or your bed without needing to use a flat surface. The rings are open on the bottom so you can just pull the holder upwards when you're done without messing up your nails.

This Cast Iron Cleaner

Cast iron skillets and pans are an ironically modern necessity for kitchens, but cleaning them can be a pain. The Ringer uses stainless steel rings in a chainmail formation to scrub away any caked-on food. The way it’s designed makes it gently enough to even use on wine glasses without leaving scratches.

This Beer Cooler

If you love cold beer and are a slower drinker, this cooler is not your average cozy. In addition to protecting your hands, the cooler can keep both cans and bottles cold for hours. The top half can be removed so you can swap in a canned beer and the cap has a stealthy bottle opener. For your next barbecue, beach trip, or Netflix binge, this handheld cooler needs to be in hand.

This Anti-Wardrobe Malfunction Tape

Your plunging necklines and wayward sock rims will all stay put with this fabric tape. So many of these tapes focus on strength at the expense of those with sensitive skin, but this adhesive is as comfortable as it is durable. You get 50 strips of transparent, double-sided tape that will last all day and throughout any natural movement.

This Blackhead Scrubber

This cute little octopus has an awesome secret. Underneath its head lies a powerful blackhead scrub. A blend of charcoal, marine plant goodness, and black mud form a stick that you can use to clarify your skin. Reducing the appearance of pores never looked so adorable.

This Handbag Holder for Your Car

There are some hooks out there that help you keep your bag from flying around. If you have a full car, however, your bag still ends up in someone’s way. An especially great purchase for moms, the Car Caché is a hammock that goes over and slightly behind your car’s center console. Your bag floats within reach without the risk of falling forward or backward.

This Cotton Swab Holder

In addition to doing what we’re not supposed to with cotton swabs (ear cleaning), ladies also get to use them for fixing makeup or nail polish mistakes. With so many important, satisfying jobs, these cotton swabs deserve to be on display. This lotus holder comes in all black or white and green, and it looks like a little flower in your bathroom.

This Hanging Shelf

If you want some more shelves, but hate dealing with mounting them, this is an attractive solution. You can just use a stylish Command hook or screw in a real hook depending on how much weight you plan on putting on it. You can bolster the strength and prevent it from sliding around with some other 3M, rental-friendly tapes and velcros.

These Pearl and Gold Eye Patches

These hydrogel patches are great at de-puffing your eyes, especially if you keep them in the fridge. Made in Korea, the under-eye patches work to nourish and reduce inflammation thanks to ingredients like castor oil and aloe. And yes, it actually contains gold and pearl, and the gold is particularly great at removing impurities.

This Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Get the most out of your utensil drawer with this cool organizer! Unlike wide, flat organizers, the angled sections make it easy to fit more flatware into a narrow space. Little icons on each section help you grab a knife instead of a fork for your Nutella. This is an especially good find for that one weirdly narrow drawer in every kitchen.

This Coding Book

Now that your life is simpler, use your free time to learn something! Python is one of the most beginner-friendly programming languages out there and has a wide variety of applications. This book gently guides you into the world coding and lets you practice on projects creating a game, data visualization, and web apps.