37 Things For Anyone Who Likes Doing As Little As Possible

We live in a time when technology can do almost everything to make our lives easier. It's a beautiful time to be alive, and it means that there are dozens of gadgets that are absolutely perfect for people who want to do as little as possible. But how do you find those products that take your busy life and make it so much easier? But more importantly, how do know which ones work and which ones are absolute junk which you will only use once. And even worse end up as landfill. Never fear because we have got you covered. We have made it so simple: all you have to do is read this article because we have done the work for you. We have taken all the feedback from our I know you like doing as little as possible, so I made it easy. Just take a quick scroll and your life will be made oh so much better.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Bins are Perfect for Organizing Your Fridge


For some reason I am completely incapable of keeping my fridge organized — that's why I bought these bins . They're large enough to hold basically anything, including clunky jars, vegetables, or even eggs. And since each one features built-in handles, it's easy to pull them in and out. No more combing through your fridge trying to find your perfect snack: it's all right there.

This Waffle Maker Can Do So Much More


You're not stuck just making waffles when you've got this waffle maker — oh no . It's so versatile that you can also bake paninis, hash browns, or even delicious little biscuit pizzas. And if that isn't enough? It's small enough to fit in even the most cramped of kitchen cabinets. Now you can have amazing meals with basically no work at all.

This Water Bottle Will Keep You On Track to Stay Hydrated


I'd like to think that I drink a decent amount of water, but I know that I could definitely drink more. This water bottle with time markers is super useful in tracking my intake and seeing if I'm falling behind for the day. I don't have to think at all and I can make sure I'm thoroughly hydrated. I also love the fact that it has a straw because that alone typically makes me drink more! It's also great to clip onto a backpack or belt, and has a sealed lid so that it won't spill while you're hiking through the woods.

This Hair Waver Gives You the Perfect Beachy Waves

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The fact that this thing is popular again makes me laugh. I had a hair waver just like this one when I was in 7th grade. It shouldn't come as a surprise that it has made a comeback. Everything comes back around at some point. This hair waver gives you messy beach waves that are perfectly not perfect. And it's so, so easy to use that it's like you barely have to style your hair at all.

These Hanging Flower Pots are Just So Pretty

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One look at this rainbow set of 10 Hanging Flower Pots , and I'm trying to decide where best to show them off. Each metal pot has a curved hook, making them ideal for hanging on fences, balcony railings, and window sills. Customers appreciate that they include pre-drilled drainage holes. It makes growing plants a breeze, especially because you can hang the outside even in a small apartment.

Get Meeting Ready with Plug-and-Play 1080p HD Webcam With Microphone


I need one of these! Though my laptop has a webcam built-in, I prefer using my large external monitor for web meetings, and it doesn't have a webcam. For less than $30, this webcam would let me use my nice big monitor and still be able to look right into the camera. It's got a flexible rotating clip to clamp it in place on your monitor. Just plug the dongle into your USB drive and you've got a high-res video camera with a noise-canceling microphone built-in. Now sit back, relax, and smile like you're contributing.

This Massager Takes Away the Aches and Pains


Who has the time (or money) to visit the spa every time your muscles start aching? Get relief at home with this handheld percussion massager that you can use anywhere from your shoulders to your neck to your toes. It comes with three heads - bristle for neck and head, dual point for back and shoulders, and shiatsu for a focused acupoint massage. Seriously, this is my way to do less and get more.

You've Gotta Have a Clip-On Ring Light for Video Calls and Selfies

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If you're taking selfies or on a video call, you could spend five minutes trying to get your lighting right so that you don't look like the Babadook. Or you could just grab this clip-on ring light . It's got three color temperatures and five brightness levels. Plus, the handy little clip attaches firmly to any type of laptop or monitor.

These Probiotic Capsules Aid Digestion and Balance Stomach Flora

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If you ever need help with digestion and stomach balancing like I do, I highly recommend these probiotic capsules . The formula has been approved by doctors, and it's a complete supplement for ultimate digestive health. Plus, it's suitable for vegans and has no preservatives. Trust me, it will make a difference in how your body feels and you will appreciate it. And it requires almost no effort on your part: just a quick pill a day.

This Electric Wine Opener is Efficient and Never Breaks a Cork


This electric wine opener couldn't be easier or faster to use - just place it over the neck of your wine bottle, press a button, and in seven seconds, you have a bottle ready to drink! That's much faster than I can open one by hand! And this kit comes with everything you need, including a wine pouring spout, bottle stopper, and foil cutter

Little Ones Can Help Too With These Kids' Gardening Tools

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If you've got kids, you've certainly asked yourself "why don't these little boogers help with more things?" Well now they can, and you can even tell them that it's a fun game. When my kids were little, I bought them a set of Kids' Gardening Tools just like these. These are real metal tools, kid-sized, stored in a sturdy canvas tote. One Amazon customer has this to say: "The quality is amazing and I feel it is best used for older children (3-5 should be a great starting age)."

Easy Pour Food Storage Containers Also Organize Your Pantry


Keeping my cupboards organized is an ongoing battle, but once again Amazon comes to the rescue. If you need a good way to store bulk foods like beans or flour, try these amazing food storage containers with measuring cup lids. So no more mess when pouring cereal or rice. This Amazon customer says: "I LOVE these containers. My new obsession is making my small pantry more organized. I would definitely tell everyone to buy them for your rice, oatmeal, grits - hell, everything."

These Rubber Coated Hangers Won't Let Clothes Slip


Before these hangers, I spent a lot of time picking clothes up off my closet floor after they gently slid off the slippy hangers I used to have. These rubber-coated hangers are pretty much my dream come true - they'll grip onto your clothes so they won't slide around or off the hanger, which is so annoying. They're great for silky blouses and jeans alike, since both the arms and the cross bar is rubberized. Reviewers love them too - they have a perfect 5-star rating from over 1,000 reviews!

Keep Your Pets Out of Unwanted Areas With This Easy to Use Pet Gate


We all have those areas in our house that we try to keep our animals out of, whether it be the bedroom, an office, a dining room, etc. Make your life a whole lot easier with this pet gate . It's adjustable so it can fit a variety of door frames, and it has rubber bumpers that protect your walls. It sets up quick, and your pet will be happily contained in the right part of the house.

This Organizer Has an Amazing System to Hold Everything You Need

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This simple organizer with elastic bands can hold a huge array of items in a single handy-dandy spot. Use it to store all your art supplies or your travel accessories. The options are endless. Because the elastic bands come in so many sizes, and in crisscrossing directions, they're able to grip objects of all different sizes and shapes and hold them securely. It has saved me so much time finding what I want.

This Surf Brush is Crazy Good at Brushing Sticky Sand from Your Skin

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I've tried every trick in the book for getting sand off the skin, but this Surf Brush is by far the most effective method. The plastic bristles are just stiff enough to catch all the sand and whisk it away without it being uncomfortable on the skin. It works great even on powdery sand! Now you can lounge on the beach, and still walk away feeling fresh enough to grab a cocktail with a friend.

Organize Your Medication and Never Miss A Dose When You Are On The Run

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I've graduated to that state of adulthood that requires multiple pills at various times of the day. A weekly pill organizer like this one has been a huge time-saver for me because everything is in one place, and I can grab the day's medications, throw them in my bag and go. Separate compartments for morning and evening make it even easier to keep everything straight.

Organize Your Coffee Pods Like a Pro


Coffee pods are like potato chips — you can't have just one. Flavor, that is. Who wants to drink the same coffee every morning? Sadists! This coffee pod storage drawer means you can have all the flavors you want, neatly organized right under your coffee pot so it doesn't take up extra room. This version accommodates 36 coffee pods, which should get you through to the weekend.

These Spice Jars are Insta-Worthy

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Want your pantry or spice cabinet to look like it could be featured on Instagram? I did, so I got this set of 24 glass spice jars that come with hundreds of pre-printed stickers with names of popular herbs and spices on them. It's so satisfying to see them all lined up, and now I don't forget about the turmeric in the back of the cabinet anymore.

These Super Affordable Mason Jar Accessories are Gorgeous Décor Items


It's more or less impossible to have enough containers for all the bits and bobs in the bathroom. The bathroom is a place that sucks time and energy as you try to keep it organized, remember where the heck you put the band aids, and hoping all those dirty q-tips making all the way to the trash. The solution? These mason jar accessories . It's the perfect way to accessorize while adding style to your ensuite or main bathroom.

This 4.8-Star Wireless Doorbell Means You Won't Miss Another Delivery

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This wireless doorbell is the definition of plug-and-play. Just stick the button next to your front door and plug the receiver into an outlet inside. That's it! The doorbell chime operates up to 1,000 feet away, has 52 melodies, five different volume levels, and an LED flash. Choose from black or white -- both waterproof.

Not Sure Which Retinol? This Hyaluronic Acid Cream is a Great Start

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Skin care is one of those areas that can easily take over your life. But don't worry: there are easy solutions here too. If you're feeling overwhelmed and unsure of which retinol to buy, you can't go wrong with this cream . Retinol and collagen work to help tighten skin while reducing the signs of aging — and the advanced wrinkle formula can even help soothe the appearance of fine lines. Use it during the day to help lock in hydration, or put it on at night to keep your skin soft all night long.

These Sheet Savers Ensure Even Drying

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It's so annoying when laundry gets tangled up in wet sheets and neither of them dries well. These bed sheet savers help combat exactly that by making it harder for clothing to get trapped inside the sheets and helps everything dry completely up to 75% faster. They'll also reduce wrinkles in your sheets, if having a smooth bed is something you crave.

Transport Your Soup in this Microwave Mug

I own a couple of these microwaveable soup mugs and, let me tell you, they are as handy as a pocket on a shirt. Here's why: First, they're great for warming things in the microwave. That's their primary purpose, of course. Second, they have a locking lid, which means you can transport soup, oatmeal and more without making a mess. The lid also has a built-in steam release vent so you can pop it in the microwave as is.

Snack Away and Watch Your Phone Handsfree


This snack bowl that doubles as a phone holder is really quite ingenious. It works with 99 percent of smartphones, according to the description, and has not only a place for a treat, but also a "trash" compartment for scraps. Now I'm good to "Netflix and snack" for hours.

There's Nothing Corny About This One


Steam your ears easily with this corn steamer . I can't tell you how much time this would save from running water into a pot and then waiting for it to boil to drop your corn in. You can use it to steam other things, too, like carrots or hotdogs. I love how quick and easy it is, plus simple cleanup afterwards.

This Power Strip Tower With 10 Outlets for Charging Your Devices

Most of us have multiple devices to charge, from desktop monitors to laptops and smartphones, which is why this power strip tower with 10 outlets is so convenient. I first spotted it on @bymichellelei 's TikTok and then bought this version online, ranked as an Amazon's Choice product. It's made my life a lot easier because I can charge everything at once. Since it's rounded, large chargers don't run into other outlet spaces, which is a huge bonus!

This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Never Stops the Music


The days of having to jump out of the shower cold and naked when your internet radio station decides to play Never Gonna Give You Up are officially over. This waterproof speaker lets you control the music from the comforts of the warm running water. It has excellent sound quality for such a small, affordable device and it connects to your phone lightning-quick. Now you can jam no matter where you are.

Charge All Your Devices with this Chic Wireless Charging Station


Minimalists, unite! You won't find a chicer (is that a word?) wireless charging station anywhere than this three-in-one setup that accommodates both Apple and Android devices. Give juice to your smartphone, earbuds, and smartwatch in one organized wireless station. The chargers are designed to prevent overheating while charging quickly. My favorite feature is the soft blue light indicator, which won't light up your room at night like the Fourth of July.

Prop Up Your Digital Recipes with this Recipe Holder Stand


Cookbooks appear to have gone the way of pagers, VCRs, and cassette tapes. (If you don't know what a cassette tape is, go ask a Baby Boomer.) I do most of my recipe-keeping on my phone, which means I do most of my cooking with that digital recipe nearby. This recipe holder stand will keep your ingredients and instructions upright and within arm's reach, but keeps your phone upright and out of the way of spills or mess.

Avoca-Do Pick Up this Avocado Hugger


Avocados. They're hard as rocks in the store but almost over-ripe by the time you get them home. And, if you're the only avocado eater in your home, you know the struggle of eating one half and trying to figure out how to save the remaining half. This avocado hugger will help preserve your fruit (yes, avocado is a fruit, fight me) until you're ready to return for round two.

These Double Glide Shower Curtain Hooks are So Convenient


Know how you have to painstakingly remove the shower curtain and liner both when really, you just want to wash the curtain? No more with these shower curtain hooks ! Now you can remove just the liner or just the curtain when it's time to wash, which is a billion times more convenient. These are on the way to my hot little hands as we speak, and I cannot wait for the delivery man to show up!

Light It Up With an Electronic Candle Lighter


I want one of these just because they look a lot cooler than what I currently use, which is a cheapy cigarette lighter from Walmart. This chic electronic candle lighter is windproof and flameless, delivering more than 60 uses with a single charge. Light your candles, grills, and more with this slim-designed rechargeable device that all your friends will think looks cool while making things hot.

Give Yourself More Outlets with this Socket Shelf


Sometimes a room simply does not have enough outlets, and in this day and age that's basically a crime. My bathroom is one of those rooms. I added one of the socket shelves to my lone bathroom outlet a few months back, and I could not be more pleased. Not only do I have more outlets for hair tools, but I have dedicated USB ports to charge power banks and my Kindle and a shelf where I can stash my phone to keep it away from the sink. It's a win-win-win in my book.

Pocket This Multi-Tool for All Life's Emergencies


Have you ever gotten into a situation where you thought, "Man, a wrench would be really handy right about now?" If not, it's coming. This keychain tool has it all: Wrench, bottle opener, screwdriver, ruler, bit driver, file, and bike spoke key, in one unit that easily attaches to a lanyard or key ring. That's just as small sampling of the tasks it'll perform in a TSA-compliant design that's small enough to fit in your palm. It doesn't get more practical than that.

These SK-II Sheet Masks are Adored by the Celebs

American television personality Whitney Port swears by these foil-packed facial treatment masks from SK-II . At roughly $10 a mask, it's way cheaper than going to the esthetician and leaves your skin with the same results: moisturized, radiant, refreshed and comforted. Toss one in your bag when you're traveling to wipe off the funk of terminals, airports and gas stations along your way.

You Need Convenience, Check This Bunch of Instant Coffee Packets

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I definitely consider coffee a life-saver, so I include instant coffee packets in my emergency supplies. And because I don't want to drink bad coffee even in an emergency, I'm opting for these high-quality, freeze-dried packets by Waka Coffee that earn high ratings from customers. It's all the joy of coffee but takes basically no time at all.