37 Sustainable Amazon Items That Are Great for the Planet

Looking after our planet is one of the most important things we can do as human beings. After all, we only get one! But sometimes, it can seem like a supremely difficult task to know what to do to make our lives that little bit more eco-friendly. Luckily, when shopping on Amazon, it doesn't have to be so difficult. The online monolith has a huge range of products that can help you live a little more sustainably - without sacrificing your home comforts.

From reusable cotton pads to plastic-free beauty products to metal water bottles, you no longer have to worry so much about your own personal environmental impact. Making just a few of these easy swaps can make a huge difference. And if you're feeling overwhelmed by the massive amounts of sustainable offerings on Amazon, never fear. We've selected thirty-seven of the very best options to get you started on a more sustainable path...

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Reusable Swab Is Even Safe To Use on Babies


​Clean hard-to-reach areas without having to throw away a piece of plastic every time.

The reviews say: "This product is a great alternative to a disposable cotton swab. Everything is there, from the packaging that explains everything, an eco-designed design and manufacturing that reassures, and ease of use, cleaning, and storage. I recommend with enthusiasm."

These Reusable Menstrual Pads Are Infused With Charcoal


These pads feel comfortable, snap shut to secure to your underwear, and come in a range of absorbencies to suit any flow.

The reviews say: "At first I was skeptical about trying reusable pads, but after using these on my heaviest period days I am very pleased! I consider myself a heavy bleeder when it comes to my periods and these did not let me down. They worked wonderfully."

This Washing Bag Will Make Washing Any Reusable Items a Breeze


If you're concerned about keeping your reusable items separate in your laundry, this bag will put your mind at ease.

The reviews say: "Kept the reusable pads together in the wash. Does exactly what I wanted."

These Bamboo Pads Will Allow You to Apply Skincare Without Producing Waste


​These ingenious little items will apply micellar water, toner, essence, or serum with ease. You can even use them to take off your nail polish!

The reviews say: "I have tried several kinds of reusable rounds over the years (flannel, cotton, microfibre, and bamboo)- and unfortunately, have always come back to single-use as I was never happy with the several things- some didn't absorb enough product, some absorbed too much, some were way too flimsy when applying, and most importantly- they were ALL too rough on my skin, and didn't feel as effective as single-use. And to top it off, some were expensive! I am here to say none of these things is an issue with these rounds- they absorb the same amount as single-use rounds, they hold their shape when I use them on my face, they are super soft on my sensitive dry skin, and as effective, if not more, than the single-use rounds. I hope they hold up over time, but am fairly confident they will - I have gone through 3 washes so far and am very impressed and use 3 per day."

These Reusable Kitchen Towels Will Replace Wasteful Paper


Wipe up spills and clean your counters without having to throw away sheets of paper. The lemon print also brings joy to your cleaning routine.

The reviews say: "Trying to cut down on my paper towel consumption. I easily rolled them around an old cardboard tube and placed them on my paper towel holder. I do machine wash and dry these and have not had any problems doing this.
Great product!"

This Water Bottle Will Keep Your Beverage Cool All Day Long


Instead of buying wasteful disposable water bottles while you're out, plan ahead and save money and the planet with this insulated bottle.

The reviews say: "I've had this bottle for about 9 months. It is a workhorse! I take it everywhere with me and always have water on hand. I LOVE the large 40 oz size. I have upped my hydration game!"

Say No To Plastic Cutlery With This Travel Set 


This travel flatware set contains everything you might need, plus it comes in a handy travel case so you can be sure you're never without it!

The reviews say: "Exactly what I was looking for! I'm a flight attendant and I meal prep for all of my trips. I was always using the plasticware from the planes and felt so wasteful. These are easy to clean and I just pop them back into my lunch bag when I'm done. I've been recommending them to EVERYONE who meal-preps for work!"

These Cushioned Cotton Rounds Are as Soft as Can Be


For a more absorbent and luxurious feeling cotton round, consider these. After a one-time purchase, you'll save money by never needing to buy your usual cotton rounds again!

The reviews say: "Love these reusable pads! So much softer than the cotton squares I have. And I love that they wash perfectly clean. I use these to take my eye makeup off and they work perfectly. I get one wet, squeeze out the water, put on my eye makeup remover, swipe, flip the pad over and do it again on the other side. Then I just wash the pad with hand soap in hot water, squeeze it out, and put it on the bottom of the pile. I was super hesitant because they do cost kind of a lot, but if they really last 1000 uses, it's justified. Plus I'm doing a tiny bit for the environment, which always feels good."

Bid Farewell To Plastic Bottles With These Clever Shampoo Bars 


Not only do these bars help to save the planet, but many customers also credit them with saving their hair, too! This pack comes in three delicious scents.

The reviews say: " I love these bars. I got a couple of brands to try out along with this multi-pack to try different scents. I'm very picky when it comes to hair care and I have been looking to reduce consumer water and switch to shampoo bars. I love this stuff! my curls are nice and soft and bouncy, no waxy leftover, cleans really well - got the wax out another shampoo bar has left behind, and layered up like a dream. I'm never using anything else. My husband was so impressed that he also made the switch and he doesn't like switching from his favorites, I thought it would be a battle but he made the chance without a word from me. I'm placing a huge order - I NEVER want to run out of this stuff!"

This Menstrual Cup Allows You To Have a More Sustainable Time of the Month


Enjoy saving money and saving the planet every single month with this clever little invention. It comes with a carry case so you are never caught short, too.

The reviews say: "Make the change, stop spending money month after month on pads, tampons, pantie liners. This thing will pay for itself and lasts for years."

These Reusable Tissues Are an Update on the Classic Handkerchief


This tissue set comes in a handy carry case for on the go, so your new tissues don't end up in a mess at the bottom of your purse!

The reviews say: "I would highly recommend this product. The tissues are good quality cotton with tight well-sewn hems but that's not what makes Last Tissue so special. Any well-made hanky would perform like these tissues. The game-changer is the case. The silicone case is durable and washable and provides a place to store a used tissue. THAT'S what's so great about this product. The sticking point for me with hankies was always that after you use it, it goes back in your pocket. With Last Tissue, the used tissue is going in the case and there's a silicone tab to keep the used tissue from the clean ones."

These Period Panties Mean You Can Bid Farewell to Pads


This underwear has an absorbent menstrual pad built-in, so you can rest assured there's no slipping and you can have true period peace of mind.

The reviews say: "I cannot praise this product enough. They're a game-changer. Far more affordable than the bigger names out there, and superb quality. The fit is perfect. I haven't experienced a leak yet (I've read that they can leak if worn alone on a heavy day). They're very comfortable. They keep me dry. They're not bulky and they don't bunch up. And they have no scent at all!"

These Reusable Baking Sheets Mean You Can Say Goodbye to Greaseproof Paper


This two-pack will cover all of your baking needs, protect your trays, and ensure your cookies lift perfectly from the pan every time.

​The reviews say: "These baking mats are absolutely fantastic. The quality is superb, and SUCH a good price. I use them for just about everything I put in the oven. From oven pizzas, cookies, you name it! I also love that besides food sliding easily off the non-stick surface, that they help protect all my baking sheets and such. It's also super handy to just throw them on the top shelf of the dishwasher or even just wipe clean. Also, an easy tip for storing these, you can cut off about 1/3 of the empty paper towel roll to use as a holder, and just roll up the mats and slip inside the roll/ring for easy storage of the mats in a drawer. I highly recommend these!"

This Soda Maker Means You'll Never Have To Buy Seltzer Again


Stop having to create bottle and can waste by carbonating your own water at home! You can even add flavors to create your drink of choice.

The reviews say: "This soda carbonator is easy to use. It's easy to operate. The soda is very strong to drink. Good!"

These Reusable Freezer Bags Can Replace Harmful Plastics

Buy these one time and say goodbye to a freezer full of single-use plastics. They come in a pack of twenty-two and are of various handy sizes.

The reviews say: "We wanted an alternative to disposable zip loc bags and these reusable storage bags hit the mark. They come in 3 different sizes and each size has a different seal color. The seal is very strong; it takes a little bit of effort to open, which is great. We use them mostly to store fruits and vegetables in the freezer. After a month of use, they have held up very well. While we don't store the liquid in them, juice from the fruits do sit in the bag and there was no leakage."

Wearing Masks Is Still Important - So Make Yours Sustainable


This pack of six comes in gender-neutral shades, and each mask is adjustable to ensure you get a comfortable fit.

The reviews say: "Being honest, these are super comfortable, the adjustable around-the-ear adjustment gives me just the right feel. I love the built-in nose piece, and the lower chin cover. The six colors I chose are perfect for a male. These even have a pocket for the additional filter, which I have not used. Great product."

Take These Reusable Produce Bags to the Store With You


This set of 5 bags means you can keep all of your produce separated, safe, and clean in your groceries, without having to use the store's disposable options.

The reviews say: "I LOVE these produce bags! I was getting so frustrated every time I went to the grocery store coming home with more and more plastic! Now I can get 1 onion without feeling wasteful! They are generously sized and even have pull tabs to keep the bags shut! I think they are fabulous!"

This Reusable Shopping Bag Comes in Tons of Cute Patterns


Baggus have a cult following for a reason. They can carry a lot, but fold up super small, making them perfect to keep on your person for times of need.

The reviews say: "Great reusable shopping bag, sturdy and easy to throw in the wash. Small size handy as a lunch bag etc or for shopping. Baggu makes great large and XL bags also, in great prints! I always have a Baggu or 2 in my handbag or backpack- they are the best!"

These Wool Dryer Balls Are an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Fabric Softeners


Fabric softeners can cause harm to the ecosystem after leaking into the water supply - but these dryer balls have over 30,000 5-star ratings for a reason.

The reviews say: "These things are cool and I like how they move my laundry around in the dryer and clunk with each rotation...it's the rhythmic, soothing beat of my balls. I scent my balls with essential oils and let them do their job of making things smell good and fluffing the laundry. Definitely would recommend and would buy again, although I don't see that as being something that would be soon since they are so well made. Get some balls, you will be glad you did!"

This Wax Paper Is the Perfect Alternative To Plastic Wrap


​Bee's wrap is a more environmentally way to keep your food fresh. It's durable and can be reused many times, unlike disposable options.

The reviews say: "Can't recommend these beeswax wraps enough. The antimicrobial aspect of beeswax keeps fruits and vegetables super fresh for much longer than plastic bags. They keep bread soft and fresh for much longer than Ziplocs. They are so much better for the environment, and they can be reused for months. We have been using our set for almost 2 years and they are still as good as new. No waste!"

This Reusable Coffee Cup Takes the Guilt Out of Your Caffeine Addiction


​Take this cup to your favorite coffee place and you can avoid wasting paper and plastic every single time.

The reviews say: "It is a wonderful cup for work because it doesn't leak. It's the right size to drink it all before it gets cold. Love the fun color too."

These Glass Straws Replace Plastic Without Sacrificing on Taste


This set of twelve multicolored straws are as beautiful as they are functional. ​

The reviews say: "We can simply rinse the reusable straws after use. The straws can withstand heat so they are safe to place in the dishwasher for complete sanitation."

This Reusable Lint Roller Will Keep Your Clothes and Furniture Looking Fresh


Pet hair and lint can be unsightly, but traditional sticky rollers produce a lot of waste. This clever little device means that it no longer has to happen!

The reviews say: "Our Golden Retriever sheds more than we were expecting! Our cleaning spirits were almost broken until we found this product. It made quick work of removing the hair from the backs & sides of our couches. My wife made fun of me for buying this gimmicky product... until she saw how quickly and effectively I cleaned both couches. She is now a believer!"

These Reusable Ice Cubes Mean You No Longer Have To Buy Bags From the Store


They're super cute and brightly colored, plus, as an added bonus, they don't dilute your drink!​

The reviews say: "I love these cubes. They keep my water nice and cold. They're easy to remove, easy to clean and they don't melt on the outside. Refreezable: 1. Regular ice cubes: 0."

These Microfiber Mop Pads Will Keep Your Floors Clean Without Waste


Rather than replacing your Swiffer head every time, you can use these pads to achieve the same result, then wash, rather than throw away.

The reviews say: "Buy them. Buy them right now. I literally JUST used these to Swiffer my bedroom and bathroom. These stuck to my Swiffer so well I had to nearly pry them off once I was done. They are so absorbent. I swear those disposable pads will never be bought ever again. I am ordering more and more of these pads. Honestly, I have no idea why I waited so long. I can never not buy these again. This was the best Swiffering ever. My floors seriously look cleaner. 20 stars."​

These Compostable Trash Bags Will Help You Create Less Waste


They're made of plant starches and so break down naturally over time, causing less impact to the Earth and even glowing up your trash!

The reviews say: "I love that these bags seem like normal plastic bags and do their jobs so well. I was worried that the bags wouldn't be as durable but they are just as durable and even more durable than many other normal trash bags that I have come across that don't have the excuse of being an environmentally friendly bag. So far this is my favorite trash bag."

This Refillable Oil Mister Means You Can Say Goodbye To Harmful Aerosols


It creates a fine mist of oil without using harmful chemicals, plus allows you to bulk buy oil and refill as you go for all your cooking needs.

The reviews say: "I love my first one so much as a healthy substitute for cooking spray. It works like a charm."

These Cellulose Sponges Can Be Washed up to Fifty Times


Unlike conventional sponges, these are super long-lasting and durable, meaning you won't create so much waste.

The reviews say: "I've been on the hunt for kitchen cleaning rags and tried MANY. This may seem pricey but it's a great value because it's so easy to clean at the sink (or sterile with boiling water), unlike cloths, you don't need a large supply to always have a clean cloth. It's sturdy like a sponge and absorbs TONS of water and it squeezes almost dry, then dries in no time, even when it's pouring rain. It's flexible like a cloth when wet/damp and can clean any surface or tight spot. Great for wiping shower/bathroom fixtures dry. Because it's so easy to clean with soap and water in the sink or boil to sterilize, there's no need for a dozen to have a clean sponge/cloth all the time, or to do dirty rag laundry regularly. Great product!"

These Food Huggers Keep Produce Fresh Without Single-Use Plastic


​The set comes in a range of sizes designed to cover cut-up fruits and veggies and jars to keep your food fresher for longer!

The reviews say: "I LOVE these. SO much less bulky than using Tupperware and also better than using Ziploc bags. I will be ordering more for myself and also for everyone for Christmas. The one size is also perfect for putting on open cans of vegetables, cans of pop, or even open yogurt containers."

These Glass Food Containers Are BPA-Free


If you're concerned about harmful chemicals leaking from cheaper plastic Tupperware containers, this set of 4 should help put your mind at ease.​

The reviews say: "These are way better than other glass food storage containers because the lids are silicone, too. Cheaper glass storage containers have plastic lids that get brittle and crack in the freezer and have exposed glass when you heat them, so you need potholders to avoid touching any hot areas. These can go right from the freezer into the microwave."

These Air Purifiers Keep Your Room Fresh Without Chemicals


​These clever little pyramids help keep your home smelling clean by absorbing unpleasant odors thanks to their charcoal core!

The reviews say: "I have a Labrador mix dog that lives in my house and decided to purchase these to keep the house from smelling like dog. I keep 1 in my living room and 1 in my bedroom. I keep them in my window cuz the heat from the sun helps to active the charcoal. They work great at keeping the dog smell out of my house. They have no perfume smell so it's not covering their smell, just absorbing it. Would definitely purchase again!!"

Have a Guilt-Free Pamper With These Biodegradable Sheet Masks


These sheet masks help infuse your skin with serum for a glass-like, glowing complexion. Keep them in the fridge for extra refreshment - and feel happy composting them after, rather than sending them off to landfill!

​The reviews say: "So far I have used 2 of these, the cucumber one and the detox one. I love these masks. They leave my skin feeling pampered and vibrant. The effect extends into the next day. I bought these after using one of the aloe ones from an Ipsy box and absolutely loved it. Perfect for using after a day of sun. Definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a small way to pamper themselves and do something healthy for their skin."

Quit Your Pod Habit With This Reusable K-Cup


If you use a Keurig to brew your coffee at home, a reusable cup like this can help dramatically reduce your waste.

​The reviews say: "Advantages to these My K-cups are:
—you can use your own, favorite ground coffee, or grind your own. Fill the My K-cup, put it in the Keurig machine and get a cup of coffee made with your own grounds.
—you throw out the grounds only and this means you're not adding plastic pods to landfills.
—these things are sturdy and durable."

Make Your Cleaning Routine Greener With This Castile Soap


This multi-use soap can replace your dish soap, shower gel, shampoo, and general home cleaner - and it's free from harsh ingredients!

The reviews say: "I ordered this product and it arrived very quickly. I usually use Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap, so I thought that Seven Minerals Pure Castile Soap wouldn't hold up against Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap. I was wrong! Seven Minerals is so much better! It smells great, lathers better, and left me feeling cleaner! I can't wait to buy more of their products!"

This Bamboo Toothbrush Is Totally Biodegradable


Every time you toss a toothbrush, it goes straight to landfill. Now, with this 4-piece set, you can replace your whole family's!

The reviews say: "I'm hooked and I like the price point and that it's eco friendly. No more plastic in the landfill. I am glad I found this product!"

This Reusable Coffee Filter Means You Don't Have To Throw Any Away


​If you make a pot of coffee every day, that's a whole lot of filters headed for the trash. But with this reusable one, you don't need to throw anything away!

The reviews say: "This is the perfect reusable filter for the Chemex pour-over we have. I love the fact that we are no longer trashing a filter every time we make coffee. The filters seem to hold up and wash well. We simply rinse them out in the sink and allow them to air dry before reusing and then wash them after a couple of uses. They do get very wrinkly after use and almost seem like they won't create a seal in the carafe but once you fold them into the pocket shape it works great. I do feel that the water does seep faster than the paper filters but it still brews a strong coffee."

This Fridge Deodorizer is Made from Bamboo


Got a stinky fridge? Get this 2-pack of deodorizes to send bad food smells packing. These Fridge Ninjas use bamboo to neutralize odors instantly. You can also pop them into a lunch bag or bento box to keep fresh on the go.

The reviews say: "We had kimchi in our fridge. No matter what we tried to seal the container, the smell leaked out and other foods in the fridge absorbed the smell. I purchased this and put one in my fridge - boom! Next day, just in one day, the odor is almost gone!"