37 Summer Fashion Pieces That Make You Forget About Any Other Season

Summer is the season that makes us all aspire to be healthy, bronzed fashion goddesses and leave behind the memories of those cold winter months. And now that it's finally upon us, it's time to update our wardrobes and create the looks we've all envisioned. My secret is that I find all my summer fashion pieces on Amazon for a fraction of the price of expensive department stores and boutiques.

From these ribbed tank tops to this adjustable strappy beach swing dress – all my go-to looks for this summer cost less than $40 each, and my friends all ask me where I shop! So, I have created a list of my favorite 37 summer looks that will make you forget about any other season. Check them out below!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Straw Hat Is Fit for Style and Sun Protection with A UPF50+


Straw hats are such a symbol of summer fashion that I can't wait to wear mine again.

This one on Amazon is my favorite because it's so stylish and also offers fantastic sun protection. So it is possible to be practical and stylish at the same time!

These Ribbed Tank Tops Are A Must Have For Summer


These stretchy ribbed tank tops are my go-to casual look for summer. They're so comfortable that you can wear them during the day or night, for yoga classes, or even as pajamas.

They come in a range of colors, and the best part is the price tag!

These Oceanside Linen Pants Are A Summer Must-Have


I started wearing linen pants after spending a summer in Europe, and these have been my go-to pants ever since.

These oceanside pants are both casual yet elegant for a summer of fun. I feel like I'm on the French Riviera every time I wear them.

This Adjustable Strappy Beach Swing Dress Is Bringing The '90s Back


Nineties fashion has been back for a while, and this strappy beach swing dress proves just that.

It's the perfect light and floaty dress to wear on a hot summer's day, with sandals, sneakers, or even heels.

These Leopard Print Beach Shorts Are Flying Off the Online Shelves


Leopard print shorts are the perfect beach outfit with a cream or black top.

The drawstring closure on these shorts means they're adjustable around the waistline, and they're light and cool for hot days.

These Padded Crop Tops for Yoga or Summer Days


These padded crop tops are perfect for yoga or just a casual summer outfit that you can team up with shorts or jeans.

The price point is super affordable, and I've personally bought it in a few different colors because I love this top so much.

These Toe Rings That Can Only Be Shown Off in Summer


Toe rings are another hot accessory for summer once I have bronzed feet from the beach.

I love these adjustable flower rings that adorn my feet with a bit of bling, and summer is the only time of year that they go with my wardrobe.

These Drawstring Cotton Shorts Epitomize Comfortable Fashion


Nothing says summer like drawstring cotton shorts, and these are my favorites for casual fashion.

They're an Amazon bestseller, and they're easily machine washable, so you don't have to worry about being gentle on them.

These Sleek Yoga Shorts for Working Out in The Heat


I stopped shopping for my yoga gear at expensive branded stores after I found these on Amazon.

They are just as stylish and comfortable as other more expensive brands, and none of my friends can tell the difference either! So, I'm letting you in on my secret now.

This Adjustable Straw Sun Visor Is Perfect for The Beach or Pool


If full hats aren't your style, this adjustable straw sun visor is also perfect for the beach or pool.

This hat is easily foldable, too, so you can take it in your weekend bag to shoot off to the beach. Now all you need is a new swimsuit!

This Straw Handwoven Tote Is Boho Chic for The Beach


A day trip to the beach requires a lot of handbag packing. You need sun lotion, reading material and even a change of clothes.

This handwoven straw tote has enough room to carry all you need, and it's totally boho-chic, so you'll have the latest trend on your arm.

This Casual Short Dress Looks Great with Sneakers and Heels


This casual wrap dress can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with sneakers or sandals.

Whatever your preference, this dress will take you to a number of social occasions this summer - from the beach to the restaurant, to the club.

This Reversible Lace Up Bikini Set Is One of a Kind


Each of these bikini sets is slightly different, so you get a one-of-a-kind swimsuit that's also reversible. It's the best way to maximize your collection of bikinis this season without buying multiple pairs.

Although, with this affordable price tag, I did end up buying more than one.

This Chiffon Cover Up Is the Perfect Sheer Bikini Wrap


I fell in love with this chiffon cover-up because it's a quick way to either cover my shoulders or my hips when I'm in my bikini.

It makes walking around the beach or pool extra comfortable and offers a bit of sun protection too. It's also an elegant accessory to any swimsuit.

This Off-The-Shoulder Long Romper for Balmy Summer Nights


This off-the-shoulder long romper is a best seller on Amazon because of its classic style, and it's also built for comfort.

If black isn't your color, it comes in a range of other hues to match your personality.

These Floral Thongs for Flirty Summer Days


I like to revamp my lingerie collection in summer, and these floral thongs are perfect for the season.

They're comfortable as well as cute and stylish for a summer of fun. Plus, they're great value on Amazon, so you don't have to spend much to refresh your underwear drawer.

I'm Absolutely In Love With These Lounge Pants


These breezy pants come in so many different prints and colors you'll have no problem finding a bunch you like. My favorite part about them is how the legs are loose and flowy, while the high-rise waistband elastic makes them look oh-so-cute with a crop top. And if you don't have a crop top? I like to wear mine with a sports bra on lazy days.

This Satin Pajama Set for Sexy Summer Nights


When the weather is hot, and you're looking for something sexy to slip into for bedwear, I highly recommend this satin pajama set.

It's comfortable yet very sensual for those steamy summer nights. I love it so much that I've bought a set for my sister for her birthday too.

This Two-Piece Summer Set Is Perfect for Workouts or Casual Outings


Whether you're meeting friends at a beach café or doing a light workout – this two-piece summer set is an all-in-one outfit.

It's so comfortable and stylish that all my friends ask me where I got it. No wonder it's a best seller on Amazon.

This Off-The-Shoulder High Waisted Ruffle Swimsuit Is A Huge Trend


When you're looking for something other than a string bikini, this off-the-shoulder high-waisted swimsuit will give you a different look.

It's such a fun piece to wear by the pool or at the beach, and it's become a big fashion trend.

This Lightweight Cotton Kimono Robe for Summer Loungewear


I constantly wear this lightweight cotton kimono robe around the house in summer and when I get out of bed.

It's such a cute loungewear item, and the range of colors available are great for summer. With this stylish robe, you'll wish it was summer all year round.

These Elegant Pumps for A Night Out in Heels


Every girl needs a pair of elegant pumps for long summer nights, and these are my go-to.

They're available in both medium and wide widths, so no matter what size feet you have, you can find comfort in these babies. Now you'll be ready to hit the dance floor in style.

These Stylish Polarized Sunglasses Can Be Worn by Men and Women


Sunglasses are a summer must-have item, and these are a great buy because both men and women can wear them.

My boyfriend first bought them, and I kept taking them to wear, so he ended up buying a second pair for me!

This Swimsuit Coverup Is Like a Shirt and Beach Dress All in One


If you're looking for the perfect coverup to wear over your swimsuit, I highly recommend this one.

It's been so popular on Amazon that now it's a best seller. It's elegant and casual and is the perfect beach or pool ensemble.

This One-Piece Monokini Is A Best Seller


When I'm in the mood to swim in a one-piece swimsuit, I wear this crossover monokini because it's so flattering.

And it's so affordable that I ended up buying it in a few different patterns. If you want an eye-catching swimsuit this summer, this is the one for you.

This Lavish Kimono Kaftan for Poolside Glamor


If you find yourself at an evening event by the pool, this lavish kimono kaftan will create enough poolside glamor to make your friends jealous. It's just as appropriate for summer days by the pool, and I'm sure you'll love it so much you'll even be wearing it around the house.

This kaftan is so elegant yet so affordable and has excellent reviews on Amazon.

This Straw Knotted Headband for A Bohemian Summer


Every girl needs a few summer accessories to complete her outfits, and this straw knotted headband creates a bohemian vibe.

It will match your straw beach bag perfectly for an oceanside outing, and all your friends will be asking you where you found it.

This Eight-Pack of Headwraps Keeps Your Hair Out of Your Face on Humid Days


All of us with long hair know how frustrating it is to have hair over the face on a hot, humid day. I'm constantly wiping hair away from my brow and eyes on sticky summer days.

That's exactly why I bought this eight-pack of summer headwraps that are both stylish and practical.

This Ankle Bracelet for Glam Beach Feet


Summer is the only time of year that I wear ankle jewelry, but when summer hits, I love to accessorize my feet.

This ankle bracelet on Amazon creates a glamorous beach vibe and also looks great with heels. It also suits casual flip-flops, to be honest, so it's a fantastic all-around buy.

These Spanish-Style Espadrilles Are Muy Caliente


These Spanish-style Espadrilles will have you feeling like you're in Barcelona for the summer.

The good news is, though, they're so affordable that it's like traveling to Spain without the cost. Now all you need is an exotic summer dress to complete the look.

These Oversized Vintage Sunglasses Are the Perfect Summer Accessory


I love oversized sunglasses because no matter how late you were out the night before, you still look effortlessly glamorous.

These are my go-to glasses that are the perfect summer accessory with a vintage vibe. I like to pair mine with a summer dress or even jeans and a tank top.

These Bohemian Hair Scrunchies Are A Super Cute Trend This Summer


Hair scrunchies are back on trend, and these bohemian hair ties are so cute.

They match any casual summer outfit and are a practical way to tie your hair up on a hot day. They also look great with a floral swimsuit when you're hitting the beach.

This Lightweight Soft Scarf Is A Stylish Way to Protect Yourself from The Sun


When the hot summer sun is pounding down on you at midday, I try to find a bit of extra coverage that's also stylish.

And this lightweight, soft scarf does just that while also adding to your outfit. A lightweight scarf is always a great accessory, without having to put too much effort into getting dressed.

This Star Coin Necklace Creates a Boho-Chic Summer Look


One of my favorite summer styles is bohemian chic, and this star coin necklace is the perfect accessory. It looks expensive, but it's actually not at all.

All my friends ask me where I found it, and the truth is it's an affordable necklace on Amazon.

These Cork Sandals Are A Bestseller for Summer Feet


Finding a pair of comfortable sandals that also look great can be challenging, but these cork sandals do just that.

They come in many different colors, and they're a best seller because they're such a hit with Amazon shoppers.

This Sleeveless Bodycon Mini Dress Is Easy to Slip on And Go


Summer is that time of year where we all just want to slip on something simple and be ready to run out the door.

And this sleeveless bodycon mini dress is perfect for doing just that. All you need is the right pair of shoes to complete the outfit.

This Two-Pack of Essential Summer T-Shirts Will Be Your Go-To Basics


These classic essential summer T-shirts will have you sorted for the whole season because they come in packs of two.

Every girl needs classic tees, and these will be your go-to basics.