37 sub-$25 Gadgets on Amazon You've Probably Never Seen Before

From twist ties that you can use in a million different ways to a brilliant, drawer-friendly potato masher, we've found 37 extremely useful gadgets on Amazon for under $25 that you never knew existed.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Beer Savers Fit Securely on Bottles So Your Leftover Beer or Soda Stays Bubbly and Fresh

Even if leftover beer is not a problem for you, Beer Savers are a handy device for keeping tabs on which bottle of beer is yours, and for keeping your beer fresh and fruit fly free if you're the type to nurse your drink.

This Little Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is Portable, Shockproof, and Weatherproof

Take your music with you no matter where you go with this handy little Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. Use it in the shower, at the beach, attach it to your bike handlebars - there's nowhere you can't take this thing.

This C-Pump Soap Dispenser is Hands Free So You Get Clean Without It Getting Dirty

Your hands are covered with mud, raw chicken, or who-knows-what after grabbing something that was wet that wasn't supposed to be wet. Gross! You go to clean them and the first thing you need to do is use your hands to dispense your soap, spreading your grossness all over your soap dispenser. This C-Pump Soap Dispenser completely eliminates that problem.

This Tiny Wireless Smart Home Camera is the Most Versatile Little Security Camera Ever

This Wireless Smart Home Camera is actually $26, but it's so awesome that we had to include it in this list anyway. It's magnetic, tiny, has night vision, can be controlled through Alexa, and sends a real time video feed to your smart phone.

The Bagel Guillotine Ensures Even Bagel Slicing Every Time

The guillotine's main innovation was the efficiency with which it dispatched with French people. The Bagel Guillotine has all the thorough efficiency without any of the gruesome horror, just perfectly sliced bagels.

You Can Magnetize or Demagnetize With a Simple Pass Through This Handy Precision Demagnetizer/Magnetizer

Magically magnetize your screwdriver with a quick pass through the Precision Demagnetizer/Magnetizer. Need something demagnetized? Just pass it through the other opening.

Sugru Moldable Glue Bonds to Nearly Anything

This stuff is unlike any other "glue" you've ever seen. Sugru Moldable Glue sets into a heat/cold-proof, waterproof, and flexible permanent silicone rubber.

The Rubber Bristles of the FURemover Broom Attract Pet Hair From Multiple Surfaces

With one side full of rubber bristles and the other a squeegee, the FURemover Broom makes cleaning up pet hair and spills quick and easy.

Clean Up The Edges With Confidence With These Neck Hair Line Templates

Skip the trip to the barber. These Neck Hair Line Templates will help ensure you create clean, straight lines with ease at home.

Squatty Potty Positions Your Body Into the Ideal and Natural Posture for Easy Elimination

It turns out that toilets were not designed with our bodies' best interests in mind. The Squatty Potty might just cut down on the time your partner spends in the bathroom.

Keep Your Pooch Well Hydrated on the Go With This Dog Water Bottle

The Dog Water Bottle filters and dispenses a drink for your dog from a compact, leakproof water bottle, so you can easily give your pup a drink with just a push of a button.

Keep All Those Hair Clippings Off Your Sink and Counter With The Official Beard Bib

All those tiny hairs everywhere! The Official Beard Bib not only looks awesome, but it effectively catches all the clippings to keep your sink unclogged and ungross.

The Universal Flexible Thumb Smartphone Stand Can Securely Hold Your Phone or Tablet

There are a million different phone stands to choose from, but this Universal Flexible Thumb Smartphone Stand is cuter and more fun.

There's Not Much That the Bump it Off Can't Clean

Use a Bump it Off as a pet brush that will grab up a ton of loose fur, or as a lint/hair remover, or as a dish scrubber, or as a laundry stain remover, or even as an exfoliator in the shower! You probably will want a few of these.

The Twixit Seal Cleverly Turns Any Bag Into an Easy to Pour Container.

The Twixit Seal attaches to any plastic or paper bag, creating an airtight seal that keeps your food fresh, and giving you an easy pour spout. Brilliant!

Show Weeds Who's Boss With This Garden Weeder Hand Tool

This ergonomic Garden Weeder Hand Tool easily gets the entire root out without you having to dig huge holes.

The Pick Lives Right In the Spoon's Handle in This Scoop & Pick Jar Set

The slotted spoon is perfect for fishing capers out of a jar, while the fork is ideal for pickles and olives. This Jar Spoon and Fork Set is a condiment lover's dream.

This Folding Potato Masher Allows You to Mash Potatoes AND Open Your Kitchen Drawers

We all have that drawer that we can't easily open because it's where we keep our unwieldy potato masher. Some brilliant person came up with the idea of a Folding Potato Masher, so all of your drawers can open!

The BlenderBall Wire Whisk in This Pancake Batter Mixer Lets You Shake Your Way to Perfectly Mixed Batter

Easily mix and dispense your pancake batter with this Pancake Batter Mixer. They thought of everything with this one, so your pancake making can be simple and mess free.

This Acupressure Mat for Shower Floor Cleans Your Feet and Massages Them

Relieve your tired achy feet while giving them a thorough scrubbing with this Acupressure Mat for Shower Floor.

Embrace Your Inner Wolverine With These Garden Gloves With Claws

Why dig around in your garden with a spade when you can claw your way through soil like an animal? This pair of Garden Gloves With Claws comes with removable fingertip claws to make gardening a heck of a lot more interesting.

This Bluetooth Car Audio Adapter Turns Any Car Into a Bluetooth Capable Car

Even if your car doesn't have all the latest bells and whistles, you can enjoy the ease and convenience of bluetooth audio with this Bluetooth Car Adapter.

This Pocket Sized Ultralight Portable Camping Stove Includes All Sorts of Extras

Not only is the camping stove itself small enough to fit in your pocket, this set comes with a nonstick pot, pan, and bowl set that doubles as a carrying case.

Freshen Your Breath by Cleaning Your Tongue With This TUNG Brush & Gel Starter Pack

The TUNG Brush & Gel Starter Pack includes a low profile brush designed to effectively clean your tongue without gagging, and a minty gel to leave you feeling fresh.

The Miles Kimball Bracelet Tool Makes Fastening Your Bracelet So Much Easier

Why are bracelets designed with those impossible to do one handed closures anyway? Just to mess with us? Well, the struggle is over with the Miles Kimball Bracelet Tool.

Keep Your Nail Polish Off Your Cuticles With Liquid Latex Barrier for Nail Art

If you like to do your nails at home, but can only polish your left hand neatly while your right hand ends up looking like it was polished by a drunken toddler, Liquid Latex Barrier might be for you.

Pickle Juice Shots Might Sound Weird, But That's Because They Are Totally Weird

Weird or not, athletes swear by Pickle Juice Shots. Long distance runners and cyclists drink these to stop and prevent muscle cramps.

This Portable Solar Lantern Provides Up To 70 Hours of Lamp Light From One Charge

With a removable stand, you can hang this small Portable Solar Lantern from your backpack all day, and have convenient lamp light all night.

This Handy Safe Doubles as a Real, Usable Hairbrush

I'm not going to tell you what you can or can't keep in your Hair Brush Diversion Safe. If you want a place to keep things hidden, this is the hairbrush for you.

Get a Refreshing Breeze and a Handy Clock With This USB Clock Fan

This USB powered Clock Fan has a flexible neck allowing you to aim your breeze where you please, and soft blades that magically create a clock when turned on.

These Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces Will Allow You to Keep Your Favorite Essential Oils With You Wherever You Go

How clever are these Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces? Simply dampen the felt pad with your favorite scent, and you've got your own diffuser with you all day long.

Protect Your Bras in the Laundry With a Set of These Bra Shells

Nothing is worse than when your expensive bra gets bent, dented, or otherwise ruined in the wash. These Bra Shells are a next-level lingerie bag, specifically designed to help your bras keep their shape.

Store All Your Shoes in Half the Space With These Shoe Slotz Space Savers

A pair of shoes takes up the space of one shoe with these Shoe Slotz Space Savers. Ingenious and yet so simple.

The Echo Gear Outlet Shelf Creates Usable Space Out of Thin Air

Simply change out your outlet switch plate for an Echo Gear Outlet Shelf and you suddenly have a perfect shelf for whatever is plugged in.

This Dry Sack Set Will Keep Your Gear Safe and Dry on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

The Dry Sack Set includes a 2-, 4-, and 8-liter bag. These lightweight bags have a watertight roll top closure for maximum compression and waterproofing.

Turn Any Cup Into a Sippy Cup With a Boon Snug Straw

These flexible silicone lids fit over most cups, allowing you to hand your child a spill proof straw cup anytime. The Boon Snug Straw comes with three lids and straws, but can fit any straw.

You Will Wonder How You Ever Lived Without Magnetic Twist Ties

Maybe you've never heard of them, but once you see how incredibly useful and versatile Magnetic Twist Ties are, you'll be using them for everything from a bookmark to curtain tiebacks to closing your chips bag to organizing your TV cables to sticking your keys to your fridge so you never lose them again!

Using These Dirt Cheap Drain Snakes Will Both Disgust And Fascinate You

When you first snake your drain, you might gag. Then you're gonna wonder where all that hair came from. Then you're gonna be so happy you spent $5 instead of calling in a plumber. Then you still might gag. Then you'll move right on to the next drain.

These Harperton Nail Clippers Will Be The Last Ones You Ever Buy

If you haven't tried a REAL pair of nail clippers, trust me, you need to. It's a completely different (and far superior) experience from those $2 clippers.

This Compact Plug-in Air Sanitizer Cleans Your Air With Zero Footprint

It kills germs, mold, freshens air and wipes out odors, all while staying nie and small on your wall.

These Big Wool Spheres Will Replace Dryer Sheets

Throw out those dryer sheets and fabric softener. These solid wool balls are a wildly popular solution to soft and static-free clothes.

This Tiny Gadget Not Only Charges Your Devices, But Also Adds Bluetooth Functionality To Your Car

Feel like taking that 20th century car into the 21st? Bluetooth amazingness is a ROAV adapter away.

These Moso Purifying Bags Apparently Have Odor-Killing Superpowers

Thousands of reviewers tout the powers of these bags of activated charcoal, specifically highlighting their abilities to freshen truly nasty old shoes, or even drink up the odorrific remnants of spoiled milk inside a minivan.

This Bed Band That Prevent The Dreaded Sheet Slip

Who can get any sleep when your sheets are constantly slipping off? These brilliant "bed bands" eliminate that problem so you can finally catch some Z's.

This $8 Invention Adds An Invaluable Footrest To Your Shower

Much like cupholders, I don't understand why more everyday things don't have built-in footrests.  

These Wildly Popular Baking Mats Will Keep You From Scrubbing Stuck-On Messes

Use these handy silicone liners to create a nonstick layer on your baking sheets. They're great for cookies, candies, cakes, biscuits — anything you want to bake in the oven. And they're dishwasher-safe!

With This Gap Cleaning Brush You'll Have The Cleanest Window Tracks On The Block

There is literally decades of dust living in the crevices of my windows right now, awaiting attack by the Trycooling Brush.

The Magnogrip Keeps Screws And Nails Right Where You Need Them

Magnets are a wonderful thing.

These Stainless Steel Reusable Drinking Straws That Will Help You Save the Environment

The sad truth is that plastic straws are terrible for the environment. But if you love drinking out of straws (like we do), all hope is not lost! These stainless steel straws are perfect replacements. And they come with their very own cleaner brush!

People Swear By This Wildly Popular Acupressure Mat

According to reviewers, it hurts at first, but after a day or two, it starts to work its magic.

Stop Resenting Your Pets: Clean Up Their Hair From Anywhere For Under $20

The all-rubber construction of the FURremover Broom not only lends to its long-term durability, but also its multi-use utility as a fur-gathering sweeper, and a pee-pushing squeegee. It'll keep your carpets fur-free and your hardwood unstained, so you can love your pets in all their messy glory without (too much) resentment.