It doesn't matter whether you rent or own — upgrading your space can cost a pretty penny. And if you happen to rent an ugly apartment? You don't want to sink that much money into it. Luckily, I've become a bit of an expert when it comes to sprucing up your space for less. Partially because I got stuck living in a hideous apartment for a few years — and I like to fall asleep watching HGTV. But my qualifications don't matter so much as my recommendations, right? Then prepare yourself, because this list is absolutely filled with affordable home upgrades that actually look good. I'm talking about white marble contact paper to update those old countertops, stylish faucets that are easy to install, and even smaller stuff — like cute spice jars. So what are you waiting for? Those counters will still be ugly a week from now, but that contact paper might not be available, you know.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Kitchen Faucet is Undeniably Stylish

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Sometimes the smallest things — like changing out your kitchen faucet — can make a huge impact. This one in particular is not only objectively gorgeous, but the splash-free spray quickly washes away dirt and grime. Plus, installation generally takes less than 30 minutes.

An Outlet Extender With Three Extra USB Ports

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Plug this extender into any wall outlet, and it'll add three extra outlets, and three USB ports. Oh, and did I mention there's also a USB-C port — just in case something other than your phone needs a charge. "Great space-saver," wrote one reviewer. " The angled AC outlets on each side are a genius decision, and the unit feels quite secure once inserted into your wall."

This Shower Head With High-Powered Rainfall

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Got weak water pressure in your shower? Try installing this shower head. The high-pressure design gets your entire body soaked with soothing rainfall whenever it's time to wash off — and installation doesn't require any tools. Choose from six finishes, including a sleek black matte.

This Bluetooth Speaker That Doubles as an Overhead Light

I knocked my Bluetooth speaker into the toilet the last time I used it in the bathroom — not cool. But you know what is cool? This Bluetooth speaker that doubles as an overhead LED light. It's compatible with most fans, and many reviewers found that installation took less than 10 minutes.

A Toilet Paper Holder With a Handy Shelf

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It might not look like much, but the shelf on this toilet paper holder is shockingly handy. I like to keep my phone on it while I'm in the shower, or you can even keep a spare roll of toilet paper on it — just in case you need a backup. Plus, each order comes with adhesive for easy installation.

These Glass Jars are Perfect for Spices

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Turn any plain spice rack into an Instagram-worthy photo with these jars. They're made from sleek borosilicate glass — not plastic — while their airtight lids help keep everything inside fresh. And unlike other jars, these ones even have cute bamboo lids.

This Bathroom Set Made from Sleek Bamboo

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Still using that cheap bathroom set you bought from Target? Throw that out in favor of this gorgeous one made from bamboo. The brushed aluminum tops pair effortlessly with any style — and each order comes with four pieces: one trashcan, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and tumbler.

A Backsplash You Can Install Like a Sticker

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If your stove doesn't have a backsplash, this peel-and-stick version has an adhesive backing that lets you press it on like a sticker — it's that easy. And if you have to move out at the end of your lease? It won't strip away the paint once it comes time to pull it off.

I Don't Know How I Ever Lived Without This Microwave Shelf

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Alright alright — I lived by eating balanced meals and eating three times a day. But other than that? My life was empty before this microwave shelf came into it. Not only is it made from tough carbon steel, but the height, and length, are also adjustable so that it'll work with practically any microwave.

Revamp Those Ugly Counters With This Painting Kit

Don't have the funds to completely replace your counters? This painting kit is an affordable upgrade that actually looks good — but if you don't believe me? Thousands of reviewers have left glowing reviews, writing about how it's easy to use as long as you follow the instructions. "We have had people over our house and immediately think we got granite countertops," one raved."The glaze is very thick and makes the colors more vibrant and also adds a little bit of magnification that increases the granite effect."

This Contact Paper Makes Anything Look Fancy

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That isn't a solid wood door you're looking at: it's a cheap white one covered with this roll of black contact paper. The adhesive backing makes it easy to stick anywhere, and you can use it for a variety of projects. Old countertops, outdated tables, cabinets — your options are nearly endless.

This Cover That Turns Your Stove Into a Cutting Board

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Made from tough bamboo, this cover is great for any stovetop you'd like to turn into a functional cutting board. It's also moisture-resistant, helping it hold its shape when damp. Choose from three colors: bamboo, oak, or bordeaux.

This Faucet That's Oh-So Modern

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One look at this faucet will have guests convinced you like in an ultra-modern, fashionable home — and it even works just as good as it looks. It's made from solid brass, with a shiny chrome finish that's easy to clean. And since the connections are leak-resistant, it'll stay looking good for years to come.

A Knife 'Block' Made from Classy Wood

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Don't have enough counter space for a bulky knife block? This magnetic strip lets you hang your blades up on a wall — and unlike other magnetic "blocks," this one is made from solid teak wood. It won't rust, dull, or chip over time, and it's magnetic enough to hold larger utensils besides knives.

Never Run Out of Toilet Paper Again With This Bidet

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Not only will installing this bidet mean you'll never run out of toilet paper again, but it can also help you save money. You're not buying toilet paper anymore, remember? And since it has a hygienic nozzle guard, there's no need to worry about it staying clean between uses.

This Smart Light Switch You Can Control Using Your Phone

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Did you remember to turn the lights off when you left this morning? Not a problem when you've got this smart light switch — just pull up the free downloadable app to double-check. And if you pair it with Alexa, you'll even be able to control it using voice commands when you're home.

This Contact Paper With a Jaw-Dropping Marble Print

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I'll be recommending this roll of white marble contact paper to anybody who'll listen, up until the day I die. It's made from tough, water-resistant vinyl. So resistant, in fact, that I've left puddles on it overnight without any issue come morning. And since the adhesive backing easily peels off, it's absolutely perfect for renters.

These Magnets That Look Like Garage Door Windows

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Got a plain garage door? Just slap these magnets up — they look just like real windows, giving your home a little boost in its curb appeal. "Could not be happier with the finished look," wrote one reviewer. "Great way to improve the look of your garage door, without having to buy a whole new door."

A Childproof Door Lock for a Little Extra Security

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Your kid might be smart, but are they tall enough to undo this lock? Probably not — but its childproof design isn't even the best part. The three-inch thick metal can withstand 800 pounds of force, helping keep you safe from intruders. Plus, it only takes about five minutes to install.

These Drawer Pulls for a Little Pop of Class

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Adding gold accents to your kitchen is a great way to add little pops of color — and these gold-colored drawer pulls are available for less than $15. "These are great pulls," wrote one reviewer. "Nice and heavy, and high quality. They make my Ikea Grimslov cabinets look much more upscale. They have a yellowish matte gold finish that is so popular these days."

These Accents for Your Garage Door Hinges

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If you added those magnetic windows to your cart, you might as well snag these accents to go with them. Each order comes with two accent handles, as well as four hinges. And since they're UV-resistant, there's no need to worry about them fading.

These Over-The-Door Shelves for Your Bathroom

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Need some extra storage space in your bathroom? These shelves are designed to hang over any standard-sized door — and with five hooks as well as two baskets, there's a ton of room for all your stuff. Plus, the whole unit can hold up to 50 pounds with ease.

This TV Light That You Can Sync With Music

Not only do these lights sync with your speakers so that they change color depending on the music, but they're also versatile — choose from more than 16 million colors when setting the mood. Plus, you can use the downloadable smartphone app to control them, or simply the included remote.

These Shower Shelves are a Breeze to Install

Hesitant when it comes to drilling into your walls? Just hang these shelves in your shower. They come with waterproof adhesive that keeps them firmly in place — no drilling required. And since they're made from stainless steel, they're also rustproof.

A Wine Rack That Fits Into Tight Spaces

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With enough space for up to four bottles and glasses, this wine rack is a must-have for cramped, tight kitchens. It easily fits onto a shelf, or you can simply leave it out on your counters. Plus, it's made from high-quality iron and wood — not plastic.

A Bed Light to Help You Find Your Way in The Dark

Instead of stumbling around in the dark when you get up at night, let this bed light help guide the way. The built-in motion sensor prevents it from turning on until you step down, and there's even a timer — just to help you save on your energy costs.

Add Some Blind to Your Drawers With These Diamond Pulls

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I have these diamond pulls on the dresser in my walk-in closet. And I've gotta agree with reviewers on this one — they're a total steal at only $9 for 10 of them. But if that isn't enough? One reviewer even raved that they're a "great way to have a beautiful luxurious elegant looking kitchen on a budget!"

These Little Magnets Give You a Convenient Place to Hang Keys

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Always losing your keys? Screw these little magnets into the light switch plate next to your front door — they'll hold onto your keys until it's time to leave again. Plus, the magnetic connection is so strong that they can hold up to three pounds each.

These Turkish Towels Made from 100% Cotton

Absorbent, lightweight, and cute — these Turkish bath towels hit all the right notes. Each one is made from 100% natural cotton, and you can even wear them as sarongs at the beach. Choose from more than 10 colors.

These Pillow Cases Covered in Soft Velvet

I have these velvet pillow cases on my bed as little accents. They come in dozens of colors, so finding on that matches your decor is no issue. Plus, the zippers are hidden — which means there's zero chance of the filling escaping.

These Spice Jars With Magnetic Bases

Stick these magnetic spice jars to your fridge to help save a little space, or even just to show off what a chef you are. They're made from tough stainless steel, and the tops have sprinkle holes so that you don't have to open them up to use.

This Mirror Kit Has Completely Revamped My Vanity

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You always want to make sure you're doing your makeup in the best lighting possible, so grab this vanity light kit. The bulbs are backed with adhesive so that it's easy to stick them to your mirror. Personally, it's completely transformed my makeup vanity — and now I can see when my foundation doesn't quite match my neck.

An Indoor Herb Garden That's Almost Foolproof

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I kill plants like it's my hobby — but this indoor herb garden is so foolproof that even I was able to get some basil flourishing. 21 LED bulbs give your seeds and plants a full spectrum of light, allowing you to grow all sorts of greens. Plus, the built-in timer ensures they get the proper amount of "sunlight."

A Fluffy Area Rug Made from Faux Fur

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A cute rug can totally upgrade your space, and this one is made from ultra-soft faux fur. The back is lined with non-slip to help prevent trips — and the shaggy material even feels great underneath your feet on chilly nights.

This Fresh Cover for Your Old, Ratty Sofa

Who needs to buy a new couch? Not you — you're gonna be smart with your money and grab this cover instead. With thousands of positive reviews, it's clear that shoppers found it a worthwhile purchase. And since there are two sizes available — as well as more than 10 colors — it shouldn't be too hard to find one that suits your style.

This Monitor Stand That Adds Storage to Your Desk

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Craning your neck downwards to read your computer can leave it feeling sore. This monitor stand, on the other hand, lifts your screen up to help alleviate strain — and it even adds storage space to your desk. Plus, it's ready to go right out of the box without any assembly required.

These Puck Lights for Some Chic Under-Cabinet Lighting

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Calling a carpenter is never, ever cheap — but you can still have chic under-cabinet lighting by installing these puck lights. At less than $40 for six of them, they're undeniably affordable. And since each order comes with a remote, you can even control them from afar without having to get up.