37 Seriously Affordable Amazon Products That Give Great Results

Is shopping on Amazon amazing? Of course!

Is coming home to a smiley-faced box of joy on your doorstep one of the best feelings ever? Absolutely!

Is your wallet equipped to handle that surprisingly large checkout balance? Umm..unfortunately, not always.

Amazon won't accept an IOU, so I'm here to help you avoid the shopping cart blues by sharing my list of 37 super affordable amazon products that deliver awesome results! From a welding tool that fits in your perfect, to a vacuum that fits in your hands, you're sure to find a deal that's perfect for you.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page

This Led/Fan Combo Is Perfect For Camping Trips

I'm a sucker for multi-functional gadgets, and this fan/light combo is right up my alley. The ultra-bright LED lights make nights under the stars much easier to navigate and the fan does a great job of keeping you cool in your tent. It's super lightweight, durable, and you can squeeze a full 37 hours of continuous use out of this puppy.

A Versatile Egg Cooker That Makes Breakfast A Breeze

This is the one time it's actually alright to put all your eggs in one basket. Because this basket guarantees delicious eggs quicker than if you made them in the pan. This egg cooker makes six eggs at a time in almost any style you want in just a push of a button. It works wonders for my family's Saturday morning breakfast and has been an "Eggscelent" purchase..sorry I couldn't help myself.

A Pint-Sized Charger With King-Sized Power

Wireless chargers can be serious lifesavers, especially when they're small enough to carry in a purse or handbag. This candy bar sized charger can deliver 2 full charges without needing to be recharged itself. Who says good things don't come in small packages?

A Handy Multi-Tool That Fits Right In Your Wallet

The Wallet Ninja lives up to its name by being there when you need it, yet staying out of sight when you don't. This super useful multi-tool doubles as a can opener, screwdriver, phone stand, and so much more. It's saved me the hassle of running home to get tools plenty of times, all while being slim enough to slide right inside my wallet.

A Bag Sealer That Keeps Your Snacks Fresh

This handy little sealer is a great way to keep your snacks fresh and save you money on freezer bags. What I love most about my sealer is how it eliminates the use of bulky bag clips. Resealing the original bag has a much cleaner aesthetic and as a result, makes my pantry look much better. These are affordable and super easy to use, making them a smart buy for any household.

A Running Belt That Holds Your Hydration

Running or hiking in the southwestern sun can be brutal here in Arizona. Staying hydrated is an absolute must, but gripping a water bottle for your entire run can be almost as tiring as the run itself. This running belt is a perfect way to harness your hydration when you hit the open road. It has space for your phone, keys, and even a convenient slot to slide your headphones in.

A Drawer Divided, Is A Drawer United

This drawer divider has some serious DIY vibes and allows you to customize any drawer space to your liking. It's not limited to just kitchen utensils; I use it in my closet drawers as well to separate my socks, underwear, and T-shirts.

These Tiny Massage Balls Deliver Big Relief

These massage balls feel absolutely amazing after a workout or a long day sitting in an office chair. My feet, my back, my calves, or whatever part of my body is aching can be laid on top of these bad boys, and after a couple of minutes of rolling, I get some serious relief. You can take them anywhere, they're super durable, and they're an easy way to make jokes about balls! What more can you ask for?

A Plastic Welder That Fixes Almost Anything

This is an awesome tool for all of you DIYer's out there. I've used it to fix my kid's toys, my glasses, and even a phone charger. It's incredibly easy to use and much safer than you could ever imagine. The fact that you have a handheld tool that can literally weld small metal objects will make you start looking for things to fix.

The Cup Cleaner That's Good Enough For Bartenders

Anyone who's washed a cup has wondered if there's a better way to wash a cup. Well, guess what? There is! This awesome cup cleaner saves your wrist some serious strain by eliminating the need to twist and contort your arm to hit those hard to reach places. The strong suction cups at the bottom allow you to easily attach it to your sink, wall, or counter.

A Cup Holder That Puts An End To Spills

This cupholder is practicality at its best. It seems so simple but is honestly so helpful, especially for someone as clumsy as I am. I keep one on my coffee table outside and it not only prevents spills but eliminates those horrible cup stains as well. Oops... it looks like this item is currently out of stock but we found a similar product which does the same job which you may also enjoy.

A Phone/Tablet Holder That Liberates Your Hands

The Flight Flap saves your hands and neck some serious strain while you travel. It fits easily and securely on plane seats, car seats, tables, and trays. It's also lighter than you'd expect so you can take it with you just about anywhere you go.

Lumbar Support That Makes You Sit Up Straight

I'll warn you ahead of time, once you use lumbar support, you'll never want to sit without it. Lumbar support helps with so many facets of your health. From breathing to posture, I really feel improvements in a lot of different areas after sitting with lumbar support for a few days. It honestly feels a little strange for the first few hours, but after a while, it becomes much more comfortable than slouching.

A Utensil Holder That You'll Wish You Bought Sooner

I can't count how many times I've stirred spaghetti sauce and felt terrible placing the sauce-covered spoon on the stove. This handy silicone knick-knack stops me from ruining my stovetop with prego sauce and keeps my spills confined to a small, easy to clean space. It holds up to 4 utensils and is made of heat-safe silicone so you can keep close to the stove without it bursting into flames.

A Butane Torch That Brings The Heat

I'm a pyro, so obviously I love torches. But this particular torch isn't just cool, it's super useful and great to have handy. One of the best things about this torch is how safe it is. The safe and reliable lock makes accidental ignition almost impossible. This torch is also pretty versatile thanks to its adjustable temperature regulator. You can use it for a number of purposes, from lighting candles and cigars to food prep and welding.

Maximize Your Workspace With This Awesome USB Hub

There's a ton of USB hubs out there, which makes finding the right one pretty difficult. What made this one stand out to me is the LED light on/off switches. It's an easy way to save power without having to completely turn off or unplug the device. It's affordable, good-looking, and a welcome addition to my at-home workspace.

Fruit Huggers That Help Your Fruit Stay Fresh

It took me way too long to discover these small silicone food savers. I use them almost every time I cook and it saves me from inconvenient trips to the grocery store. These fruit huggers are the easiest and cheapest way to keep fruits and veggies fresh.

These Silicone Scrubbers Clean Literally Everything

From dishes to your dog, these silicone scrubbers clean everything you can imagine. I use these little lifesavers on pots and pans thanks to their ability to clean stuck-on food without scratching or scrapping. They're super easy to use; just add the right soap and scrub your way to surprising results.

Flashlight Gloves That Keep You Out Of The Dark

Fingerless gloves with flashlights attached sound like a gadget straight out of a bad spy movie. But in reality, they're actually quite useful. If you've ever worked under a sink or on a car, you'll immediately understand how helpful these gloves can be. Once you own them, you'll quickly realize how useful they can be for even the smallest tasks.

A Silicone Jar Opener That Does The Hard Work For You

We've all had to put a jar of pickles in a headlock and try with all our might to get the lid to budge, only to be met with defeat, disappointment, and a hamburger with no pickles. Well, now it's time to put the smackdown on that stubborn pickle jar, thanks to your new silicone tag-team partner. This handy jar opener can fit lids of just about any size and pop them off with a simple turn. This is an awesome purchase for anyone with arthritis or limited hand mobility.

Turn Your Veggies Into Spaghetti

Vegetable spaghetti has become more popular than ever thanks to its many health benefits. This spiral vegetable cutter lets you follow the trend by cutting almost any type of veggie into thin strands. My 6-year old has literally no idea he's eating zucchini on spaghetti night and I don't plan on telling him until he's off to college.

This Hand Vacuum Eats Dust For Breakfast

This hand vacuum does a great job cleaning off my keyboard and home office space. It's small yet still powerful enough to suck dust and crumbs out of hard to reach places. All it needs is 2 AA batteries and its ready to handle small messes in a heartbeat. This is definitely one of those knick-knacks you'll wish you would've gotten sooner.

This Toothbrush Holder/Toothpaste Dispenser Saves Some Serious Space

Squeezing your own toothpaste is so old school. This fancy toothbrush holder/toothpaste dispenser applies the perfect amount of toothpaste all while keeping your toothbrushes and accessories dust free. This device isn’t just super handy, it also saves lots of much needed real estate on your bathroom counter. If you’re sharing a bathroom with a roommate, spouse, or children, this needs to be your next purchase.

A Burger Press That Delivers The Perfect Burger

The perfectly round burger is just a quick press away thanks to this super affordable burger press. Maybe I didn't play with enough play-doh as a kid but for some reason, whenever I hand make burgers they end up shaped like the state of Wisconsin. This press lets me make perfectly presentable burgers every time.

A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker That Never Stops The Music

The days of having to jump out of the shower cold and naked when your internet radio station decides to play Never Gonna Give You Up are officially over. This waterproof speaker lets you control the music from the comforts of the warm running water. It has excellent sound quality for such a small, affordable device and it connects to your phone lightning-quick.

A Wi-Fi Smart Plug That Gives You Total Control

Ever walk into a dark room and have your foot meet a lego before your hand can meet the light switch? These super convenient wi-fi plugs minimize lego-related foot injuries and many other swear-word inducing accidents by allowing you to turn on the light without stepping foot in the room. The ability to program my lights on a timer and control them through voice or an app has introduced me to a level of convenience I never thought possible.

These Backscratchers Reach The Perfect Spot

Sadly, I've tried to scratch my back with just about anything I can get my hands on, and nothing hits the spot like these handy paw-shaped backscratchers. You won't always need em, but when you do, they're an absolute god-send.

A Convenient Pill Organizer That Keeps You On Track

Anything that helps you and the people you love stay healthy is a welcome addition to my Amazon shopping cart. This cute little pill organizer keeps me on top of my daily vitamins without having to set phone or Alexa reminders.

A Set Of Drain Snakes That Get The Hair Out

There's something disgustingly satisfying about pulling a big glob of drain-clogging hair out of your sink. These drain snakes accomplish this task with the slightest of ease and help keep your sink clog-free. They're super easy to use, just guide it down the drain, a few turns of your wrist, and pull out a clump of what nightmares are made of.

Handy Brushes That Clean Hard To Reach Spots

These durable scrubbing brushes are perfect for cleaning the grout in my bathroom and kitchen. Scrubbing hard to reach areas is a task nobody wants to do, but these brushes make it easier thanks to the rubber handle and strong bristles. The set comes with 2 brushes, one for larger areas like blinds, and one for smaller areas like grout and crevices.

A Magnetic Wristband That Keeps Tools Out Of Your Mouth

I'm definitely the type to hold a nail in his mouth while hammering away at another. While this may be tradition, it's also dangerous and unsanitary. This handy magnetic wristband helps me keep tools exactly where they belong.

A Brush Holder That Keeps You Organized

While homeschooling my children for a few months this year, I quickly realized how easy it is to lose pens, pencils, and paintbrushes. This simple yet effective brush holder helps keeps me keep all our supplies in one place for easy access. It has a ton of slots so it can be used for much more than just paintbrushes. I use it for pens, pencils, brushes, and markers and still have a few slots leftover.

The Pooch Selfie Keeps Your Furry Friend In Focus

Getting your canine companion to sit still for the perfect selfie is hard work. The Pooch Selfie really helps them focus on the camera and lets you get that Instagram-worthy shot. Strapping it to your phone is quick and easy and the ball squeaks for an added level of attention grabbing.

This Salad Cutter Helps You Make Picture Perfect Salads

Thanks to this ultra-convenient salad cutter my salads no longer look like I threw them together with a blindfold on. I can just toss the ingredients I want in the bowl, apply the lid, and start chopping until my heart is content. It's a safe and efficient way to get your kiddos involved in the process as well.

Furniture Markers That Come Through In The Clutch

These makers are single-handedly saving my wooden end table from a trip to the donation drop off. They really do an excellent job of covering up even the deepest scuffs and scrapes with just a few swipes of the marker. The set includes six different shades from brown to black and a few wax sticks as well.

An Ergonomic Water Bottle That Keeps You On Schedule

I really do love the time increments displayed on the side of this awesome water bottle. They help give me the motivation I need to keep chugging even when I don't want to. The bottle has a huge mouth so you can add ice, fruit, or anything else that makes drinking impossible amounts of water easier. The ergonomic handle feels great in your hand and makes it easy to transport.

A Handy Cup Warmer That Keeps Your Drinks Nice And Warm

This mug warmer is fairly simple but gives you everything you could ask for in a practical little package. It does a great job keeping your drinks warm without taking up too much space or getting in the way. Another bright spot is the extra-long chord. It helps give you the freedom to place it wherever is most convenient.