37 Self-Care Gifts Guaranteed To Cheer Someone Up

What a long, strange trip 2020 has been. We can look forward to 2021 with hope, but first, we need to chillax a little to reduce the strain the last year has wrought. To that end, I curated a list of the most pampering presents your gift recipients will love. These gifts will make them feel so comfortable and significantly more relaxed so they'll be able to charge into 2021 like the superstars they are!

From heated foot baths to silky bathrobes to aromatherapy gifts, we've got everything they need to find their moment of zen.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Velour Tracksuit Is So Cozy

Yep, velour tracksuits are back, thankfully this time without "Juicy" writ large across the posterior. This one includes a cozy hoodie and joggers in a bunch of pretty colors for running errands or curled up with the latest streaming obsession. It's a gift that keeps on giving since they'll never want to take it off!

This S'well Bottle Is Gorgeous

It's not often you'd use the word "gorgeous" to describe an insulated bottle, but this one is just over-the-top pretty. This S'well bottle can hold refreshing cold water or comforting hot tea or cocoa and keep it at the right temp all day long! It's triple-insulated so they'll be amazed at how well it works to keep drinks hot or cold.

This Silk Pillowcase Is Pure Luxury

Sure, you can spend a whole lot more on silk pillowcases, but why would you when this affordable one's just as nice as the pricey brands? I personally sleep on this one every night and highly, highly recommend it for someone who loves life's little luxuries. They'll wake up with smoother skin and hair and have you to thank!

This Pep Talk Book Is By Lin-Manuel Miranda

After the year (decade) 2020 has been, it's understandable that we would need some pep talks to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and carry on. This little book from Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame has just the pick-me-ups we need - 200 pages of single paragraph mini-poems to give us courage, strength, inspiration, and hope for a new day.

This Motivational Bracelet Is Salty But Sincere

If there's anything that 2020 has taught us, it's that we have to keep going no matter what horrifying new thing gets thrown at us. This bracelet is just the motivation we need to do that - guaranteed this will become part of your recipient's daily jewelry and they'll think of you every time they wear it.

This Faux Fur Stole Is Dreamy

Thought you couldn't give hugs as gifts? Now you can with this faux fur stole that wraps your giftee in pure cozy joy. It comes in a ton of colors so it's easy to find their fave - choose from jewel-tone brights or keep it classic with easy neutrals. They can wear it a few different ways and dress it up or down so it'll be a versatile accessory they'll reach for again and again.

This Velvet Pillow Cover Is Great For Napping

You know what 2020 needs more of? Naps. This velvet pillow cover is just the thing to cozy up a sofa and make it even more inviting for taking a cat nap or an afternoon-long snooze. It comes in tons of colors and fits with any type of decor. It's the perfect companion for all those holiday movies, too!

These Sheepskin Insoles Are Heavenly

If your gift recipient has worn out their UGGs or just needs to warm up a pair of shoes, these sheepskin insoles are a sure bet. I have these and love them - I just pop them into my slippers when the lining gets too flattened and they're like new instantly! I also have a pair in my winter boots to make them extra toasty. It's like walking on clouds.

This Zen AF Journal Chills You Out

Here's something everyone can use after living through the crap sandwich that was 2020 - a journal that helps them zen the F out! It has motivational passages on every page, plus activities like listing ways you can be a ray of sunshine to those around you. Definitely a useful tool for anyone that needs a reset to start 2021 off in a much better mindset!

This Humidifier Holds Succulents

Yes, we already know the hydrating benefits of running a desktop humidifier, but this one's special because it can hold succulents at the top. It comes with a little planter pot and a faux plant, but it's so easy to pop a succulent or something else low-maintenance in there for a great gift for plant mamas or anyone that needs a little greenery in their environment.

This Lavender Sleep Spray Really Works

So I got this lavender chamomile sleep spray for my kids since that's who it's marketed towards, but after smelling the heavenly scent, I quickly stole it for myself. It really does help me drift off faster when I smell the relaxing blend on my pillow. If they need to zen out during the day, they could also use this essential oil aromatherapy spray on their clothing to carry the soothing scent with them.

These Slippers Are So Fuzzy

If self-care was an object, it'd be these fuzzy slippers. Just imagine how cozy they're going to feel when they slip these on after a long day. And if they're the type that overheats easily, they'll love the open toe design on these babies. Don't just take my word for it - almost 15,000 happy reviewers are singing their praises!

This Cheeky Mug Is Perfect For Work

I'd say this "Probably Whiskey" coffee mug is the ideal present for your favorite coworker or friend with young kids. The cheeky sentiment might raise some eyebrows, but it's definitely the most fun and useful gift they'll get this year and apropos after the toll 2020 took on us all! It also comes in beer, tequila, vodka, and wine in case brown liquor isn't their bag.

These Fleece Lined Leggings Are So Toasty

If your giftee is the type that's always cold, these fleece-lined leggings will be their favorite present this year! These will keep them toasty warm until spring returns whether they're going for a brisk walk outside or staying in to binge-watch movies. Fun fact - I'm always freezing so I'm gifting these to myself this year! It's good to be an adult so you can buy yourself exactly what you want for the holidays.

This Neck Massager Is Also Heated

Most of us carry our tension in our shoulders and neck, and after making it through this year it's safe to say we could all use a relaxing massage. Sure, you could get them a massage gift certificate, but that's a one and done deal. With this heated neck massager, they can get the spa experience anytime they want in the comfort of their home. Just imagine how nice this would feel after a long day!

These Fish Oil Pills Boost Their Mood

My doctor recommended these fish oil pills to boost my mood during the dark winter months, and I have to say I think they're really working. They're the only ones I've ever taken that don't give me fishy burps after the fact! They also have heart health and joint benefits so they're worth taking in any case. After 2020, we could use all the help we can get to stay happy!

This Fleece Jacket Is So In Style

If they like fashion but also like to be cozy, this sporty fleece jacket is the on-trend outerwear they need to start 2021 on the right foot. The contrasting color zippers, trim and chest pocket add the perfect dose of style to a warm basic they'll wear over and over again. It comes in a few different colorways but this blue one's my favorite.

This Succulent Planter Is Minimalist Chic

Plants - they add a much-needed dose of green to our environment and can boost mood, creativity, and productivity so they're great for the work-from-home office. This succulent planter bowl is perfect for adding a low-maintenance dose of life to their home, and the minimalist design goes with everything. Throw in some succulents and you have a stellar gift for pretty much anyone on your list.

These Measuring Cups And Spoons Are So Chic

Maybe they became a stress baker in 2020 or jumped on the bread baking trend. Either way, upgrade their kitchen tools with this pretty gold measuring cup and spoon set. It's also very photogenic in case they love posting their latest creations on the 'gram.

This Chocolate Fondue Maker Is Deliciously Fun

Another way people have dealt with 2020 is by eating their feelings. This chocolate fondue maker is the perfect partner in crime if they're feeling snacky - just melt the chocolate and start dippin'! Think pretzels, fresh fruit, marshmallows, graham crackers, pretty much anything when you think about it. Maybe they'll even invite you over to try it out!

This Nut Spread Is Decadent

Speaking of chocolate, this chocolate maple pretzel peanut butter nut spread would go smashingly with the chocolate fondue maker above. It has a rabid following on Amazon, in fact, one superfan titled their review "If they ever stop making this, I will die". Whether they want to spice up their regular PB & J or just eat it straight out of the jar, they'll surely be singing your praises for this tasty snack.

This Foot Spa Is Heaven

I love getting pedicures, but that's not super safe during the pandemic. This foot spa is a fabulous alternative for those who love to pamper their piggies. It's easy to set up and use - it heats the water automatically and keeps it at the right temp so you don't have to keep refilling! Plus it has over 6,300 glowing reviews, so you know they'll get a lot of use out of it.

These Scalp Massagers Make A Great Stocking Stuffer

While these scalp massagers can be very polarizing - I loathe them but the rest of my family loves them - they can be a great way to relax that's so easy to use. My kids basically purr with delight when I use one on them, so they're great for calming down rowdy little ones as well!

This Weighted Blanket Is So Soothing

I sleep with a weighted blanket every night, and tbh I don't think I would have made it through 2020 without one. I call it my blanket of demotivation since once you're under it, all you want to do is zone out and snooze. If your giftee has been keyed up all year long, give them the gift of relaxation and great sleep.

These Shower Steamers Smell So Good

Sometimes they want the whole bath bomb experience but only have time for a shower - what to do? These shower steamers provide the same amazing aromatherapy benefits quickly and easily; just drop one on the shower floor then inhale as the steamy water dissolves it. These are great for colds too, since they can clear the sinuses and make breathing easier.

These Candles Smell Amazing

Lighting candles is such an important part of self-care - it's all about slowing down and finding your moment of zen. This candle set is an excellent gift for anyone that needs to take a load off and quiet their mind. The scents are fabulous - lavender, fig, lemon, and springtime - and will create a relaxing atmosphere immediately upon lighting. You can even split up the set into stocking stuffers and kill four birds with one stone!

This Adult Coloring Book Comes With Markers

Sometimes in 2020, we just have to let our real feelings show to get it out of our system. This "Maybe Swearing Will Help" adult coloring book comes with markers, so it's ready to go as a complete gift! If they're a little bit salty over everything that this year has wrought, they're going to be happy AF you got them this set.

This Robe Is So Swanky

Fleece robes are comfy, sure, but nothing feels quite like slipping into a silky bathrobe when they're getting ready in the morning or at the end of a long day. This one has over 3,500 stellar reviews for quality and cuteness! It comes in a bunch of pretty floral patterns they'll love. Throw in some face masks and you have a self-care set that's perfect for gifting.

This Heatable Neck Wrap Is So Relaxing

This neck wrap is an awesome way to relax. It's filled with natural herbs that emit the gentle scent of the lavender, lemongrass, chamomile, and peppermint blend when the wrap's heated. It wraps your recipient's shoulders in lovely warmth that helps them chill out and get pain relief. Just add this to a movie marathon and they'll be in heaven.

This Aromatherapy Bracelet Smells Amazing

If they're a big fan of essential oils, they're going to love this aromatherapy bracelet. They can use the four included oils or sub in their own blend - they just unscrew the lid, place a few drops on one of the eight cotton pads and pop it in for a delicious, calming scent all day long. The double-wrap watchband design is also super stylish and will look great with any outfit.

These Fuzzy Socks Pamper Their Toes

No one likes cold feet in the winter, so these fuzzy socks are an excellent gift for that friend who's always freezing. They'll get a two-pack of lavender and Vitamin E infused low cut socks with silicone treads so they don't slip around the house. These babies have nearly 4,000 glowing reviews for comfort, quality, and perfect fit.

These Bath Bombs Are Decadent

If your gift recipient is the type that loves long soaks in the tub, get them this set of twelve scented bath bombs to send them off to self-care bliss. The handmade, fizzy bath bombs are filled with shea and cocoa butter to moisturize dry winter skin and the colors won't stain their tub! These have almost 20,000 perfect reviews for the amazing smell, gorgeous packaging, and value.

This Roll-On Essential Oil Brings Calm

If they need relaxation in a hurry, gift them this Calm essential oil. It's a relaxing blend of peppermint, Spanish sage, cardamom, ginger, and sweet fennel essential oils. They simply apply behind their ears or on pulse points to get immediate stress relief. It gets glowing reviews for the long-lasting scent and people love it for calming anxiety, stress, and headaches.

This Melatonin Sends Them Off To Dreamland

The cure for 2020 might just be a long stretch of good nights' sleep. This melatonin blend also includes Valerian root for stress relief, so they'll wake up relaxed and refreshed. These will help them fall asleep and stay asleep so they can wake up and face whatever 2021's going to bring.

This Foot Massager Is A Reflexology Treat

Foot massages are incredibly relaxing but it can be hard to find someone that'll give them one on demand. Let them DIY when you give this reflexology foot roller to eliminate foot pain with ten individual rollers and acupressure nubs to bring relief. Add some nice foot cream and you've got a decadent gift they'll use every time 2020 stress creeps in.

These Silky Pajamas Are Dreamy

A nice set of silky pajamas is one of life's little luxuries. Give the gift of comfort and joy with this cute set - it comes in a bunch of sophisticated patterns (I'm partial to the baby blue leopard print) and is lightweight enough to wear year-round comfortably. Reviewers say they think these PJs actually help them sleep better, which we could all use!

These Face Masks For At-Home Spa Days

Leave it to K-beauty to come up with fantastic skincare masks they can use at home to pamper their skin on special occasions or for everyday use. With ingredients such as firming pomegranate, moisturizing avocado, refreshing green tea, and nourishing acai berry, these masks take care of a myriad of skin problems and add a relaxing note to spa time at home.