37 Random Products That We Love

We've written about hundreds of products over the years, and these are some of the best of the best.

This list contains the 37 random products from all areas and categories on Amazon. They are products we've featured in our articles before and trust me on this, they do not disappoint. From nifty gadgets that make your life easier to beauty product with over 10,000 positive reviews, these are the holy grail products that you need to know about.

Build a desktop tower with these balancing stones

via AmazonInstead of spending your Zoom meeting stacking together office supplies to create Fort Stapler, why not get yourself a set of these colorful wooden stones that are actually meant for stacking. See how high you can build your own desktop Stonehenge. It's a soothing activity that'll free your mind to focus on the content of the call.

This Down Alternative Comforter Is Like Sleeping In A Cloud

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Have you ever wanted to sleep in a cloud? Or how about a super squishy marshmallow? Try this down alternative comforter that'll wrap you in softness for the best night's sleep ever. It comes in multiple colors, so you don't even need to use a duvet cover if you choose; just throw it on the bed and snuggle down for an amazing snooze.

Every Book Lover Needs This Book Page Holder

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There's nothing better than curling up after a long day with a book and a hot cup of tea. If you're a book lover and want to make reading a little easier, this book page holder is a must-have. Read comfortably with just one hand, so you can use your other to pet your furry friend, cuddle your significant other, or hold onto your tea.

The squishy goodness of this golden putty will satisfy your tactile needs

via AmazonThis marvelous concoction is called Thinking Putty, which means it'll do wonders for your ability to participate meaningfully in that Zoom call. It's got extra-soft texture and is filled with gold glitter. That bling will surely impress your Zoom-mates. Stretch it, mold it, wear it as a hat: The glitter-putty possibilities are endless!

A Foam Roller That Comes In A Ton Of Colors

via AmazonI'm not gonna sit here and try to sell you an expensive massager — get this foam roller instead. When your back hurts as much as mine does after a long day of hunching over my desk, nothing feels better than letting all the little grooves dig into your back. And besides, it comes in a bunch of fun colors: pink, lime, orange, and more.

This Splatter Proof Plate Cover Keeps Your Microwave Clean

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I love using the microwave to quickly heat up leftovers, but I don't love the splattery mess it makes. Good thing I found this splatter-proof plate cover that keeps your microwave so much cleaner! I'd definitely use it on those pesky bowls of chili or spaghetti, too, since tomatoes love to stain. When you're done, simply throw it in the dishwasher to clean. Over 13,000 stellar reviews can't be wrong!

This Liquid Eyeshadow That Has A Cult Following

via AmazonStila's liquid eyeshadows have a cult following and it's easy to see why. These metallic shades are highly pigmented and have some real staying power on your lids (usually the oiliest part of your face). But other than that, these shadows are also just a fun way to amp up your makeup look for a date, a dinner, or a party. Unless you love to wear glittery makeup every day – which is cool, too.

Samsonite for 57%; $99 for Two Reliable Suitcases!

via AmazonI know it seems like a literal dream to try and buy stuff that's travel-related when we are all just mostly stuck where we are, but dream big and make it happen eventually! When it's safe! Plan for it by checking out a great deal on luggage. This 2-piece set has a carry-on and spinner with a 10-year warranty and an integrated TSA lock. It's got over two thousand great reviews so put it on your list knowing it'll stick around for when you can travel again!

This Cell Phone Stand Is Great For All Tech Gurus

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Made of durable aluminum alloy, this cell phone stand is a great gift option for all tech gurus. Especially if they also happen to work from home or spend their days sitting at a desk. It's great for viewing videos or looking at texts, plus you can keep your device charging while still using it.

This Pillow Is Like Sleeping On A Cloud

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Bedtime is my favorite time of day, and I pride myself on having only the highest quality bedding. This pillow has been in my life for about a year now, and I never want to use another pillow ever again. The memory foam conforms to your head beautifully, and the cooling gel disperses body heat, creating a cooler sleeping surface. As someone in the heart of the desert, this is a god-send.

This Game Is Warped and Hilarious

via AmazonMy friends and I brought this game along on a cruise and played it one afternoon at sea. Each player gets a set of cards that represents a family of misfits. Your goal is for the members of your own family to suffer the greatest misfortunes and die off faster and more tragically than anyone else’s. Let’s just say, the phrase “Aunt Mary has dysentery" has never been so funny.

You'll be mesmerized as this egg-shaped spinner flips itself upright

via AmazonWhile on your next Zoom call, try spinning this ellipsoid top and see if you can get it to stand up on its own. When spun at a high speed, the egg shape miraculously shifts upright, demonstrating laws of physics that I won't pretend to understand. It's a fun little gadget that'll scratch that itch to fidget while Zooming.

These $40 Earbuds Are Music To Our Ears

via AmazonLooking for the best budget Apple AirPod alternatives? These are them. They are sweat-proof and feature an ergonomic design so they won’t fall out in the middle of a run. They also look basically identical to AirPods, so no one will be able to tell the difference.

Mix It Up This Valentine's Day With This Personal Blender

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They won't see this one coming, but they'll wonder how they ever lived without it. This personal blender from Hamilton Beach is a lifesaver for quickly getting out the door with a favorite shake or smoothie. Before I started working from home full-time, I even kept one at the office for blending without taking up a ton of shared kitchen space. Red is seasonally appropriate, but you can also grab it in black, white, blue, or raspberry.

Turn The House Into A Brewery With This Craft Beer Kit

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There's pretty much a DIY kit for everything these days–including a craft beer kit! In less than 35 minutes, you can make your own lager and Irish stout. Using hopped malt extract, you'll get the perfect glass of beer every time. How many people can say they brew their own beer?

This Page Holder Is Sure To Solve Your Reading Woes

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This page holder is probably the coolest gadget that I've discovered during the pandemic. It may not seem like a lot but boy does it work wonders. One of the commitments I made to myself now that I'm spending so much time at home, is to read more (gasp). Having this little tool handy, has been reading that much more enjoyable.

These Cozy-Yet-Stylish Fleece House Slippers

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It is possible to find snuggly slippers that are also sophisticated, as these fleece slip-ons prove.

Not only do they keep your feet incredibly warm and feel beautifully soft, but they're also a glamorous slipper that comes in a range of different colors on Amazon. No wonder they're the number one bestseller for women's slippers.

Your Closet Could Use A Few Of These Cute Knit Tops


This knit top is one of those shirts you reach for when you can't figure out to wear. It's versatile so that you can wear it with pants, leggings, or even a skirt — and the V-neck collar is flattering without being too revealing. Pair it with a cardigan or even that puffer vest for a fun weekend with friends.

Let Alexa brighten your room with a colorful glow with this LED light strip

via AmazonThis is one smart light strip! Using Alexa, Google Assistant or the manufacturer's app, you can turn the lights on and off, change the colors and brightness, and set a timer so you're automatically bathed in a soothing glow whenever you want. Plus, there's a built-in microphone that syncs the lights to the beat of your music. Designed to be easy to install, the kit comes with an adapter, a WiFi controller, a 16.4-foot light strip, 3M adhesive and fixing clips.

Mold these magnetic balls into all kinds of shapes and structures

via AmazonTalk about tactile fun! This set of tiny magnetic balls is the perfect thing to fidget with while on a Zoom call. You can form them into shapes and mold them into sculptures. Then just smoosh them together and store them in their cute carrying case. They come in a bunch of different colors. (The purple set is my fave.)

Store Your Knives Neatly in the Drawer With This Bestselling Kitchen Organizer Tray

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Sure, displaying your knives in a knife block on the counter can be convenient and attractive. But sometimes you just want to clear off the counter and make space for meal prep. This in-drawer knife organizer lets you store each piece in its own protected slot neatly out of sight. More than 56,000 Amazon buyers rate this bestselling organizer 4.5 stars.

Save Your Hair With This Argan Oil Heat Protectant


I've been pretty lucky in terms of my hair. I've colored it every color under the sun and use heat on it every single day, and yet it's still pretty healthy. But in 2021, I decided I wanted to start being more mindful about the products I use and create a healthier skincare and hair routine. That's where this argan oil heat protectant comes in. It protects your hair in temps up to 450ºF, smells incredible, and leaves your hair super soft. Who wouldn't want to use it?

This Produce Keeper Works So Well

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I have and love this produce keeper for storing all kinds of fresh veg, but mostly we use it for chopped-up lettuce. I chop it at the beginning of the week, then store it in this container all week and it stays super fresh! It makes eating healthy so much easier when your produce actually lasts long enough for you to eat it!

These Shorts Are Some Serious Bang For Your Buck

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For just $40, you can get not one, not two, but five pairs of these cute athletic shorts. The zippered pockets ensure that your stuff doesn't go flying when you start to run, while the elastic waistband automatically adjusts to your hips. And since they're tagless, there's no need to worry about any itching in the back.

Kill 99.9% of Bacteria and Germs on Your Floors With This Powerful Steam Mop

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A steam mop can make such a difference in the cleanliness of your floors. Not only will they look cleaner than when you use a traditional mop, but the steam heat will kill bacteria and germs. This steam mop has three steam level settings, and a slot for inserting fragrance discs to leave your house smelling fresh and lovely. Buyers rate this steam mop 4.6 stars!

This Strappy Sports Bra For Cute Spring Looks


During lockdown I looked at the state of my sports bra's and decided they were better off being sent to be recycled. They were worn and tattered. I absolutely loved this lightweight sports bra with criss cross strap design as it layers perfectly underneath tank tops. Also, the muted tones for color options mean that it gives outfits a little hint of color without being too revealing. Plus, the strappy detailing at the back adds major intrigue. They also fit super well.

This Aztec Indian Healing Clay is the Go-to For DIY Face and Body Masks

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As an avid DIY masker, this Aztec Indian Healing Clay is an absolute must-have in my arsenal. It's 100% natural bentonite clay (the kind found in most commercial clay masks), and can be mixed with almost anything from the recommended apple cider vinegar to various oils. I've also used it in my hair, and discovered that it gave way to sleek, soft locks once washed out.

This Bum Bum Cream Is Confidence In A Container

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Let's face it, who doesn't want a firm booty?! I know I do. And while I know working out is the best way to achieve it, I'm all for shortcuts. The Bum Bum Cream has gained a loyal fanbase thanks to its tightening abilities and the glow it gives your skin. Not to mention one whiff of it, and you'll feel like you're on a tropical

These Sticky Note Divider Tabs are the Office Supply You Never Knew You Always Wanted

via AmazonPerfect for students, teachers, and just about anyone else, these Sticky Note Divider Tabs are an organizer's dream.

You’ll Mop And You Won’t Stop With This Mop And Bucket Set

via AmazonNobody likes mopping ... although I think I like mopping better than vacuuming. (I still have nightmares about my mom’s two-piece vacuum from when I was a child, but I digress.) This mop-and-bucket combo will at least simplify the task, with reusable microfiber pads and a built-in, self-wringing pad cleaner. Reviewers lauded this system for its easy pet hair removal.

This YouCopia Lid Organizer Brings Order to Food Container Chaos

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In my house, we call it the "Tupperware drawer." It's a nightmare of a drawer filled with a hodgepodge of food storage containers and lids that never seem tidy, no matter how often I sort and stack the containers. I'm hoping this YouCopia Lid Organizer will help! It's designed to sit inside a cabinet or drawer and hold lids upright, with five adjustable dividers so you can customize the spaces. It fits lids up to 9 inches wide.

These Wireless Earbuds Are Water-Resistant and Have a Long Playtime

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Get six hours of listening time with a single full charge of these Bluetooth earbuds. You can even get two hours of listening from just a 20-minute charge! These earbuds are ultra-light and water-resistant, making them perfect for use at the gym. They come with four sizes of flexible ear tips so you can get just the right fit. Choose from eight cute colors.

This Travelpro Carry-on

via AmazonI like to pack light when I travel too, especially on short trips. This Travelpro carry-on politely fits underneath the seat in front of you but has plenty of room to last you a few days of outfit changes. It also has a stain resistant and water repellant coating to keep it looking fresh even when you don't after a long flight!

Apply Your Makeup With Precision in This Beautiful Trifold Mirror With LED Lights and Magnification

via AmazonMore than 15,000 Amazon buyers rate this makeup mirror 4.5 stars! Choose from white, black, and metallic pink. It's adorable and has a handy tray in its base. When you unfold the mirror, there are 72 LED lights with three lighting modes and a dimmer. The mirror sections have three different magnification levels -- 1x, 2x, and 3x. And the mirror rotates 90 degrees.

Let A Mad Hippie Treat Your Face

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I've never met a mad hippie, have you? But, I have tried — and fallen in love with — the line of products from Mad Hippie, including this vitamin C serum. This all-natural, vegan serum is great for treating skin discoloration and blemishes, and evening skin tone. I apply it nightly, followed by a lightweight moisturizer, and I've seen big improvements in a few short weeks.

These Leggings Are A Must-Have


99% of the time I'm in leggings, but in winter they're just not up to the job of keeping me warm. I'm so glad I found these fleece-lined leggings to keep me toasty - they get amazing reviews for comfort, warmth and quality. Plus they have pockets and come seven colors! These would also be ideal under ski pants for extended sledding outings, skiing or snowboarding.

Stressed About Hair Loss? Then You Need This Biotin Hair Shampoo


Suffering from hair loss can be frustrating, to say the least. There are so many products on the market these days that claim they help with hair regrowth, but how are you ever supposed to choose one? While I may not be a hair regrowth expert, I'd say this biotin hair shampoo is a pretty good place to start. With biotin, pyrithione zinc, and vitamin B5, it effectively removes DHT build-up, promotes circulation, and stimulates hair follicles.