37 Quality Items From Small Brands on Amazon

One of the most important ways to help the world is by shopping small. Opting to put your money behind more little, family-owned brands can mean you can shop with less guilt and more peace of mind. The problem is, shopping small can often be trickier than opting for the bigger, more monolithic brands. For one thing, tracking down these independent brands can be a strain on your time, and for another, it can be difficult to assess the quality of products you buy in advance.

You don't want to miss out on quality just because you're being more conscientious with your money, after all! Luckily, Amazon is here to help. Their Support Small section is jam-packed with independent sellers, and the products are all bestowed with that ever-helpful Amazon customer rating, too. Here's our edit of thirty-seven of the very best of Amazon's small sellers, from home, to beauty, to clothing, all here for your consideration.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Mars Puzzle is Seriously Stunning


If you're looking for a challenging new hobby while also adding some striking new decor to your home, this mars jigsaw puzzle from Blue Kazoo is two amazing products in one. Simply frame it once it's complete! The round shape adds a unique spin.

'90s Notebooks for Super Cool Journalling


Note-taking has never been so cheery. This set of 6 means you'll have one for every occasion!

The reviews say: "These little notebooks are amazing for taking notes at work or for school. I love their compact size and the strap that goes around them to keep them closed! Highly recommend! I'm actually going to buy another pack of these because I go through them quickly at work."

A Mask That's Like a Facial in a Tub


Simply mix this powdered clay with water or apple cider vinegar and apply it to the skin. Within minutes, it'll have pulled all the gunk from your pores, leaving you with a glowing complexion.

The reviews say: "I purchased this product because of enlarged pores and the texture of my skin felt really rough. After using it three times this week there is a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin. It is very soft and smooth. I also had very tiny bumps on my forehead that have now disappeared. Also, my pores are no longer large and noticeable."

​Bamboo Towels That'll Save Your Skin and the Planet


Rather than using non-biodegradable face wipes that clog drains and pollute the earth, these bamboo face towels break down after use.

The reviews say: "I've been faithfully using Clean Skin Club Towels for over a month now and I'm never going back to a wash cloth! Softness is always my goal with skincare and this towel gives my skin that BY ITSELF. That says a lot considering I have reptilian dry skin."

The Instant Erase Will Remove Any Stain


These clever little sponges are infused with a cleaning product that will put any stain to shame. Simply rub on walls, floors, or fabrics and see marks disappear, as if by magic.

The reviews say: "Fantastic product! I couldn't live without them! Gentle enough for my quartz countertops...tough enough for grass stains on my sneakers!"

Embrace Your Inner Hippie with this Crystal Set


Whether you're a believer or not, this set of seventeen crystals makes for a beautiful gift - to a friend or to yourself!

The reviews say: "I love the amount and variety of crystals received. I was also pleased to have the selenite to cleanse other crystals of negative vibes. Highly recommend for someone starting out or interested in learning."

A Magnifying Compact Mirror Helps with Makeup on the Go


Not only does this magic compact have a magnifying side, but it also has an LED light so you can see in the minutest of detail.

The reviews say: "This compact mirror is much more beautiful than I expected. The outer design is cool and fashionable, I enjoy just carrying it around and looking at myself when I am outside. The light is also bright enough to see my eyebrows clearly and helps me to shave my eyebrows with better skills. The magnification effect is clearer than the one I bought before, and it is even clearer when I move the mirror closer to my face."

The World's Handiest Bags with Over 11,000 5-star Ratings


​These bags can be an eco-friendly alternative to moving boxes, plus make for perfect under-bed storage. You get 8 per set, too!

The reviews say: "These bags were perfect for moving our son out of a college apt.! During this pandemic, we had to make several trips in our masks, and being able to put the bags on our backs like backpacks helped double our ability to hand carry boxes, etc. I love these bags for my college boys and definitely recommend them as a must-have! Very sturdy and perfect room size for all types of packing needs."

Maps Make For Affordable Home Decor


Not only do these posters look stunning on your walls, but you can also use them to learn some geographical trivia to impress at dinner parties.

The reviews say: "I was afraid that the states would be hard to read as I can't really read the sample photo too well, but they are clear while still being detailed. I really like that although it has a classic look it is still very colorful. These things are big, too."

A Super Handy Toiletries Organizer


If you travel a lot, or just have limited bathroom storage, this bag which unfolds to hang on the back of a door is a fabulous option.

The reviews say: "I like this toiletry bag a lot. It's convenient to hang it up in bathrooms that can be pretty short on counter space sometimes, plus I just don't like it touching the counter that much. It's also very compact and relatively flat which saves LOTS of packing space. I also like its bright color so it's easy to find in my suitcase and easy to not forget in a hotel room."

These Cute Stickers Can Help Customize Anything


This set of 310 stickers is a total bargain, and will help you personalize basically any of your belongings!

The reviews say: "These decals are fun and cover a wide range of interests. I have pen pals and love to send them little tokens. I am sure that they will love them too. I also wanted to put them on my bike. I just got them and don't know how they will hold up to the weather outside but I am very happy with them. They feel to be good quality and the printing is clear. I will be ordering ones in other colors, this time I bought the blue and they are very pretty."

This Planner Will Get You Organized in Style


This cute diary will take you through 2022 without ever missing an engagement or double booking an event.​

The reviews say: "Wow! I've been using a digital planning program for the past nine years. I decided to switch to a paper planner because EVERYTHING is on the computer and I could use as much time away from the screen as possible. I love the weekly/daily pages, and I think that's what I'll use the most in this planner. I love how this planner is large. There's space for everything. Also, the quality is top-notch and there's great attention to detail. For instance, the rings that bind the pages have a heart shape in the center. Overall, this is a quality planner and I think it'll help me keep everything in one place and keep me motivated with its cuteness."

This Turban Will Dry Your Hair in Half the Time


Not only will this smartly shaped towel fasten tightly around your head, but the microfiber material pulls moisture from your hair, allowing it to air dry with speed.

​The reviews say: "I like the Turbie Twist as it is easy to use and absorbs more water than a regular bath towel. There is an elastic in the back which the end fits into and holds it in place while I do other things. The multi-pack allows me to keep one in each bathroom, one for travel and an extra if needed It is very convenient and I would recommend this product."

This Cat Water Fountain Will Encourage Your Feline to Stay Hydrated


​If you have a fussy kitten who prefers to drink running water, this adorable fountain will be perfect for you. The cute flower is just an added bonus.

The reviews say: "I ordered this water fountain for my grand kitty to use when she visits. It was easy to assemble, and the kitty went right to it as soon as I plugged it in! It's very quiet and the perfect size! Thanks!"

A Gumball Machine Adds an Element of Fun to Your Home


Who doesn't love a hint of nostalgia? This gumball machine will be a fun talking point and treat for guests - and yourself!

The reviews say: "I ordered this to go with a birthday card to give to a friend and she loved it! This is darling! Don't hesitate to order! I'm going to order more of these! You can't beat the price! Everyone loves getting a gumball machine! Five stars!"

Traditional Incense Makes Any Home Inviting


Lighting a stick or cone of Nag Champa is an instantaneous way to make your home feel cozy. This set is a total bargain, too.

​The reviews say: "Nag Champa is my all-time favorite incense. This product is the real deal. The packaging is excellent because the bag inside keeps the product safe. I also appreciate the incense burner that came with it. Will definitely purchase again! Definitely recommend!"

An Insulated Water Bottle Can Keep You Hydrated On The Go

Stop buying wasteful single-use water bottles, and save money and the planet with this 20 oz bottle that'll always keep you drink cold.

The reviews say: "I needed something to keep my water cool all day while at work. It works great I love the spout it makes it so easy to drink from. Great buy!"

Handy Suction Hooks Can Maximize Bathroom Storage


These hooks are easy to attach and can give you somewhere to hang your towel that isn't in a pile on the floor.

The reviews say: "After a bathroom remodel, I had nowhere to hang towels, and didn't want to put holes in my freshly textured and painted walls if I didn't have to. Thought I'd try these and hang my towels IN the shower. I fully expected them to fall off the tile walls, but about a month later and they're still hanging on. I bought another set to hang scrubbies at the other end of the shower. Extra bonus that they look really nice."

Vintage Postcards are a Unique Way to Stay in Touch


Never underestimate the power of a postcard to make your nearest and dearest feel warm and fuzzy inside. The vintage-inspired prints on these add an extra dose of cuteness.

The reviews say: "Wow. Every once in a while you hit a product that exceeds expectations by a walloping factor. These are gorgeous!! Super high-quality paper (thicker than cardstock) and fantastic quality of color and print. the images are perfect for nature lovers of all stripes. I'd planned to use them as journal cards, but they are so thick and polished that I'm going to try turning them into mini-journals in and of themselves. I'm already back for more! LOVE them."

A Bird Feeder can Turn Your Garden Into a Paradise


Simply fill this cute hexagonal "house" with seeds and watch the birds flock to your garden!

The reviews say: "We're quickly running out of things to do during the quarantine. It seemed like a fun idea to get a bird feeder and watch the birds eat. So far it's holding up well and appears to be sturdily built yet lightweight."

An Over-Sink Dish Rack Is Perfect For the Smallest of Kitchens


Get your dishes dried without having to sacrifice on counter space. It's cleverly designed to fit every type of dish perfectly, too.

The reviews say: "I got my rack today and I really like it. It is super easy to install, only took me 15' to set up the rack. The material is nice as the image on the site. I tried to hang my pots and pans and hope this rack can hold those good. Surprisingly, this rack is very strong and it can hold more stuff than I was expected. Great product."

A Necklace Rack Will Beautifully Display Your Jewelry


Show off your favorite necklaces (and stop them from becoming a huge tangled mess) with this handy rack. You can use it for bracelets and rings, too.​

The reviews say: "These necklace holders work really well. There are good notches in the little hooks so necklaces don't slide off, and there are plenty of hooks on each plate. I also really appreciate that they have little pinholes to use to nail/tack them to the wall instead of having to use the adhesive strip, which tend to not work on my textured walls."

This Stunning Geode is a Real Showstopper


This gorgeous ornament is surprisingly affordable, and will certainly make a talking point for any guests you have.

The reviews say: "This geode is absolutely stunning!!!!! So worth the money. A great size and looks amazing next to my other crystals. BUY IT!!!"

These Spice Labels Will Get Your Kitchen Organized


If you find it hard to know exactly which spice you're reaching for, look no further than these large, capitalized labels. Your food will thank you!

The reviews say: "Nice large fonts, stick well and look great."

These Storage Boxes Come in a Range of Fun Colors


​Say goodbye to ugly storage solutions with this fabulous set of 6 bright boxes. They fold down when not in use for ultimate space-saving.

The reviews say: "Absolutely awesome. I have ordered so many of these and the colors were blah and I could see the color of the cardboard behind 'em. With these, the colors actually stand out and for a 14x14 panel guinea pig cage they fit like a glove!"

This Fun Game is a Huge Hit with Parents


Any parent knows that making learning fun is the ultimate aim - and this swatting game does just that.

The reviews say: "I purchased this for my 6-year-old who is learning to read. He really enjoyed playing it and I thought it was a great fun way to help him. My 11-year-old actually enjoyed it also. I really liked that it had simple a,b,c's up to harder level words. We've played it together and the competition can get comical."

An Initial Necklace is a Perfect Gift


Not only are these necklaces beautiful, but many reviewers are surprised by the high quality of the lower price point.

The reviews say: "Very nice necklace. The initial is big, the offset is eye-catching and the personalization is fabulous!!"

Add a Cute Sign to Your Bathroom


Bathrooms often get overlooked in terms of home decor, and that's a real shame. But these cute signs could be the push you need.

The reviews say: "This looks so cute hanging in our bathroom! Well built and very light for hanging."

A Scented Candle Makes a House a Home


​These independently made candles are super cute with jar packaging, and the range of scents means there's one to suit every home.

The reviews say: "This arrived in perfect condition and I love the smell! I love "typical" fall smells, but this is refreshingly different! Instead of a deep pumpkin spice-type smell like a lot of fall stuff, it's more like crisp apple cider! I bought this on a whim not having a scent description, but I'm so pleased!"

This Ghost Decoration Will Get Your Lawn Halloween Ready


If you're always a little bit extra at this time of year, get prepared with this highly-rated inflatable LED ghost.​

The reviews say: "I was looking for an easy to store, Halloween blow-up that didn't cost a fortune. This one is awesome! Affordable price and convenient to use and put away! All I did was take it out of the box, pull it out of the convenient storage bag & plug it in. Wham!! Instant ghost! Love that it's plug-in inflatable and that it lights up automatically! Material is more fabric-like, less beach ball plastic, so I think it's gonna hold up for a long time. However if it does end up with a puncture or small hole, I think it would patch easily with white electric tape or Duct tape. Overall a great buy!!"

The Most Adorable Nightlight We've Seen


A nightlight can make all the difference in your child's sleep routine - and to make it even better, this one is shaped like a cute pet.

​The reviews say: "Love it!!! Super cute and soft!!! Would definitely recommend this to anyone. Comes with a remote that has different colors, timer, dimmer, and brightness level. So soft! You can tap his head to turn it on. Comes with a USB cord to charge. Will be buying another one as well!"

Daschund Earrings for the Dog Lover in Your Life

They're sterling silver so they shouldn't discolor with wear - and need we point out, they're absolutely adorable?

​The reviews say: "Very cute, well-made and received on time. It was hard to tell from the photo and description, but they are not hollowed out/stamped, but fully solid, modeled all the way around. They made the recipient very happy!"

These Handmade Mugs are Works of Art for your Kitchen


Not only are these absolutely gorgeous, but the little thumb rest on the top of the handle makes them perfectly ergonomically designed for lifting and drinking from.​

The reviews say: "Very happy with this mug! Bought it for my husband to replace his favorite coffee mug he has had for more than 30 years and uses almost every day. The old one was the same shape which holds coffee hot longer. However, it only held 8 oz. and this one holds 16 oz. The workmanship on this mug is quality and great care was taken in the packaging. Very Happy!"

This Fabric Basket is as Beautiful as it is Handy


You can even ask the seller to customize the size and color scheme of your basket to ensure you get one that's perfect for you!

The reviews say: "This turned out even better than expected! I love the variety of fabric patterns used, to create something both unique and natural looking without being at all appropriative or only matching a certain style. The colors were perfect for what I was looking for!"

This Rolling Pin Will Turn Your Cookies into Art


The rolling pin is engraved with a floral pattern so when you use it on your malleable cookie dough, they become embossed. So cool!

The reviews say: "This was a gift for my daughter and she enjoys baking cookies and has used this rolling pin and said it works great!"

This Handmade Portfolio Will Keep You Organized


​You can ask the seller to customize this portfolio so it'll hold your exact possessions perfectly. The vintage-look leather is a real stunner, too.

The reviews say: "I purchased this notebook in December of 2016 and I have used it every single day since. It has taken all sorts of abuse. I am very hard on wallets, cases, etc. I can tell you with 100% confidence, this thing will hold up and it will continue to last for many more years to come. If, for any reason, something should happen to this notebook I would not hesitate for a second to purchase another from this guy! Very good quality & excellent craftsmanship!"

This Periodic Table Cutting Board is Perfectly Nerdy


Not only will this board protect your worktops, but you can learn a little something each time you chop!

The reviews say: "So adorable for my science nerd as a gift. She loved it."