37 Products That You Won't Be Able To Stop Talking About

Do you ever find yourself regaling loved ones and strangers alike with tales about your latest and greatest find on Amazon? No? Just me? O.K., fine, you don't have to admit it, but I'm more than a little confident that you've found at least one thing you think is so great, that you couldn't help but tell someone about it. (Remember those leggings you found that you lived in all of last year? Yeah, see, I knew I was right.)

I found 37 Amazon items just like that, that are — conveniently — in one list here for you. (Heck, you may not be able to stop talking about that either ... and that's just fine with me!) Whether it's a wireless charging station with a minuscule footprint, a cult-favorite hair diffuser, or a cup that lets you transport your milk and cereal wherever you go (Hello, magic? Sorcery?), these 37 finds will keep you talking, from the grocery store lines to your favorite Facebook groups. Go on and be a chatty Cathy; these Amazon items are five-star.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Mars Puzzle is Seriously Stunning


If you're looking for a challenging new hobby while also adding some striking new decor to your home, this mars jigsaw puzzle from Blue Kazoo is two amazing products in one. Simply frame it once it's complete! The round shape adds a unique spin.

Can't Finish A Soda? Don't Sweat With This Can Lid Cover


If you or your kiddos can't finish your sodas, you need these can covers. They keep carbonated beverages fresh for 58% longer than if you were to put an opened can in the fridge. They also prevent drinks from spilling should they get knocked over. Genius!

This Longboard Has a Huge Fan Base


Customers can't stop raving about this longboard from Magneto, and it's not hard to see why. Magneto boards are made by skaters for skaters and use only the best materials (like maple and durable aluminum) in their designs.

This Vintage Train Puzzle is Seriously Stunning


People cannot stop raving about this vintage train puzzle from Blue Kazoo, and it's not hard to see why. This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle is made on premium board with pieces that snap together snugly for a secure fit. The retro train design and rich, vibrant colors make the finished puzzle perfect for framing. Hello, unique wall art!

This Air Mattress Makes Sleeping Outdoors 100X More Comfortable


With a special hexagon design that evenly distributes support where you need it most, this air mattress from POWERLIX will change the way you camp forever. It's also extremely lightweight and easily portable; just clip it onto your pack and hit the trails.

Meet Your Very Own Bug Zapper


"Turn it on ... mosquitoes gone," that's what the description for this electric mosquito repeller claims, and, boy if it delivers, let me go ahead and grab two. This unit is powered by a 12-hour fuel cartridge, which is included, creating a 15-foot zone of coverage. You won't have to worry about smoke, flames, or the smell of citronella. The metal casing with brushed finish will blend in well with your existing decor.

Put It On My Charge-r


So many gadgets these days require their own chargers, cables, and plugs that you can easily find yourself with electronics plugged into every power outlet. This wireless charging station streamlines charging for at least a few of those devices, namely your phone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. I love how small of a footprint it has, leaving plenty of room on my bedside table for other things.

Diffuse The Situation


I switched over to a Dyson Airwrap about a year ago and I absolutely love every feature (even a hairdryer!) except for one: There's no diffuser. With the help of the SnozzlePro, I was able to finally get my hands on this Black Orchid hair diffuser and I finally see what all the fuss is about. It helps my hair dry quickly without damage and wouldn't know the word "frizz" if you spelled it out.

Wake Up With The Sun


Do you wake up with the sun? Lord knows I try, but some days it's a struggle. This sunrise alarm clock is just what the doctor ordered for heavy sleepers and kids you're trying to get on a schedule. The light gradually increases in brightness a small percentage at a time prior to your alarm for a more natural waking experience. This clock can be configured for two alarms and also has a nine-minute snooze because, well, you know.

The Cereal Killer


I called it a cereal killer in the headline, but there are literally so many uses for these to-go containers that I can't fit them all into this description. (O.K., maybe I could, but do you want to just read about all its uses? I didn't think so.) This 20-ounce container has a lid and attached spoon as well as separate compartments to keep your cereal, granola, or fruit fresh until you're ready to dive in.

Give Your Pooch A Spa Day

Amazon / Amazon Customer

My pup doesn't struggle with mats and tangles, but I know plenty of pooches who do. If you have one of those in your home, you need one of these self-cleaning slicker brushes. This brush works on dogs and cats of all sizes, penetrating deep into the undercoat for a luxurious pet spa day. When you're finished, a click of a button will loosen all the hair accumulated for removal.

Filter Your Faucet


You don't have to do a major overhaul of your kitchen to get cleaner, better-tasting water. This faucet water filter system from Brita snaps onto your existing faucet — in a space-saving design — with no tools required. Once you have it, all you have to do is swap out the water filter every four months or so for a continuous freshwater supply. Hey, and you'll be replacing 1,800 single-use bottles every single year. Win-win.

A Most Convenient Colander


I struggle with strainers. Most are either too big, too small, too cumbersome or too flimsy to be the right tool for the job. This over-the-sink strainer is designed to stretch across your sink to allow you to rinse fruits and vegetables with ease or to strain pasta with no worries about pasta water backing up into your food. Now you can do it all without attempting to balance everything with just your two hands.

Beauty Vitamins For Hair, Skin And Nails


I searched and searched and searched some more to find just the right supplement that contained biotin, collagen, and keratin in one formulation. Who wants to have to take multiple pills? I know I don't. This 60- or 150-count option has your beauty — from head to toe — in mind with its vitamins and minerals. Do something good for your body with just two capsules a day.

A Bedside Buddy


Before I purchased one of these bedside storage organizers, I had way too much stuff on my nightstand including, but not limited to, water bottles, remotes, books, lotions, and more. This thin organizer freed up a lot of bedside table space and literally required me to only slip the flat flap between the mattress and boxspring. It's a perfect addition to a bunk bed or sofa as well.

Eight Seconds To Hair Transformation


​This may be my secret most beloved product on this list, which is pretty impressive because I like many of these things a lot. I just discovered this hair-transforming lamellar rinse-out a few months ago and it has already done wonders for my hair, making it silkier and shinier with no additional weight. The best part is that it costs less than $9 and one bottle lasts through multiple washes.

You Know The Drill


Lest you think I'm a hardcore crafter, let me assure you I absolutely am not. But, I did buy this cordless rotary tool and let me tell you why: Manis. When my last nail drill gave up the ghost after more than two years of use, I opted to try out one with a bit less "pink tax," a bit more features, and a lower price tag. At less than $20 for a cordless option, this one does not disappoint.

A Surge Of Power


It's a tricky dance, that "how can I make everything fit into this surge protector" dance. Do you know it? This outlet power strip completely solved that problem for me by giving me nine AC outlets on three sides as well as three USB ports on the top where they're well out of the way. You also have power surge protection with this device, which will protect whatever you have plugged into it.

A Different Kind Of Hot Pocket


Before I bought this $5 find, I had a heat-resistant mat and a travel pouch for hot hair devices. Now I have one product that does both in this iron mat and pouch combo. Protect your bathroom counters from damage from heat tools and then throw your straightener in your bag (stashed inside this pouch) so you can "have hot hair tools, will travel." It's available in gray or mint green.

This Spoon Rest Is A Witch


O.K., first of all, how adorable is this little witch? Named Agatha, this little contraption is a spoon holder and steam releaser that will perch right on your hot pot. It is made of 100 percent food-safe silicone, too. You don't have to wait for Halloween to use this gal, though. She is the perfect kitchen companion for year-round "oohs" and "awws." One reviewer said Agatha fit perfectly on her cauldron, er, pot.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


Curly hair, straight hair, short hair, long hair — there's no better solution for sopping up wetness than these microfiber hair turbans. I've been using them for years before I even realized I have a lot of natural curl in my hair and started loosely following the Wavy Girl Method. (Go ahead, look that up.) This purchase nets you three hair towels, which you can't beat for less than 10 bucks.

Sonic Makeup Application


I've never been one of those girly girls who excel at seamless makeup application, but this sonic makeup brush from Spa Sciences sure got me a lot closer. Using MicroDust technology, it fills in fine lines and wrinkles while giving you an airbrushed appearance. Featuring three speeds and a fully rechargeable design, this brush blends your foundation for a flawless finish.

Take A Towel In The Shower


​I know, a towel in the shower seems counterintuitive. What will you use to dry off if your towel is wet? Hey, it's not that kind of towel, alright? This is an exfoliating shower towel, a concept conceived in Japan, that lathers nicely to help your skin feel soft and squeaky clean. One reviewer has turned their back on traditional loofahs: "I honestly don't think I'm going back to them loofah shower poof thingys. The day it does wear down on me, I will most certainly be buying another one."

Go Green


If you're into no-frills skincare that just works, boy do I have a product for you. This Centella green level buffet serum won't win any awards for fancy packaging or clever marketing, but this serum is great for people with sensitive skin thanks to its mild, clean ingredients and day/night usage. For me, it has worked wonders for my facial redness when literally no other product out there helped.

Better Than 24K Magic


If you're going to put the word "magic" in your product, you darn well better be able to back it up with action. This all-purpose skin cream, dubbed Egyptian Magic, lives up to the hype for everything from dry hands to acne to stretch marks. (Seriously, check out those reviews.) A 1-oz. jar will last you a good while and, well, a 4-oz. jar might just outlive you.

Cut Up


There are some things that are just tricky to cut up — herbs being at the head of that class. These gourmet herb scissors make that task simpler, thanks to its five-blade design. Just two snips with these scissors equal 10 knife chops, saving you time and effort in the kitchen. Seriously, you'll want to cut everything with these bad boys. This set also includes a safety cover and herb stripper.

A New Meaning To Coffee On The Go

When I say "grab-and-go coffee," I really mean grab-and-go. This portable travel coffee press can make one to three cups of coffee, espresso, or cold brew in right around one minute, which is way less time than you'll spend hanging out in the drive-thru at your local coffee spot. It even includes a mug and lid that double as a travel case. The AeroPress Go includes 350 micro-filters for smooth, flavorful brews.

Oil Begone


When I first saw this oil-absorbing face roller, I was like "What the what?" Why would I want to rub volcanic stone on my face? Here's the reason: Because it works. It sucks up the shine and oil on your face like those blotting papers you've probably seen but in a mattifying rollerball format. Reviewers rave about how well this tool works and how much less waste they're generating by not buying blotting papers.

Your Macaron Mate


If you've been looking to up your macaron game, these non-stick, silicone baking mats are a must. These mats eliminate the need for oils, cooking sprays, or parchment paper, and the guidelines printed on the sheets help ensure that you get the same size macarons every time. Each sheet will accommodate up to 30 macaron halves for 15 cookies total ... if you don't eat the halves by themselves first.

A Meat Mash


I can't see this meat mash tool without hearing that old "Monster Mash" song that pops back up around Halloween every year. I'm weird, alright? This tool has five beveled pinwheel blades that really do make it simpler to brown meat, stir batter, mash potatoes, and more. I paid a lot more for mine from a direct sales company, but you can grab this one for less than $10.

You Need These Double-Buckle Sandals ASAP

Amazon / Nicole M

The obsession with Birks is real, isn't it? But, that price tag — phew, boy. These double-buckle slides have all the look of Birkenstocks without the outlandish price tag. I purchased these in black a couple of summers ago and they still look as good as the day I unboxed them. They come in a variety of solid colors and fun patterns including blue floral, snake print, and even fun flamingos.

Make Room For Shroom


Instead of waiting until you have clogged drains to dump a drain cleaner down them, why not grab one of these Tub Shrooms, which strains and catches hair before it has a chance to get into your plumbing? This guy fits into your existing tub drain, collecting hair from both humans and pets, which you can then easily remove and dispose of. It's true peace of mind in a $12 package.

A Bidet Upgrade


You don't have to be a fancy European to live like one, whether you're in Ohio or Florida or anywhere else in the U.S. Europeans figured out the necessity of a bidet long ago. We're just discovering that you can install a non-electrical bidet on your existing toilet for less than $35. One reviewer said it's the best thing he's bought in a long time; another called using it a "bit startling at first," but heavenly.

You Need To Vent


I'll admit it, cleaning my dryer vent is one of those things I frequently forget about. (Yes, I know how important it is, but there are lots of adulting things to remember, aren't there?) This dryer vent cleaner kit removes years of built-up lint, using the power of your existing vacuum cleaner. What you get in return is a more efficient and safe running of one of your home's most important appliances.

Organize The Junk In Your Trunk


Too much junk in your trunk? (Not that trunk ... your actual trunk.) I needed a way to better organize those things that you just have to keep in your car, but don't want flying all over the place while you're driving. This car trunk organizer attaches to the back of your last row with pockets and mesh compartments for everything from your first aid kit to jumper cables and more.

AirPod Protection


I've tried a number of AirPods cases, from cheap and flimsy to more expensive with added features. This $8 silicone sleeve AirPods Pro case stacks up well against the best of the best. It comes in a ton of colors, is soft and lightweight, and, exactly as it should, protects your AirPods from dings and scratches. The included keychain means you can easily slip it onto your existing keyring.

A Universal Uni-Tool


What do you think of when you hear the word "uni-tool?" Something that does one thing well, perhaps, while completing other tasks in a subpar manner? No such worries here, with the Joseph Joseph uni-tool that replaces up to five of your existing kitchen utensils. It can be used as a slotted spoon, solid spoon, spatula, turner, and cutting tool, all while freeing up valuable drawer space.