37 Products that Seem Like They Shouldn't Work (But Do)

Have you ever come across a product that looks so deceivingly simple that it seems like it shouldn't work as well as it does? If not, you're in luck since I rounded up 37 unassuming products that deliver above and beyond their promises for amazing results, every time. These products will wow you with what they can do, whether you need sheets that'll stop your night sweats or a cleaning brush set that'll take care of basically any messes around the house?

From can coolers that fit your slim seltzer can perfectly and keep it icy cold for 12 hours to life-changing drawer organizers to keep all your socks and undies in place, I've tracked down products with such a simple concept but such unbelievable results you'll wonder how you ever lived without them. Want to instantly create more counter space in the bathroom, or create a ton of storage space where before there was none? I can help you do that, too with these beyond-clever gadgets. These products are ready to knock your socks off, so read on for the handiest, cleverest things you can buy right now!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Make Detangling Your Hair Easy With This Electric Detangling Brush

So I may sound like a child, but I don't care. I have an extremely sensitive scalp. When my mom would do my hair when I was younger, I would be in tears because of the knots. As an adult, my hair still gets knotty, especially after a sweaty workout. This electric detangling brush loosens even the most tangled hair gently, so you won't have to dread brushing your hair anymore.

This Sink Topper Creates Instant Counter Space


When I'm trying to get ready in our small bathroom, I always run out of counter space quickly. That's why I love this sink topper that instantly creates more surface area to work with! Simply unfold it over your sink bowl and you're good to go.

This Nail Holder Prevents Smashed Fingers


Whenever I go to hammer in a nail to hang pictures, I always smash my fingers in the process. Those days are gone thanks to this magnetic nail holder that keeps it in exactly the right place and your digits safe from harm. I'm totally getting one of these for my dad, who does handyman jobs around my house all the time since he suffers from the same bad aim as I do!

This Bagel Slicer Works Like Magic


Slicing bagels couldn't be easier with this purpose-made bagel slicer that gives you an even cut, every time. I always squish my bagel when I'm trying to cut through it, but this knife lets you keep your bagel, bun, croissant, or English muffin perfectly plump. It also keeps your hands safer too, since cutting through a bagel isn't the most ergonomically friendly thing!

These Fridge Liners Extend Your Produce's Life


Somehow, these fridge liners magically keep your fruit and veg fresher longer. I don't know how it works, but I do own these and they actually do what they say so they're a total must-have for me who forgets what I've got in stock until it's too late to consume. Just pop one in your produce drawer and experience the joy of actually getting to eat the fresh produce you bought!

This Toilet Brush is Genius


I use a regular toilet brush currently, and I have to say it's pretty gross. The bristles don't quite dry as it sits in a puddle of toilet water in its holder, and who knows what bacteria is lurking in there? This flexible silicone toilet brush is a much better option - it flexes to fit in tight spaces and the silicone bristles dry so much quicker and don't have lots of places for bacteria to hide.

This Stovetop Gap Filler is Amazingly Useful


Whoever invented this stovetop gap filler gadget deserves a medal! It's come in so handy to prevent me from dropping food or spilling something in the gap while I'm cooking, which would be a nightmare to clean up. It's heat resistant and so easy to clean, it's become one of my favorite kitchen gadgets ever.

This Bike Dog Leash Gives You Freedom


I like riding my bike, but I only have so much time to exercise, and my rambunctious puppy also needs walking. Now I can do both at the same time with this bike dog leash! It comes with all the hardware you need to do the simple install, so you and your pup can hit the road in no time.

This Spiralizer is So Easy to Use


I've bought the pre-spiralized veggies at the grocery store, but they go bad extremely quickly. Now I can make my own easily with this handheld veggie spiralizer that takes up virtually no room! It has different blades for the width of the strips you want, so it can make a plethora of dishes.

This Soap Saver Bag Also Exfoliates


I like using bar soaps in the shower, but I don't love the goopy mess they make as they "melt" all over the shower shelf. These soap saver bags are such a good idea since you can use every bit of your soap, even when it gets teeny. An added bonus? They're exfoliating, too, so you get baby soft skin out of the deal too!

This Coffee Pod Scoop Works Incredibly Well


Reusable coffee pods are the way to go to eliminate tons of waste that's not eco-friendly. The problem is how to fill them without making a total mess? Don't worry, I got you - use this coffee pod scoop that fills the exact amount so you don't end up spilling or wasting coffee!

This TubShroom is a Plumbing Lifesaver


As we found out the hard way, plumbers are very, very expensive. Save yourself the headache and expense and get one of these TubShrooms to catch loose hair that will otherwise clog the drain. When I clean ours weekly, the amount of hair it traps is definitely gag-worthy, but so satisfying to remove.

These Dog Bowls Prevent Spills


When we got our puppy, one of the first of many purchases was this dog bowl with included mat. It prevents her from spilling food and water all over the floor as she'd like to do and contains any messes she does manage to make. The best part is she can't tip the bowls over so it's much less clean-up for me!

These Car Coasters Keep Things Cleaner


One of my biggest pet peeves is the amount of dirt and debris that gets stuck in my car's cupholders. Since I found these car coasters, I haven't looked back! They'll absorb excess moisture from your iced coffee and just pop out when you need to wipe them down.

These Deodorant Wipes Work So Well


Sometimes I forget to put on deodorant or just have a super sweaty day and need a refresh. These coconut milk deodorant wipes are my go-to for those days and they work incredibly well. They're so gentle, too, they don't irritate my sensitive skin.

These Rubbermaid Food Containers are the Best


I bought my husband one of these Rubbermaid food containers to bring his daily salad to work, and I love it so much that now I'm investing in the whole set! They truly have a leakproof seal, are so easy to wash, and are so high quality that I'm recommending them to everyone I know. This set of five is so handy since it contains sizes for leftover entrees to salad to snacks.

Deep Clean Your Skin Without The Heavy Price Tag With This Skin Scrubber


I recently became somewhat of a skincare addict. The older I get, the less I want to look like I'm getting older. And that all starts with a good skincare routine. So, I am a bit of a sucker for new products that deliver crazy results–like this skin scrubber. It deeply cleans the skin through high-frequency vibration, stimulates collagen regeneration, and eliminates whiteheads and blackheads.

These Fabric Workout Bands are So Durable


Once a few years ago, I was feeling extra motivated so I got a set of the rubber workout bands and then promptly stored them in the attic and forgot to use them. By the time I rediscovered them, they were dried out and melted, which was a total mess. That's why now I use these super-tough fabric workout bands that won't disintegrate and keep their tension workout after workout.

This Calf Stretcher is So Good


This calf stretcher is a favorite among Amazon reviewers (over 7,000 of them and counting) for good reason. It'll give you an incredible calf stretch whether you're a runner or have plantar fasciitis or any other injury that could benefit from stretching. It couldn't be easier to use and delivers such a deep stretch people immediately feel better upon using it.

This Pie Shield Prevents Burnt Crust


My husband recently got into pie baking, and he received this pie shield as a gift. Before, he was having trouble with the edges of the crust burning before the pie was cooked but now? Now he gets perfect results every time - this is a must-have for any baker in your life!

This Squatty Potty Really Helps You Go


If you've got problems in the #2 department, help is on the way. This Squatty Potty changes your posture so that it's easier to go, and boy does it make a difference. It's got nearly 20,000 rave reviews on Amazon right now for doing exactly what it claims!

This Over The Door Organizer is Super Useful


Cutting boards are, like, the hardest thing to store efficiently. This is why I was so excited to find this over the cabinet door organizer that's big enough to hold cutting boards, muffin tins, whatever you want out of the way and in perfect order. You can also use it in your bathroom to store hairdryers, straightening irons, curling irons, and more.

This Self-Cleaning Pet Brush is Magic

Amazon / Amazon Customer

If any of you have brushed your cat or dog with a regular grooming brush, you know how hard it is to remove all the fur from the teeth. I'm having this exact problem right now when I brush our puppy, so I researched to find if there's such a thing as a self-cleaning brush - whaddaya know, there is! All you have to do is push a button and the matted hair ejects. Now for the self-cleaning house...

This Makeup Organizer is Insanely Popular


I have a carrying case I use for all my cosmetics which is great for storage, but the stuff I use every day I want front and center for easy access. This makeup organizer makes it easy to see exactly what I'm working with, and it's small enough to leave displayed on the counter daily. It's also got over 25,000 fans on Amazon because it works so well and looks so good!

These Sheets Keep You Cool


If you're a hot, sweaty sleeper like me, you're gonna want to pay attention to this part. These 100% bamboo sheets work to keep your body temp cooler, so you won't wake up in a puddle anymore when you're just trying to get a good night's sleep! The silky smooth set feels like butter, too, according to the tens of thousands of happy customers.

This Handheld Steamer Eliminates the Iron

Amazon / Erica Gregory

I'm so anti-ironing it's not even funny. So I was overjoyed to find this little handheld steamer that works wonders on wrinkles. My husband has to wear button-downs to work and even he's been jumping on the streaming bandwagon - it's so much faster and more fun than ironing!

This Drawer Organizer Changed My Life


Raise your hand if your underwear drawer is out of control! (#itme) But since I found these life-changing drawer organizers, I can confidently say I've never had more orderly drawers. There's a place for everything in the four-piece set so you'll never be searching through mountains of socks for exactly the ones you want.

These Spice Jars are Insta-Worthy


Want your pantry or spice cabinet to look like it could be featured on Instagram? I did, so I got this set of 24 glass spice jars that come with hundreds of pre-printed stickers with names of popular herbs and spices on them. It's so satisfying to see them all lined up, and now I don't forget about the turmeric in the back of the cabinet anymore.

This Stainless Steel Cleaner Works Unbelievably Well

Amazon / Erin

I love the look of stainless steel appliances, but mine are so streaked and fingerprinted it's not even funny. Problem solved with this stainless steel cleaner that works a treat on messy appliances. Just spray it on and wipe in the same direction as the grain for a sparkly clean look that's hard to get otherwise.

These Kitchen Mats are Feet Favorites


When I got this set of kitchen mats I didn't think they'd make that much of a difference comfort-wise as I was standing at the stove or sink, but boy was I wrong! These anti-fatigue mats are so comfortable to stand on for long periods of time, and they're easy to wipe clean, too. I love that they come in a set of two so you can place them wherever you stand most in the kitchen.

These Swedish Dishcloths Replace Stinky Sponges


I don't like using so many paper towels in the kitchen for eco-friendly reasons, but sponges develop such a stink that it feels like I'm just spreading bacteria around when I use one. Good thing I found these Swedish dishcloths that are absorbent like sponges and easily clean like paper towels but don't hold onto any stink! Just rinse it out and let it air dry, then it's good as new - plus, when it's time to throw it out, it's biodegradable!

This Skinny Cart Acts Like an Extra Shelf


We have our washer and dryer stacked and jammed into a small closet with no space for shelves. But where to store the detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, etc? This slim cart is the perfect solution! It fits perfectly in the gap next to the appliances and holds everything we need. This would also be really useful in a small kitchen as extra storage.

These Silicone Baking Cups Work Time After Time


I love these reusable silicone baking cups for a variety of uses - they're great of course for making muffins and cupcakes that don't require you to go out and buy those flimsy paper wrappers every time you want to bake, and they're also amazing for holding fruit, veggies or cheese in my kids' lunches. You'll get a set of 12 baking cups in rainbow colors that'll bring a smile to your face every time you use them.

This Milk Frother is Just Plain Awesome


This milk frother is how I got my kids to drink calcium when they went on an anti-milk kick before, and now I use it in my morning drink to make fancy coffee beverages in the comfort of my home. Say hasta la vista to your barista when you grab this handy kitchen gadget you'll use every day! It's incredibly durable for everyday use and so easy to use.

This Seltzer Can Cooler is the Perfect Fit


Hard seltzer is an awesome invention, but it's much less appetizing warm. My friend is a seltzer aficionado to say the least (she has a Google spreadsheet going to rank brands), so I got her one of these slim can coolers and she loved it! The double-walled insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours with no condensation, so you'll get a frosty sip no matter how long it takes you to finish your drink.

These Cleaning Brushes Do Your Dirty Work


This set of five cleaning brushes will basically take care of any mess around the house and then some. You'll get a mini brush and dustpan, a 3-in-1 grout brush, and a groove cleaning brush to get into every crevice, among others. The opposite ends of most of the brushes have a handy scraper you can use for things like loosening up stuck-on food on the stove, which is so helpful.

These Disposable Toothbrushes Don't Need Water or Rinsing


I love these disposable toothbrushes! They're handy for long days at the office, traveling, or anytime you need to freshen your breath and make sure your teeth are perfectly clean. Each little brush comes pre-loaded with a drop of toothpaste that you bite to activate. You don't even need to rinse your mouth afterward.