37 Problem-Solving Gadgets That Make Life Easier

Hey. Adulthood can be hard. You've got bills to pay, a home to keep clean, and a variety of other challenges that weren't even on your radar back when you were a kid. Sure, there are good things about growing up, too (like being able to buy ice cream whenever you want to), but all in all, you might find yourself sometimes thinking that it was kind of a trap.

But it doesn't always have to be hard. There are some things you can bring into your life in order to make being a grownup just a tad easier. And thanks to Amazon, you don't even have to leave your house to get 'em. Just put in your order and relax until they show up at your door a few days later. Doesn't that sound way better than having to schlep yourself over to the store? You'd have to put pants on to do that! And pants are overrated.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Here are 37 products specifically designed to make your life better.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

If You Suffer from Migraines, You Need Migrastil

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Adulthood often brings with it a whole menagerie of new aches and pains — including migraines. People who deal with migraines have reported that this stuff really works. All you have to do is roll it over your forehead when a migraine hits and you'll soon feel some relief. It's made from a blend of essential oils including peppermint, spearmint, and lavender. Best of all, there's no mess to worry about.

These Stainless Steel Straws Are Good for the Environment

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Everyone knows that drinks taste better through a straw, but those old-school plastic straws are bad for Mother Earth. This set comes with four straight straws and 4 bent straws, all made of stainless steel. It also includes two scrubbing brushes to help you clean them. And they come with removable soft silicone tips to protect your lips and teeth and make it more comfortable to sip extra cold or extra hot drinks.

This Timer Will Help You Stay Focused

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This timer is one of the most clever things I think I’ve ever seen. All you have to do is flip the cube so the desired time is on the top and it immediately starts counting down. This would be a great tool for keeping kids focused on homework or other tasks. It’s much simpler than having to crank an old-school timer or opening up your phone every single time you want to time something.

These Snail Tea Bag Holders Are Handy and Adorable

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Simply hook one of these little guys on the lip of your mug and wrap the tea bag string around them. They'll prevent your tea bag from slipping into your drink and also make it easier to remove. They'll also look gosh darned adorable. They come in multiple different colors so you could even use them to keep track of everyone's separate drinks.

These Odor Eliminators Can Be Used Pretty Much Anywhere

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They're filled with activated bamboo charcoal which absorbs bad odors. Put them in your shoes, your closet, your car, or anywhere else that could use a smell makeover. They're also small enough that you could easily tuck one in your luggage whenever you travel and keep away the dreaded airplane stink. They're safe to use around kids, pets, and even people with allergies or asthma as they're allergen free.

This Makeup Wipe Just Requires Water

via: Amazon/Amazon Customer

This magic makeup-erasing cloth works without any soaps or harsh chemicals. All you have to do is dunk it in water and gently wipe your face. It'll remove all makeup, including waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Honestly, I have no idea how this thing works. But I do know that reviews are great, and I also know that I really want one.

This Funnel Collapses for Easy Storage

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It's always a good idea to have a few funnels handy, but the traditional models sure do jam up your drawers and cupboards. These ones collapse until they're almost completely flat, making them ideal for small spaces. The silicone is super easy to clean and you won't have to worry about any residue our buildup left behind on the funnel. They also do fine with high-temperature liquids!

These Meal Prep Containers Are Another Convenient Tool for Your Adult Life

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Rather than going out for lunch and having to cook dinner every day, why not give meal prepping a shot? This set of 15 containers is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. Each box has a lid and three separate compartments. That means it can hold your entire meal and you won't have to juggle multiple plastic containers every time you head to work.

This Meal Planning Pad May Also Come in Handy

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And while we're talking meal prepping, let's not forget what a different meal planning can make. This magnetic pad features a section to record meals on one side as well as a perforated shopping list that you can tear off and take to the grocery store. I actually have something very similar to this at home and it makes weekly meal planning much less stressful than it's ever been before.

You'll Always Know Where Your Keys Are with This Magnetic Key Holder

via: Amazon/Nuno Boggiss

This whimsical key holder uses magnets to hold your keychain so it's always right where you expect it to be. It can be easily installed using the included adhesive backing that won't do any damage to your walls. As soon as you get home, just pop your keychain up on the cloud and it's ready for you next time go out. No more searching under the couch cushions for lost keys!

Organize Your Whole Life with These Expanding File Folders

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This listing is for four folders, each of which has five separate pockets. Use them to bring order to your bills, receipts, pay stubs, or anything else you want to keep track of. They also feature a snap closure which prevents anything from accidentally slipping out. And they're just way more stylish than the manila folders you're probably used to using.

This Llama Duster Might Make You Look Forward to Chore Time

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Look — you've gotta dust every once in awhile. If I can't convince you to do it, maybe this adorable llama can. You can even give him (or her) a name and make it seem like dusting is just an activity you do with your BFF Carl. He totally looks like a Carl, right? His polyester fibers trap dust and lock it in. He can also be bent into three different positions depending on the job.

The Laundry Lasso Is a Must if You Have a Front-Loading Washer

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If you have a front-loading washing machine, it's recommended to keep the door propped open after a wash in order to prevent mildew and musty smells. The Laundry Lasso lets you prop the door open the perfect amount without having to constantly run into it and bang your knees. No more banged knees, no more mildewy smells. It's pretty darn genius.

This Power Strip Tower Means Serious Business

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Rather than keeping a power strip under your desk (and having to crawl under there every time you need to plug or unplug something), you can keep this sleek tower right on your desktop. It features six separate outlets and four USB ports. It doesn't take up too much space, either. And its unique multi-faceted design means that you don't have to worry about blocking outlets with bulky plugs.

Make Sure You're Drinking Enough Water with This Hydration Reminder

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The Ulla Hydration Reminder fits over most water bottles. Once in place, it will start to blink whenever it's time for you to take a drink, ensuring that you get enough water throughout the day. As soon as you lift the bottle for a sip, the Ulla Hydration Reminder will register the movement and the blinking will stop. Get ready to be hydrated AF.

The Did You Feed the Dog? Reminder Makes So Much Sense

via: Amazon/kleigh

This dog feeding reminder is a simple design that can save you tons of hassle and provide excellent peace of mind. As soon as you or anyone in your household feeds the dog, all they have to do is mark it on the plaque. You'll never have to wonder whether Fido's been fed again. Everyone in your household will love it! Except maybe Fido, who was hoping to trick you into giving him his second breakfast.

This Bluetooth Scale Is Basically from the Future

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Once you unpack this scale, you'll be so surprised you paid less than 30 bucks for it. When paired with the phone app, the scale can calculate BMI and body fat percentage and automatically stores that info in your phone and makes a bunch of neat graphs for you to refer to. You can also set weight goals within the app and it'll keep you up to date on your progress.

This Book Weight Keeps Your Books Open for You

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This tool is great for when you're cooking from a recipe book, or just need a book held open and don't have a free hand. It's made from solid rubber and has weighted ends and a textured bottom so it's definitely not going to blow away with the wind. I know it's a super simple object with a super simple design, but you'll be surprised how often you find yourself reaching for this thing!

You Can Perfectly Poach Eggs with These Egg Poacher Cups

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Being able to poach an egg is one of those things that means you're really and truly a real grownup. Some of us may just need a little bit of help with the task. These flexible silicone cups can also be used to steam veggies. This listing also includes a hook tool you can use to safely remove the cups from boiling water.

The Gripet Keeps Your Desktop Organized and Clutter-Free

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Simply slip in whatever notes, photos, business cards, or other papers you want the Gripet to hold onto. Whenever you need them again, you can remove a single piece of paper without disrupting the rest of them. As someone who tends to keep a bunch of little slips of paper everywhere (and inevitably lose them right before I need to refer to them), this is the gadget I've been waiting for.

This Broom and Dustpan Set Was Designed by Geniuses

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Sweeping is probably my favorite household chore, but I hate having to grab the dustballs out of the broom bristles. The teeth on this dustpan can be used to comb out the broom bristles, meaning you never have to bend over and do it yourself. That's it. I'm sold. I'm going to sweep every room in my house every single day now.

This Magnetic Organizer Is a Great Way to Consolidate All the Stuff on Your Fridge

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The built-in, super strong rare earth magnets secure the pouch firmly to your fridge. It has several pockets, three pen loops, and a metal hook. Use it to store restaurant menus, mail, coupons, keys, and more. You could also get one to stick on your file cabinet at work to keep stuff organized there! Or get one for your kid's locker! The possibilities are endless.

These Refrigerator Pads Will Make Your Fruits and Veggies Last Longer

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The ultra-wide, non-adhesive shelf liners can be cut to fit any size fridge. Not only do they keep produce fresh for longer, they also make it easier than ever to keep your fridge clean — just pop out the liners and rinse 'em off. They also make your refrigerator shelves look super cheery! I'm tempted to get some just based on that.

This Magnetic Ironing Blanket Is Much Less Bulky Than the Traditional Design

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Ironing is such a pain in the neck. Most of that irritation comes from having to lug out the big ironing board, setting it up in a hallway, and then wrangling it back into its folded position to store away for next time. Instead, we recommend this ironing blanket! Use the magnets to secure it to the top of your washer or dryer. You'll never have to deal with the bulky metal ironing board again!

This Spice Carousel Automatically Measures the Spices!

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Every notch on the dial represents 1/4 teaspoon of the spice. Rather than grabbing your measuring spoons, just give the dial a twist! The carousel has 12 removable spice compartments and 55 spice labels. Each set is also fully stackable. This makes way more sense than letting all the different sizes of spice containers take up all that precious room in your kitchen cupboards.

The Cable Wrangler Keeps Your Cables Right Where You Want Them

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It's so annoying to have to reach down and grab your charger cable from the ground every night before you get into bed. You might try to wrap it around your lamp or balance it on the edge or your nightstand, but it always manages to fall down anyway. This sleek magnetic base will hold onto your cables so you'll no longer lose them between your bed and nightstand. (This listing also includes magnetic collars to use on cables that don't contain magnetic materials.)

The Strapbook Is Great for Gearheads on the Go

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The unique grid design lets you choose exactly how your cables, chargers, and gadgets are organized. The book covers keep your stuff protected at all times. It's great for whenever you're traveling with your many varied gadgets, or even if you just have to bring a bunch of cables to work. You could also use it to organize makeup brushes, jewelry, or tools!

This Wall Decal Roll Turns Any Flat Surface into a Chalkboard

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Sometimes you just wanna write on the walls! This 6-1/2-foot long decal roll lets you do just that. It can be cut to any shape or size and sticks to any flat surface. It also comes with five pieces of chalk and an eraser cloth. Transform the inside of your cabinets into a grocery list, a section of wall into a calendar, or the inside of your closet into an artist's hidden wonderland!

This Food Scale Folds up for Easy Storage

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Measuring ingredient by weight (rather than volume) is how the real chefs do it. The clever tripod design folds up super small and makes it so that you can keep a reliable food scale in even the smallest kitchen. It features an easy-to-read LCD display and turns on and off automatically. You can even tare the scale between ingredients and measure multiple things at once.

These Salt and Pepper Grinders Just Look Fun to use

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If you're someone who enjoys clicking ballpoint pens, you're gonna love these salt and pepper grinders. They come with a pretty sleek storage base, too. Don't they just look so satisfying? *Click* Salt. *Click* Pepper. Or, as it would probably sound at my house, *click click click click click*! I also like that these have little windows on the side so you can see when you're getting low on seasonings.

Transform Your TV Experience with These LED Light Strips

via: Amazon/mattbry

For less than $15, you can turn your TV-watching experience into a fantastic light show. This backlight kit comes with three LED light strips that adhere to the back of your TV and can be controlled with a remote to emit 16 different colors in four dynamic modes. It can be easily installed in just a few minutes, then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

The Laundry Guard May Just Put an End to All Those Orphan Socks

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I'm pretty sure that I manage to lose at least three socks behind the dryer every single time I do a load of laundry. Not anymore! This magnetic gate attaches to the top of your washer and dryer in order to block socks, washcloths, and anything else from falling into the abyss behind the machines. It's a simple concept, but one you'll be glad to have.

You Don't Have to Worry About Broken Lead with This Mechanical Pencil

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The patented double-spring design ensures that the pencil lead is secure and protected from breakage no matter how hard you press down. That means less time spent clicking the pencil, and less money spent on lead refills. This pencil has a lightweight black barrel with a textured grip for increased comfort. It also comes with a 12-piece tube of lead refills (which will probably take you quite a while to go through).

The Tile Mate Tracks Just About Anything

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This small plastic tracker pairs with your phone through the app so that you never lose your keys (or your wallet, or the remote, or your glasses...) ever again. Simply open the app on your phone and use it to locate the lost item. Can't find your phone? No problem. Just double press the button the Tile Mate and your phone will start ringing — even if it was left on silent mode!

This Scented Water Cup Tricks Your Brain into Thinking Water Tastes Sweet

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Get ready for some science. The plastic lip on this cup is scented — cups are available in a variety of different "flavors." When you drink from the cup, the smell tricks your brain into thinking the plain water that you're drinking actually tastes sweet! This is a great way to encourage yourself to drink more water without using artificial sweeteners or any added calories.

Give Your Feet a Mini Vacation with This Foot Hammock

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Install it under your desk or a table and let your feet lounge while you work. There's nothing more relaxing than swinging in a hammock, after all. If your whole body can't be in a hammock, you might as well treat your feet to a miniature escape, right? It can be easily installed under a table or desk in just a few minutes. Once it's up, you'll probably never want to use an old-fashioned foot rest again.

These Paper Towels Are Washable and Reusable!

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They're made from bamboo and can be washed up to 100 times each, effectively replacing hundreds of rolls of paper towel. What a great idea, right? You can even wash them in the top rack of your dishwasher! The manufacturer also plants a tree with every roll they sell, so really, your contribution to the environment is two-fold. Not only that; you'll also save money by not having to buy paper towels as often.