37 Products That Help Soothe Aches and Pains

The older we get, the more aches and pains are part of normal, everyday life. As I typed this, my husband messaged me that his shoulders are sore, so I sent him a link to this electric massager . Ain't aging grand? I feel better knowing there are lots of medications and gadgets that can help, and that Amazon makes it easy for me to order them. No more driving to the drug store to stand under glaring fluorescent lights, trying to pick which pain reliever or ice pack is best.

Now, I can peruse my choices from the comfort of my couch! To share these solutions, I've compiled this list of highly rated products that help soothe aches and pains, all available for a great price on Amazon. I did all the research so you can do the clicking and buying! I hope we all feel better soon.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Heartburn Medication Soothes the Burn


I never really understood heartburn until, while pregnant with my first child, I developed a fiery sensation that stretched from my throat to my stomach. Ouch! Luckily, this Famotidine Heartburn Medication --a low-priced version of Pepcid AC--works wonders.

This Omeprazole Heartburn Medication Is a Low-Priced Dupe for Prilosec


If you only have heartburn once in a while, this product isn't for you. But if acid indigestion is a daily problem, you should seriously consider trying this Omeprazole Heartburn Medication , a low-cost version of Prilosec OTC. You take a daily pill for two weeks, which is enough to eliminate heartburn long-term in most people!

This Hand and Finger Massager Soothes Tired, Sore Hands


Whether the cause is arthritis, too much typing, or other overuse of the hands, this Hand and Finger Massager provides relief. Just roll over the hand or fingers to reduce stiffness, increase circulation, and ease joint pain. Customers report that it's helping with carpal tunnel syndrome and migraines, too.

This Saline Nasal Spray Is Making My Allergies More Bearable


Seasonal allergies are upon me, which means I'm filling my virtual Amazon shopping cart with medications and anything else to find relief. That includes this Saline Nasal Spray . It relieves dryness and prevents my nose from feeling like a red, raw piece of meat!

I Use My Shiatsu Massager Every Single Day


One of my favorite all-time purchases on Amazon is this Shiatsu Massager . I love to use it while relaxing in front of the TV after a long day hunched over my computer. It kneads all the tension and tightness out of my shoulders, neck, and back. On chilly evenings, the heat function feels so good, too.

This Mini Massager Costs Under $5


Soothe sore muscles with the pint-sized power of this Mini Massager . There's a lot to appreciate: It's brightly colored, priced under five bucks, and even includes batteries. Customers call it "small but effective" and "a great little massager."

This Foot Cream Includes Lidocaine for Deep Pain Relief


Control pain with this Foot Cream that combines the numbing effect of lidocaine with non-greasy moisturizers for the ultimate in relief. Amazon customers give it high ratings for helping with the effects of diabetic neuropathy, long work shifts, tendonitis, and more.

This Sleep Aid Is a Bargain-Priced Version of Unisom


Another great house brand by Amazon, this Sleep Aid is a must-have for insomniacs. It contains the same active ingredient as Unisom, doxylamine succinate, a gentle yet effective over-the-counter medication. The reviews are filled with success stories, with one customer writing, "They work, and they are cheap, what's not to love?"

Soak Away Pain With These Eucalyptus-Scented Epsom Salts


Epson salts have been used for centuries to ease aches and pains, promote relaxation, and reduce stress. This 3-pound bag of Epsom Salts is scented with eucalyptus and spearmint to encourage deep breathing and provide a spa-like experience.

These Probiotic Capsules Reset Your Gut for a Happier Tummy


I'm a big believer in taking Probiotics daily to keep my digestive tract feeling good. I appreciate that this bottle of capsules from Amazon's Basic Care line is high-quality, low-priced, and easy to order. It's highly rated, too, with customers writing, "this product works wonders" and "Works well, easy to swallow."

This Large Heating Pad Is So Comforting on My Back


If you want to soothe a larger area of the body, it's handy to use a Large Heating Pad that covers more surface area. This pad measures 12 by 24 inches, with three heat settings and a soft, microfiber cover.

This Big Bottle of Acetaminophen Is a Low-Cost Dupe for Tylenol

Amazon / D. Perez

I always keep Acetaminophen in the house. It's the same as Tylenol, one of the most commonly used medications for headaches, injuries, fevers, and other common ailments. These 500mg tablets are extra-strength and get the job done!

These Compression Sleeves Reduce Foot and Ankle Pain


Make your walks, runs, and other exercises more comfortable with these Compression Sleeves for your feet. They hug your feet to provide instant support and prevent injury. They earn high ratings on Amazon, and customers report that they're also helpful for anyone who has to work on their feet all day long.

This Gel Seat Cushion Reduces Tailbone and Back Pain


If you sit at a desk all day long, you need this Gel Seat Cushion ! It combines memory foam, gel insert, and a soft cover to provide a seriously comfortable spot for your hard-working rear end. It's earned over 55,000 ratings, with one satisfied customer writing, "OH MY. I can now sit for hours in complete posterior comfort."

This Cortisone Cream Soothes Itchy, Irritated Skin

Amazon / Muffin

I can't tell you how many tubes of this Cortisone Cream I've bought from Amazon, but it's a lot! My family relies on it for relief from bug bites, rashes, and other skin problems. It banishes itchiness, soothes skin, and reduces kids' complaining.

This Headache Relief Cap Is Like a Sensory Deprivation Tank for Your Head


Anyone who suffers from migraines or chronic headaches knows that it helps to create a calm, quiet, dark, and cool atmosphere to rest. This Headache Relief Cap is a shortcut! Store it in the fridge or freezer, then pull it on when you need pain relief.

This Oatmeal Bath Soak Relieves Dry, Itchy, Inflamed Skin

Amazon / Kathy C.

Itchy skin can make anyone miserable and desperate for even a few minutes of relief. This Oatmeal Bath Soak is gentle on the most sensitive skin and naturally soothes irritation from sunburn, bug bites, eczema, and other skin ailments.

This Tens Unit Provides Electrotherapy at Home


Safe, gentle, and effective, this Tens Unit lets you apply electrotherapy at home for muscle pain relief. Surprisingly affordable, the machine includes the base unit and four padded electrodes for muscle stimulation, nerve stimulation, and electric massaging.

These Stomach Settle Drops for Gentle, Natural Tummy Relief


Be ready for morning sickness, motion sickness, or other sources of nausea with a bag of these Stomach Settle Drops . Each individually wrapped drop includes four ingredients to fight nausea naturally: B6, ginger, lemon, and spearmint. Customers report they are "amazing for nausea and bloating" and have a "very nice honey-lemon flavor."

This Willow Balm Reduces Pain and Inflammation


Willow Balm is formulated to address arthritis, joint pain, and muscle aches. Smooth on the lightly scented cream to reduce pain and inflammation thanks to natural ingredients like white willow bark and helichrysum.

This Heating Wrap You Can Wrap Around Your Arm or Leg


Heating pads provide soothing relief to sore muscles, but they're not always convenient to use on arms or legs. That's why this Heating Wrap is a smart solution! It has a long, slim design that can be wrapped where you need it, with elastic ends to hold it in place.

This Big Bottle of Aspirin Is a Terrific Value


Add this bottle of Aspirin to your next Amazon purchase, just in case. It's value-priced and provides pain relief and fever reduction comparable to name brand Bayer aspirin. Customers give it high ratings for quality and price.

This Bestselling Foot Spa That Customers Call "Very Relaxing"


Just looking at this product is making me realize my feet desperately need some pampering. Plug in this Foot Spa , add warm water, then enjoy the bubbles, massage rollers, and steady heat. It's earned over 16,000 ratings so far, with one satisfied customer writing, "This spa is lovely! So glad I purchased this!"

This Cooling Eye Mask Relieves Headache and Puffy Eyes


Add this Cooling Eye Mask to your next bath for the ultimate in self-care. The flexible mask has a soft, plush lining and gel beads inside. Chill first in the fridge or freezer, then apply to reduce pain and inflammation.

This Body Pillow for Side Sleepers Prevents Back Pain


If you like to sleep or lounge on your side, you need this Body Pillow ! It measures 54 inches long, providing soft support along your body to help you stay comfortable and keep your spine and neck properly aligned. It earns high ratings from customers for being "softer than clouds" and "the perfect size."

This Classic Ice Bag Comes in 9 Fun Fabrics


After one too many drippy, messy Ziploc bags full of ice, I finally went on Amazon to find a more elegant solution. This Classic Ice Bag is leak-proof, the perfect size, and comes in nine cute fabrics to choose from. My favorite is the smiley-face print!

This Daytime Cold & Flu Medicine Makes Being Sick a Little Less Miserable


Colds are inevitable, but suffering from the symptoms isn't. I always keep a new bottle of Daytime Cold & Flu Medicine in the house so I'll be ready in case any member of my family catches a virus.

These Cute Ice Packs Make Boo-Boos Feel Better


When my kids were little, I always kept a stack of Cute Ice Packs in the freezer for bumps and bruises. This set of four ice packs can be wiped clean and used over and over for cool relief.

These Electrolyte Packets Are the Easiest Way to Hydrate on the Go


Don't worry about lugging around bottles of Gatorade. Just pour an Electrolyte Packet into a glass or bottle of water for quick, effective hydration and replacement of electrolytes. Customers report that the orange flavor tastes good, with no aftertaste.

This Electric Massager Has 6 Different Massage Heads


With over 10,000 customer ratings, this Electric Massager is a popular device for relieving sore, tired muscles with deep tissue massage action. The handle has a slim, lightweight design, and it includes six interchangeable massage heads.

This Foam Roller Enhances Exercise and Rehab


Every time I go to the gym, I see someone using a Foam Roller . I finally looked it up and learned how helpful they are for stretching muscles, preventing stiffness, and reducing pain. The customer reviews include lots of helpful tips for getting the most out of your foam roller!

This Muscle Roller Stick Increases Muscle Recovery


For a no-frills, low-cost addition to your workout, try this Muscle Roller Stick ! Use it to ease and prevent muscle soreness and stiffness before and after exercise. It has high ratings from Amazon customers for its ease of use and durability.

This Avocado Heating Pad Will Cheer You Up

Amazon / Vanessa

Make yourself or someone you love feel better with this Avocado Heating Pad ! Microwave for a minute to heat it up--the natural buckwheat and dried lavender inside hold heat naturally and smell wonderful.

These PMS Sweets Provide Natural Relief for Cramps, Bloating, Nausea


When PMS strikes, I'll reach for anything that might provide relief. These PMS Sweets are worth a try! The individually wrapped lozenges contain B6, peppermint oil, and other natural ingredients for a sweet solution to cramps, bloating, and other annoyances.

This Traction Device Gives Your Neck a Gentle Stretch


I bought this Traction Device for my daughter, who suffers from chronic neck and jaw pain. We both use it often to get a good stretch and properly align the spine and neck. It always leaves my neck feeling much better.

This Super Relief Dental Gel Reduces Tooth Sensitivity


If hot or cold food causes discomfort in your teeth or gums, you need this Super Relief Dental Gel . The soothing formula contains fluoride, mint, aloe, and chamomile to clean teeth, freshen breath, and reduce sensitivity.

This Portable Shiatsu Massage Pillow Soothes a Sore Back


Who doesn't love a massage when they're feeling a bit tense? I found this shiatsu pillow via TikTok and haven't looked back. I bought it on Amazon and just slipped it over my office chair to pamper myself while I work from home. The massage rotation changes every 60 seconds, so I never get bored of it.