37 Products Pet Owners Swear By Using Every Day

As a kid, I had a dog that was my best friend. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was in middle school, and my family refused to get a dog after. So, when I moved out for college, you can bet that I got myself a corgi–aka, my dream dog. She immediately became my BFF and I realized very quickly that I would do absolutely anything for her. Fast forward years later and here I am now with two corgis who are my absolute world.

If you're a pet parent, then you understand the love that you have for your animals. You want to do everything you can to keep them entertained, happy, and healthy. Luckily for us, Amazon is making this a piece of cake. With everything from beds to food to toys to grooming supplies, you can spoil your pet without leaving the couch. These are 37 Amazon products that pet owners swear by.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Your Cat Is Going To Love This Kitzy Cat Food


With so many different options for pet food on the market these days, it's hard to know what's the right choice for your furry friends. This Kitzy cat food is protein-rich, has real meat as its first ingredient, and features nutritious veggies, so you know you're giving your kitty the healthy food that he needs.

Get Rid Of All Pet Fur With This ChomChom Roller

Amazon / Kelzzz

As a dog mom of two corgis, the amount of dog hair on all of my belongings is truly embarrassing. I have to lint roll multiple times a day, which is why the ChomChom roller is a lifesaver. It helps me get the hair off my furniture, bedding, clothing, car; you name it. And since there's no sticky paper, you don't have to worry about running out of sheets.

This Nail Grinder Makes Grooming Your Pet's Nails A Piece Of Cake

Amazon / AllAboutReviews

Do your pets hate having their nails trimmed? Mine too. In fact, they despise it. I, unfortunately, cut my dog's nails too short one time, and now she won't even let me touch her feet. Since that incident, I've used this nail grinder to maintain the length of their nails without worrying about hurting them. Although it took them some time to get used to the noise, it's made such a big difference in between grooming appointments!

These Dog Treats Are Perfect For Training


If your pooch is a bit less than perfect, these training bites can help. This giant pack comes with one pound of peanut butter and banana-flavored treats that are small enough to easily fit in your hand and reward good behavior. Not interested in training? They make great everyday treats, too.

They also make a larger bag version.

These Poop Bags Are Heavy Duty and Smell Amazing


This one is for my big dog owners! Do you run into the issue of your poop bags being too small? Or maybe you find that they tend to run too thin? Well, you're in luck. Throw those old bags away and get these bags instead. They're not only larger and thicker than other bags on the market, but they're also scented with lavender, so you don't have to smell your furry friends #2s.

This Odor Remover Spray Ensures You're Ready When Accidents Happen


Accidents happen. It's one of the many joys of being a pet owner. But rather than be burdened with the smell of urine, use this odor remover to keep your house and belongings looking and smelling fresh as a daisy. One spray, and you'll immediately smell the strong, fresh scent of oranges.

Dress Up Your Pup With These Bandanas


People aren't the only ones who get to look fashionable. Your pets will be oh-so-trendy with these bandanas. The pack of six comes with different plaid patterns as well as a striped one, so you'll have a variety of options to choose from depending on your mood. Everyone knows a dog looks instantly cuter with clothes, so this is a must.

This Bath Brush Turns Bath Time Into A Soothing Massage


​Bathing your dog can be quite the experience if they don't love bath time. Luckily this bathing brush turns bath time into a soothing massage that every pup will love. With soft rubber tips, it quickly scrubs away dirt, dead skin, and loose fur, all without pulling too hard. You'll achieve a deeper clean than shampooing alone, and Fido will love it, so it's really a win/win for you.

Your Dog Won't Be Able To Get Enough Of These Training Treats


My doggos are most definitely food-motivated when it comes to training. No matter how hard I try to shake them off the habit, they just enjoy food too much. That's why having good training treats like these is so important. Made in the US, they include the finest ingredients around, so I can rest knowing that I am giving them only the best.

They also come in a chicken flavor and in a 1lb bag option.

Keep Your Pets Out Of Unwanted Areas With This Pet Gate


We all have those areas in our house that we try to keep our animals out of, whether it be the bedroom, an office, a dining room, etc. Make your life a whole lot easier with this pet gate. It's adjustable so it can fit a variety of door frames, and it has rubber bumpers that protect your walls.

Say Goodbye To Scooping Cat Litter With This Crystal Cat Litter


I grew up with cats, and if there is one thing that I absolutely hated, it was scooping cat litter. Say goodbye to those days with this crystal cat litter. It absorbs urine and dries solid waste for better odor control than any other litter. Plus, it's dust-free and comes in a lavender scent that will keep your room smelling clean.

This Dog Toy Can Withstand Even The Toughest Chewers


I think there are very few people out there whose dogs don't absolutely destroy toys in the first five minutes of playing with them. I know mine do. It's gotten to the point where I won't buy them new toys often because they don't stand a chance. When I do buy a new toy, I make sure it's like this one. It's made with 100% eco-friendly rubber, is BPA-free, and can withstand even the toughest chewers.

Entertain Your Cat For Hours With The Cat Dancer 101

Amazon / SibVishus

One of the best things about cats is how easily they can entertain themselves. Why spend a lot of money on cat toys when a string entertains them? The Cat Dancer 101 costs under $5 and will amuse your kitty for hours. Don't believe me? Just read the thousands of reviews from cat owners!

This Wet Cat Food Is Perfect For Days When You Feel Like Spoiling Your Furry Friend


​I know there are many people out there that feed their furry friends wet food all the time, but I also know that this isn't reasonable for most. If you feel like spoiling your cat, consider this wet cat food. For just over $1 a bag, you get food made without added corn, grain, wheat, soy, or artificial flavors or colors. Your kitty will thank you.

Speaking of cat food, it also comes in a variety pack...


You can also use it in two different ways! Prepare it for your cat as their full meal, or sprinkle on top of any feeding for an extra treat.

Keep Your Dog Calm In All Situations With This Thundershirt


Whether your pet suffers from separation anxiety, gets anxious during firework shows or thunderstorms, or hates the vet, the Thundershirt is a lifesaver. The gently applied pressure that it puts on an animal helps soothe fear and anxiety. Think of it as a continuous hug for man's best friend.

Keep Your Pup's Mouth Minty Fresh With These Dental Chews


I'm going to be real; brushing my dogs' teeth is one of the biggest struggles. It's so bad that I tend to avoid it. I know, I know–it's bad. In between brushes, I try to give them these dental chews as much as possible. They help reduce tartar and plaque build-up through abrasive chewing and freshen their breath.

Perfect Your Training With These Clickers


Using a clicker like this is one of the easiest ways to train your pets without food. If you're weaning them off of treats altogether, these make for a great substitution. Have them practice a trick and alternate between a treat and a click. After a while, you can stick to the clicker. They'll then associate the click with good behavior, and you'll have an A+ trained pup!

Take Your Pet Everywhere You Go With This Pet Carrier


If you're an avid traveler and want to bring your pets with you, it's important to have a sturdy pet carrier. The airline-approved design fits perfectly under an airplane seat, or the straps can wrap around a car headrest for a pet-friendly safe road trip. It's also very lightweight and comes with padded shoulder straps, so you won't break your back trying to lug them around.

This Dog Food Has Nothing But Real Ingredients


I know there is a lot of pet food on this list, but having healthy food to keep your pet strong is of utmost importance. Like all other foods on this list, this dry food has only real protein and no added harmful ingredients (like artificial colors and flavors).

Your Kitty Is Never Going To Want To Leave This Cat Condo


Cat condos are super useful for multiple reasons. They're great places for your cat to relax, release energy, and satisfy the urge to scratch and climb. This cat condo, in particular, includes an elevated kitty hammock and dual scratching post pillars. They'll love spending time in it, and you'll love saving your furniture from destruction.

This Leash Set Totally Looks Designer


As much as I love designer items, I won't splurge on them for myself, let alone my pets. But that's okay because pieces like this leash set exist. There's nothing like having matching pieces to make you feel like your life is put together, so why not give your pet the same luxury? The set includes a bowtie collar, a bandana collar, and a matching leash–all for under $20.

Keep An Eye On Your Pet While You're Gone With The Petcube


Every now and then, if I am gone for a while, my oldest corgi gets separation anxiety and chews on furniture and walls. Because of this, I like keeping an eye on her when possible. The Petcube gives you 1080p HD video with night-vision, built-in vet chat, and the ability to speak to your pup to calm them down or just say hello.

This Dog Harness Will Make Your Dog A Better Walker


​High energy dogs are nearly impossible to walk. They're always yanking and tugging at the leash because they just want to run free. If this sounds familiar, you may want this harness. The soft padding in the chest and belly area provides extra comfort for your pet, and the front clip provides more control for you.

Need New Treats? Try These Jerky Bites


Sometimes you want to give your pup treats for just being so darn cute rather than small training treats. These jerky treats are a great option when you want to shower them with a little love. And, as mentioned earlier–like all of the other foods–they're natural, so you know you're spoiling them while still keeping them in good health.

This Dog Bed Looks Comfy AF


Humans aren't the only ones who need comfy beds to sleep in at night. After long days of runs, walks, and playing in the backyard, your dog needs a soft place to lay his head at night. This dog bed is made with orthopedic foam, which helps cushion pressure points, distribute body weight evenly, and improve air circulation. It even includes cushions for their little heads.

Help With Separation Anxiety With This Foldable Play Pen


If you're not ready to leave your pet out and about while you're not home quite yet, this playpen makes for a great little house while you're out. I bought it when my first dog was a puppy, and even as a chewer, she never got out of this. I threw in toys, some water, and she was as happy as can be.

Every Cat Needs A Cute Collar Like This One


​Dogs aren't the only animal who needs a collar. Cats–especially if they spend most of their time outdoors–need one too! This collar lets you embroider their name and a phone number on it so that you can skip out on the heavy ID tag. Plus, how cute is the bell?!

These Dog Treats Look So Good That Even I Want To Try Them


Um, chicken and waffle dog treats?! These look so good that I'm tempted to try them myself (but I won't. Don't worry.). Shoutout Wag for having such high-quality treats with gourmet-style flavors. Plus, the little waffles shapes add great texture.

Let Your Cat Scratch Like Crazy With This Scratch Pad


Cats have a desire to scratch pretty much 24/7. And while there's nothing wrong with that, it doesn't bode well for your home. Keep your furniture safe with this scratchpad. The premium pressed cardboard provides a dense, durable surface that's thick enough to withstand your kitty's paws.

These Pet ID Tags Are So Stinking Cute


The minute I saw these ID tags, I ordered some immediately. Say goodbye to boring tags and hello to designs that are as cute as your pet! There's a design for everyone–from adventuring animals to feminine felines. They're just another way to make your furry friend the star of the show.

Even Doggos Need A Good Probiotic Supplement


Probiotics are extremely beneficial in helping the gut and digestive tract. Maintain your dog's intestinal well-being with this probiotic supplement. They'll help with gas, bloating, and more–all making Fido feel more comfortable.

Brush Away Excess Fur With This Slicker Brush


​For everyone with a pet that sheds like crazy, a good brush is a must-have. I spent hours researching which brush to get, which may sound like a waste of time, but I wanted to be sure it would get the job done. That's when I landed on this brush. It eliminates tangles, knots, dander, matting, trapped dirt, and traps all loose fur. And with a press of a button, the bristles go in, and the hair comes off easily, making it super simple to clean up.

Treat Your Four-Legged Friend To This Wet Food


Cats aren't the only ones who get to be spoiled with wet food! Wag made some great beef and veggie stew wet food for your pooch. At this point, I've ranted and raved about the company and their food so much that I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Clean Your Pet On The Go With These Hygenic Wipes


Bathing your animals every day just isn't practical. Who has the time? In between baths, use these hygiene wipes to keep them clean. Whether they've rolled around in the mud, kicked up dust at the dog park, or just downright stink, these will eliminate tough odors and remove the grime.

Burt's Bees Does It Again With This Shampoo


When you do find the time to bathe your dog, you definitely want to use this Burt's Bees shampoo. The company is ranked as the #1 pet grooming brand, and for a good reason. The shampoo is natural, hypoallergenic, and gives your dog a gentle cleansing that won't dry out or irritate his/her skin.

These Hemp Chews Will Help Your Pet Relax Instantly


If the Thundershirt doesn't work, or you want to try an alternative method to calm your pet, give them these hemp chews. The natural calming treats help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress. They're great for traveling, long car rides, days that you know you will be gone for a while, during storms, and more.

These Wet Food Pouches Are An Easy Way To Feed Your Dog While On The Road


I love taking my dogs on adventures with me. Their short legs don't stop them from hiking mountains or taking a dip in the lake. I bring these wet food pouches with me when we go on day trips when I know I won't be home in time to feed them dinner. They scarf them down in seconds.

This Teeth Cleaning Kit Will Make Your Pets Want Their Teeth Brushed


​If you're starting out brushing your dog's teeth, this teeth cleaning kit is a great starting point. The toothpaste is a vet-formulated soothing and effective mix of aloe, grapefruit, baking soda, and enzymes which helps freshen breath and gently remove (and prevent) build-up.