37 Products on Amazon That'll Last Forever

In an era of same-day shipping and inexpensive goods, it's all too easy to fall into the habit of buying products that are practically disposable. That makes it all the more special when you find something high quality and meant to last. Today, I'm recommending my favorite products that will stand the test of time. They're all affordable, durable, and available on Amazon!

One of my top recommendations for the kitchen is this set of Tupperware bowls exactly like the ones my mom has been using for decades. I also love this sturdy workplace essential and this classic toy that will last for generations. You can even think longterm when it comes to fashion and accessories, especially if you get this piece of jewelry that never goes out of style. Keep reading for more ideas, and rest assured that with these products, you're buying it once and for all!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Is the Highest-Rated White T-Shirt on Amazon

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A good white t-shirt is a wardrobe staple, so I combed through dozens of shirts on Amazon looking for the perfect combination of affordable, comfortable, durable, and well-reviewed. My search led me here: Amazon's highest-rated white t-shirt for women! Made of super-soft rayon, it has a v-neck, cuffed sleeves, and a relaxed fit that's flattering on a range of body types. It comes in five sizes and a bunch of colors, in case you want to branch out from a classic white tee.

This Black+Decker Toaster Oven Gets the Job Done

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When it comes to small appliances, it's best to go with a trusted brand and a classic, no-frills design. This Black+Decker toaster oven is a great value and comes highly recommended by hundreds of Amazon customers. One five-star reviewer says, "I LOVE this toaster oven! I use this toaster oven more than my microwave. I heat up left overs, bake biscuits, make baked eggs, cook chicken, toast bread, brown/melt cheese over things, just about everything!"

Take a Good Look With These Bushnell Binoculars

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If you want a basic pair of binoculars that's affordable and dependable, look no further than these Bushnell Binoculars. With 7-times magnification, they're a great choice for sporting events, nature watching, and other outdoor activities. They weigh just 21 ounces, so they won't overload your bag. They also feature built-in, flexible eye-cups that can be safely pressed up against eyeglasses.

This Coleman 48-Quart Cooler Keeps Food Cold Up to Three Days

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I bought a Coleman Cooler years ago and have gotten more than my money's worth. Obviously, a sturdy cooler is handy for camping, picnics, and other outdoor adventures, but my cooler has come in handy at home, too. I use it during parties to hold ice or extra drinks, and during a recent power outage, I stashed food in it to keep it from spoiling till my fridge was working again.

These Cubic Zirconia Earrings Are an Affordable Classic You Can Wear Forever

via: Amazon / Lady Jupiter

Sure, I want a pair of genuine 1-carat diamond studs flashing on my earlobes. But until I save up enough, I'm pretty darned happy with this pair of cubic zirconia earrings I got from Amazon. They're beautiful, versatile, and nobody can tell they're not the real deal. Best of all, check out the price!

This Cuisinart Saucepan Is Sturdy and Dependable

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This 1.5-quart saucepan hits the sweet spot between high-quality and low-price! Made by the trusted kitchenware brand Cuisinart, this stainless steel, mirror-finish pan includes a tight-fitting lid and is the ideal size for heating sauces, soups, or small portions of pasta. It's earning hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon, with customers calling it "a great little sauce pot" and "top quality at a reasonable price."

This Butcher Block-Style Cutting Board Made From Organic Bamboo

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A cutting board should last for decades. Skip the plastic cutting sheets that will get scarred and ugly within weeks, and invest in a good-quality butcher block-style wood cutting board. This cutting board is made from eco-friendly, organic bamboo, has a built-in drip groove, and comes in five sizes. (Personally, I'd only get the largest size--it's the most versatile!)

Stash Your Hardware In This DeWalt Tool Box

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You'll be ready for any fix-it job with this sturdy, versatile DeWalt Tool Box. Made of strong plastic with rust-proof metal hinges, this toolbox measures 17 by 12 by 13 inches, making it a convenient size for stowing your most-used tools.

These Bento-Style Easy Lunchbox Containers

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I recommend these Easy Lunchboxes to everyone! They're perfectly sized for school or work lunches with one large compartment and two small compartments, so foods stay neatly separated. The lids fid tightly, but are easy enough for even small kids to open on their own. They're dishwasher-safe and incredibly durable; I've been using the same set for years.

This Fur-Zoff Removes Stubborn Pet Hair From Carpets and Upholstery

via: Amazon / Courtney

The Fur-Zoff is legendarily ugly, but it's extremely effective at removing pet hair from rugs and furniture. It's similar to a pumice stone, with a textured surface that attracts pet fur like magic. Rub it over carpets, car upholstery, furniture, blankets, or any other surface to remove the most stubborn pet hair.

These Henckels Paring Knives With Rainbow Handles

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Good knives are a necessity in the kitchen. You can spend a fortune, or you can search for a fantastic value like this set of four paring knives by Henckels, one of the best German knife brands. These small knives are versatile and have bright, rainbow-hued handles to cheer up your daily cooking tasks.

This Igloo 5-Gallon Drink Cooler Is a Classic at Sports Matches, Picnics, and Barbecues

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Just looking at this orange Igloo 5-gallon cooler takes me back to soccer games, church potlucks, and school outings. It's a classic for good reason! Not only is it surprisingly affordable, but it's incredibly durable and will provide many years of use.

This Kipling Crossbody Bag Is Pretty Much Indestructible

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Several years ago, I bought a Kipling crossbody bag for a trip to Costa Rica. It was one of my smartest travel purchases ever! Made of nylon, it's sturdy, lightweight, water-resistant, and comfortable to carry all day long. I also love that it's tall enough to hold a water bottle. It comes in a bunch of colors; mine is gray, but I'm loving the light blue and gold metallic versions.

This Classic Can Opener Is a Dependable, No-Frills Necessity

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Some gadgets are meant to be replaced often, but a good manual can opener should work for decades. You can't go wrong with a dependable brand like KitchenAid, which makes this classic can opener at a very reasonable price. It has stainless steel cutting parts and stylish good looks, and comes in three beautiful colors.

This Bestselling Kong Dog Toy Is Beloved by Dogs Everywhere

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I've bought a lot of toys for my big dog Rosie, but her all-time favorite is this Kong classic dog toy. It's worth spending a little extra on the real deal, because Kong's tough rubber stands up to a lot of chewing and rough play. To keep your dog entertained even longer, fill it up with peanut butter or another treat. When your dog is done, just throw the Kong in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

This Old School Label Maker Embosses Like a Boss

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I own two label makers. One is a fancy battery-operated gizmo that prints labels in different fonts. The other is an old school manual label maker just like the one I had when I was a kid. I admit, I have a clear favorite. It's fun to dial the letters. I love the satisfying clicking sound. And the embossed, sticky labels look terrific on everything from gifts to binders to storage boxes.

This Slim Leather Wallet Has 10,000+ Reviews

via: Amazon / Christian

When all you need is a credit card, ID, and a little cash, a slim, minimalist wallet is the way to go. Made from 100% genuine leather, this wallet is designed to fit comfortably in a front pocket or the tiniest purse. Comes in 36 colors to choose from!

This Leatherman Multi-Tool Is 14 Tools in One

via: Amazon / Jackson

Get 14 tools in one with the Leatherman, a classic multi-tool designed to last decades. This compact, stainless steel, palm-sized gadget includes 14 tools in one compact shape, including knife, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, a wire stripper, scissors, a package opener, bottle and can openers, a file, and a ruler. It comes with a nylon sheath. Makes a fantastic gift!

These Melamine Picnic Plates Are Reusable and Unbreakable

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Skip the paper plates for your barbecues and casual gatherings, and spring for this set of reusable picnic plates. Made of durable melamine, they're lightweight and won't shatter when dropped, making them a safe choice for kids and backyard gatherings. They're dishwasher safe!

This Messenger Bag Has Timeless Style

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You might look forward to your commute if you get to pack your laptop in this handsome messenger bag. Made from waxed canvas and leather, it's waterproof, durable, and built to last. Best of all, it's surprisingly affordable! It's earned over 1,000 five-star reviews, with Amazon customers calling it "sturdy," "comfortable," and "fashionable."

This Mr. Coffee Is a No-Frills Way to Get Your Morning Caffeine

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I like fancy coffee as much as the next writer, but a basic brew works just as well when I need to get to work. If you're in the market for a reliable machine that gets the job done, you can't go wrong with this Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee maker. It uses standard filters, has literally just one button, and won't confuse you when you're half-asleep.

This Pentex Mechanical Pencil Is the Top Choice for Artists, Architects, and Anyone Who Just Wants a Great Pencil

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Invest in a Pentex mechanical pencil, and you'll have a writing implement you can count on for years to come. It's sturdy and metallic, with a textured grip, and can be refilled with lead and erasers as needed. It's earned thousands of 5-star reviews, with praise like, "My favorite go-to mechanical pencil for many years."

Mow Your Own Lawn With This Affordable Push Mower

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Small yard? Hate noisy lawnmowers? Need some exercise? Have I got the solution for you! Get yourself this sweet little push mower and you can take care of the grass yourself. It's a peaceful way to get a little exercise and take care of your property at the same time. This mower is not only durable, but surprisingly affordable.

This Pyrex Measuring Cup Set Will Last a Lifetime

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Invented in 1915, Pyrex is low-thermal-expansion glass designed for use in laboratories and kitchens. It's dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and preheated oven safe, and just about impossible to break. I love all my Pyrex piece and use them daily. This set of three measuring cups is a great starter set!

This Radio Flyer Red Wagon Is a Classic Every Kid Should Have

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If you have small children or are looking for a baby gift, you can't go wrong with the Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon. It's adorable as decor, but even better as a toy kids will play with for years and years. The Amazon reviews are full of sweet stories of people reminiscing about their own red wagons, many of which lasted for decades.

This Scrabble Deluxe Is the Best and Only Scrabble Game You Need

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I come from a long line of Scrabble players and grew up on this Scrabble Deluxe Edition, which is still going strong after decades of fierce word-nerd competitions. The rotating board is made of sturdy plastic with raised edges so the letter tiles stay in place. This set includes wood letter tiles in a fabric bag (watch out for the edition that has plastic letter tiles--trust me, you don't want those).

These Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Are Powerhouses in the Kitchen

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When I started a meal kit plan, I quickly realized the value of mise en place, which just means prepping the ingredients ahead of time in prep bowls. That's when I learned that a good, durable set of mixing bowls is an invaluable tool in the kitchen! This set of five bowls includes lids, and are sized .75, 1, 1.5, 3, and 5 quarts.

This Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle Keeps Liquids Hot or Cold for 24 Hours

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With the same good looks that have made this bottle a classic for over 100 years, the Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle is "built for life" according to their own slogan. Choose from 1-quart, 1.5-quart, or 2-quart sizes. All sizes have a wide mouth and leak-proof lid that doubles as a cup.

This Steiff Teddy Bear Is an Enduring Classic (and Comes With His Own Suitcase)

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Legendary toymaker Steiff invented the teddy bear in 1902, and is still making classic, high-quality stuffed animals today. Fynn the teddy bear is designed to be a "friend for life" that's both durable and machine-washable. He arrives with a suitcase so he's ready to join a lucky child on travel adventures, both real and imagined.

This Iconic Swingline Stapler Is Built to Last

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If you're going to buy a stapler, you may as well buy the gold standard of staplers: the iconic Swingline Desktop Stapler. All-metal construction and anti-jam technology means it will work forever, hassle-free. It's strong enough to staple 25 pages at a time and unfolds for use on bulletin boards or walls. Comes in a bunch of cool colors--I thought red was my favorite, but the mirror chrome is pretty sweet, too.

These Teva Sandals Are Water-Ready, Earth-Friendly, and Extremely Durable

via: Amazon / Meza Family

Versatile and affordable, Teva sandals are the perfect choice for keeping feet comfortable during summer lounging and outdoor adventures. Wear them on the beach to protect feet from sand and rocks, and go ahead and get them wet--they make excellent water shoes, too! They come in a huge variety of colors and styles, and are cute enough to wear daily while the weather's nice.

This Timex Indiglo Watch Is an Affordable Classic Still Earning Top Reviews

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When you need a dependable watch that gets the job done, you can't go wrong with a Timex Indiglo. It features an easy-to-read face that lights up when you press the side button. Choose from lots of different bands, including stylish leather or durable fabric.

These Tupperware Bowls Will Last Till They're Back in Style

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My mom dragged me to a Tupperware party when I was 10 years old. I didn't understand the appeal of the plasticware at the time, but recently I realized my mom is still using some of those same pieces, decades later. This stuff lasts. It doesn't melt in the microwave or warp in the dishwasher. The colors stay bright and the lids always fit. Treat yourself to some retro-fabulous Tupperware bowls, and you'll never regret it.

This Weber Portable Charcoal Grill for Anywhere, Anytime Barbecues

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When I was a broke college student, my roommate and I splurged on a tiny Weber grill for our tiny patio. That Weber stood the test of time and provided many burgers and hotdogs over the years. This Weber portable charcoal grill is perfect for small spaces, picnics in the park, and camping trips.

These Wood Blocks Will Fuel Imaginations for Generations

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Wood blocks are a classic of childhood, providing endless opportunities for play. This 100-piece set of colorful blocks by Melissa & Doug is a perfect choice: affordable, durable, and safe for ages 3 and up. It's earned thousands of 5-star reviews from Amazon customers who call it "fantastic," "colorful," and "highly durable."

This Wooden Spoon Stands Up to Daily Cooking, Year After Year

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A good-quality wooden spoon is a must-have in the kitchen. I like this large, beech wood spoon by OXO for lots of cooking tasks. It's safe on nonstick pans and good for mixing, too.

This Wrangler Fleece Shirt for Long-Lasting Comfort

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Affordable and casually stylish, this fleece shirt by Wrangler is a solid choice for men or women. It comes in an impressive range of 10 sizes and 11 colors to choose from. It's earning lots of glowing reviews on Amazon, with one 5-star review saying, "I love this shirt...very comfortable and warm. Perfect for wearing indoors during cold weather, or wearing under a coat as a layer."